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From LaRouche's Testimony
at Hearings on Gross Misconduct
of U.S. Department of Justice

Below is an excerpt from the concluding portion of Lyndon LaRouche's testimony to the hearings on Sept. 1. (Click here for a report on the proceedings.)

We have, in my view, a system of injustice whose center is within the Department of Justice, especially the Criminal Division of the U.S. Department of Justice. The problem lies not with one administration or another, though one administration or another may act more positively or more negatively. You have permanent civil service employees, like Deputy Assistant Attorney General Jack Keeney and Mark Richard, who are coordinators of a nest of institutions in the Criminal Division, which show up repeatedly as leading or key associates of every legal atrocity which I've seen.

This is the case with the so-called Fr├╝hmenschen operation, which is largely an FBI operation, but cannot run without cooperation from these people, and their assistance. The Demjanjuk case is outstanding, of a man who, according to the Sixth Circuit--a man whom the Justice Department knew to be innocent of the charges they were making against him at the time they made the charges; and yet, Mark Richard and Jack Keeney and so forth, proceeded with that case. An attempt to secure the execution of this man in Israel, over the objections of the Israeli government, for an OSI operation which was set into place by Henry Kissinger some years before. You have the Weaver case: the same thing. The much-celebrated Waco case: the same complex of injustice.

We have an out-of-control Justice Department, in my view, where the rot is not in the appointees, as much as it is in the permanent bureaucracy. We have a permanent sickness, in the permanent bureaucracy of part of our government.

In my case, when the time came that somebody wanted me out of the way, they were able to rely upon that permanent injustice in the permanent bureaucracy of government, to do the job. As in the Fruehmenschen case, the Weaver case, the Waco case, the case of Waldheim, the case of Demjanjuk, and other cases. Always there's that agency inside the Justice Department, which works for a contract, like a hitman, when somebody with the right credentials and passwords walks in, and says, "we want to get this group of people," or "we want to get this person."

My case may be, as Ramsey Clark described it, the most extensive and the highest level of these cases, in terms of the duration and scope of the operation. It came to involve the Soviet government, it came to involve the East German Stasi intelligence service, it involves collaboration between the Department of Justice and the Stasi in the case of [Olof] Palme's murder. It involved direct collaboration with, as I say, the Soviet government.

The Soviet press--particularly from about, off and on, the Andropov period, beginning 1984, and then when Gorbachov came in again, '85-'86, into '88--the Soviet press vilification of me, in collaboration with the same line as the U.S. press, exceeded that of anything since Stalin's time, in the Soviet press, against any private individual in history. And it was part of the same operation.

So my case is important, in the sense that it's more extensive, it's more deep-going, long-going. But when it came to getting me, it was the same apparatus, that, I find, in my opinion, was used in these other cases. And until we remove, from our system of government, the rotten, permanent bureaucracy which acts like contract assassins, using the authority of the justice system to perpetrate assassination, this country is not free, nor anyone in it.

My general impression, from being in prison and meeting these fellows--and I know these fellows, you know. You get in prison and you get my experience, you know the people you're with. Well, they're all perpetrators, most of them. A few cases are really innocent, framed up. But most of them were drug cases or something else, and you knew they were in the group of people they're accused of being in.

But when I saw the paperwork, I was astonished. I saw totally counterproductive sentences. I saw a shameful proceeding. Our federal court system, our federal criminal justice system is out of control. And it appears to me, that this nest around Mark Richard and Jack Keeney and others, in the permanent bureaucracy of the Justice Department, if they're not the heart of the problem, they're close enough to it, that if you pull out that cancer, you may find out where the next one is.

That's my view of the matter. Thank you.

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