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To Ourselves and Our Posterity

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Mr. LaRouche wrote the following article as an introduction to to a Dec. 1 Executive Intelligence Review cover-story, on "The anti-Newtonian roots of the American Revolution," featuring articles by historians Philip Valenti and Anton Chaitkin.

Across the nation, a majority of Americans are awakening to the reality of House Speaker Newt Gingrich's "Contract with America." A rapidly growing number recognizes that tantrum-prone Newt is not just another cry-baby, but a dangerous fanatic. He has bragged openly, and repeatedly, that he models himself on such bloody Jacobin terrorists as Maximilian Robespierre and Jean Marat. With his terrorist's tantrum-tactics of the past weeks, he has lived up to that tradition.

So far, Gingrich has not yet introduced the guillotine; so far, his homicide is focussed upon swinging the budgetary axe against such vulnerable strata of our citizenry as our senior citizens. So far, most citizens have not understood his backing from some of the highest, and looniest elements of the British foreign-intelligence service, such as international press-baron Conrad Black's Hollinger Corporation and batty Lord William Rees-Mogg, former chief editor of the London Times. So far, only a few among better-educated people, and those of us who remember the Roosevelt-Churchill fight during World War II, understand why the British monarchy is deploying neo-conservatives, such as Gingrich, as part of the monarchy's continuing effort to destroy President Bill Clinton.

There are three sets of facts about the British monarchy's traditions, present power, and broad influence within the United States' establishment of wealth and power, which few citizens know, but which must be considered to understand either today's problems of U.S. foreign-policy in general, or domestic threats such as those posed by Newt Gingrich's Constitution-wrecking tantrums. It is the adopted responsibility of EIR, to set those facts before EIR's policy-influencing circles of readers, so that the citizens more generally might become informed of these indispensable sets of facts. The following documentation, on the philosophical fight behind the U.S. Constitution, by author Philip Valenti, is one of a series of reports addressing the citizen's need to be informed of the truth which Presidents George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Franklin Roosevelt knew about the relations between the United States and its traditional adversary, the British monarchy.

Taking the issues from bottom to top, the three sets of facts which the citizens must know, are the following:

  1. The simplest and most immediate set of facts which the citizen must know, is that the present-day neo-conservative movement in the United States was created by and is run from the highest level of the British oligarchy, through institutions such as the fascistic Mont Pelerin Society ("mother" of the Heritage Foundation), the international press-empire owned by Conrad Black's Hollinger Corporation, and the wealthy oligarchs whom Clinton-basher Lord William Rees-Mogg long served as chief editor of the London Times.

  2. Most U.S. citizens are still deluded by the fairy-tale, that the British Empire no longer exists. The truth is, that while the ordinary people of the United Kingdom never really controlled their monarchy or its governments, less so today than ever before, the Queen of England is the head of state of sixteen nations, including Canada, Australia. New Zealand, Jamaica, and so on. The British Commonwealth, headed by the same monarchy, controls nations representing nearly thirty percent of the world population, and nearly one-quarter of the world's land-area. Through the City of London, the British monarchy controls not only the majority of the world's financial speculation, but also over sixty percent of the world's precious metals trade, and comparable portions of the world's strategic minerals, fossil fuel, and internationally traded food-supplies. London is also, incidentally, the acknowledged world headquarters for international terrorism, and the principal center of pilot-production for a large portion of international bad taste, as well.

  3. The highest, and most important level of facts and ideas which any informed U.S. citizen must know, is the nature of the irreconcilable difference in morals and philosophy, which defined the British monarchy as, officially, the principal enemy of the United States, from 1776, until the inaugurations of the London assets known as Presidents Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson, the same issues which defined the fierce quarrel between Prime Minister Winston Churchill and President Franklin Roosevelt, during World War II, and which defines imperial London's hatred of President Bill Clinton today.

Now, let Valenti's report speak for itself.

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