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This article appeared in the July 2, 1999 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Star Wars and Littleton

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

June 11, 1999

Earlier investigations by EIR have already reported on certain essential elements of background on the Littleton massacre itself.[1] In light of those facts, it is false, pathetically simplistic, and an evasion of government's responsibility to assess true causes for problems of national security, to imply that hand-guns sold over the counter to teen-agers caused the Littleton massacre. For reasons which I and my associates prove in the following pages: if what is known popularly as "Hollywood" continues with the genre of so-called popular entertainment typified by the Star Wars series,[2] there will be an increasing frequency of similar incidents of lunatic outbreaks, as bad as, or worse than Littleton.

Unless the U.S. government, and many relevant other influentials, change their view of this problem, abandoning the useless approach they have publicized thus far, the horror will continue, gun laws or no gun laws. Unless relevant institutions get down to the serious business of addressing the actual causes for this pattern of incidents, this murderous rampage will persist, whether or not guns were legally sold to adolescents, or whether or not the producers and distributors of cult-films and Nintendo-style video games intend that specific effect.

Anton Chaitkin and other investigators continue to gather and report highly relevant factual evidence bearing on such cases. My function, in this report, is to define the methods which must be brought to bear, if the danger posed by this new form of terrorism is to be brought under control. For that, I must insist that most of you forsake your customary, simple-minded, "twenty-five words or less," knee-jerk reactions. If you are willing to be serious, at long last, you will now turn your attention to the scientific roots of the problem. Thus, while Chaitkin et al. have described how it is done, my task is to show how, and why what was done works, as it did in the horrifying events at Littleton.

Please stop deluding yourself with today's customary, simplistic, knee-jerk explanations of almost everyone and everything. Merely ending the sale of satanic video games, such as Doom,[3] or exposing the dangers posed by the Star Wars series, will not put this horror back in the box from whence it came. This new problem of terrorism must be attacked, by focussing on the conditions which many readers have been complicitly condoning. Face the fact, that it might be your negligent tolerance which has contributed to the popularizing of such video games and cult films, especially the spread of these among suggestible children and adolescents.

Rebuking you on such points, is my obligatory function as your "Dutch uncle," here. I answer the question: "What universal principles allow something like what was done to the minds of those Doom-players, to work as it did?" What are the methods which have, similarly, turned so many among our children and adolescents into such "zombies" as those killers?

The question to be answered so, should be restated, thus: "How might we get at the deeper, axiomatic causes for growing toleration, by the U.S. military, the entertainment media, and others,[4] for the fostering and proliferation of precisely the kinds of mental health disorders which the Littleton massacre typifies?"

To grasp the horror posed by such cases, restate the same problem as a national-security topic. For that purpose, the leading subject for discussion, as posed by the Littleton and kindred cases, is terrorism by children. Stating the problem in that way, brings the sheer, satanic horror of the matter into focus.

The following pages, and the attached additional documentation, will represent a serious intellectual challenge for many readers, but, for those who really wish to bring an end to the spread of more horrors like the Littleton massacre, the extra reading-time and thought this report requires, is more than well worth every second spent.

We must take into account the heritage of the cumulative work of Hollywood and other producers and script-writers, to locate the background which the authors of programmed scenarios such as the Littleton massacre had available, as models, for crafting today's Nintendo-style and kindred satanic games. One recalls, thus, Clockwork Orange,[5] or, another Hollywood horror-film, The Bad Seed,[6] or, an earlier, 1930s Hollywood production, featuring actor Lionel Barrymore, on the subject of the "Devil-Dolls,"[7] or, the many trash Hollywood horror-films of the 1930s through 1950s.

As in the intentionally genocidal wars unleashed upon black Africa by the traditionally racist British monarchy, the mass-killers and terrorists of today's U.S.A., are all too often our own, or, as at Littleton, the neighbors' children. Just as the killers in the military and irregular forces which London deploys, as in genocidal terrorists' wars against southern Sudan, are often mere, desperately underfed children with Kalashnikovs, so the leading terrorists of the moment in today's U.S.A. and elsewhere, turn out too often to be our own turned-psychotic children, like the charged Littleton killers. That really brings the problem back home, in the most immediate and horrifying way.

This kind of danger is not new to Classical historians. The mother-earth goddess Gaea's (a.k.a. Cybele's) cult of Python-Dionysus, recruited adolescent children from among the leading families of the cities, into becoming drugged, orgy-ridden killers. Then, as now, these children and adolescents were deployed, like the Baader-Meinhof gang of the 1970s, against the adult leaders of urban society. Today's computerized Nietzschean killer-psychotics, are the modern copies of such dionysiac, lunatic killers of past ages.[8] This happened in a Cambodia which fell victim to Henry A. Kissinger's satanic diplomacy.[9] This turning children into the killers of their siblings and parents, is the ultimate terrorism, the ultimate crime against civilized forms of society.

Ask yourselves: Why are children and adolescents used in this way?

Professional clinical psychologists remind us, that the behavior of a so-called "normal" teen-ager, continued into adulthood, is regarded as symptomatic of mental illness. Severe mental disorders among adults, are often styled as infantile behavior. The difference in legal status, and legal responsibility between that of adults, and of children and adolescents, is premised on the heretofore customary immaturity of judgment of at least most persons of their age, relative to the standard justly demanded of adults. The constitutional prescription of a legal voting age, for example, is based upon such well-founded considerations.

This matter of "growing up," has many functional ramifications. A Wolfgang Mozart showed musical genius at a very young age. Yet, while Mozart, like the Beethoven and Felix Mendelssohn who were also youthful prodigies, all showed maturity of intellect, as well as musical genius, in their youth, we have also many pathetic cases of hopeless "emotional breakdowns" of individuals who were, by academic standards, prodigies of one sort or another even in their childhood and adolescence. The gap between progress in development of adolescent intellectual powers, and adult maturity, is usually expressed in society today as a pathetic trait of "suggestibility."

This factor of childish and adolescent suggestibility represents a point of exceptional vulnerability of society as a whole, to certain methods for corruption of children and adolescents. Since the late 1960s, the problem has multiplied in the U.S., as in western continental Europe. The factors of emotional stability among children and adolescents have been undermined, economically, by such phenomena as "latch-key" children, and by such destructive changes in educational practices as the Brandt reforms which uprooted Classical Humanist education in Germany.

The use of wicked fantasies and matching forms of games, to exploit the recent several decades of thus increased vulnerability of persons of student ages, is typified by the ancient cult of Dionysus and the modern use of the kinds of pathological fantasy-life associated with a Nietzschean mode in parodies upon "Nintendo games."

Although some of the incidents of this adolescent form of international terrorism may appear to be coincidences of the "copy-cat" variety, the presently emerging pattern of such crimes is no matter of mere coincidence. They are products of a fairly widespread set of practices which must produce such crimes, whether any particular criminal incident of this type was intentionally orchestrated by others than the perpetrators, or not. It must be emphasized: It is those who induce the spread of such practices, who are the masterminds behind such resulting patterns of terrorist criminality.

Meanwhile, from the present world-capital of international terrorism, Britain,[10] we are warned, that much of the world must expect many more Littleton-like terrorist incidents.[11] The press coverage, there, in the aftermath of the murder of a notable, British mass-media figure,[12] Jill Dando, gunned down in the time-frame of a reported rash of nail-bomb attacks, warns us, that this phenomenon of what is called "blind terrorism," is not a problem isolated to the U.S.A. Apparently, at least, a new wave of international terrorism is now being deployed, but under different colors than the ostensibly politically-motivated terrorism of the 1970s.

Beware! To cause such a result, it is not necessary to intend to turn children into killers operating, as terrorists, under immediate direction of some adult agency. The background of the accused killers in the Littleton massacre, points attention toward the way in which entire such waves of so-called "blind terrorism," rather than specific direction of each individual such incident, are sometimes orchestrated.

Study of that and related evidence warns us, that such changes in an adolescent's behavior might have been induced by adults, but without any clear evidence that those culpable adults actually intended to produce such an outcome. It could occur either by actions of someone with the intent to cause such incidents, or, like the drunken driver, simply out of reckless disregard for the consequences of their encouraging certain deadly types of irrational belief which might be fostered among suggestible young "Dorian Grays."[13]

I repeat: The proximate culpabilities lie with those military and related officials, and other so-called "experts," who not only devised "man-machine" recipes for increasing the kill-ratio by military recruits and police officers, but who spread "Nintendo games" of this type into such suggestible elements of the civilian population as the Internet "nerds."[14]

Entertainments such as Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings,[15] the infantile game of Dungeons and Dragons, or a cult-like fantasy-life modelled upon the Hollywood Star Wars series, are among the typical means by which such results are orchestrated, whether with such intended effects, or not. Therefore, I must emphasize, once more, that the problem is not limited to the instances in which such terrorist acts are wittingly orchestrated by puppet-masters. Spread the deadly intellectual virus, and the disease will do the rest.

