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British terrorism in Africa

An EIR Commentary by Lyndon LaRouche

March 7, 1997

The usually unreliable New York Times continues that tradition, with its Feb. 27 publication of an item by the Brookings Institution's Francis M. Deng, "Sudan's ?Domestic' Terrorism." There were no disclaimers from the editors or publishers, despite facts available to that newspaper, exposing Deng's tale as a hoax.

Deng, a former Sudan Ambassador to Washington, presents himself in a book which he himself has written, as a devotee of Samuel P. Huntington's rabidly racialist "Clash of Civilizations" mantra, and is himself a representative of the notoriously pathetic ethnic hoaxes fathered by British intelligence agent, and racialist anthropologist, E.E. Evans-Pritchard (also the father of the pathetic Ambrose Evans-Pritchard). The Times also knows that Deng is lying when he states, among other frauds, that the SPLM/SPLA has joined with John Garang (and Deng himself) in supporting British war-Lord Caroline Cox's so-called "National Democratic Alliance." EIR Contributing Editor LaRouche recently met, in Sudan, in two extended discussions, with the leadership of the SPLM/SPLA; more recently, several African-American officials have also met there with SPLM/SPLA leaders. The mere fact of those meetings were sufficient to expose Deng as a liar.

Deng prances in the pretense that he is a defender, a virtual Don Quixote of the Black-Africa cause, against the hated race of Arabs. All the while, he is actually working on behalf of the British Privy Council's Lady Lynda Chalker and British war-Lord Caroline Cox, who are deploying Deng's current military ally, local Uganda dictator and butcher Yoweri Museveni, in genocide against the people of Rwanda, Burundi, eastern Zaire, and now in the Museveni-coordinated invasion of Sudan by the allied military forces of the currently sitting dictators (and butchers) of Eritrea and Ethiopia.

Our point here is not Deng as such. Our point is, the inexcusable foolishness of those simple dupes, or immoral opportunists, in the U.S. Congress and Executive, like the major news media, who tolerate the current British line on "Islamic terrorism," just as, in this instance, the Times pushed Deng's wild-eyed lying. These assorted dupes and opportunists are stripping the U.S. itself of its defenses against the waves of terrorism presently targetting the territory and institutions of the U.S.A., as they are also threatening our vital interests abroad.

Take the case of Taliban, for example. Once Taliban had consolidated political control over Kabul, and had gained official diplomatic recognition, would Taliban be a terrorist force in Central Asia? Probably not: any Afghan rebel's war for the seizure of Kabul is a fight to become the new government, which the newly incumbent forces would defend with as much, or perhaps more patriotic fervor than the government just recently eradicated in terrible war-fighting. Does one, then, include Taliban under the Huntington label of "Islamic terrorism"?

Terrorism is not a secretion of Islam, but spreading the Koran is. Thus, the British imperialists' long experience running operations against the Islamic world, has taught them, that the way to run covert operations within those regions, is to cover their secret-intelligence operations with the appearance of a spreading of the Koran in a more or less militant way. War is war, and guerrilla warfare is also war; that does not create any "Islamic threat" from what the ever-loving British spook types amuse themselves to label international "Islamic terrorism."

In the recent several years, a number of governments, and other authoritative sources, have pointed out, repeatedly, that there are very few international terrorist operations deployed anywhere in the world, which are not directed by terrorist organizations openly harbored by the British Foreign and Home offices, in London itself.

Who has taken the credit for the terrorist mass-murder of U.S. military personnel in Saudi Arabia, and who has issued the recent, new terrorist threats, on account of which the U.S. State Department has issued its warning? Once again, the headquarters are in London.

Others, many not professedly Islamic, are presently targetting the U.S. territory, and populations, too. See, then, the bloody price our security must expect to pay, if we continue to tolerate the British-concocted lie of "terrorism from Sudan," rather than bringing the actual masters of most international terrorism, London, to account.

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