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This editorial appears in the May 14, 2021 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

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Zepp-LaRouche: If Mankind
Is Going to Survive …

May 9—“It seems to me that if mankind is going to survive or not as a species, if we are going to go extinct or not, really depends on whether we can overcome being victimized by imperial thinking—divide and conquer—and let ourselves be in this camp, hostile to that other camp. Or can we somehow evoke in ourselves and in others a quality of the inner self-development, in cohesion with the lawfulness of the creation of the universe?

“It seems to me that this is the method which absolutely must be applied now. I think that on the question of somehow overcoming geopolitical confrontation, of overcoming the divisions of “identity politics,” which divisions are increasing by the day—we have to find this inner mechanism, this inner idea that makes us all human, belonging to the one human species. Given the pandemic, and the fact that we are really in an unbelievable array of crises—a moral crisis, a political, medical, military crisis, an economic crisis, a financial crisis—we have to start somewhere where we can address this question of what makes us all human. And that is the sacredness of every human life on this planet…. And I think we will be able to do that, because I think human beings have the potential to be human.”

With these words Helga Zepp-LaRouche opened the second panel of the May 8 Schiller Institute Conference, an event that brought together speakers from North and South America, Europe, Russia, Southwest Asia, and Asia to address the threats to humanity as a whole and to seek the necessary solutions.

The participants addressed, in particular, the barbaric sanctions—murder conducted in the name of “human rights”—as a disgusting tool used to crush countries into submission. The Saudi bombardment and blockade of Yemen, the U.S. extension of deadly sanctions on Syria—these are all murderous. There is growing recognition internationally of the vile nature of Pompeo’s “Caesar Sanctions” on Syria, which not only deny food and medicine to a population already subjected to ten years of brutal war, but also threaten additional sanctions upon any nation that dares to offer to rebuild the country. Congress must be forced by a mobilized citizenry to end this atrocity immediately.

But what of the sanctions demanded by the likes of supposedly “progressive” people?

What of the Green demand that nations not develop, not utilize their resources, and not have growing populations, based on the lie that carbon will cause a climate disaster?

Whether sanctions take the form of U.S. opposition to a government (think Syria, Yemen, Russia, Iran, Venezuela), or the Green New Deal demand to stop industrialization, the effect of their implementation is to crush development and deprive people of their lives, livelihoods, and future.

We must not be moral failures! A world in which an accident could result in the unleashing of a barrage of hundreds of nuclear missiles and thousands of warheads, absolutely devastating civilization, is not a world that can be tolerated, nor one suitable to the inherent dignity of the human individual.

We present in this issue of EIR the transcripts of Panel 1, “The March of Folly: Can Mankind Still Extinguish the Now-Lit Fuse of Thermonuclear War?” from the May 8 Schiller Institute Conference. The following issue will present the transcripts from Panel 2. The entire conference can be viewed at https://schillerinstitute.com/blog/2021/05/07/conference-the-moral-collapse-of-the-trans-atlantic-world-cries-out-for-a-new-paradigm/

Spread these speeches and these ideas widely, to build the required density of people of all nations to the level of thought and action the present crisis demands, and the future deserves.

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