The greater danger is of a type which recalls the mid-Fourteenth-Century aftermath of the century of Europe-wide wars conducted by Venice's Welf League. The chaos which was once willfully engendered by these anti-nation-state enemies of Emperor Frederick II and Dante Alighieri, continued to spread, as the Flagellant cult hordes did during the mid-Fourteenth-Century "new dark age." Thus, the Flagellants, the pitiful spectacle of the epidemic of mass-terrorist mobs of that time. Once this epidemic of madness was set loose, like the periodic epidemic of witch-craft cults, it continued on its own, until the phenomenon died out with its victims.[16]

The Pentagon and other witch-doctors who have fostered the Doom-like games, have opened a Pandora's Box, which, once opened, unleashes horrors not easily put back in that box.

1. What causes moral degeneracy?

At an appropriate, later point in this report, I shall describe the steps of successive moral degeneration, leading from John Locke, Physiocrat Quesnay, Adam Smith, the pragmatists and modern positivists, the Frankfurt School's degeneracy, and modern satanic cults, into the eruption of today's adolescents' killer-cults based upon the models derived from John von Neumann's theory of games. This succession is fairly described, as I shall show, as a morally entropic process of increasing moral degeneracy spreading within our society, a widespread and spreading intellectual and moral degeneration, whose effects are typified by, but not limited to cases such as the Littleton massacre.

For reasons which I shall indicate, I use the term "degeneracy" wisely, with the strictest clinical, epistemological precision. It is only in this field, of epistemology, that the national-security threats posed by the Littleton case can be competently described and understood. Thus, epistemology is a field which all serious citizens, especially responsible officials and professionals, must begin to learn. This, epistemology, is the science of the generation of those ideas corresponding to the deepest, axiomatic levels of belief. It is only by aid of this science, that can one know how minds, as of children, are manipulated, to produce the type of horrifying result which erupted at Littleton.

Unfortunately, epistemology is almost an unknown field of science among those chiefly miseducated persons coming out of the decadent, pragmatism- and positivism-corrupted public school and university classrooms of recent decades. Nonetheless, if you are serious about the security of your nation, or only your family, this is a science which can be, and must be learned. It must be restored to its former place in the Classical curriculum, for that and other important purposes. Those rudiments of that science which are essential for understanding the new terrorism, are supplied here, below.

I emphasize, again, that there is a clear principle--an epistemological principle--operating behind the class of atrocities perpetrated by the killers of the Littleton case. Without taking that principle into account, it would be impossible to understand the nature of, or the cure for the problem which Littleton typifies. The problem to be solved did not begin in 1999. This specific form of moral degeneracy has infected, and affected most of the present population, in one degree or another, increasingly, over the course of recent decades. When that tree became old, it bore ripe young fruit.

In large part, this form of terrorism has been fostered through the use of the radical-positivist cult of "information theory," and its spread, especially to the relatively more suggestible children and adolescents, as ever more extreme forms of this pathological influence. Computer-programmed "video games" and the proliferation of that kind of applications via the Internet, have played an increasing part in the spread of this menace.

That widespread Wall Street infatuation with the cult of the Black-Scholes formula, which led to the virtual doom, in August-September 1998, of Wall Street's Long Term Capital Management (LTCM) syndicate, illustrates the influence of the same type of mass-insanity which has been spread from influence of the late John von Neumann's cult of the zero-sum game, into the youthful generation of both today's wild-eyed "market players," and today's video-game fanatics.

From the standpoint of epistemology, the pathetic mentality exhibited by those "market players," is axiomatically that of the Littleton killers: both kill, en masse, in different ways, but according to the same perverted style in deductive logic. The big difference is, that the market players, also using John von Neumann's game theory, usually kill many more, and much more efficiently, not by the sword or gun, but demographically.[17] It is important to keep one's moral and financial accounting straight in such matters.

Are you man or beast?

While you might be watching any small portion of the Star Wars series, the most crucial epistemological issue stands out clearly at first glance. At that moment, you have merely to ask yourself: "Do these creatures look human to you?" How could anyone excuse himself from overlooking the significance of that question?

How does one corrupt innocent children into becoming psychotic-like killers? The quick answer to that question, is: dehumanize the image of man. The details of the way this leads to the production of youthful "Nintendo" terrorists, are a more complicated matter. Nonetheless, it is no oversimplification to say, that once that first step, dehumanizing the image of man, is accomplished, the axiomatic basis has been established, to make war, and killing, merely a childish game played according to a childish mind's perception of the importance of obeying the rules: even according to that pervert's fancy called by Britain's Tony Blair and Illinois' Henry Hyde, "the rule of law."

Therein lies the principle of evil pervading productions such as The Lord of the Rings and the Star Wars series. I focus on the connection between the mental state of today's suggestible adolescent reader or viewer, who is so easily lured into that type of fiction, and the state of mind of a Doom player plotting an act such as the Littleton horror.

We must emphasize attention to two crucial features of the way in which computerized games, and Internet use for this purpose, foster the proliferation of crimes of the same specific type as the Littleton massacre.

One of these has been referenced already. It is the influence of the perverted, late John von Neumann's "theory of games," in fostering the use of intrinsically immoral practices in the form of so-called zero-sum games. To program a virtually psychotic terrorist killer, such as the figure played by Hollywood's Raymond Massey in the movie version of H.G. Wells' Things to Come, you have then but to mix von Neumann's axiomatically psychotic notion of reducing society to a set of linear-mathematical games, with the kind of utopian, world-government, empiricist's rule-of-law fantasies popularized by novelist and sexual pervert H.G. Wells.[18] These are the utopian rules of the followers of Wells' crony Bertrand Russell.[19] In such a concoction you have the essence of the man-machine mechanisms underlying the nasty tricks being played upon today's schoolroom and schoolyard.[20] The case of the role of Doom in the Littleton horror, has precisely this pedigree of criminality.

The second axiomatic feature, is the fostering of specific types of such games as the basis for design of forms of entertainment, such as the Star Wars serial, which, like Doom, foster the propensity to kill by, first, dehumanizing the targets portrayed in the game, and, secondly, by the adoption of an arbitrary set of pseudo-scientific rules, like those of the popularized Star Trek series, as "the rule of law"--script rules--under which the prospective terrorist killer is deployed to act.

On the second point: The greatest genocidalist of this century, the British monarchy and its Blair government, has argued that its orchestration of the war against Yugoslavia, was a fight for what the British monarchy alleges to be morality. That preposterous monarchy argued, that it represented, thus, a higher level of authority than the sovereignty of nations. What stinking hypocrisy! Visualize Prime Minister Blair, grinning like a living caricature of Mad magazine's dehumanized "Alfred E. Newman," as he presents himself to a world lately grown tired of seeing his nasty face polluting their television screens. See him, thus, as displaying the same spirit of alleged moral authority over life and death, which was displayed by the orchestrators of the Roman-arena-style games leading into the Littleton massacre.

The dehumanizing of the characters in the plot, in Star Wars, as in Doom, and as in Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings, illustrates that criminalizing potential of those forms of entertainment which are based on the immoral game-theorizing of Prime Minister Tony Blair's--and Representative Henry Hyde's (R-Ill.)--perverted notion of "the rule of law."[21]

Men who are beastly

Before you pull that trigger, tell me: "What is the difference between a human being and a beast?"

According to the results of Chaitkin's investigations, there were military figures in the immediate background of the accused Littleton killers, officers who were devoted to eradicating any moral obstacle to killing a human individual.[22] I emphasize an important additional military connection to those killings. There is an axiomatic identity in the beastly relationship between Congressman Newt Gingrich's (R-Ga.) and Vice-President Al Gore's 1995-1996 "Third Way" policies on "welfare reform," and the Gingrich-Toffler "Third Wave" methods used earlier, by some in the military, in "Desert Storm" and since, to promote morals-free killing by emotionally immature U.S. military recruits.[23]

Such a combination of plainly undeniable facts, puts an embarrassing color on feigned righteous indignation over Littleton, as expressed by those officials and others who, apart from being indignant about those killings, have supported or condoned the practices which brought Doom and kindred psychotropic pathogens into the Internet.

