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Just over two weeks ago, my campaign circulated a policy-document which I had written, on the subject of proper assessment of the forces behind the current wave of international terrorism.

I attacked the silly, and dangerous efforts to repeat the massive cover-up conducted in the case of the bombing of Pan Am 103. In that case, those concerned to cover up for certain parties to which they themselves were connected, blamed a bemused Libya for acts which have been traced to, among others, Paris-based agents representing a branch of Syria's intelligence services. Similarly, the Lebanon-based Hizbollah's rocket attacks upon Israel were blamed on the government of Iran, when, in fact, no one shoots a rocket into Israel, from Lebanon's territory, on two successive occasions, and lives, unless the attack is done on orders from President Nasser's old adversary in Syria, that representative of the 1916 Sykes-Picot tradition, known as dictator Hafez el-Assad.

The source of (at least, most) international terrorism today, is not Libya, not Iran, nor some privately funded potency, such as a mythical "Goldfinger" conceived for a James Bond movie-script. Most of today's terrorism occurs as covert warfare among leading powers of the world, like the U.S.-backed, British covert war against the Soviet Union, in Afghanistan, conducted by privately funded channels of an Afghansi mujaheddin, and based out of the drug-trafficking paradise in northern Pakistan.

Since my report of two weeks ago was issued by my Democratic Presidential-nomination campaign, I have been had discussions with relevant professionals, on the subjects of both the explosive post-election situation inside Russia, and other strategic, anti-terrorist counterintelligence requirements. In those discussions, I have summarized my proposed parameters for addressing the growing problem of international terrorism fostered covertly by major powers, including some nominal allies of the U.S., which are, in fact, our relevant adversaries.

Since then, numbers of British agents and dupes, including some members of the U.S. Congress, have been raving hysterically, demanding either that President Clinton take revenge for TWA 800, by exemplary military attacks upon Iran, or some similar, reckless, and incompetent action. Meantime, I am advised that the August 23 edition of EIR will document the pattern of London-based direction of much of the leading international terrorist activities around the world at the present time. I must add something of importance on this subject. Since we are entering the last weeks of my candidacy for the Democratic Party's Presidential nomination, the following outline of the "global civil war" thesis, which I have presented to professionals, is presented as this policy statement from the closing period of my 1996 campaign.

Thus, the following report is supplied as an intelligence summary, indicating the underlying controlling features of the current escalation in, what is chiefly, the currently ongoing, London-directed international terrorism.

1.  Julius Caesar and The Corsican Bandit:
       The General Historical Background

The quickest way in which a classically-educated, senior military strategist might define the nature of the present strategic situation, world-wide, is to reference those famous Civil Wars of Ancient Rome, which emerged out of the defeat of the Gracchi and the B.C. 87-53 tyrannies of Lucius Cornelius Cinna and Lucius Cornelius Sulla. That opened a period of civil war, centered within the famous Triumvirate of Marcus Licinius Crassus, Pompey the Great, and Julius Caesar, a civil war which ended with the B.C. 30 suicide of Mark Antony, following his and Cleopatra's defeat by Octavian (Augustus Caesar). Octavian's defeat of Mark Antony, accomplished by a power-sharing accord struck with the Magi priests of Mithra, at Capri, ended those civil wars, but, it also began the long degeneration of European civilization and culture, to a level way below the Hellenistic Greek culture of the Christian Disciples' time, under the process of cannibalistic economic looting, which is known to us, euphemistically, today, as the Roman Empire, both West and East.

Today, since the events of 1989-1990, an international civil war, echoing those of ancient Rome, has erupted, involving, now as then, new, shifting combinations of temporary alignments from among the ranks of both former allies and former adversaries. The conflict, now, as in Roman times, is centered about a struggle for hegemony over the prospective dissolving of existing national entities into a single global economy, under a single world government. Thus, the period of ancient Roman history B.C. 87-30, provokes beneficial, even crucial insights into the state of affairs which erupted with the 1989 British announcement of its geopolitical "Fourth Reich" doctrine.

Without such insights, policy-shapers, including anti-terrorism analysts, suffer a crucial, potentially fatal incompetency to address both the global strategic significance, and ultimate authorship of recent years intensified terrorist activities against the U.S.A. and its interests. The following summary outlines the connection between that strategic situation, overall, and the role of the current escalation of international terrorism within that strategic setting.

