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This article appears in the May 7, 2021 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

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Time to Get Serious—
Nuclear War Can Happen!

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In his State of the Nation address, Russian President Putin said that the attempted coup and assassination against President Lukashenko of Belarus (insert) by the West had already crossed a red line.

Harley Schlanger: Hello, I’m Harley Schlanger with our weekly dialogue with Schiller Institute founder and chairwoman Helga Zepp-LaRouche. It’s April 28, 2021.

Helga, it’s obvious now that we’re moving into a very serious danger, of war breaking out. There are a number of hotspots, a number of fronts. There’s a huge amount of pressure coming from, especially Washington, London, Brussels, targetting Russia and China; but also Iran, Syria, Yemen. I guess the place to start is that President Putin warned on April 21st of crossing red lines, and it appears as though the Western governments seem intent on challenging that. What do you make of this?

Warnings of World War III

Helga Zepp-LaRouche: I think it is actually horrifying how few people are aware of the acute danger in which civilization finds itself. There are a few voices that are warning of nuclear war. One of them, Tulsi Gabbard, who about two weeks ago, in a show with Tucker Carlson, pointed to the fact that if there would be an outbreak of war, it would turn nuclear and it would reach the territory of the United States, and you would have basically people burning, and nobody would remain alive. And she used quite drastic pictures.

A similar warning comes from an analyst with military background, Lyle J. Goldstein, who wrote in an article posted at The National Interest, that a nuclear war with China could end life on Earth. And there’s also an investigative journalist with the name of Caitlin Johnstone who already wrote several articles in a row, saying that the danger of nuclear war is completely underestimated.

I can only say, when you study the whole strategic picture, how these different scenarios are unfolding, it is high time to wake up! The confrontation with Russia is clearly going in the direction of regime change against Putin; in China against Xi Jinping. But it also affects practically every force which seems to be not sworn into the NATO “rules-based order”—the idea of going back to a unipolar world, and any government which stands in the way gets wiped out, through color revolution or some other means. That is the path to World War III, because, as you say, Putin, in his state of the Nation address to the Federal Assembly on April 21, made it very clear that there are red lines the West is better not crossing and if that is happening, then the response would be “asymmetric, swift and stern.” and he also said in that same speech, in the case of Belarus and the coup attempt and an assassination attempt against President Lukashenko, the West has already crossed that line, that it has gone “too far.”

Now, on that last point, it is quite amazing: There are reports by the FSB, the foreign intelligence service of Russia, but also the KGB of Belarus, that they have evidence and they have [in custody] the personnel involved, who were preparing a military coup against Belarus on the 9th of May, the upcoming Victory Day parade, and there was a plan to assassinate Lukashenko. They have the people who were charged with that, and that is quite incredible: We talked about this in the past that even the German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said that they spend millions to support the opposition.

Now, I have no idea if the German government was participating in that, but what the Russian and Belarusian sources mentioned is the name of another person, called Michael Carpenter, as being a key figure in this plot. Michael Carpenter is close to Biden. He worked in some advisory capacity during the Obama administration for Biden; he is very close to the Nazis in Ukraine, because when then Parliament Speaker Andriy Parubiy came to Washington in 2018, it was Michael Carpenter who accompanied him. And when he was asked, “Don’t you know the extreme right-wing, Nazi profile of this person?” He said, “Oh, no, he’s a great patriot.”

Carpenter is now working with the Atlantic Council, and the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement. That has to be investigated, because, if you have something—I’m not saying this is a totally researched story—but if you have practically the President of the second nuclear power, in the possession of more than 6,000 nuclear weapons, basically accusing the other President of the other nuclear power, with almost as many nuclear missiles—this is serious stuff! This is the kind of stuff which happens before world wars!

And naturally, if you look at the Western media, it is unbelievable: You listen, for example, to Germany’s radio network Deutschlandfunk, they had a program about this, I think this morning, and the journalists said, “Oh, this is just Belarus propaganda. Lukashenko wants to change the Constitution to stay in office forever.” So, they dismissed this completely, and I think this is, really, a very, very scary “Gleichschaltung”—this was the word used in the Nazi regime, when all the media said the same thing. And you have that kind of clear, visible influence of what the Integrity Initiative, an asset of British Intelligence, used to call “cluster agents.”

