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This article appeared in the February 27, 1998 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

LaRouche Denounces Peru Economics Minister

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

February 20, 1998

In a political atrocity born of political hysteria, a notorious crony of London's most famous international drug-legalizer and financial bandit, George Soros, Peru Economics Minister Jorge Camet, has struck back against political criticism with a flagrantly dictatorial effort to silence his political critics in the Peru and world press.

The action by the Peru tax agency, which Camet directs, occurred on January 23, 1998, approximately two weeks after the Lima correspondent of the Executive Intelligence Review, Luis Vásquez, had issued a personal statement, critical of Camet's efforts to destabilize the government of Peru's President Alberto Fujimori. Mr. Vásquez' statement was issued in his capacity as a citizen of Peru, not on behalf of the EIR by whom he is employed as Lima correspondent. Nonetheless, Camet's agency chose to react by attempting to shut down the Lima offices of EIR. The action by Camet's agency was wrongful, capricious, without basis in law, and in clear intent to violate established, and implicitly enforceable international human rights standards concerning freedom of the press.

The political issue was a Vásquez statement, issued in his specified role and capacity as a citizen of Peru, not on behalf of EIR, denouncing the continuing attempt by certain foreign agencies to create internal crises within Peru. He cited certain recent actions by Minister Camet, a fellow-traveller of the British intelligence front-organization, the Mont Pelerin Society, aiming to bring down the government of President Fujimori. The immediate issue of citizen Vásquez' statement of early January, was Camet's attempt to further a destabilization which had been launched during the prolonged international terrorist hostage-taking at Japan's Lima embassy.

The specific issue of citizen Vásquez's public statement of early January, was Camet's attempt to drive a political wedge between President Fujimori and the head of Peru's armed forces, General Nicolás Hermoza. This occurred soon after Camet's crony and beneficiary, George Soros, in 1997, had played a key part in setting off the presently raging financial and monetary storm in East and Southeast Asia. Soros, Camet, et al., are currently engaged in: a) inciting a border conflict between Peru and neighboring Ecuador, and, with Soros-linked UNO Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), including Human Rights Watch and the Drug Policy Foundation, pushing both b) drug-legalization, and c) dismantling of Peru's armed forces.

As EIR has documented (Vol. 24, No. 27, June 27, 1997), the purpose behind London's recent orchestration of Ecuador's attacks on Peru, is pure 19th-Century colonialism: grabbing rich mineral resources in northern Peru for the greater glory and profit of the British Commonwealth's imperial asset-grabbers. The present efforts to silence the press, by Minister Camet, are thus consistent with the earlier efforts of related NGOs and other foreign interests, to force Peru's President Fujimori to submit to the demands of the MRTA narco-terrorists, in the case of the hostage-taking and murder perpetrated by those terrorists at Japan's Lima embassy.

Camet's tax fraud

The facts of the so-called "tax case" against the Lima office are simple. They are as follows.

On January 23, 1998, approximately two weeks following citizen Vásquez' public proposal that Camet be fired for aggravated causes, Camet's Tax Administration Superintendancy (SUNAT), filed a compulsory lien on the Lima offices of EIR, claiming unpaid back taxes, in the amount of 2,735 soles (about $1,000), for 1994. In fact, the records show that precisely that amount, for 1992 taxes plus penalties, was paid in 1994, and that the official Form 1093 correction of an accountant's clerical error of attributing that payment to a 1994 tax period, instead of a 1992 tax period, has been fully corrected on the official records of SUNAT.

Nonetheless, in tricks worthy of cronies of drug-legalizer and pirate George Soros, Camet's SUNAT added charges, inflating the not-owed amount of 2,735 soles to $7,500, including sundry charges padded to the root amount falsely claimed by SUNAT's offices.

Why? Why does a fully lawful statement by a private citizen of Peru, issued in his capacity as a private citizen, result in this action against a press agency? Obviously, the forces behind the corrupt Camet, including George Soros and London's Mont Pelerin Society, are not reacting to Sr. Luis Vásquez' actions. Nor are they responding to EIR. Camet, as a political puppet of his foreign masters, the ones who deploy George Soros, among others, is reacting against the greatly increased influence which I have acquired, world wide, since those events of October-January 1997-1998, which announce the early collapse, Asia-style, of Brazil and other nations of Central and South America, within the weeks ahead. Lacking the courage to meet openly the powerful political challenge which I represent, world wide, cowardly political jackals act, as Camet does, as jackals, by their nature, are wont to do.

Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori (center), after the raid on the MRTA terrorists who were holding 72 hostages in the Japanese embassy in Lima, April 23, 1997. Today, Peruvian Economics Minister Jorge Camet is attempting to further a destabilization which was launched against Fujimori, during that hostage affair.

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