Go back to the time of the elegantly literate Roman senator and patriot, Cicero. As far back as ancient Babylon, the history of the Mediterranean region, including Europe as a whole, had been dominated by a persisting, recurring effort to establish a kind of "one-world government" for that region. This Babylon system was otherwise known, in the records from the time of Aristotle, as the "oligarchical model" of society, that, during that period, of Babylon (e.g., the Persian Empire), Sparta, and the Cult of Apollo at Delphi, for example. So, the sundry empires of Mesopotamia, the one more evil than another, had flourished and fallen. Alexander the Great's magnificent flanking operation, later emulated by Hannibal at Cannae, ended Mesopotamia's millennia-long struggle to establish virtual world government under its imperial rule. Nonetheless, the evil that Babylon represented lived on; two centuries later, the effort to establish an empire in the tradition of Babylon was revived. This time, it centered around the intent to unify Syria, Rome, and Ptolemaic Egypt into a single, Mediterranean-centered "one-world" empire.

In that setting, the Republic of Cicero's Rome was undermined, and finally destroyed, as the effort to establish a world-empire under the Legions, prompted struggles for supremacy within the leadership of the Legions themselves. Unlike the happier result of President Lincoln's victory over the treasonous British puppet-entity known as "The Confederacy," the defeat of the efforts of the patriotic Gracchi, to rescue Italy from the control of its imperialistic slave-holder's faction, destroyed the remaining moral fiber and authority of the Republic, and put the power in the hands of the slaveholder faction. The resulting civil wars among sundry factions of the Roman Legions, and the shifting patterns among respective foreign allies of each, became the sorting-out process leading up to the defeat of the allies, Mark Antony and Cleopatra, and the establishment of a Roman Empire of the Legions, whose political capital was, for a time, the Rome of the Caesars.

There, as in Mesopotamia earlier, like the fabled Dracula of bad British fiction, the evil "Whore of Babylon," destroyed the host it had freshly infected, imperial Rome. That empire collapsed, first, more quickly, through the slavery-driven collapse of the economy and population of Italy, and later, as the outcome of the Diocletian Code, of the more populous, more highly cultured, Greek-speaking Byzantium.

Yet, once again, the evil of Babylon and Canaanite Tyre outlived its former host. The Venice which Byzantium had spawned, as its finance-oligarchical marcher-lord to the West, fed upon the corpse of its mother, in the Fourth Crusade, and became the new Babylon. Then, once again, the Whore of Babylon found a new incarnation. As the A.D. 1510 near-victory of the League of Cambrai demonstrated, the change in European institutions set into motion by the A.D. 1461-1483 establishment of the first modern sovereign nation-state, the France of Louis XI, showed that Venice's ability to exert imperial power from the head of the Adriatic was ultimately, fatally imperilled by the emergence of this new, anti-imperialist institution. Under the leadership of Venice's Paolo Sarpi, the Netherlands and England were assimilated, step-by-step, as a new base of operations for imperial Venetian, financier-oligarchical maritime power.

In the same manner, over the course of time, the precedent of degenerating imperial Rome, came to typify the corruption later emulated by the picaresque "Meyer Lansky" of early Nineteenth-Century France, the Genoese financier-nobility's corsican bandit-Emperor Napoleon Buonaparte, and his extended family. The wars conducted by this so-called "military genius," this corsican gazza ladra, were, in the spirit of Napoleon's later emulator, Lansky, raiding expeditions to replenish the French national treasury, which Napoleon and his family, repeatedly and routinely, looted down to the bone. Typical "Mafia boss" Napoleon, was a bandit with the mind of a greedy pawn-shop operator, who relied increasingly on foreign mercenary auxiliaries, and counted his victories in amounts of stolen jewels, bullion, mistresses, and ordinary hard cash.

Napoleon's personal triumph was, that he succeeded all too well in his campaign to parody the empyreal moral qualities of a Tiberius, Nero, and Caligula, a fact which should shock the even the most reluctant consciences among literate and sensible onlookers, into admission of what degraded wretches those ancient Caesars had been. For Napoleon's redesign of the law and other institutions of France and continental Europe, nothing could be too shamelessly a parody of pagan Rome. So, Napoleon saw himself; so, he established his bandit-emperor farce, to acquire what a Hollywood "mafia boss" calls "class," a tradition of picaresque "grandeur" within the France of his nephew, Napoleon III, and, after Fashoda 1898, of the Grande Orient lodges' Third and Fourth Paris perfume-shop republics. Now, after the ruinous regime of Mitterrand. that tawdry tradition has fallen upon extremely shabby times, with nothing remaining of even that mock grandeur, but the petty pretenses of a self-avowed, would-be humiliator of both Germany and the United States, the pathetic poseur, Jacques Chirac.

But, one must never forget, that Napoleon was not the first cat who dragged the stinking dead meat of ancient Rome into the parlor of modern times. One must not forget, that the code of an evil Diocletian permeated European feudalism, in both west and east. Canaan's new Tyre, the city of Venice, modelled itself upon pagan Rome, with orphic masked rituals, and other strange religious practices to boot. In the course of Venice's cloning of the financier-aristocracy of the Netherlands and London in its own image, the emergent British financier-oligarchical rule consolidated in the 1714 accession of George I, adopted the pagan Roman Empire as its model of reference.

