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LaRouche Calls for Resignation of DNC Chief Fowler

FLASH--The LaRouche campaign has announced that it has accepted an offer from Fox-TV for a half-hour, prime-time nationwide spot to air Sunday, June 2 at 9:30 p.m. This will be the fourth such half-hour national TV spot since the primary season began. LaRouche indicated that the focus of the broadcast will be his recent trip to Moscow, which was videotaped, and the strategic crisis confronting the U.S. in its relations with Russia.

Leesburg, Va., May 12 -- U.S. Democratic Presidential pre-candidate Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr., today released the following personal statement, calling for the immediate resignation of current Democratic National Committee Chairman Don Fowler.

"Since January 1996, National Chairman Don Fowler has been engaged in a personal vendetta against me, during which he has repeatedly violated every relevant moral precept and statute of the Democratic Party. Chairman Fowler has purported to justify these outrageous actions by a series of aggregately multifarious false statements, including outright lies, arguing that his personal lies acquire the authority of party law by virtue of his Napoleonic occupation of the post of National Chairman.

"In the hope that Mr. Fowler would come to quietly desist from continuing these practices, either voluntarily or at the direction of saner heads in the Party, I have treated Mr. Fowler's behavior with exemplary forbearance, during the entire period, over the months and weeks from the issuance of his outrageous first public attack, to the present date. I had hoped that saner heads would act soon enough that my hand would not be forced on this issue.

"An accumulation of events, beginning with the time of my gaining a delegate in the Louisiana primary, Fowler's implicit violation of the Voting Rights Act in the Washington, D.C. primary, and the past weekend's developments in the Commonwealth of Virginia, has brought my forbearance to an end.

"The issue goes beyond the outrageously immoral, repeated, lying attacks which Mr. Fowler has made upon both me and those voters who have supported my candidacy. Fowler's conduct as National Chairman in these matters underlines the fact that he has made himself a public fool, and a serious public embarrassment to the Democratic Party, and a liability to all Democratic Party candidacies. His continuation as National Chairman, at this time, could bring about the otherwise unlikely defeat of the party, at the polls, in the November general election.

"It is relevant to this matter, that Mr. Fowler's immoral and otherwise outrageous misconduct in office has been prompted chiefly by the pressure on him and the National Committee, from a certain wealthy, right-wing circle whose economic and social policies would be more suited to the associates of House Speaker Newt Gingrich than the party of Franklin Roosevelt, John Kennedy, and Bill Clinton. This is the same factional influence within the Democratic National Committee which threw the 1994 Congressional elections to Mr. Gingrich's fellow-travellers, and which is acting, again today, to bring about a similar result."

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