There is a famous, often referenced anecdote, possibly apocryphal, from World War II,[24] which illustrates a connection between this matter of personal morality and the kinds of bombings of massed civilian targets which Churchill promoted so lavishly in World War II, the kind of bombings which the British monarchy's Blair government pressed even more lavishly upon China's Embassy and other locations in the Balkans.

The anecdote from World War II bombing raids goes as follows. As the B-17--or, perhaps B-24--unloaded Churchill's bombs on Germany (perhaps non-military targets such as Dresden or Magdeburg), a crew member threw a wrench down at Germany, through the still-open bomb-bay door. "Take that, you bastards," the crew member shouted. According to the anecdote, after the plane had safely returned to its base, that crew member was shunned by the rest of the crew. The reporters of this anecdote explained the shunning: "He had made it personal."

In other words, the crew member's action had reminded the other crew members that killing human beings, any human being, especially civilian targets, is a highly personal act. One might be reminded of the public boasting by an Italian military pilot, Duce Benito Mussolini's son, in boasting of the alleged beauty of the spectacle of dropped bombs exploding among the targetted, helpless population of Ethiopians below. Thus, the public executioner was traditionally a creature of popular loathing, because it was he, who, in carrying out the killing, made the execution a personal act against a human being.

The same principle operates in the use of war-propaganda generally, and in all mass-media hate-campaigns, such as the Nazi campaigns against the Jews: "Use whatever lies you think you have to use, to de-personalize (i.e., `de-humanize') the target." That same, immoral stunt, is one of the characteristic traits of a New York Times or Washington Post, like the Hollinger and Murdoch chains, which pretend to justify their publications' seemingly incurable propensity for lying, by whipping themselves up, repeatedly, into a drugged-like frenzy of affected loathing for each among their list of targetted victims, such as the President of the U.S.A. Such mass-media, or public prosecutors, by fraudulently "demonizing," "dehumanizing" their chosen victims of persecution, aim to provoke in suggestible people the passions of those parasitical English fops, at fox and hounds, whom Oscar Wilde once described as "the incredible in pursuit of the inedible."

That, according to a massive public record on this point, is also the way in which the Department of Justice, or a crooked Federal judge, has often motivated itself, its agents, and their mass-media-recruited dupes, into conducting and supporting a wittingly false prosecution against a political target.[25]

The notable ancient precedent for this type of atrocity, is the conditioning of the general population of ancient Latin Rome, and of other cities of that empire, to degrade themselves to the sub-human level of bestiality, as spectators of the popular "bodily contact sports" of the Roman arena. As described by St. Augustine, bestialized Roman spectators screamed in lustful ecstasy, at the gore spilling out onto the sands of the arena. That wicked Rome should remind readers, and that most uncomfortably, of the moral degeneracy infecting most of our present-day population, as through popular bodily-contact sports, or the presently widespread and skyrocketting gambling mania. When bestial forms of pleasure from direct or vicarious delight in winning a mere game, displace morality in the passions of a population, that population is already on the road, like ancient Rome, to a culture which has lost the moral fitness to survive. This is the only standpoint from which the motivations of both the immediate and proximate Littleton perpetrators can be understood and fairly judged.

This same issue, the use of fantasy-ridden games as ways to induce soldiers, or police officers, to kill more readily, came up prominently in policy reviews on the subject of the widespread lack of willingness of U.S. military personnel to shoot, during the Korean War. The effort to induce U.S. military personnel to accept responsibility for greatly increasing their kill-ratio performance, has been the principal pretext for tolerating those kinds of psychological warfare tactics conducted against U.S. soldiers, which have led into the behavior of the accused in the Littleton massacre.[26]

Thus, the proliferation of the attempt to use "information theory" ("Third Wave," "Third Way") warfare of the type praised by Vice-President Al Gore and the Gingrich-Toffler duo, has came to haunt the U.S. population in such forms as both the murderous impact of the Gingrich-Morris-Gore-backed welfare reform of 1996, and horrors of the type of the Littleton massacre. The same methods leading to such terrorist outbreaks as Littleton, have led to promoting a mass-murderous defamation of welfare recipients and others.[27] Contrary to George W. Bush, Jr.'s propaganda-campaign slogan, there is no compassionate way to starve, torture, and kill the innocent. There is no compassionate way to perpetrate acts of hatred, such as Texas-style, or Virginia-style executions modelled in lynch-spirit upon the practices of the Latin Roman arena.

In all these and related matters, the focus should be on the conflict between the view of mankind as specifically human, as against the intrinsically immoral view of the human species as "just another animal." As a matter of epistemology, all that Christianity, for example, defines as evil, boils down to codes of belief and behavior which reject any notion of individual human nature which sets the human species absolutely apart from and above all other living species.

Christians against Gore

All that is decent within all of extended European civilization is derived from the notion featured in Moses' Genesis 1, that man and woman are made each equally in the image of the Creator of this universe. Not only is there the strictest, most conclusive scientific evidence in support of Moses' definition of mankind, and of mankind's place of dominion within the universe. This has been the central feature of the principal religions of the Mediterranean region: Christianity and Islam, as also the ecumenical Judaism of Philo of Alexandria and Moses Mendelssohn. Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa's De pace fidei echoes the proofs by Plato, as do the most celebrated writings of Philo of Alexandria, Iran's Ibn Sina, and the Orthodox Jew Moses Mendelssohn.[28]

Indeed, on the so-called "Jewish Question," it was Gotthold Lessing's friend and collaborator, Moses Mendelssohn, who contributed, together with Austria's Emperor Joseph II, not only a most crucial, indispensable role, in gaining political rights for European Jewry. The unification and rise to economic leadership by Nineteenth-Century Germany, occurred as a direct result of the education and elevation of the social status of Germany's Jewry, and many nations, including the U.S.A., obtained benefit, sometimes directly, also indirectly, through the global influence of the so-called Yiddish Renaissance.

A notably included benefit of that quality of monotheistic ecumenicism, is the role of the heritage of children and grandchildren of U.S. immigrants bearing the legacy of that Yiddish Renaissance, in leading the support for the Civil Rights movement of the late 1950s and 1960s.[29]

Such ecumenical ties among Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, premised upon this notion of the special nature of mankind in this universe, express the basis for all morality among the relevant branches of society in general. As we find, in China and elsewhere, the same elementary concern with such a difference between man and the beasts, we are presented with the foundations of that universal body of natural law upon whose observance all morality, anywhere, depends absolutely.

Morality's first expression, anywhere, is the notion of the sanctity of the life and welfare of the stranger, even of those who may be for the moment one's enemy. Morality rests unconditionally upon a virtually instinctive, anti-Hobbesian, anti-Locke, anti-Adam Smith, anti-Nietzschean, and anti-Ayn Rand distinction between man and the beast.

If we abandon that perception of that ecumenical principle of natural law, which is expressed as that principle of the general welfare upon which our republic's Constitution and its law is founded, then, men and women, especially the relatively more suggestible children and adolescents, may be turned, as if by the legendary Circe of the Homeric Odyssey, into quasi-psychotic, or even psychotic beasts, as the Littleton killers were.

The principle of law

So far, we have pointed out, that the facts featured in Chaitkin's investigations show that the Littleton massacre, and like horrors, reflect the build-up of methods which foster toleration for certain practices. These practices, by their very nature, must lead toward the kinds of crimes which Littleton typifies. Worse, these practices could not have been fostered and tolerated, as they have been, without the complicity of what should be regarded as the relevant, culpable official and quasi-official institutions. As Chaitkin's reports have documented this, these culpable institutions include elements of our military establishment and intelligence community.

The political connections underlying the official toleration for such culpable roles, are made clearer by examining what I have already referenced here, as the "Third Way" variety of collaboration among former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, the late Roy M. Cohn's like-minded cousin, pollster "Dick" Morris, and Vice-President Al Gore. These three wretches led, thus, in pushing through the literally murderous, and clearly anti-constitutional 1996 "welfare reform" legislation. I have already stressed the point, that the common standpoint of Gingrich and Gore goes back to the early years of their collaboration in the Congress, beginning during the late 1970s, continuing through the 1996 campaign for so-called welfare reform.