So, with the accession of Venice's asset Georg Ludwig Welf of Hannover, aka George I, in 1714, the Whore of Babylon became incarnate once more, this time, in that British monarchy, against which the North American patriots struggled, to establish the Federal Constitutional Republic of the United States according to the anti-John Locke model of natural law and economy of Gottfried Leibniz.

In a related way, over the interval 1789-1814, the France which had been the U.S.'s ally, and the leading, most economically and scientifically advanced nation-state of the world, was morally destroyed by the succession of London-directed Jacobin Terror, and Paul Barras' conversion of (Maximilian's brother) Pierre Robespierre's Jacobin captain of artillery into the Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte. After 1814, only for relatively short periods, notably during 1870-1898, and under Fifth Republic's President Charles deGaulle, did France return to the nobler, if admittedly embattled tradition of 1461-1789. For most of the period, from 1814, until the present, the extended family of Napoleon's brothers, sisters, nephews, and nieces, became the faithful servant of the British monarchy, and a leading, integral part of Britain's treasonous puppet, the Confederate States of America. Indeed, among its more tedious petty crimes, it was Napoleon's family which sired the Battenberg who became the presently reigning British monarch's curious consort. Out of this tradition of Bonaparte's extended family, came Britain's creation, the regime of Napoleon III, and the Entente Cordiale in its various manifestations to date. To get to the truth of a matter, it is often necessary to debunk the fraudulent myth, as Robert Burns sang of the lady's bonnet sitting so primly self-righteous in church that day. That is not to speak more than necessary of Napoleon and his obscenely extended family, but, rather, of ancient Rome.

2.  The U.S.A. vs. Britain's Welf Monarchy:
       The Continuing Enemy

The 1789-1814 degeneration of the United States' former best ally, France, placed virtually the entire world under the domination of the temporary alliance of Castlereagh's British Empire and unholy Clement Prince Metternich's "Holy Alliance." The victory of Lord Palmerston's Britain, over London's former ally, Metternich, in the London-directed continental revolutions of 1848-1849, established financier-oligarchical Britain as the clearly preeminent world power, whose only significant challenge came from the young United States and the influence of its new model of sovereign constitutional nation-state republic. The emergence of the United States to a leading world power, through the defeat of the Confederacy, has defined world history since 1865, as primarily a struggle between the model of society and economy represented by the U.S. Federal Constitution of 1789, on the one side, and the British financier-oligarchical monarchy, its "Adam Smith" system, and its accomplices, on the opposing side.

It can not be overlooked, that President Abraham Lincoln recognized from the history of 1714-1865, and the threat of Anglo-French-Spanish intervention against not only Mexico, but the U.S. itself, the need for a war-plan aimed at the occupation of British Canada and the bringing of Britain itself to her knees through naval blockade by a U.S. naval fleet, of Ericcson's design for immediate construction of a flotilla of ocean-going Monitors. Unfortunately, the British assassination of Lincoln eliminated that threat from the United States.

It must not be forgotten, that the plan to develop railway corridors of development across continental Eurasia, from the Atlantic to the Pacific and Indian oceans, through cooperation between U.S. ally Russia and Germany, was a U.S. policy for defeat of the British Empire set forth during the late 1860s. This was the threat to the British Empire which prompted the British geopolitical doctrine, under which London and what the great Francois Rabelais would describe as its lemon-sucking, Entente Cordiale lackey, ever-decadent modern Paris, organized the "Triple Entente" and World War I, and under which British interests put Adolf Hitler into power in Germany, in 1933, to ensure an ensuing war of devastation between Hitler's Haushoferan Germany and Russia.

For four decades, from 1861 until the 1901 assassination of U.S. President William McKinley, by an imported Mazzinian assassin deployed by way of the Anglophile New York Henry Street Settlement House, the United States' principal ally was Russia, and its principal other friends abroad were Germany, Japan, and the patriotic movement of Britain's enemy, Sun Yat Sen of China. (With the defeat of the evil Napoleon III at Sedan, until 1898, France was no longer the enemy of the United States it had been during the 1849-1870 interval. Thus, France's crucial role, during this nearly thirty-year interval of its temporary national sanity, in fostering the cooperation among France, Germany, and Russia, in railway-centered development-corridor projects from the Atlantic to the Pacific.) During the entire period, from 1776 until 1901, the British monarchy was continuously, and justly recognized by all leading U.S. patriots, as the principal, and deadly adversary of the U.S.A. and its vital strategic interests.