So, you have an insane logic. Something happens in the direction of a coup, it is discovered, and immediately, the news reporting goes in the direction of completely dismissing it. This is truly frightening; people have become so indifferent—almost nothing seems to wake them up anymore. But we are, in fact, sitting on a powder keg.

Schlanger: That was one of the points Putin made: that everyone seems to accept that this is legitimate behavior—these kinds of sanctions, these kinds of coups and assassination. Also, Carpenter was very close to Biden; he was an aide to Biden during the point at which Biden was involved in the Ukraine coup in February 2014. This was one of the other cases that was mentioned by Putin as part of the red lines.

Raising the Risk

Then there was this absolutely bizarre story coming out of the Czech Republic blaming Russia for an explosion that took place in 2014. What’s this about, Helga?

Zepp-LaRouche: This is a very nefarious story. There was this incident, an ammunition depot exploded, and, basically, it was said that it was done by the same two Russians who were accused in the Skripal affair, in 2018. But the identity of these Russians was very dubious all the time. So, now, Czech President Milos Zeman denounced that story, and Czech security forces are basically saying there is absolutely no evidence for the identity of these two Russians. And then, the Speaker of the Czech parliament started to say that Zeman must be eliminated from his position as President, accusing him of high treason; There is apparently already a signature-gathering for the same effect.

Now, Maria Zakharova, the spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, she denounced that, and it is extremely ominous. Maria Zakharova said there must be an investigation. What were these mines, why was it that you had an ammunition depot in the Czech Republic, which was not under the control of a Czech citizen, but owned by some Bulgarian weapons traders? Were there anti-personnel mines in this depot, which are illegal? She raised a whole range of questions.

It is unbelievable that a President who intervenes in a situation which could go very, very quickly out of control, and says there is no basis for such a Russian involvement, and then they try to get rid of this President for treason! That’s just one other piece, and this affair then led to the expulsion of 60 Russian diplomats!

If you look at the whole situation—Poland, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Belarus—all these countries, belonged to the former Soviet Union but their being practically on the border of Russia, obviously, this is an immediate security threat. If there had been a military coup in Belarus, you could have NATO troops at the border of Russia. That is the kind of red line that Putin talked about—these things are completely unacceptable to Russia, because the security of the country could no longer be guaranteed.

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U.S. Navy
Admiral Charles Richard, Commander of Stratcom, has advised the Pentagon that a nuclear war is now “very likely.”

That is one of the reasons why I think people really have to wake up. This permanent war of words, of sanctions, is really the stuff of world wars. When asked his view on these sanctions against Russia and all these other activities, the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman said that China will come to the aid of Russia. China is against the idea of unilateral sanctions. We are also seeing an increasing rapprochement between China and Russia, as expressed by a meeting between State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on March 23 in Guilin, China, where they talked about the growing partnership between those two countries, which has military implications.

So, we are really looking at something, which if it gets out of control, can be really the end of the world. We should not forget that it was the head of the U.S. Strategic Command (Stratcom), Adm. Charles Richard, who said in February that he had advised the Pentagon that the likelihood of a nuclear war, is no longer “not likely,” but “very likely.”

That same Strategic Command tweeted last week that we now face the possibility that any one of these conflicts might quickly escalate, that one of the adversaries might decide that the recourse to nuclear weapons is the only option left. That is out there. Some people have read it and are taking it in, and thinking about it. Others are completely indifferent.

We have to wake people up to realize that we are on an extremely dangerous trajectory which urgently has to be changed.

Schlanger: As is so often is the case, much of the inflammatory rhetoric and the fake stories coming out, and so on, are coming from British intelligence channels, including from, on consecutive days this last week: Chatham House’s report, “Europe Must Admit Russia Is Waging War,” calling for Europe to do more or else risk that Russia will invade. And then The Economist, the mouthpiece for the City of London, says: we have to raise the cost for any potential Russian “aggression.”

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CC/Olaf Kisinsky
Annalena Baerbock, German Green Party candidate for Chancellor.

