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Shakespeare's Hamlet said: "Murder, though it have no tongue, will speak." [ 1 ] History, at last, is delivering poetic justice to two among the most hateful world figures of the 1981-1992 interval: former British Prime Minister, Lady Margaret "MacBeth" Thatcher, and former U.S. Vice-President, and President, George Herbert Walker Bush. So, as in Friedrich Schiller's celebrated poem, "The Cranes of Ibykus," it is the international drug-traffickers, thieves, and murderers of bloody 1981-1992, who are now exposing themselves, and also their former masters Thatcher and Bush, to the long-overdue justice of "the Furies." [ 2 ] So, as in Schiller's poem, during recent weeks, growing numbers from among long-standing cronies of Thatcher's and Bush's orgy of world-wide drug-trafficking, weapons-trafficking, not-so-secret wars, and just plain murder, are pointing bloody fingers at one another, and, also, at their former masters. Let Thatcher, Bush, and their accomplices, now tremble: truth appears, and no more weapon than that truth itself, will render to the memories of these pirates, the dramatic justice of which William Shakespeare wrote.

During the several past weeks, governments in Europe, and elsewhere, are now trembling as by the warning shocks of a major political earthquake. Scandals hitting high levels of power in Sweden, Belgium, the Republic of South Africa, Syria, Israel, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, and, so, on and on, spring from the eyewitness reports. The memories of the murdered victims are so evoked, all pointing in the direction of Thatcher, Bush, Kissinger, and their ilk. Each week, the press of western Europe is kept off-balance by a fresh flood of such reports, each batch expanding upon the shattering revelations of a few days before. [ 3 ]

This EIR Special Report provides a summary, and overview, of the most important facts and supplementary allegations afoot thus far. In part, we write as veteran investigators, but also as eyewitnesses of the often bloody carnage of those Thatcher-Bush years. From the offices of Washington's Old Executive Office Building, throughout the capitals of those nations where Thatcher, Bush, et al., ran their terrorism, and drug-running, through Central and South America, and in the Middle East, in Africa, and in Europe, we were among the leading representatives of the underdogs, the victims of this carnage, face-to-face, against Kissinger, Bush, Thatcher, the late Roy M. Cohn, and the pack of scoundrels whom they represented.

So, as in the case of the recent useful work of the San Jose Mercury News, we had an eyewitness's inside story on the Contra drug-running, approximately a decade and a half before the Mercury News newspaper broke its story. On many of the most important facts of that story, we, as veterans of that fight against drugs and murder, have an exclusive. For years, even powerful leading political figures of the Americas, Africa, Europe, and Asia, shuddered in fear of Thatcher and Bush, at the mere mention of the facts we knew first-hand. Now, however, just as the Mercury News' well-documented treatment of the Contras' cocaine-pushing, added a small, but politically crucial piece to the evidence already in our possession, so the tattle-tales of the Thatcher-Bush Iran-Contra murder-ring, provide us, now, the added leverage to report our insider's knowledge of the continuing, world-wide operations of our aging old adversaries, Kissinger, Thatcher, and Bush.

The question is: What are you, the reader, going to do about it? Here, in two successive EIR Special Reports [ 4 ], you now have, as if served on a platter, two connected revelations of the criminality of George "mad dog" Bush, and his cronies, during the 1981-1992 interval. Although out of public office, Bush is still a powerful international, and national figure behind the scenes, one of the vilest, meanest, an most corrupt figures in any part of today's world. Your freedom, and that of our nation, hangs upon our ability to purge our institutions of the evil, bootleg, unconstitutional power, represented by the secret government created for George Bush, beginning 1981, under the title of Executive Order 12333.

There are two ways to lose a war, and your freedom. One is to be defeated in war; another, is simply not to fight it. These presently ongoing, fresh exposures of Thatcher and Bush, are like a Heaven-sent gift. These facts present an opportunity for our government, our citizens, to free themselves from continued bloody abuses, by secret, armed government, operating from within the precincts of our military's Joint Chiefs of Staff. [ 5 ] Sometimes, true facts are the most effective of the weapons by means of which an entire people may regain its lost freedom. This--right now--is such a time.