The Anglo-French Entente Cordiale's motive for backing Adolf Hitler, until late 1938, is to be recognized as also the geopolitical basis for Britain's 1989-1996 "Fourth Reich" strategic doctrine, under which Britain, and British asset Francois Mitterrand's France, launched their Serbia assets, in 1992, into a new Balkan war, as part of its plan for both destroying the economy of Germany, and luring a ruined Russia into a renewed, pan-Slavist, "Triple Entente" hostility to the United States and Germany --all aided by the dubious International Republican Institute's large-scale, pro-British operations inside Moscow and St. Petersburg, from 1989 to the present date.

Between 1901 and 1928, the accession to the U.S. Presidency by three rabid sympathizers of the defeated British puppet- entity, the Confederacy, Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, and Calvin Coolidge, was accompanied by a dramatic reversal in U.S. foreign policy, away from the traditional friends and allies of 1861-1901: Germany, Russia, and Japan, and a swing over to our traditional enemies Britain and a morally rotted Third Republic France in the tradition of Napoleon III. President Franklin Roosevelt recognized that the British and French empires, and their Adam Smith economic policies, were the natural enemies of the United States, but Harry S Truman was an Anglophile admirer of Roosevelt's political adversary, Winston Churchill. Dwight Eisenhower had patriotic impulses, and his administration did a few good things, but his command in war-time Europe, and his selection for the Republican election to the Presidency he owed to Churchill sponsor Bernard Baruch. The first effectively patriotic President after Franklin Roosevelt, was John F. Kennedy. As President, Johnson was justly convinced he walked under the telescopic rifle-sights of Kennedy's assassins. Nixon's administration was controlled from the start by an outright British agent in the key National Security slot, Henry A. Kissinger. In all his better moments, President Bill Clinton has sought to follow along the same patriotic pathway as Presidents Franklin Roosevelt and John Kennedy before him.

Yet, Clinton's insights notwithstanding, the nominally closest allies of the United States today, are in fact its avowedly deadliest enemies, the Entente Cordiale of Britain and France operating under the cover of NATO, the anti-Germany Maastricht agreement, and the European Union. Why, putting to one side such mentally deranged types as today's "Confederacy buffs," should most Americans not find themselves propagandized into believing the lie, that Britain is "our oldest and closest ally"? Who owns Hollywood? Who owns such newspaper chains as Hollinger, Murdoch, Newhouse, or the New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, Newsweek, Time, NBC-TV, and so on? Let credulous, "other-directed" Americans believe what they will, believing does not make it true. Too often, before this, patriots have had to put their own personal freedom, their families' interests, and their lives, on the line, as this Democratic Presidential pre-candidate (and also a number of his collaborators), has done repeatedly, to defend his, or her typical fellow-American from the disastrous consequences of that fellow-American's own misguided beliefs.[1]

3.  The Drive For One-World Government: 1945-1996

Before the end of the Nineteenth Century, the British "Venetian Party" of Oxford's John Ruskin, et al., was already dedicated to eradicating national economy and the modern sovereign nation-state during the course of the Twentieth Century. In the immediate aftermath of World War I, the sordid sentimentalities of Woodrow Wilson's sick mind, and the Fabian circles of Bertrand Russell, H. G. Wells, and satanist Aleister Crowley, converged upon the relatively early establishment of "one-world government" and a Malthusian regimen in global economy. World War II and U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt obstructed the World Federalists' pathway for a time; but, with the April 1945 death of Roosevelt, his post-war strategic design was betrayed by President Truman, and the stage was set for the global lunacy which has dominated world politics since. The world has stumbled, in large degree blindly, and also unevenly, down the pathway to "One World" Hell, ever since.

Two characteristics of the interval from April 12, 1945 until November 1989, are key to understanding strategically significant waves of international terrorism and related problems today:

  1. The British exploitation of the potency of nuclear arsenals, as the keystone of their effort to bring the world under a United Nations world-government which the British Commonwealth and its accomplices could control;

  2. The shift of military policy, to increasing emphasis on what is often termed "special warfare," otherwise intended to function as a method of conducting warfare by means below the threshhold of nuclear warfare.

With the agreements established during and immediately following the 1962 "Cuba Missiles Crisis," these two trends entered a new phase, as defined by Bertrand Russell agent Dr. Leo Szilard's keynote address at the Second Pugwash Conference, held in 1958, in Quebec, later known as the "Dr. Strangelove" address. The agreement to limit, and then ban strategic ballistic missile defense, as consolidated by Pugwash agent Henry A. Kissinger's negotiation of the 1972 ABM treaty, created a condition in which virtually every western allied military exercise broke down, because the war-game had come, yet once again, to the point that the threshold for launching of nuclear missiles had been crossed. This circumstance prompted increased emphasis on covert forms of irregular warfare, in which actually existing, but irrelevant entities, or purely mythical third parties, were presented, either with witting falsehood, or amazingly stupid credulity, as indicated authors of the action.

