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This article appeared in the April 2, 1999 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Gore Provokes Total War!

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

March 27, 1999

The members of the Principals' Committee, including Vice-President Al Gore, knew beforehand, that Russia's Prime Minister would cancel his visit to Washington the instant he were informed that the bombing of Yugoslavia would begin during the period of his scheduled visit. President Clinton had signalled to all with the brains to hear a clear Presidential signal, to the effect that there would be no bombing of Yugoslavia during the period of Primakov's visit. Gore et al. were desperate to prevent the visit from occurring. Gore, going behind the President's back, intercepted the Russian Prime Minister, a mere two hours before his scheduled arrival in Washington, informing the Prime Minister that the bombing would probably occur during the time of the visit!

It could turn out, that those actions by Al Gore caused World War III, as surely as the combined follies of an Austro-Hungary and the Russian emperor, allowed Britain's otherwise still preventable plan for World War I to be unleashed. Gore may never be tried by an appropriate successor to the Nuremberg Tribunal, but he should be--whether or not a global form of World War III actually develops. Meanwhile, our priority is to attempt to prevent the world war which Britain's Tony Blair, his lackey Al Gore, and Gore's factional allies within the Principals' Committee have set into motion.

At this point, the only action which would provide a visibly fair chance of preventing World War III, is the President's neutralizing his Vice-President's freedom of action, and firing Gore's accomplices on the Principals' Committee. These actions should be taken, not as gestures of reprisal against those who have perpetrated plausibly treasonous actions behind the President's back. They are precautions, intended to give the President at least a fighting chance of getting the U.S.A. out of the thermonuclear mess which Gore and his cronies have created.

The President's own mistakes

While "Dirty Al" was up to his back-stabbing shenanigans, the President was tied up in heated discussions with the Congress. Should the President issue a declaration of war against Yugoslavia for adoption by the U.S. Congress? Many in the Congress, notably among Republicans, thought he should not act against Yugoslavia without such authority from the Congress. They were right in making that objection. In the course of those discussions, the President himself made six key mistakes, which might prove, later, to have compounded Vice-President Gore's devious doings, to have been turned into something strategically fatal to world peace.

  1. He should have said to the Congress: You are right. Before NATO is allowed to bomb, I shall present you with a draft Declaration of War.

  2. He should have said: "However, at this moment, the question is still moot. Perhaps Prime Minister Primakov and I will be able to organize a satisfactory alternative. Let's put off all military actions on this Yugoslavia matter, until we discuss this again after this weekend."

  3. He should also have said: "Please let me get back to my office now, so that Al Gore does not take the opportunity of my absence to screw up my working sessions with Prime Minister Primakov."

  4. He should have remembered, that there was never a Balkan War involving Serbia, during this century, which, if continued, did not set off a World War.

  5. He should have fired Secretary Cohen, Chairman Shelton, Madeleine Albright, and that mega-problem Leon Fuerth, with the relevant observations on the Balkan War which led into World War I, the German Wehrmacht experience with Balkan partisan warfare during World War II, the 1964-1975 experience in Indo-China, the Soviet experience in Afghanistan, and the type of war which the Yugoslav military is trained to fight under conditions of attack by a major power such as the former Soviet Union or NATO.

  6. The President compounded these errors with his self-deluding pronouncement, that this is not a war, but only a police-action within a localized Balkan theater. This is in fact an act of war against a sovereign nation-state, well-suited to become the detonator of global, total war. No double-talking about "globalization" can change the fact that this is an act of war under pre-existing international law.

Granted, there are conditions, under reasonable military rules of engagement, under which U.S. military forces brought under attack can defend themselves, even by resort to hot pursuit of attacking forces. The U.S. participation in this deployment of NATO forces, does not fit any sane, or otherwise tolerable definition of action under legitimately defined rules of engagement. It is nothing other than an act of war. If a proper act of war, it should be defined as such, and conducted under rules of modern warfare among sovereign nation-states.

The fact is, that the failure to apply the standard for declaration of war by the consent of Congress, creates a potential nightmare far worse than than of the 1964-1975 Indo-China war. The expected Yugoslav reaction is the resort for which Yugoslav forces have been trained since Tito's leadership: fall-back to partisan warfare, including the spreading of irregular warfare throughout the entire Balkan region, and beyond. This consequence, overlapping the lunatic current U.S.A. and British proposal for B-A-C (British-American-Commonwealth) autonomy in deploying NATO nuclear capabilities globally, will turn a continued Balkan war into a more or less global war.

The Yugoslav response to continued attacks according to the doctrine of those two hare-brained incompetents Cohen and Shelton, will be to create a situation in which NATO ground combat forces in numbers exceeding 100,000 will be the next phase, with the relevant streams of body-bags flowing back to the U.S.A. and other NATO member-nations. The Indo-China war was somewhat contained; an expanding Balkan war of the sort unleashed by a Serbian shift to extended mountain and other forms of modern partisan warfare, will not be containable. It will be a global war. Under present global military and other relevant circumstances, it will become the kind of total war against which the late Professor von der Heydte, I, and others warned fools, such as then-Senator Cohen, back during the mid-1980s.

Given the shallowness and irrationality of the U.S. governmental institutions, and those of most Euro nations, too, and the mass-murderous insanity of the ruling circles in Israel (and their assets), and given the ongoing disintegration of the world's present financial system, the spread of warfare out of a generalized Balkan war would create the spectacle of the fools in the U.S.A. and other commands moving the world, phase by phase, from Blair's, Gore's, Cohen's, and Shelton's current, bungling strategic lunacies, into the stage that nuclear-doomsday scenarios become virtually unstoppable.

This will not be merely a war fought by armies. As we see in sub-Saharan Africa, and most of South America today, this will be a Pandora's Box of a war. It will be a war fought at all levels of organized and spontaneous conflict, in all qualities, including all of those categories which the late Professor von der Heydte defined as modern irregular warfare: "total war," fought in virtually every neighborhood of the world, thus resembling the Thirty Years War of 1618-1648.

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