Baerbock: Green Party Chancellor Candidate

These are the same people who are pushing the Great Reset and the Green New Deal, coming from the City of London. I’d like your thoughts on what’s going on in Germany, with this incredible public relations campaign around the Green party’s new candidate for Chancellor, Annalena Baerbock. Virtually every day there’s a puff piece on her in the major German press.

Zepp-LaRouche: I had the displeasure of listening to her being interviewed by Anne Will on Sunday. She came across as a complete chatterbox. The German word is Schnattergans. She talks a lot and the substance is very little, but the directionality of what she does is really dangerous. She’s now rising in the polls with the Greens because she’s a young, fresh face, and so forth. That may be a short-term effect. People should not forget Martin Schulz who also skyrocketed in the polls and then collapsed completely. The best that could happen to the world and to Germany, is if that happens to Baerbock as well.

Maybe Germans are just sick and tired of the non-response of the EU and the government, to the Covid-19 pandemic, and they just want a change—sort of like an AfD effect. But people should look at the substance. There was an interesting review today in the RT Germany. I only glanced over it, and I was reminded that one should read the program of the Greens, because, if you remember, a certain book was not read in the 1920s and ’30s, and the consequences were horrendous.

This article reviews the actual election program of the Greens: There’s nothing new, but taken altogether it is quite something. First of all, Baerbock is completely aggressive as are the Greens in general, against Russia, against China, for NATO, for Biden; for an integration and expansion of the EU; for the idea of making the European monetary system, practically a European Monetary Fund, and making the euro a leading currency like the dollar, so it would basically be possible to blackmail people with the currency; and it goes on and on like that. It’s completely correct to say that they are utterly intolerant, even though they claim to be so diverse and so multi-whatnot.

But look at their arrogance toward the developing countries, or toward any other culture, such as Russia or China, for example. The article makes a very interesting reference, saying that what comes across is the bad smell of the dark past of Germany. I think there is an absolute element of truth in that. I can only say that people should study what it means if we were to have a Black-Green, Green-Black, whatever, with the German government on a confrontation course with Russia and China. World War III is almost guaranteed. Because then, the dynamic of confrontation which we just discussed would be accelerated, and there would be absolutely nothing to block it.

I can only say this would be an absolute disaster for civilization. People should really think it through, what it means in terms of implementing policies like the Great Reset. That’s the environment in which such a candidacy is being pushed. If it gets implemented, it would mean no development for the developing countries; it would mean increasing the gap between the rich countries and the poor, widening it in such a way that mass genocide would be the consequence. So, I think, in this context, we don’t need another “Am deutschen Wesen muss die Welt genesen,” [“The German spirit must heal the world”] because that’s the implication of what these Greens are saying.

Schlanger: Helga, for a long time, you have been fighting to get people to recognize that the so-called Green revolution is really about population reduction at an increasing level. That’s totally coherent with the Green New Deal, isn’t it?

Zepp-LaRouche: Yes! Welt am Sonntag, the Sunday edition of Die Welt, had last Sunday a very interesting article describing in great detail how the large foundations are being financed to put out Green analysis. In part, the German government is involved, and it’s all the Green organizations—MERCATOR Climate Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, Agora Energiewende, the German Association for the Environment and Nature Conservation (BUND), and the German Nature Conservation Association (NABU).

These are all known entities and they get millions of dollars or euros in that case. They are the people who make the so-called “public opinion,” and they’re identical with the financial interests who will be the only ones to profit from a large investment—they’re talking about $60 trillion in the next 10 years—going into “green technology” at the expense of anything having to do with fossil fuels or nuclear energy. But you cannot go to such low energy-flux densities without driving down the level at which the population can be maintained. It would mean, for sure, absolutely no development for developing countries.

Voices of Opposition Speak Out

More and more voices are recognizing that, such as India’s Minister of State, Raj Kumar Singh, who just said that there are in Africa 800 million people without electricity, who urgently need it, but who would be denied it, if you go for this Great Reset. Global Times had a very harsh editorial saying if you go for this, it means making the gap between the rich and the poor permanent and even widening it. Hopefully, more and more people will wake up.

Now, the article I mentioned in Welt am Sonntag should be read, but if people want an in-depth analysis, we published a study, The Great Leap Backward: LaRouche Crushes the ‘Green New Deal’ Fraud, on the Great Reset, showing exactly how these operations have been set up, how the Davos World Economic Forum sponsored a whole push for all of this, and that it is really a fascist takeover by the financial oligarchy. What they would do is to implement, on a global scale, Schachtian economics, with the same result as happened in the first place under Hjalmar Schacht, Hitler’s Economics Minister.