For example, in November 1989, the head of Germany's Deutsche Bank, Alfred Herrhausen, was assassinated by a rather sophisticated bomb trap. The world's leading intelligence agencies knew that the assassination had been done in British interest, but, publicly, the blame was fixed upon a no-longer-existent "Baader-Meinhof Gang." So, it was generally known, that the February 28, 1986 assassination of Sweden's Prime Minister Olof Palme, after Palme had threatened the interests of Sweden's military-export industries, was done with foreknowledge of the Soviet bloc intelligence services, but the official story was, that a veritable "Goldfinger," plagiarized shamelessly out of the James Bond fables, had done the deed. Even after the fraud of the cover story was officially exposed, by opening of the files of Division X of the German Democratic Republic, the fraudulent pretense was kept up. Similarly, the honest investigation of the sabotage of Pan Am 103 led to a Syrian intelligence network, that of Paris-based Rifaad Assad and ex-car thief and drug-trafficker Monzar al-Kassar, associated with George Bush's weapons- trafficking operations. To cover for the fact that this was a connection of the British and U.S. surrogate-President-in-charge- of-vice George Bush, the blame was fixed, fraudulently, upon Qaddafi's Libya.

Many of the so-called "terrorism experts" cited by the press (and certain circles in official London, or the U.S. Congress) are actually black-propaganda conduits for the governments responsible for terrorist or kindred acts. (Would you actually believe a crony of the lying spy, Jonathan Pollard, working inside today's U.S. intelligence community?) Jonathan Swift's world traveller, Lemuel Gulliver, whose documented itinerary reveals the innermost secrets of every nook and cranny of early 18th Century England, never travelled to lands as exotically fictional as those invented by the prevalent, disinformational species of alleged "terrorism experts."

Consider a few typical cases, which help, aggregately, to make the relevant point clear. Since these cases spill over into the post-1989 period, we get ahead of our story a bit, but all in a good cause.

Case Study #1

Even under President George Bush, James Baker III had a sophisticated view of Middle East realities. He therefore shunned contact with the now recently elected, Likud Prime Minister of Israel, U.S.-based Mossad operative Netanyahu. Baker's policy toward the Likud was, apparently, "Use them for dirty weapons deals, if we must, but, for God's sake, don't sleep with them." The actual pedigree of the Likud helps to made the reason clear.

The origin of the Likud is the fascist, Benito Mussolini-linked organization of Vladimir Jabotinsky. Jabotinsky first rose from obscurity as a propaganda agent of the Young Turk government, under whose auspices the infamous Kurdish, land-grabbing genocide against B'nai B'rith's key political competitors, the Armenians, was orchestrated. That Young Turk government was the creation of a London-directed, International B'nai B'rith, freemasonic lodge in Salonika, whom Jabotinsky served as editor of its magazine, Jeune Turque. In this setting, Jabotinsky fell into the circles of the most notorious British agent of the period, Alexander Helphand (a.k.a. "Parvus"), and also the Venetian banker later known as Volpi di Misurata, the so-called "Hjalmar Schacht of Italy," the British asset who was the de facto originator of the Benito Mussolini's fascist dictatorship in Italy, and 1930s and early 1940s sponsor of fascist Jabotinsky.

Many Likud supporters fall into the relatively innocent category which Vladimir Lenin dubbed "useful fools" (whatever would the world do without "useful fools"?) Essentially, during a period that other factions of Israel, such as the martyred Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres, had become clearly Israeli patriots, concerned with long-term peace in their Arab neighborhood, Henry Kissinger crony and Likudnik butcher Ariel Sharon, were essentially, like the "Young Turks," British agents and terrorists. London was not pleased with the Rabin-Peres government, and fabulously enraged by Oslo accords struck between Peres and the Palestine Liberation Front's (PLO's) Yasser Arafat.

Already, prior to the Rabin-Peres, Israeli Labour Party government, London, through Likudnik Sharon et al., had created the Hamas organization, functionally virtually the Arab-speaking arm of the Likud, created in the effort to undermine and destroy the PLO. The terrorist capability nominally associated with Hamas, meanwhile, was kept under strict control of London, not the Middle East Hamas organization.

Meanwhile, peeking ahead, into the post-1989 period, enter the "civil war." The cause of the Oslo peace agreements had been taken up by the U.S. Clinton administration. London was committed to the destruction of the Oslo accords, the PLO, the Rabin-Peres government, and the Clinton administration. The first step toward breaking the Oslo accords, was the successful effort to put donor economic-development funds under the control of the rabidly anti-development World Bank bureaucracy. The Hamas and Hafez Assad's control over the Lebanon-based Hizbollah organization were used, together with the London-linked "mole" Dick "Rasputin" Morris, inside the President Clinton campaign organization, to bring about the downfall of the Rabin-Peres government in Israel, by aid of focussed deployment of London- directed international terrorism.