George 'Kid Twist' Bush

What tends to cause many people to defeat themselves before the battle starts, in facing tyrants, is the widespread, popular delusion, that the tyrant is either too powerful, or simply too popular, to be engaged. Popular opinion, in its habituated credulity about such matters, fails to grasp the fact, that, often, the tyrant is, at bottom, a stage figure. [ 6 ] Consider four examples of such stage figures: Sir George Jeffreys of King James II's "Bloody Assizes"; Adolf Hitler ; Margaret Thatcher ; and, outgoing Massachusetts Governor William Weld's long-standing political ally, George Herbert Walker Bush. [ 7 ]

The most delicious summary of the career of Jeffreys, is to be found in Thomas Babington Macaulay's celebrated prose, The History of England. Macaulay introduces Jeffreys, as a foul-mouthed rogue of a judge, in a court for cases of prostitution and petty thievery. Later, Macaulay's Jeffreys is elevated to the peerage, not for reason of any virtue in him, but, rather the political suitability of his scholarly, judicial, and moral deficiencies. [ 8 ] He became the foul-mouthed, scantly literate wretch, Lord Jeffreys of the "Bloody Assizes." In the end of his account of Jeffreys, Macaulay presents his subject fleeing the pages of history, attired in no more than his nightshirt, just beyond the reach of a pursuing host of outraged English subjects. Jeffreys was one of the most justly hated men in the annals of English injustice, but, within himself, nothing more than just one more contemptible, talent-free punk.

Adolf Hitler, as a person, presents us an essentially analogous social type. The actual Hitler was the work of some horrid "Pygmalions" from the Liszt-Wagner circle of the British aristocrat Houston Stewart Chamberlain. Hitler was a selected and groomed political "Trilby," put on stage by his sponsors, to play the vulgar sort of tragic role which even persons of such vulgarity as Lord Palmerston's Bakunin and his fellow bomb-thrower, Richard Wagner, [ 9 ] might be capable of conceiving: a stage-figure by means of whose leading role, a Germany, and much of Europe besides, might be destroyed.

Excepting the manner of their leaving political office, a modern Plutarch would find relevant parallels between the stage-roles performed by Hitler and Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, the latter fairly described as a "Trilby" with a most unmelodic voice. She was created to serve as a Tory parody of Winston Churchill's English Nemesis, Labour's memorable Bessie Braddock: a political figure of a type easily recognized by the British voter, a mean British nanny who will assuredly pinch the children cruelly when the parents are not watching. She was as shallow-minded as a Hollywood sex-goddess off-screen, and just as nasty, and, according to some recent accounts, with a certain nepotic touch of venality. Her point of kinship to Jeffreys, and Hitler, is, that she was prepared for, and placed in her position in government, to be used to the advantage of that Venetian type of financier-oligarchical interests which placed her here. [ 10 ]

A modern Plutarch must admit, that George Bush differs from Jeffreys, Hitler, and Thatcher, in one notable feature. The first three were the picaresque offspring of a richly deserved obscurity. George Bush is, in combined social and intellectual standing, the trusted runt of an {American patrician} litter. The difference does George no credit, but it has functional significance, nonetheless.

Perennially petulant George has done much evil, but he is no "Evil Genius." Intellectually and morally, he is fairly regarded as "Forrest Gump's Evil Twin." His significance is that his father, the former Senator, and Dwight Eisenhower golf-partner, Prescott Bush, was adopted by one of the most politically powerful financier-oligarchical families in the U.S.A., that of fellow-Bonesman Averell Harriman. Averell's position, in turn, was that of being a son of the E.H. Harriman who rose to fame and power during the 1890s, representing the Union Pacific railroad interest of Britain's Prince of Wales Albert Edward (later King Edward VII). Harriman also became the business agent for the Russell Trust, the formerly opium-trading, financier-oligarchical interest, behind Yale's gloomy Skull and Bones cult. [ 11 ]

As Tarpley and Chaitkin document, George never could "cut the mustard" on his own. Without the backing of his Uncle Herbie (Walker), his mother's brother, George could not have made it in business. His two 1960s terms in Congress were fixed elections, arranged by the family. Otherwise he could never find an elected or appointed position in government, until 1992, that was not fixed for him, either by his family circle, or by Henry A. Kissinger. [ 12 ] His career shows but one talent which might be deemed useful by his backers: he is a mean, but loyal dog of the "patrician" equivalent of an "organized-crime family." Personally, he is a fiercely neurotic, bi-polar Uriah Heep, whining petulantly in public, but privately brimming with the hateful grudges of a Three-Penny Opera 'Jenny.' In the service of his "family," he has been their nasty, biting dog, who exhibits a sadistic delight in doing harm, but who dutifully delivers the message which that "family" places in his mouth.