So, people really have to wake up: These are not normal times, and the danger is enormous.

Upcoming Schiller Institute Conference

Schlanger: We’ll be playing a role in waking people up by bringing together some of those opposition voices at a conference on May 8, which will take up, among other things, the war danger that you have warned about, the danger of depopulation, but also an update on what’s happening with the coronavirus. So many people are allowing their sensitivity to the danger from these things to be covered by the fact people don’t trust governments. What can you tell us about the May 8 conference?

Zepp-LaRouche: We will have two panels: One will be on the strategic situation, where we have already lined up extremely top-level speakers from many countries, from across the Atlantic and also Asia. The second panel will be on the work of the Committee for Coincidence of Opposites: Our effort to put together an anti-Malthusian machine of people who are fighting to get a modern health system in every single country on the planet, which we have been saying from the beginning. Many people may remember that there was almost no program where we did not mention the need to go for a modern health system in every single country.

Many people in the United States and in Europe have completely pushed this aside. They’re even saying, “No masks,” or “The pandemic is an invention and plot by Rockefeller and Bill Gates.” All this talk!

Again, look at this as a world phenomenon. There is now in India a new strain of the virus, which appeared very quickly. In February, India had an infection rate of about 10,000/day; and now, there have been for the last week, more than 360,000 new cases every single day! The death rate is going up; and there is a suspicion that the presently known rate of infection among the people may only be 5% of what’s really going on, and that it’s spreading from the cities to the rural areas. The health system is so completely overwhelmed that the Italian Ambassador to India today issued an alarm, calling for the whole world to help, saying, “India urgently needs assistance from the whole world because the situation is so out of control.”

Now, that comes on top of an out-of-control situation in Brazil, and what we said from the beginning: That a pandemic can only be defeated if you defeat it in every country, because otherwise, new strains develop and hit back, and the danger is that at a certain point they may make existing vaccines ineffective.

We will discuss, among other things, what to do to stop the pandemic, by creating a world health system; to stop the world famine, which is big, especially in countries such as Syria, Yemen, but also Haiti, and many other countries, but the countries hit by sanctions. We demand that all sanctions be lifted. Sanctions are a brutal form of warfare against the poorest! The children, the old people, those who can’t really help themselves. Ours is a call for action to change the whole situation around, and get more people to understand that we need to change the policy, because we are heading toward a disaster. People have to get it, and then they have to move, and move fast, with us.

Schlanger: Our viewers can go to the Schiller Institute website and register for the conference, “The Moral Collapse of the Trans-Atlantic World Cries Out for a New Paradigm.” There’s a lot of supplemental material, and as you mentioned, there you will be able to get the pamphlet, The Great Leap Backward: LaRouche Crushes the ‘Green New Deal’ Fraud, which gives a full historical and philosophical exposé of the forces behind the genocide and population reduction over the last couple hundred years, but especially since the 1960s.

Schiller Institute NYC Chorus Concert

Helga, anything else you want to emphasize?

Zepp-LaRouche: Yes: I want to end with a more positive note: I would urge all of you to watch a beautiful concert, performed by the Schiller NYC Chorus on Sunday, April 25. Beautiful Spirituals, unbelievably beautiful songs, a choral performance of the Credo from Beethoven’s Missa solemnis, and Ave Verum Corpus by Mozart. This was all done under conditions of the pandemic, unable to meet together. Chorus members rehearsed in separate locations, but then performed online internationally as a real concert! And it’s done so beautifully. It shows you why we really have to have a Renaissance of Classical music, because mankind is meant to be beautiful, and creative, and courageous. We have to liberate people from their present oppression, which takes many forms, and the best way to do that is through Classical music. So, please watch this concert and spread it around, because it is a taste of what future we need to create.

Schlanger: Thank you Helga for joining us this week, and again, sign up for the May 8 conference on the Schiller Institute site, and become a member of the Schiller Institute! Helga, until next week, we’ll see you.

Zepp-LaRouche: Till next week!

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