Thus, with the help of London-directed terrorism, which the press releases credited chiefly to Hamas, London moved to destabilize the Oslo accords, defeat U.S.A. commitments to Middle East peace, and pave the way for bringing British intelligence's leading Israeli Likud asset, peace-breaker Ariel Sharon, back into power in Israel. Through another British intelligence asset, based among New York City's neo-conservative lunatics, Prime Minister Rabin was assassinated. Then, long-standing Sharon accomplice, Syria's Hafez el Assad, unleashed rocket attacks upon Israel from Assad's Lebanese colony, putting the blame, conveniently, on "Goldfinger," in this case Iran. Shimon Peres committed the electoral blunder of listening to some bad advice from misguided friends in the U.S.A., instead of the insightful widow Mrs. Leah Rabin, and a tragic election of Sharon's front-man, Netanyahu, was the officially declared result.

So goes the global, Rome-style "civil war" of the post-1989 period.

Case Study #2:  Turkey-Iran-China

Recently, Prime Minister Erbakan of Turkey has entered into crucial strategic agreements with the Rafsanjani government of Iran. To assess this, the subject must be approached on four levels.

First, Prime Minister Erbakan's actions echo the 1919-1920 alliance of Turkey's patriot, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, with Iran patriot Reza Pahlevi, who joined forces to effect the successful defeat of the Anglo-French Entente Cordiale's Sykes-Picot plot against the people of the Middle East.

Second, this reflects the common interest among Turkey, Iran, and Iraq, in destroying a London-based, Kurdish (PKK) terrorist operation deployed entirely by London and Paris, chiefly through Paris stooge Hafez el-Assad of Syria. The British-intellgence side of the Entente Cordiale Kurdish operation dates, in origin, from the role of Karl Marx's British-intelligence controller, Caucusus-Balkan specialist David Urquhart, in that region.

Third, this represents two vital interests. It represents Turkey's vital national interest in finding the kind of economic cooperation it requires for national economic reconstruction. It also reflects Iran's present, crucial close cooperation, in Eurasia land-bridge development, with China and central Asia republics. In that specific setting, Turkey's vital interests demand that it become an integral partner in the extension of this landbridge collaboration. Thus Turkey's and Iran's shared interests in ending the power of the Entente Cordiale's Kurdish operations, coincide with the two nations' vital interests in economic-development cooperation.

Fourth, this effort is of vital strategic-political importance, not only for the nations, directly and indirectly, involved. It is of global strategic importance.

Like most important nations today, Turkey, Iran, and China, are embattled. In China, for the moment, the Legalist insanity of Lin Piao and the "Gang of Four" has been politically defeated, and a Confucian current is now in the leadership of China and its Communist Party. As a result, today, China is the only leading nation of the world which is not in accelerating economic decline (excepting such pseudo-nations as the Singapore of London's Henry Lee). In Iran, the Rafsanjani government, similarly, represents a rallying-point for all of the best traditions of Ataturk's partner Reza Shah, and the nationalist patriot Mossadegh. Thus, successful cooperation among the three nations strengthens these political currents in each and all, and spreads that same optimistic spirit into the Central Asia and other partners in the Landbridge program. The only chance for a post-civil-war Russia and for Ukraine, includes prominently economic partnership in this Landbridge program. The success of that program is in the most vital strategic interest of the United States, as well as Germany.

In this circumstance, blaming Iran for Entente Cordiale-sponsored terrorism, and protecting the evil Hafez el-Assad who is key to the attempted destabilization of Turkey, Iraq, and Iran, are actions which no sane patriot of the United States could tolerate.

Case Study # 3:  Ibero-America

To begin with, the term "Latin America" was a neologism concocted, with British consent, by the family of Napoleon Bonaparte and his nephew, Palmerston creation Napoleon III. It replaced the earlier conventional, appropriately descriptive term, Hispanic America, to the purpose of making a Paris takeover from Madrid, under Napoleon III, less obviously offensive to the victims of that enterprise. With respect to the sensibilities of the history-literate among both Hispanic-Americans and Brazilians, the descriptive term "Ibero-America" is to be preferred in U.S. diplomatic usages, except where the formerly traditional term, "Hispanic America," is explicitly descriptive.