This bestial advocacy is continued today, by the present promotion of the savagely immoral dogma, by both candidate Gore and candidate George W. Bush, Jr., called by Gore and Britain's Tony Blair "The Third Way." Already, back during the days of the Carter Administration, the common roots of "Third Way" and "Third Wave" were sprouted, as I noted above, in the Gore-Gingrich collaboration of that period.[30] Still today, "Third Way" and "Third Wave" converge upon the brutal policies of Governor George W. Bush, Jr. The policy-making of three have in common, a commitment to policies premised upon dehumanizing their victims.

The direct connection of the Gingrich-Toffler "Third Wave" cult to "Nintendo warfare" in Thatcher dupe George Bush's "Desert Storm" escapade, closes the circle. The connections are underscored most simply by Gore's explicitly stated, fanatical hatred against the human species, in his satanic political confession, Earth in the Balance.[31] In his role as a follower of both the Duke of Edinburgh and Canada's Maurice Strong, Gore rejects the fundamental principle of Christian civilization (in particular), the operating principle of the distinction between man and beast.[32] That same issue is the most crucial of all the facts bearing on understanding crimes of the type of the Littleton massacre.

The games people play

Perhaps the Littleton killers never appreciated adequately the joy of every school-age child in playing with, and educating a pet dog. Every decent dog-owner knows, albeit in a kindly way, the absolute difference between a playful good dog and a decent human being. The interaction between man, or child, and pet dog, is defined in terms of play. The difference is expressed by the difference in the viewpoint of the dog and child engaged with one another in the same happy play. As there is for every other beast, there is a fundamental difference between the nature of that dog and that child. The difference in the ways in which healthy human minds and healthy-spirited beasts play together, is, in principle, the same to be seen in human interaction with any among all lower species. This difference is best understood from the way man and beast interact when they play, or work together.

The best moral feature which man and his pets share in common, is what may be fairly identified as "the sense of play." This is the special quality of definition which Friedrich Schiller's discussion of the problems of education gives to the German term Spieltrieb.[33] This impulse for playfulness, provides the visible foundation of the dog's sense of dog-like morality, and also the possibility of a Socratic quality of truthfulness in creative discoveries and in other expressions of characteristically human behavior.

Among persons, this quality of playfulness marks the essential point of difference between the creative thinker and the tiresome pedant. It is the quality of the pre-adolescent and adolescent student, which sets the future cultivated adult mind in contrasting opposition to the state of mind of the pedantic drudge, the quality which separates the lively, creative thinker, from the sullen, excessively "business-like," excessively "practical," neurotically blocked bureaucrat.[34] It is the difference between the student who learns to interpret the notes on the score, as distinguished absolutely from the artist who re-creates the music for which the score serves merely as the intended mnemonic device provided by the composer.[35] Every good teacher of children, is situated to recognize the similarities of, and differences between dogs and children on this account.

This matter of the differences between the way pets and healthy-minded children play, is key to understanding what happened at Littleton, and also the seemingly unbridgeable differences between the impassioned commitment to truthfulness by a Lyndon LaRouche, on the one side, and pathetically immoral qualities of shallow-minded "Babbitry" shared in common by such blocked personalities as the compulsively lying sophists Al Gore and George W. Bush, Jr., on the opposite side.

The difference between what is rightly seen as the height of a pet dog's sense of dog-justice delivered by human hands, and the way in which healthy-minded human beings of all ages play, is key to conceptualizing the root of that moral falseness and intellectual wrongness, permeating the fatal kinds of computer games the Littleton perpetrators had become accustomed to playing.

The difference between the man and the beast lies in the quality of human cognition. This is otherwise known as those cultivatable creative mental powers through which an individual mind may contribute to all mankind the original discovery of a single, validatable, universal physical principle. This is also the method used in those Classical humanist modes of education, in which the student's re-enactment of some historic discovery of a validated universal principle, is the mode of education employed, as opposed to so-called "textbook" learning. This is also to be recognized as the principle of metaphor central to all Classical artistic composition since the time of Classical Greece.

The fact that we are able to demonstrate the validity of these discovered universal physical principles, shows that the universe itself is predisposed, by design, to obey man's will when such universal principles, discovered in this way, are applied to man's increasing mastery over nature. The act of discovery of a universal physical principle, whose application directly increases mankind's power in and over the universe, is, in first approximation, the only rational definition of truth, the only proof that human reason is in accord with the Creator's definition of truthfulness.[36] The process of cognition, by means of which this and other approximations of truth become known, is identical with Plato's Socratic method. This is the only method which directly addresses cognition.

No living creature, other than human individuals, is able to willfully change its mind-set in this way. This faculty, of validatable cognition, is the quality of the human individual which sets all persons apart from, and above the beasts. Here, the mind of the happy puppy can only look up in dog-like, loving admiration of the happy child with whom it plays; only through that child, can that puppy participate efficiently in the higher species, humanity.

The difference between the child and his, or her pet dog, is that both play, but only the child is able to carry this drive to play into the form of cognition. See a child's face suffused with happiness, at the moment the child senses a validatable original rediscovery of some principle. The passion which ennobles the great performance of any accomplished work of Classical artistic composition, whether in poetry, the performance of great tragedy, great Classical painting, or music, is the same joy with which the child is illuminated by experience of a cognitive act of discovery of some principle--whether or not the child knew that many people had made that same discovery earlier. The passion of true love between man and woman, depends absolutely upon that same quality of joy which the happy child experiences in making what is for that child a new discovery of principle.

The happiness of the child in play with a pet dog, is that the child leads the dog by introducing the element of human cognitive powers into the play; this, as the great Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa, whom Johannes Kepler described as his teacher, "the divine Cusa," the founder of modern experimental science, emphasized. Cusa showed, that through such play, the lower species, such as the dog, participates in the higher species, mankind, in the same sense that man participates, through the power of man's innate, divine spark of Reason, in God the Creator.

Physical science and theology

Up to this point in our report, all that we have said on the moral issues which separate us from Gingrich, Gore, Toffler, and Dick Morris, centers upon two interdependent conceptions: first, the notion of cognition, as a human quality of truthfulness, which defines the absolute distinction of man from beast. Second, in examining this, we find a key to the axiomatic (functional, epistemological) kinship between the state of mind of today's typical, "irrationally exuberant," Wall Street speculator, and that of the present-day "Nintendo" terrorist, the infantile killer of the Littleton variety.

That poses the obvious questions of proof: is the role of cognition, as the distinction between man and beast, merely an opinion, as some empiricists and Kantians insist? Or, is there what is called "hard proof" that what we have said on the matters is the only truthful opinion on these matters?

Not only does "hard proof" exist, but there can be no fully rational definition of science or truthfulness, until these proofs are recognized. The non-deductive process of discovery, which leads to proof of principle through experimental validation of that discovery as a universal principle, is the proper strict definition of the term Reason. Although the experimental validation of a discovery of universal physical principle, is the model of Reason so defined, the same principle of validation is applicable to other universal discoveries of principle, such as Classical artistic principles. It is that capacity for Reason, so defined, which defines the unique quality of the mentally healthy human specimen, as representing a distinct species, apart from and above all beasts.

Since I have already dealt with these matters many times before this, in most of what I have written on economic science, history, and statecraft, and since I have already referenced some aspects of that matter immediately above, it will be sufficient to restate those proofs in summary here.

First, I shall summarize the definition of cognition. Then, on that basis, I shall define the only possible, rigorous scientific meaning of truth and of Reason.

The scrupulous pedant assumes, wrongly, that knowledge is delimited to a set of theorems generated according to some fixed set of rules. His rules are of the type we associate with the terms, definitions, axioms, and postulates. If we ever allow ourselves to be lured into that pedant's state of error, we must expect to be confronted, sooner or later, by some fact which can not be denied to exist, but whose existence is implicitly prohibited by the interconnections among the set of definitions, axioms, and postulates of what might be regarded as educated opinion. At such points, any set of generally accepted rules breaks down; only the non-deductive power of Reason can rescue us from such a paradox.

This encounter produces a form of paradox otherwise identified by the strict use of the term metaphor. The paradox of the famous Third Act soliloquy of Hamlet, "To be, or not to be," is a Classic example of such a meaning of paradox in science, or metaphor in Classical artistic composition.

