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February 6, 1997

AFRICA: Today's 'Indo-China Quagmire'

The thing which could sink the present Democratic administration, is certainly not the Hollinger Corporation's "Paula Jones" side-show. The danger is, President Clinton's second term could be virtually sunk in an Africa quagmire that is shaping up fast to become even worse than the Johnson administration's Vietnam debacle.

Under the official direction of Overseas Development Minister Baroness Lynda Chalker and Deputy Speaker of the House of Lords, Baroness Caroline Cox, both members of the British monarchy's ruling Privy Council, the British Commonwealth continues its Uganda-based invasion and genocide in Zaire, and has organized the dictators of the current puppet-governments of Uganda, Rwanda, Ethiopia, and Eritrea, in a London-directed, raw materials-grabbing, colonial war in Sudan. The Clinton administration did not launch these ongoing crimes against humanity, the British Commonwealth did; but, unless President Clinton intervenes against "our ever-loving British imperialist ally," soon, to force a halt in the British Privy Council's invasions of Zaire and Sudan, the Clinton administration, not the British Commonwealth, will be set up to take the blame for what will become within months, or even weeks, the worst genocide of the Twentieth Century, raging throughout sub-Sahara Africa.

Already, two leading European allies of the U.S.A., France and Germany, are moving in efforts to halt London's genocide against Black Africa. An important reflection of those continental European allies' break with London on this issue, is an official, Jan. 16 resolution voted and proclaimed by the German parliament, the Bundestag, which has implicitly proposed a halt to the ongoing invasion of Sudan by a mercenary-reenforced, London-organized and directed alliance of the armed forces of Uganda, Ethiopia, and Eritrea. Although the German parliament's resolution does not address that additional fact, the ongoing genocide against Hutus being conducted inside invaded Zaire, is an integral part of the British Commonwealth forces' imperialist grab for valuable raw materials assets in eastern Zaire, a military invasion, from Uganda, Rwanda, and Burundi, run by present dictator of Uganda, President Yoweri Museveni.

Although President Clinton is not a co-initiator of London's war, genocide, and invasions against Zaire and Sudan, the "usual list of suspects" among London-allied, corrupt international news media, inside and outside the U.S.A., is setting the Clinton White House up to take the blame for the carnage. The fact is, that former U.S. President (Sir) George Bush is involved, and there is support from a cabal of many from among notable U.S. Republican leaders, such as Reps. Frank Wolf (R-Va.) and Chris Smith (R-N.J.), and Senate Majority Whip Don Nickles (R-Okla.), inside the Congress, in addition to former Virginia candidate for Lieutenant-Governor, Michael Farris.

These Republicans are all supporters of an organization, called Christian Solidarity International, headed by the woman personally directing, and even openly funding the British Commonwealth's London-directed military invasion of Sudan, Baroness Cox. Chris Smith's National Christian Breakfast, for example, is a front for this British subversion against the United States, a subversion run from the British monarchy's Privy Council by Baroness Cox and Baroness Chalker.

More pathetic is the number of rent-my-mouth African-American denotables, such as Dr. Lenora Fulani, Randall Robinson, and others, who are currently deployed to supply propaganda covers for London's current genocide against Black Africa. These black-faced political vaudeville performers, are used to lull credulous liberal Democrats into tolerating London's operations in Africa, and, ultimately to put the political blame on Clinton for operations being pushed inside, and outside the Congress by leading figures of the opposing, Republican Party.

The White House's key problem is, that, presently, the U.S. government has virtually no competent intelligence window on sub-Sahara Africa. Except for EIR readers, officials rely heavily on lying hand-outs from British intelligence channels. What few remaining official information resources the U.S. government has on Africa, have been corrupted savagely by the deeply embedded influence of Sir Henry A. Kissinger's and Sir George Bush's stay-behind networks inside the U.S. intelligence establishment.

Thus, the genocide in Africa escalates, while nearly everyone in official Washington is even more poorly advised on Africa, than the Congress duped into passing the Tonkin Gulf resolution, over thirty years ago.

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