The majority of the population of the Americas, is concentrated in Ibero-America. As a comparison of 1946-1950 U.S.A. and Argentina standards of living and productivity demonstrates, the productive potential of a large component of the Ibero-America population approaches that of the United States itself. The great economic problems presently existing in Central and South America are chiefly the result of the 1967-1972 abrogation of the Bretton Woods monetary agreements, on the initiatives of Britain and the U.S.A. Nixon administration.

The vital, regional strategic interest of the United States, under any global circumstance, next to the interest of the U.S. population itself, is the increase of the per-capita physical-productive powers of labor and physical family income of the populations of Ibero-America. The aggregate potential physical output of this hemisphere, during the medium-term, presently exceeds that of today's Asia as a whole!

What prevents the United States from sponsoring that, its own vital strategic interest? The answer is, partly simply stupidity by Americans, high and low. A more specific problem is the obsessive, "free trade" delusions among the influential faction of followers of the late Friedrich von Hayek's and drug-legalizer Professor Milton Friedman's fascistic, pro-genocidal Mont Pelerin Society, whose Dr. Kevorkian-like use of the word "free," is translated into German vernacular as Vogelfrei (e.g., "the bird (soul) has flown").

What inside Ibero-America works to similar effect? For one thing, within Ibero-America there are also influential, Thatcherite followers of the fascistic Mont Pelerin Society, such as the influential Michael Novak. Then, there is the leading terrorist organization of Ibero-America, the Sao Paulo Forum, headed by Cuba's leading, France-connected Synarchist, Commandante Fidel Castro.

To understand the Castro connection, dig out the old U.S. military intelligence files from the 1920s through the 1940s. Look under the heading "Synarchist," "Caribbean Legion," and so forth. Look under the headings "Communist," "Fascist," "Ethnology," "France," "Houston, Texas," "Schlumberger," "Jean de Menil," "Paul Rivet," "M. N. Roy," "Sendero Luminoso," "Mexico," and "Jacques Soustelle." Go forward, then, to the early 1960s. Cross-grid with the 1920s-1930s files, for the references "Soustelle," "OAS," "Assassination Plots Against President Charles deGaulle," "London," "Permindex," "Louis Mortimer Bloomfield," "Jean de Menil," "Rothko Chapel," "Clay Shaw," "Kennedy Assassination," "Permindex connections into the Warren Commission," and so on. All the facts needed to solve the mystery of Fidel Castro, are there either in that cross-gridding of material from established U.S. intelligence files, which this writer has excerpted in the past, or from relevant facts which this writer obtained through his heading special investigations internationally.

Cross-grid the fruits of that investigation with the action, against the U.S. Government, in support of Colombia's Samper Pizano, from official institutions in London and Paris. Cross-grid with the pro-drug lobby operating within the Inter-American Dialogue, and with the role of those circles around U.S. State Department veteran spook Luigi Einaudi in crafting the 1995 corrupt "Security in the Americas" doctrine issued by the U.S. Department of Defense. Note the lying statements which the Bolivia press recently attributed to visiting U.S. Southern Command General Lawson Magruder.

A clear picture of the leading elements of the problem appears.

Fidel Castro, formerly a professed anti-Communist figure in the Synarchist tradition, was funded by the husband, Jean de Menil, of Houston-based Dominique Schlumberger de Menil, notable for her connections, together with her sister, to Paris' Liberation daily, to the careers of Francois and Danielle Mitterrand, and for her associations with Texas' Fort Marfa and Houston's wierdo center, the Rothko Chapel. George Bush (or, perhaps, his English-language translator) might tell more. De Menil funded the purchase of the Granma for Fidel's landing in eastern Cuba, and Fidel later, when the opportunity struck, became a professed Communist. Then, in 1991, the Soviet Union was dissolved; Castro, ever the man of opportunity, reacted like a true Synarchist, according to type; his Colombia drug and dirty-French connections came surging to the fore.

Suddenly, Fidel Castro was the head of the major international terrorist ring operating in Central and South America, from Chiapas to Patagonia, the Sao Paulo Forum, the Europe-backed "New Age" insurgency force behind the terrorist operations which have virtually taken over Mexico's Chiapas province, a development which represents a major security threat to the United States, and a development which is the center of the current surge of international drug- and weapons-trafficking through Mexico. Fidel's insurgency agent in Venezuela, for example, is the Col. Hugo Chavez whose opinions underwent a miraculous metamorphosis, during his brief vacation spent in a prison cell.

Case Study #4:  The United States

The greatest single internal security threat inside the United States itself, is the implications of the long-standing links between the U.S. military and military-intelligence institutions, and pro-Confederacy sentiments among significantly large strata of the veteran officers and enlisted personnel.