What defines such an ironical fact as truly paradoxical, is that its mere existence invalidates some part of the observer's previously established fundamental beliefs, those beliefs which correspond to a fixed, deductive set of definitions, axioms, and postulates. Such an encounter drives the neurotically blocked pedant, such as Immanuel Kant, into a tizzy; it is the kind of evidence which prompts the pedant to resort to lying, or staging a public fit, as Kant did in his Critiques: all in the effort to deny that the paradox actually exists. Or, the foolish, irate pedant will use the proof of the paradox itself as a pretext, for claiming that the observed contradictory evidence itself could not possibly have existed, ever: Q.E.D.

In mathematical-physics matters, the pedant will go to the blackboard, or his notebook computer, insisting he can "prove" that such a paradox does not actually exist, asserting thus, on the authority of nothing more than blind faith in deductive logic, that the evidence demonstrating the paradox could not possibly exist. Such are the ways of the so-called "ivory tower" lunacy known variously as deductive method, or "What my computer teaches me."[37] The paradox persists, unsolved, but Kant, or some other poor pedant, is gripped by an irrational fit of rage, which protects him from admitting that the paradox exists.

That pedant having a public fit at the classroom blackboard, is playing a game, in the same sense that a typical disciple of Bertrand Russell's disciple John von Neumann would define a "game" such as Doom, or the half-crazed, "irrationally exuberant," marketeers' Black-Scholes formula.[38] This is the problem which drove hoaxster Immanuel Kant into that fit of pedantic rage known as Kant's celebrated Critiques. What drives such miscreants wild, is the fact that there is no way in which the solution to the paradox can be derived from a fixed set of definitions, axioms, and postulates, by means of merely deductive logic.

At that juncture, mathematics, as too often taught, breaks down. Its failure is systemic; by definition, it is an error which, as Professor Bernhard Riemann warned, could never be solved within the domain of mathematics; for such matters, we must depart the domain of mathematics, and enter the domain of physics.

On this account, in all my teaching and related work, I have placed heavy emphasis, both upon certain original discoveries by physicist Bernhard Riemann and the relevant work of successive predecessors of Riemann, such as Carl Gauss, Gottfried Leibniz, and Johannes Kepler. Hence, my work in developing the science of physical economy is known as the LaRouche-Riemann Method. This method is the source of my unique successes, over virtually all other known living economists, as a long-range forecaster.

In the case of the kind of paradox to which I have referred above, one must proceed by viewing what is currently generally accepted classroom mathematics, and its inherent, axiomatic defects, as Cusa, Leonardo da Vinci, Kepler, Leibniz, Gauss, and Riemann did. With that correction made, the meaning and solution of such paradoxes is made clear.

Riemann, building upon the work of those and other predecessors, defined a unique experimental proof for the proposition, that the only valid definitions, axioms, and postulates in human knowledge, are the kinds of universal physical principles known to science through a certain quality of validating experiment. Thus, instead of the mystical, irrational definitions of space and time which were proposed by fellows such as Aristotle, Galileo, or Descartes, every definition, axiom, and postulate of physical science--including the axiomatic notions of space, time, and physical efficiency--can have no legitimate basis for existence, except as a universal physical principle which has been validated through a design of experimental proof, of the type which Riemann defined as unique.

Thus, the entire structure of valid human knowledge respecting the physical universe, is the result of an accumulation of such universal physical principles, principles provable in that special kind of experimental way. There are no other valid definitions, axioms, or postulates in the universe, except those we know and can prove through what Riemann defined as methods of unique experiments.[39]

Thus, whenever we are confronted with evidence which demonstrates some persisting kind of falseness in current scientific opinion, this error must be the result of either some false belief current among such bodies of opinion, or the lack of knowledge of some previously overlooked universal physical principle.

Every true paradox--or artistic metaphor--demonstrates, that the existing set of definitions, axioms, and postulates corresponding to existing scientific, or other opinion, could never discover the nature of the cause for that error. For that reason, the attempt to solve the problem "at the blackboard," using generally accepted classroom mathematics, is, as Cusa,[40] Kepler, Leibniz, and Gauss, showed, useless, and can lead only to wrong results. The origin of the error lies in the definitions, axioms, and postulates embedded in the generally accepted classroom mathematics--or the design of the computer and program--used.[41]

That is the reason why the efforts of the followers of Norbert Wiener and John von Neumann to develop "artificial intelligence" will always remain anti-scientific quackery, whether at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), or elsewhere. No system based on the principles of deductive mathematics, could generate a universal physical principle which was not already programmed into the design of the electronic apparatus. There is only one way in which validatable discoveries of universal physical principles can be generated: by those processes of cognition which exist only as sovereign functions of the individual human mind.

The only way in which such a discovered principle, once discovered by one mind, can be synthesized by another individual mind, is through inducing the second mind to replicate the cognitive experience by means of which the first mind discovered the principle.

We have just made three points, implicitly. These are also the three fundamental principles of the branch of physical science known as physical economy.

  1. That the human species' power of increasing man's power in the universe, per capita and per square kilometer of Earth's surface, is derived solely from the individual human mind's unique power of cognition: the power to generate previously unknown, validatable universal principles, and to prompt a replication of those acts of discovery and experimental proof in the mind of another individual person.

  2. The transmission of that fruit of cognition over successive generations, by means of re-enactment of accumulated earlier discoveries of principle, is the proper definition of human culture, of human society.

  3. The use of the accumulated array of re-enacted such discoveries of validated universal principles, as a new constitution of individual human nature. This redefined form of natural response of the human individual, in concert with his or her society, to the physical universe, represents an increase of mankind's power over that universe, per capita, and per square kilometer of the Earth's surface.

The accumulation of knowledge of validated universal physical principles, accumulated and applied in this way, assumes thus the form of a Gauss-Riemann multiply-connected manifold, otherwise termed a hypergeometry of physical space-time, as this was introduced by Riemann in his revolutionary 1854 habilitation dissertation.[42]

This brings us to the crux of the nature of the absolute, categorical difference between man and beast.

Since the only source of increase of mankind's power, as a species, within and upon the universe, is that manifold of validated discoveries of physical principle, it follows, that the only form of human action which distinguishes man from the beast, is that form of action, which I have identified here as cognition, by means of which the act of discovery of accumulated validatable universal physical principles is generated, and replicated (as by students in a school fit for human pupils). It is the accumulation of such knowledge for practice, in this way, from generation to generation, which defines the provable evidence of the absolute difference between man from beast.

This quality of the person, this divine spark of Reason innate to the human individual, is the kernel of the proof of Moses' formulation, that man and woman are each made (equally) in the image of the Creator of the universe.

That is the kernel of the proof, but not yet the completed proof respecting the nature of the human personality.

2. How the games are played

Does Britain's Prince Charles look like an ape to you? Perhaps not when playing his 'cello, when, I am told, he, ears and all, is quite passably human; but Charles' putative father, the Duke of Edinburgh, has insisted nonetheless, implicitly, that Charles, like the Duke himself, is no more than a higher ape. What, then, about those creatures whose makeup is intended to suggest that there are "extra-terrestrials," on flicks such as Star Trek or Star Wars? Let us, briefly, put this potential red herring out of the way, that we may concentrate more fully on more pressing matters.

To begin with, we know that the human species as we have defined it here, as defined by its cognitive behavior, has existed on this planet for a period perhaps as long as two millions or more years. How could we prove that some fossil remains dating from hundreds of thousands of years ago, are actually human, rather than some sort of ape? There is a case, dated to about 600,000 years ago, in Europe, which bears directly on that question in the simplest sort of demonstration of the point. The discovery of precisely balanced throwing-spears of that dating, tells the designer of proof-of-principle experimental designs, that those artifacts are products of the human mind's cognitive powers, powers which no higher ape possesses.[43]

Additionally, there is no scientific evidence presented, thus far, which suggests that beings with cognitive powers would look much different than human beings as we know them do. At least no plausibly scientific evidence has been presented which suggests other possibilities; whereas, the science-fictional concoctions which imply a different view, each and all depend upon assumptions which are childishly absurd scientifically.[44] In the meantime, we must reconcile ourselves to the fact that the human biological organization has, for some reason, a specific kind of appropriateness as the kind of living process which can support the process of cognition.

In the meantime, until relevant work is done along those frontiers, we must judge the "science-fictional" portrayals of the appearance of conjectured extra-terrestrials from two practical standpoints. In respect to these two points, no room is left for conjecture.

