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LaRouche Release Open Letter to Reform Party Hopeful Lenora Fulani

Democratic Presidential primary candidate Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. released an open letter to Dr. Lenora Fulani on July 31, under the headline "Dr. Fulani's Lamm Stew." The full text of the letter follows.

Dr. Lenora Fulani's libel of me in her column ( "Farrakhan, Sharpton, and their misleadership," published in the Philadelphia Tribune, July 26, 1996) may be summed up simply, as follows. She libels a Democratic Presidential candidate, myself, a well-known anti-fascist, as a fascist, and endorses, as her political ally, an ex-Governor Richard Lamm, a figure best known for demanding the early deaths of the aged: hence, a fascist.

Lamm's most direct statement, among many, which expresses the aim of his policies of cutting Social Security, Medicare, medical care in general, and all varieties of social welfare programs (especially to immigrants and "non-Americans"), was made in the mid-1980s: "We've got a duty to die and get out of the way with all our machines and artificial hearts and everything else like that...."

I note that the principal subject of her attack is my friend, Minister Louis Farrakhan. The Minister and I do not necessarily agree on all matters, but few friends do. Her complaint is, that the Minister has refused to follow her into the embrace of Ross Perot and, again, would-be mass-murderer Dick Lamm. She makes the same charge against the Rev. Al Sharpton, who has done her no harm.

Since Fulani pretends, here, as in earlier published locations, to be an expert on me, she must be adjudged a liar, either on grounds of speaking in flagrant defiance of facts known to her, or lying in the sense of passing herself off as expert in this matter. The reader should be informed of what it is that Fulani should know of me before opening her mouth on the subject.

My emergence as a nationally-known political figure began during the years 1966-1973, chiefly for reasons connected to a one-semester course in economics, which I taught several campuses in the Northeastern U.S.A. during that interval. During all of that time, and later, I was correctly known as a dedicated anti-fascist, and dedicated advocate of the right of developing nations to a new, just world economic order. Despite some filthy, clearly false allegations of me, which, like Dennis King, fell out of the closet of the late Roy Marcus Cohn, of McCarthy-Cohn-Hoover-Tolson-Rosenstiel notoriety, I have an unbroken record of efficient opposition to the fascist methods of Volpi di Misurata, Benito Mussolini, Hjalmar Schacht, and Schacht's protege, Adolf Hitler. This includes my opposition to the fascistic, homicidal economic-social policies of ex-Governor Richard Lamm and Governor Tom Ridge.

I know significant features of the Fred Newman organization in which Dr. Fulani's political career was made. Until now, I had not thought her important enough to expend effort exposing those connections. Nonetheless, those facts are already a matter of public record. Her disgusting embrace of Dick Lamm's Reform Party, brings those sleazy links into the foreground. If she continues that association into the Autumn Presidential campaign, it will become necessary to present these facts, as things wavering voters might wish to know about the Reform Party itself. Dr. Fulani might wish to ask herself, now, what price she puts on continuing her present, self-destructive course.

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