This political contamination of our military institutions, has the added feature of its links to the so-called "Asteroid" entities spawned during Vice-President George Bush's czardom over large elements of the intelligence "focal point" situated on the Table of Organization under the Joint Chiefs of Staff. George controlled simultaneously, the off-shore "war on drugs," by means of which George's National Security Council stooge, Lt.-Col. Oliver North carried a "courtesy CIA" badge in the name of "John Cathey," around Mena, Arkansas: a lot of drugs were flown into into the U.S., and weapons flown out, by busy Bush pilots, before George himself flew out of that posting.

George was also czar for the U.S. side of the Anglo-American control over the Iran-Iraq war, and the "secret," drug-funded war in Afghanistan. In addition to the case of George's controlled agent, drug-pusher Barry Seale, there were numerous mysterious, sudden deaths of vigorous, and highly placed political figures, such as Sweden's Prime Minister Olof Palme, and Schleswig-Holstein's Uwe Barschel, men who became a potential threat to Bush's cover in international weapons- and drug-trafficking of the mid-1980s.

All of this intersected a 1980s proliferation of privately funded secret-intelligence covers, which was used for the "Bush wars" of that period, as an alternative to the conventional U.S. intelligence proprietaries. Today, these relics of the world-wide Bush-league operations of the 1980s are often referred to as "The Asteroids." They are dangerous mercenaries, closely tied to old cronies from the knuckle-draggers command-structures of the 1980s. Like the typical footloose mercenary band, these "wild geese" have no morals, are powerfully connected, and perfectly prepared to employ those skills formerly used against foreign targets, within the United States themselves. They will do almost anyone for a buck.

The natural habitat for those "Asteroid" knuckle-draggers, is the mean-spirited, grudge-ridden "lost soul" whose mind flies the Confederate flag. In the present circumstances, of a global civil war like that from the days of the Crassus-Pompey-Caesar Triumvirate, this amalgam represents the greatest single source of an internal terrorist security threat for the U.S.A. itself.

Generally, with the demobilization of most of the Afghansi mujahideen, the dissolution of the former Warsaw Pact and Soviet Union, the planet is rich in available, skilled former knuckle-dragger types ready for hire. The undermining of the identity of nation-states, and spread of global economy, have broken the degree of control formerly associated with a spook's sense of some ultimate national loyalty. We are, truly, in a time redolent with echoes of the old Roman Triumvirate.

4.  The Issue of This Terrorist Warfare

The Whore of Babylon today, is incarnate in a body commonly referenced by insiders as "The Club of the Isles." The symbol of this body, whose origin dates from the time Britain's King Edward VII was a Prince of Wales filling in for his dotty mother in the attic, is the Prince in Scottish costuming, posturing for a famous portrait entitled "The Lord of the Isles." This assortment of several thousand persons, from British and other families and persons of financial-oligarchical sexual preferences and appetites, is sampled by the roster of persons associated with the so-called "Bilderbergers," the "1001 Club," and the initial, 1961, backing of the World Wildlife Fund. The "Club of the Isles" is otherwise recognized as the chiefly very wealthy power-magnates representing all parts of the British Commonwealth, and the very powerful supranational corporations associated with that Commonwealth. However, this also extends to the remnants of the Dutch and French empires, and to certain families of kindred inclinations from German, Italy, Sweden, and so on.

That "Club of the Isles" performs a function echoing that of the financier-nobility of that old Venice, the which a certain type of Englishman, from Cardinal Pole and Thomas Cromwell, through John Ruskin, and virtual British subject Francois Mitterrand admired so much.

The issue which has set off the present, planetary civil war, is the determination of the ideologues and devotees of that pack, the Club of the Isles, to sieze the present global strategic opportunity, to eradicate the institution of the modern sovereign nation-state, and also national economy, from this planet, forever. The principal weapon they deploy for this purpose, is no longer nuclear weapons, but mass-murderous chaos and matching outbreaks of mass insanity among populations driven mad by the general physical and moral breakdown of every family and other institution upon which modern civilization has been premised. The currency of this war by means of induced chaos, is not money, but the credulity of the intended victims.

I do not know whether a majority among the people of the United States, for example, are capable of coming to their senses, before the doom becomes irreversible. I have no choice but to act optimistically, to do all that I might, for one, to ensure that this nation, this people, this civilization, averts the looming catastrophe, and thus survives. I think, with the confidence which comes in part from having passed the relevant testing of my will and commitment, that I, for one, shall never betray you in that cause.


1. The political figure who lacks the strength of character to make such painful choices, does not have the moral and intellectual qualities required of a leader. Often, this writer has observed from personal experience, as well as historical examples, the talented figure who capitulates to pressures of perceived personal or family interests, degenerates morally thereafter, sometimes very rapidly, sometimes with no bottom in sight. If one betrays that commitment within oneself, which is the commitment to the good, the result is what is called by some a schlemiel, a man of whom it might be said, "He has no soul." [return to text]

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