First, we must emphasize that the attempt to adduce human behavior from evolutionary development of higher apes or kindred mammals, has always been based on transparently fraudulent, pseudo-scientific purposes, and, usually, as in the cases of Charles Darwin and related varieties of hoaxsters, malicious purposes at that.[45]

Second, to understand how degrading fantasies such as Star Wars are written, go back with me about forty years, to an incident which transpired in the course of discussions at a Manhattan neighbor's house-party. The host was a well-known young writer for television, and the other guests predominantly professional writers for stage and screen, one among them, a leading participant in the discussion with me, a bit of a celebrity at that time. The subject of my 1950s work in refuting "information theory" and "artificial intelligence" came up.

My host had been assigned to prepare a CBS-TV documentary on the coming computer age, in cooperation with the relevant institution at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The discussion among those party-goers proceeded from his question to me: How might a person with a background in writing for stage and screen approach the task of making future use of computer technology clear to a popular TV audience?

My response was: Take any of the simple plots used for popular television, stage, radio, and TV. Divide the task into two parts. First, plot a series of visual images. Then, attach nothing more than what might be assembled as an indexable glossary of standard "off the shelf" dialogue, perhaps compiled from old "soap- and horse-opera" scripts, as the vocal script to accompany the visual images.

Months later, my host of that evening telephoned me, to report that, although he had been taken off the assignment, that the greater part of what I had proposed would appear on the intended CBS-TV documentary. He indicated the expected date and time of its appearance.

The relevant TV broadcast showed me, that MIT's Professors Noam Chomsky and Marvin Minsky had followed my prescription half-way. They had documented the visual images according to requirements of a "Plotto"-style script, and had indicated the possibility for the addition of relevant stock dialogue.

The point is, that Chomsky and Minsky had proven the essential features of my prescription: It is not necessary to introduce any cognitive element into a typical TV or related entertainment, to produce any of the typical audio-visual entertainments which are featured in even the more highly-rated TV story-line features, including an episode of the Star Trek series. At most, these are simply tired old "Plotto," but with a bit of hypertext touches added for spice.

In short, most of what now passes for popular public entertainment, can be readily reduced to a mere John von Neumann-style game of that sort. So, unfortunately, can most of what passes for statements of policy by high-ranking figures of our three branches of government, most of the so-called "news accounts" in mass-circulation newspapers and other popular periodicals, and virtually all popular TV broadcasts euphemistically classified as "news media" events. Thus, are the minds of most mass-media "consumers" turned into little better than wastepaper baskets which consume such trash. Such trash has become, thus, the standard of literacy for most popular conversations, and the most commonplace standard of rhetoric accepted by the suckers who usually vote--to their subsequent sorrow--for the usual sort of contemporary political candidate. It is to be emphasized, that the typical Washington, D.C. "hot number" party-hostess's presumably "sophisticated" repartee, rises no higher above the carpet than the popular trash of populist Middletown.

Look at what is called, euphemistically, popular science-fiction productions, such as Star Trek. There is nothing in any of this which I have witnessed, occasionally, over the past decades, which goes outside the scheme I outlined to my host and his guests that evening forty years ago.

It is one of the essential principles of the composition of great art, Classical art most notably, that nothing must appear in the composition, if it distracts attention from the flow of the development leading to the audience's cognitive synthesis of the idea which that composition is crafted to evoke within the minds of the performers and audience. All great Classical artistic composition since the ancient Greeks, more or less meets the standard of cognitive relevance I have just specified here.

Why, then, these grotesque figures, as pseudo-personalities of such rubbish-dramas, dramas which contain not a single, actual scientific idea? If cognition is the standard by which the difference between beast and man is measured, then none of these popular "space-odyssey" characters, or even their "star-ship commander," is actually human. Poor Hecuba! What is she to Hamlet, or any other actual human being of real drama?

In Classical art, the use of such grotesque figures, which serve no necessary function in the development of an actual idea, is nothing but an insult--however well-deserved--to an audience dumb enough, illiterate enough to consider themselves fans for such forms of so-called entertainment. Such audiences are, but one step away from descent to the next lower level, that of Nintendo games.

Why that bad trip to such lower levels? What other possible purpose, but the effect it produces: to dehumanize the image of actual human beings? Such so-called "science fiction," is nothing but pseudo-scientific, anti-science hate-propaganda against the human species.

Killing children's souls

In the first approximation, we have focussed upon the relationship between individual cognition and knowledge of universal physical principles. We have but referenced the crucial distinction between the mere notion of that individual's isolated acts of discovery, and the social relations defined by the way in which such discoveries of principle, effected by one mind, are re-enacted, through appropriate prompting, by another mind. This leads our attention to a further set of validatable discoveries of universal principle, beyond the bounds of universal physical principle as such.

In a sense, the teacher who has mastered the same method of education typified by the Schiller-Humboldt model of Classical Humanist education for pre-Brandt-reform Germany's secondary education, exemplifies the person who has some of the best relevant, first-hand knowledge. Such teachers are focussed upon the social relations expressed by the prompting of the success of one student's act of cognitive discovery of universal principle, as prompting a re-enactment of the same process of original rediscovery, as a similar cognitive act of discovery in the mind of another.

That example should indicate to the reader, what is terribly wrong with the "sensitivity-training"-polluted educational policies and practices in our public schools and universities today. Indeed, it points toward the tendency toward aggravated errors of educational and related cultural policy, the which are responsible for allowing problems such as the Littleton affair to threaten to become epidemic.

The most successful developments in modern secondary and higher education, were rooted in the accomplishments of medieval and later teaching orders, as typified by the Groote-Thomas-à-Kempis Brothers of the Common Life, which produced such abundantly fertile geniuses of Europe's Golden Renaissance as Nicholas of Cusa, Erasmus of Rotterdam, Hieronymus Bosch, and so on. A glance at the principle involved in these and subsequent advances in public and higher education, such as the Massachusetts Bay Colony under the Winthrops and Mathers, and the successive Lessing-Mendelssohn and Schiller-Humboldt Greek Classic-based reforms in Germany, points toward the nature of those other universal principles, other than simply universal physical principles, upon which the moral quality of a good education depends.

These approaches to education, otherwise typified by the contributions to education and statecraft by Dante Alighieri, and Abelard of Paris earlier, are to be appreciated as resurrections of the principles of the Greek Classic. Translated into functional terms of educational policy, "Greek Classic" signifies the work of Greeks in the tradition of Solon of Athens, Aeschylus, Scopas, Praxiteles, Socrates, and Plato, in surpassing the Archaic forms associated with both the Egyptians and other Greeks, by developing the notion of the idea as the sculpture of Scopas and dialogues of Plato define idea. By idea one signifies any composition, whether expressed in stone, song, or words, which is based upon that special sort of paradox I have equated, above, to Classical metaphor.

An idea, is any validatable discovery of universal principle, which is generated within the mind of the knower, by no different means than cognition, as I have defined cognition above. The tragedies of Aeschylus and Sophocles, and the dialogues of Plato, or the tragedies of Shakespeare and Schiller, are models of artistic compositions, by means of which the artist prompts the regeneration of his idea respecting principles of social relations, within the mind of the audience. Plato's dialogues, notably his Republic, thus represent the notion of natural law as derived from study of the paradoxes generated within the setting of the cognitive relations among persons.[46]

To restate what I have just described as a matter of principle: If the essence of the human individual is individual cognition, then the underlying social relations among persons must be, axiomatically, the relations among their cognitive processes. The underlying issue of social relations, is how individuals interact in terms of the ordering of, or, the inertness of their respective cognitive processes.

In the form of Classical Greek-oriented education out of which the ideas of the American Revolution, and also the Greek-based German Classic of Lessing through Schiller and Humboldt, developed, the exemplary beginning-point for serious secondary education was the Homeric epics. To summarize the implied point here, trace the changes in the Greek mind, from the Homeric portrait of the relations among pagan gods and men, through the tragedies of Aeschylus and Sophocles, through Promethean man--man of Reason--represented by Plato. Contrast this to Mesopotamian and even Egyptian gods, depicted as bestial polymorphs.

The progress of civilization has been shaped by a process of humanizing the image of man, as distinct from, and higher than the animals. Christ and his Apostles embedded this principle within European civilization. The process of Nietzsche's and others' de-civilization, is to attempt to reverse that process, to dehumanize the image of man, to bring man's status back, as Vice-President Al Gore demands, to the status of just another lower form of life. Thus, the impetus of the existentialism-ridden "conservative revolution," has reversed the progress of modern civilization, to carry society back to the image of a society of poor creatures whose gods are bestialized pagan polymorphs, like characters met in Star Wars, or as encounters on one of the latest voyages of Star Trek's good ship "free enterprise."