A Plutarch might, like Webster Tarpley, regard George as a modern Caligula. [ 13 ] An historian of organized crime, might find a likeness to "Bugsy" Siegel's Murder, Incorporated hireling, Abe "Kid Twist" Reles. [ 14 ] A more appropriate note of caution, to those who would assess the four cases referenced, or similar ones: One must not overlook the fact, that even the deadliest poisonous snakes, or pandemic diseases, are not distinguished by the intellectual achievements of their species.

The Practical Issue

Throughout history, the noblest political passion has been the desire to establish a form of government consistent with the needs of the individual person as a creature "made in the image of God." Until the first qualified success, during Louis XI's A.D. 1461-1483 reign in France, no nation-states existed; until then, more than ninety-five percent of the populations of all branches of culture, lived as slaves, serfs, or worse. It was in the wake of the 1439-1441 Council of Florence, that France could emerge as the first nation-state, the first state in which Europeans were citizens of the state, rather than chattels of an imperial order modeled upon the wicked traditions Babylon, Rome, and Byzantium. [ 15 ]

It was the intent of a great struggle by the founders of this Federal constitutional republic, that this nation might be perfectly sovereign, subject to no authority external to the moral law reflected in the Preamble of our Federal Constitution. Subject to the constraints of that moral law, it is the interest of the citizenry, as that Preamble expresses this, both explicitly and implicitly, which is the only interest to which our government may submit itself.

What is the point? What is the connection to the Bush case? The point of connection is this.

Under such rubrics as "What is good for Wall Street, is good for the United States," or, worse, George Bush's flimsy pretext, both as Vice-President and President, "We must do nothing to violate our 'special relationship' with Britain," we have tolerated the emergence of "secret governments." These "secret governments," notably that administered by Vice-President Bush, have conducted the hidden foreign and domestic policies of that special interest, behind the back, and without the explicit knowledge or consent of the constitutional institutions of our rightful government. These secret government arrangements include such instances as that channel of the Joint Chiefs of Staff through which Vice-President George Bush facilitated the secret and unlawful subterfuges of his Contra operations, his international weapons-trafficking operations, his drug-running into the United States itself.

These covert operations are not operated by "some people"; they are run according to what a powerful financier oligarchy perceives to be its very special, self-interested policy. Like monarchs and oligarchies of old and foreign places, this financier-dominated circle which deploys Bush, confuses the name of the U.S. interest with its own interest, and delimits its perception of "patriotism" to that which is dutiful to the perceived self-interest of the ruling oligarchy.

We, the citizens, must regain control of our constitutional institutions of Federal government. We do not want an anarchic democracy, under the irrational caprices of a transient majority opinion; we, like Socrates' Athens, are already suffering far too much of government subverted, in the perverted name of "democracy," by the transient whims of men. We require government under law, as the Preamble of our Federal Constitution commands government implicitly, to protect the rights of the minority opinion against the overreaching arrogance of the passing whims of an accidental majority.

We must not destroy our Federal government, as lunatic libertarians and similar anarchists propose. We must take back our Federal government, by acting in exemplary fashion now, to bring back a government under constitutional law. We shall never accomplish that, until we bring to the bar of justice: George Bush, his cronies, and his "secret government" established under Executive Order 12333. Unless we act so, to defend our Constitution, none of us alive today shall ever again enjoy the means to defend ourselves against the homicidal tyranny of those who follow in the footsteps of Vice-President and President George Herbert Walker Bush.

Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Leesburg, Virginia

October 15, 1996


  1. William Shakespeare, Hamlet, Act II, Scene II: Hamlet's closing soliloquy. [ return to text ]

  2. Friedrich Schiller's ballad, "Die Kraniche des Ibycus [Ibykus]." The poem treats an historical subject: the celebrated ancient Greek poet, Ibykus, on his way to Corinth, is murdered by two highwaymen. In Schiller's ballad, as Ibykus lies dying, he speaks to a pair of cranes flying overhead: "When no other voice shall speak, be the complaint of my murder raised." The murderers continue, to attend the festival, at which Ibykus was to have been featured. During the festival, the crowd hears a voice of one of the murderers crying "See there, Timotheus! The cranes of Ibykus!" The crowd looks up to see a flock of cranes is flying above the stadium. Amid the popular outcries attending the murderer's outburst, the dreaded "Furies" ({Eumenides}) appear; so, the culprits are brought to judgement by their own guilt-ridden outbursts. "Murder, though it have no tongue, will speak ..." [ return to text ]

  3. The flood of press coverage on the revelations about the Palme assassination is included in a grid with Chapter 1. Running a close second in terms of explosiveness is the pedophile scandal in Belgium, which broke into the news on Aug. 17, 1996, with the rescue of two young girls who were being held captive by pedophile Marc Dutroux. A series of arrests have followed, not only in that scandal, but also in the unsolved 1991 murder of senior Belgian politician Andrè Cools, who was an executive of a leading British arms company. The investigation of the pedophile ring, and attempts at covering up its penetration into high-level political circles, has led to a popular uproar, including mass demonstrations and work stoppages in cities throughout the country during the week of Oct. 14, detonated by the dismissal of the chief investigators into the pedophile case. The uproar over the Belgian pedophile case has generated high passions, and some work stoppages, in neighboring areas of Holland and France, and has by no means peaked. A demonstration of hundreds of thousands is expected in Brussels on Oct. 20. [ return to text ]

  4. The first report is, Would a President Bob Dole Prosecute Drug Super-Kingpin George Bush? (Washington, D.C.: EIR Special Report , September 1996). [ return to text ]

  5. The channel within government for the armed operations of the Contra operations, for example, were not run through CIA channels, but under the Joint Chiefs of Staff, under the cover of the logistics (support) section of JCOS Special Operations. Vice-President Bush's control over this section of the U.S. military command, was exerted under U.S. National Security Decision Directives numbers 2 and 3. See, Would a President Bob Dole Prosecute Drug Super-Kingpin George Bush?; pp. 14-31. [ return to text ]

  6. Unlike Soviet General Secretary Josef Stalin, who was an actual tyrant, in his own right.
    [ return to text ]

  7. George Bush is a member of the same Walker family, on his mother's side [Cf. Webster G. Tarpley and Anton Chaitkin, George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography (Washington, D.C.: EIR News Service, 1992)], as Governor Weld's former associates of the Walker clan, in his family firm of White Weld. It was one of those White-Weld associates of the Walkers, Weld's cousin, Ogden White, Jr., for whom William Weld, as Boston U.S. Attorney, covered, in cutting a deal which ended the biggest money-laundering case in U.S. criminal history, that of the Bank of Boston. During the same time Weld was blocking criminal charges against his money-laundering cronies, he was launching criminal prosecution, in Bush's interest, against such key Bush opponents as this writer and his friends. Weld, as head of the Justice Department's Criminal Division, ran the point for obstruction of justice in the investigation of the Iran-Contra operations back during 1986-1987. The Bush White House, in turn, ran a 1990 dirty-tricks operation against the Massachusetts Democratic Party, to assist in securing Weld's election as governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The nepotisms of the Bush-Weld family connections are intimate, important, disgusting, and often very, very dirty. [ return to text ]

  8. Like Bush-linked former Chief Judge Albert V. Bryan of the Alexandria Federal Court for the Eastern District of Virginia. [ return to text ]

  9. The famous Russian anarchist and Richard Wagner were assets of Lord Palmerston's British intelligence operation, Giuseppe Mazzini's "Young Europe," in the revolutions of 1848-1849. Both were, without exaggeration, bomb-throwers, during that period. Then, and later, Bakunin and Wagner shared the same views on music, and art in general. [ return to text ]

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  15. A scholar who might wish to challenge the argument which this writer has developed in sundry published locations, would wish to compare that thesis with the wok of one of the 20th Century's most distinguished legal scholars: Professor Friedrich (Freiherr) von der Heydte, Die Geburtsstunde des souveraenen Staates (Regensburg, Germany: Druck und Verlag Josef Habbel, 1952). The same type of evidence referenced by von der Heydte appears within China's ancient imperial form of state and property-relations. [ return to text ]

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