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Those who are familiar with such matters, will recognize that the following pages are much more than a report; this is a case to be presented to a grand jury. The evidence demands an indictment of former U. S. President George Herbert Walker Bush, et al., for conspiracy to commit sundry "high crimes and misdemeanors." The many crimes include the importation of cocaine by Bush-league agents, and also a massive obstruction of justice, in this and other matters, by highly-placed Bush confederates within the U.S. Department of Justice.

Obviously, the San Jose Mercury News is to be commended for its courage and persistence in providing the much-needed, final link, in proving the connection between George Bush's 1983 takeover of the Contra operation, and the mid-1980s launching of the "crack cocaine" epidemic inside the United States. However, the overwhelming majority of the relevant evidence had been in the files of the Executive Intelligence Review, even more than a decade earlier. The additional margin of factual information provided by the Mercury's scoop, contributes the specific quality of added fact which imparts the strongest public passions in support of the evidence as a whole. This new development, creates the long-overdue, added political factor needed to end the cover-up effected earlier, through Vice-President Bush's lies and by a carefully crafted staging of Oliver North's whining appearance at the relevant Congressional hearings.

When you see the bigger picture, as the crucial evidence is presented here, you will nod in agreement, that the "crack cocaine" epidemic is only one of the major counts against Bush, et al. If we are to regain the federal constitutional republic which has been nearly destroyed since Bush's 1980 election as U. S. Vice-President, we must first uncover and liquidate the vast, outlaw, and also significantly drug-funded, international mercenary organization built up by Bush under the cover of his authority delegated (and relegated) by National Security Decision Directives 2 and 3, and by Bush's position as "Drug Czar" during the period of cross-border drug-trafficking operations of Bush's Contra agents.

Let us presume that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) must have known that Vice-President George Bush's "secret government" organization was importing tons of cocaine onto the streets of the U. S. A. (even if the CIA was not permitted to interfere with Bush operations, or, even to report what they knew); but, if you are misguided into presuming that the CIA must have done the drug-pushing, or controlled it, you are drilling a dry hole, and, also, helping, foolishly, to build yet another cover-up for the real culprit, Bush. The story behind Bush's role in dumping "crack cocaine" onto America's streets, begins after the U. S. Congress forced the Reagan administration to attenuate, and then end the Central Intelligence Agency's support for the Contra operations.

As the evidence presented here shows, the key to the Contras' launching the "crack cocaine" epidemic on our streets, is that this was done to compensate for the Contra operation, by transfer of support for the Contra operation, out of the CIA and other Federal agencies within the reach of the Boland Amendment. Control was transferred into the hands of a vast, privately-funded, mercenary organization headed by Bush. These mercenaries, and their operations, were run, not by the wary, pension-conscious civil servants of the CIA bureaucracy, but, out of offices of the National Security Council, and, in significant part, camouflaged under the "Focal Point"cover provided by the U. S. military's Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Focus upon the crucial question: What motive prompted the Contras to undersell the preexisting cocaine distribution inside the United States, by dumping "crack cocaine" into those urban ghetto areas where relatively little, or no cocaine trafficking existed earlier? When the Boland Amendment cut the Contras off from a continued U. S. government subsidy, Bush, his national security adviser Don Gregg, and their lackey Ollie North, turned to certain foreign governments, and to private contributions, to replace U. S. government dollars. Criminal sources of contributions were not excluded. Key to the Contras ' role as a crack force, were certain business-like arrangements with representatives ofthe Colombia cocaine cartels. The Contras received an inventory of cocaine. Therefore, that cocaine must be dumped outside those U. S. domestic markets already supplied by the Colombia cartels' established distribution networks. A new, previously undeveloped market for cocaine must be opened up, a new market into which the Contra cocaine inventory could be dumped at quick-sale prices. Hence, the evidence exhumed by the San Jose Mercury News. Hence, in those ghettoes, many are dead, and many African-American and Hispanic-American convicts are still doing kingpin George Bush's time in Federal and state prisons today.

On drugs alone, there is much more than what the Mercury's account covered. There were also "Bush pilots. " Some were like the parachutist Hasenfus, the military intelligence "stringer" who uncorked an international scandal. Some were marijuana traffickers, like the Barry Seal turned sting-agent and informer, and directed by agents such as the FBI's Oliver "Buck" Revell, and Lt.-Col. Ollie North, out of the Intermountain Regional Airport outside Mena, Arkansas. This was an operation run under Bush's special, Federal national-security authority, beyond the reach of any Arkansas governor to interfere. Some were part of the operation which perennial knuckle-dragger and Vice-President Bush personally shoved down General Manuel Noriega's throat, during a Bush visit to Panama, for that meeting.

But, Bush's operations, as Vice-President, under NSDD2 and NSDD 3, were not limited to the Americas. Bush used his nest in the National Security Council, and in the so-called "Focal Point" operating under the cover of the U. S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, to create a vast, intricately crafted, privately funded "secret government, " whose corrupt, continuing activities have brought the constitutional institutions of all three branches of our Federal government to the verge of destruction. Even with Bush out of elected office, he and his army of "knuckle-dragging" mercenaries are currently operating, both within and outside the U. S. A. , with utter contempt for our constitutional institutions and the rights of our citizens, and often in direct opposition to our vital strategic interests abroad. Until we exorcize the legions of Demon Bush from positions of power in our national life, no citizen is safe; not even the highest ranking offices of our government are immune from the "Starr chamber" frame-ups, and kindred atrocities, by Bush-league Robespierres.

Turn to the next pages; study the evidence. It is time to indict, and neutralize the vast mercenary apparatus of secret government which former President Bush continues to typify today. Our nation, and your family's future, depend upon doing that now, before it is too late.

Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.
Leesburg, Virginia
September 13, 1996

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