The notion of rational universal principles of social relations among persons, came to today's extended European civilization through that process of discovering the fuller meaning of the Platonic term idea.

For the Hellenistic Greeks of the Christian Apostles' time, the Christian conception of man and woman each made in the image of the Creator of the universe, came as a revolutionary fulfillment of the highest earlier level of Greek culture, Plato. From that root, came the struggle to establish a form of society consistent with that Christian Platonic conception of man's nature. As I have stressed in my The Road to Recovery, the highest level so far achieved, in the course of the struggle to bring society into coherence with such a notion, has been the Constitution of the U.S.A., as delivered refreshed from the work of the Abraham Lincoln Presidency.

The proper purpose of education is not to prepare the young for some predetermined social status in adult life. The only moral purpose of education, is to develop an entire population up to the level of scientific and moral knowledge necessary, not only to perpetuate society at no less than its present level of power in the universe, but to carry the process of development of the whole population a step upward.

The purpose of education is to develop the cognitive potentials of each and every person up to that standard of quality as a citizen, to develop an individual whose life qualifies as a permanent part of the simultaneity of eternity. The proper purpose of education, is to affirm the universality of humanity, and to accomplish this through embodying the history of the discovery of universal ideas within the cultivated personality of the matriculated student.

See, from this standpoint, how things went so terribly wrong. Think of the successive downward steps in our educational systems and popular culture, which brought us up to the point of decadence that phenomena like the Littleton horror are now a typical feature of our culture in this time.

Did you ever hear a discussion of educational policy, in which some persons expressed the shared delusion: "We must not overeducate certain children"? Did you ever hear of an early Twentieth-Century, rural Appalachia "blab school"? Did you ever hear a parent, or teacher brutalize the mind of a child, with the injunction: "Stop asking me `Why?'! Do as I tell you now. When you have grown up, and completed your education, then you will be allowed to question what your teachers and I tell you to do now"?

What is the result of dumping such abuse upon a child or adolescent? The answer to what is, for many blushing readers of this moment, a painfully embarrassing question, might be fairly summed up as follows.

Such educational and child-rearing policies are contrary to human nature, to each person's inborn cognitive nature. When we allow the natural, human nature of children and adolescents to be crushed by such child-rearing and educational policies, when we seek to suppress the role of the cognitive function, when we substitute the act of merely learning for the act of actually knowing, we produce, as was done, increasingly, during the first post-World War II decades, the kind of future adult who will come to haunt us, and menace our world, when we have become old.

What happens, when we allow those changes in national policy, which create an economy in which the adult members of the family household must work two or three jobs, or even more, among them, "simply to make ends meet"? What happens when we, similarly, allow a once functional (if not really too good) educational system to be destroyed, as we have done since the launching of such destructive educational "reforms" as the introduction of the mind-destroying "new math"? What happens when we have done to education what has been done during most of the recent three decades? Did you ever think about that, or do you avoid pangs of guilty pain by refusing to think about that?

What happens, when your toleration of the past decades' changes in U.S. economic policies, creates a situation, today, when the family is no longer able (between many jobs to work each week, and much commuting between besides), to provide nurture to the children and adolescents of the family household? If your economic situation compels you treat your children so, as if they were stray dogs to be let into the house at feeding and sleeping times, how are you educating them? You had no choice, you thought? Why did you tolerate the election of authorities, such as Newt Gingrich and Al Gore, for example, who brought such general socio-economic conditions into being?

Did you ever hear of a student, in a secondary or university classroom, challenging a teacher snidely: "Are we going to be held responsible for this on the examination?" What is the moral self-image of the student who expresses such a low esteem for himself or herself? Or, the student whose attitude is, "Don't tell me to think! Give me the answer I need to pass the test--to get that job--to get by." Think! What kind of a social identity are such unfortunate children and adolescents expressing?

Perhaps you were building the road to the Littleton massacre? Not everyone who expresses such a poor sense of personal self-identity in those ways, is necessarily going to go all the way to becoming a Littleton-style terrorist; but, such low self-esteem is a step down in the direction which might lead to such a horrible result in the succeeding generation of youth. You may not have intended that outcome, but, year by year, the parents and grandparents built the road which made reaching that destination possible.

That explains, in part, how the road to the Littleton massacres was built. How was a significant portion of the present adolescent generation actually moved down that road? How were the very souls of so many of our children destroyed? The answer is, chiefly, "games," chiefly "bad games" like Star Wars.

Mathematics as a game

A leading authority on international law, the subsequently deceased Professor von der Heydte, commented on the fraudulent character of the conduct of prosecution and Federal judge in my Alexandria, Virginia trial and conviction.[47] What he said, in sum, is that you must understand that the kind of degeneration of law which flows from the model of John Locke, leads to a worse form of fascism than even the Nazi legal practice derived from the influence of Savigny. He was right. After the British monarchy, whose Africa genocide alone ranks it as the worst violator of human rights among leading nations today, the racism-permeated United States' system of justice has achieved second place among the world's worst violators of human rights.

The execution of condemned convicts, despite the fact that they were either known to be innocent by the courts themselves, or that the court knew that the verdict against them was shamefully arranged with false or critically doubtful evidence, shows the immoral state of mind running rampant in the national justice system. In cases of that kind, in which evidence of innocence was presented and disregarded, we hear, repeatedly, words to the effect: "Whether they were actually innocent, or not, the execution had to be carried out, as matter of upholding the rule of law." In plain words, the relevant judges or governor admitted that the execution was conducted, not in service of justice based on a principle of rational law, but in the spirit of a legal lynching.

Translated into other words, the judges' answer in cases of such executions was, in effect: "You must learn, you poor slob, that justice is the name of a game. The issue is not whether you did, or did not do that of which you were convicted. The issue is, that you lost the game. Whether we rigged the rules of the game, or not, since we are the referees in this game, our decision is final: you lost the game, and for that reason alone, you must suffer whatever penalty it pleases us and your keepers to administer. The game must go on." The Emperor Nero would be pleased with their logic.

Ah! But, is it not the case, that the Littleton killers were also playing a game according to rules--Nintendo-style rules, with little more care for justice to their victims than many of today's prosecutors and sitting judges? To uphold "the rule of law" is the same principle, in both cases. Whose law? Law, in the real sense of that term, the term as it was recognized by our nation's founders, is not the deciding issue in most of the present-day courts. The deciding issue, is the rules of the game, law as defined as nothing more than a game whose new rules the judges and other relevant referees have just made up. In one case, the judges and prosecutors set the rules; in another, the terrorists, as the ELN in Colombia does today.[48]

The result of such a process of moral degeneration as that, is seen in the fact that the U.S. government is permitted to say that the economy is growing, when the physical conditions of life and production have been collapsing. Some things have, indeed, been growing. Not the real economy, but only the cancer of monetary and financial bubbles.

Federal Reserve Chairman Greenspan is quite shameless in his admission that the U.S. pseudo-economy of monetary and financial expansion (while the physical economy collapses at an accelerating rate) is simply a matter of playing a von Neumann-style game, a so-called "zero-sum game." It is agreed to keep score in purely fictitious, leveraged financial units, and to play the Devil's own Hellish game accordingly, no matter what happens to the real economy, the physical economy, to play and play, until Hell takes over.

In short, we have become, from the top down, a nation gone insane, as insane as the characters Marat and de Sade in Peter Weiss' play.[49]

Federal Reserve Chairman Greenspan insists, that, in the domain of monetary and financial policies, his rules are those of a zero-sum game as Bertrand Russell's nasty disciple, John von Neumann, defined games according to linear-mathematical rules. As our U.S. economy continues to accelerate its already decades-long process of entropic physical collapse, we can not ignore that Greenspan's zero-sum game-plans have been the cause of all the growth of misery in the U.S. since the hey-days of Arthur Burns, John J. McCloy, George Shultz and Paul Volcker.

In short, not only monetary and financial policies are played according to John von Neumann's radical-positivist definition of rules of the game. Economic decisions are governed, not by the reality of actual production and national productivity, but by the monetary and financial decisions made according to monetarist rules of the same zero-sum game-theory. Indeed, you, the legendary John Q. Citizen, have been degraded to a mere chip in a mere board-game played by those giant psychotic children known as "marketeers."

The U.S. Congress makes laws to fit the demands of the marketeers. As a result, welfare reforms are enacted which directly increase the death and illness rates within the U.S. population, just as surely as Hitler's work-camp system did. Health-care is cut, on orders from the Wall Street marketeers who have taken over and looted health-care funds.

When the fundamental principle of our Federal Constitution, the general welfare principle of its Preamble, was overturned on orders of those elected officials in the financial embrace of Wall Street-led marketeers, law, in any meaningful, moral sense of the term, went out the window. Littleton is simply a natural by-product of those in the Congress, and elsewhere, who have turned virtually every facet of our national life, into just another evil game which children and other childish minds play.

As I and others have emphasized, in earlier reports, the same lunacy has taken over corporate industrial management, as it had financial management. Computer-based "benchmarking," now popularized as incompetent managements' cost-saving way of eliminating high-priced engineering departments and machine-tool design, is a case in point. Our society, in every facet, has been transformed from human cognition's physical relationship to nature, into a psychotic form of mere mathematical game, played upon a calculating machine.

In any society so far degenerated as that, horrors like Littleton's were due sooner or later.

3. Modern and barbaric warfare

To understand the kind of mentality which fosters the proliferation of horrors such as the Littleton massacre, look at the way in which so many in the U.S.A. responded to the way in which the British monarchy's Blair government used its U.S. puppets, such as Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and Vice-President Al Gore, to prevent collaboration between the U.S.A. and Russia from preventing the Kosovo horror. Look at the same British monarchy's used of the farcical Hague indictment, contrary to all outstanding international law, of Yugoslavia President Slobodan Milosevic, which the British monarchy concocted, to defeat any real economic reconstruction in the entirety of southeastern Europe.

Contrast this hideously immoral sophistry by the British monarchy and its foolish puppets inside the U.S. Congress, with the celebrated 1648 Peace of Westphalia, which latter brought to an end an otherwise interminable, 1618-1648 Thirty Years War in Central Europe.[50] Compare the relevant terms of the Peace of Westphalia with St. Augustine's arguments of principle on the subject of justified versus unjustified warfare.[51] Turn to the last public address of President Abraham Lincoln, on the reconstitution of the Federal Republic as had no war occurred, made just shortly before a British Foreign Office's assassin murdered him.[52]

When the best tradition of James Monroe's, John Quincy Adams', and Sylvanus Thayer's West Point Military Academy--and General Douglas MacArthur--prevailed, the purpose of war was to secure a durable and just peace, when such a peace could be secured in that way and no other. The essence of that new, post-feudal policy of warfare, was the emphasis upon the engineering training of the military officer-corps.

Awful liars today insist, that the existence of the modern sovereign nation-state has been the cause of war. These liars say, that "globalization" and increasing relinquishing of authority to world-government, is the obvious guarantor of world peace. Exactly the opposite has been true, but illiterate and otherwise pathetically ignorant persons are taken in by the big lie spread by the advocates of "world government," especially by the nuclear-weapons-armed advocates of world government.

Look back to Europe during the middle of the Thirteenth Century, to the aftermath of the Venice-directed Fourth Crusade, which conquered Constantinople to establish the rapist-state known as the Latin Kingdom. Venice used the power it had amassed by the wars in the eastern Mediterranean, to launch a war of more than a century throughout all of Europe; this was the war by Venice's instrument, the Welf League, aimed to establish the power of world government, by aid of crushing of the efforts of Frederick II Hohenstaufen and others to build up national self-rule within Europe, as Alfonso Sabio echoed Frederick's policies in Spain.

Those Welf League wars on behalf of world government, against the policies of such as Frederick, Alfonso Sabio, and Dante Alighieri, led into the looting of Europe by Venice's agents, Lombard bankers such as the House of Bardi's notorious Biche and Mouche. The result was the so-called "New Dark Age" of Mid-Fourteenth-Century Europe, a devastation which approximately halved the population of Europe.

After the Fifteenth-Century Golden Renaissance had launched the modern sovereign nation-state, the victory of Venice, once again, against the League of Cambrai, led Venice to unleash religious wars throughout Europe, a perpetual state of warfare, once again on behalf of the cause of world government, which continued until the Peace of Westphalia. Now, the Venice-styled British financial oligarchy, and its debased monarchy, have openly stated their intent to revoke the doctrine of international law established by the 1648 Peace of Westphalia, this time in the case of Bloody Blair's Balkan War. Blair's government, adhering faithfully to its bent for perversion, has proclaimed that travesty an upholding of "the rule of law."

The Littleton killers' logic differed little from that simultaneously espoused by Blair. How can one combat the one "rule of law," without extirpating its mirror-image, the other?

The moral nation-state, the modern sovereign nation-state which our U.S. republic was intended to be, never conducts wars for pleasure, as the Littleton killers and Blair have done, or wars for revenge. The purpose of war, when it is conducted within the bounds of St. Augustine's prescriptions, is to secure a post-war just peace, and to accomplish this with the least avoidable death and ruin consistent with victory for the cause of a just peace.

War at its most just, is an ugly business. The framers of the Peace of Westphalia were confronted with that ugly fact, in full measure. The atrocities performed during that war, as in the war for the freedom of the people of the Netherlands, beggared belief. There was but one way to end that horror: wipe the slate clean, and put all efforts into building a just peace.

When we examine the role of sections of the U.S. military, in shaping the policies and techniques carried into action by the Littleton killers, we must take into account the fact that there is a connection between the recently increasing tendency for moral degeneration in our military and related institutions, and the causes for the Littleton horror and related cases. In short, the way many in our military and related institutions are thinking about warfare abroad, is tending to become as morally degenerate as the British institutions associated with Sir Michael Jackson and Bloody Blair. If such thinking within our military, is among the well-springs of phenomena such as Littleton, how shall we be rid of the latter, without purging ourselves of the former?

Generally, the causes for warfare have been the lack of the kind of progress which the promotion of the modern nation-state's notion of general welfare demands. The continuing root of war, is chiefly the Hobbesian state of mind, to beat one's chosen competitor by inflicting such punishment and humiliation upon him as might please the sadist in oneself. Such Hobbesian sadism was Bloody Blair's Balkan war-policy, and is his policy still.

The American way, is typified by the best features of the Marshall Plan. Use the power of victory to establish an order which is justly beneficial, to the victor and formerly vanquished, to rebuild, as Lincoln's last public address proposed to rebuild the nation as if the Civil War had never occurred.

Similarly: only by bringing that spirit back into our nation now, can we wean the damaged souls among our adolescents, of that wont for Nintendo warfare so horridly displayed at Littleton.

4. Cults and cults

The potential proliferation of so-called "Blind Terrorism" of that variety, as if in waves, is orchestrated through cults of those certain special, axiomatic qualities we have identified above. Chaitkin's reports on the investigation of the Littleton case, point out some of the relatively more sophisticated ways in which the culpable, ostensibly covert role of relevant agencies is classified for the record as legally "deniable." There are, nonetheless, appropriate ways of dealing with this threat to national security. To do so: First, one must understand the nature of the problem with which one is dealing. To address that side of the strategic problem, one must take into account the evolution of the most typical cults spread within the extended spread of modern European civilization.

In this connection, examine the currently popular misuse of the term "cult." One might speak of the forms of abuse to which that term has become subject over the course of the past century. The paranoid style in mass-media abuse of that term, as promoted by John Irwin III's American Family Foundation's (AFF)'s now-defunct offshoot, the Cult Awareness Network (CAN).[53] This abuse of the term "cult," has become, as the evil Hannah Arendt intended, a contributing factor of induced irrationalism, in fostering precisely such mental states as those seen in the Littleton and similar cases.

Look first at the modern history of the use, and misuse of the term "cult" by certain mass media. Then, shifting to a scientific standpoint, compare the abuse of the term "cult" by the defunct CAN, with the specific kind of bi-polar-like, infantile mind-set associated with the characteristic common features of the Dungeons and Dragons and Star Wars cults.

In their willfully corrupt interpretations of such evidence, quack (e.g., positivist) psychologists would seek something like a statistical correlation, and then attempt to hoodwink their duped admirers into believing that "statistical correlations" and causes are the same thing. In fact, contrary to such positivist and kindred fakers, the principled nature of the direct causes for phenomena such as the Littleton massacre, are a matter of direct observation by any qualified, literate observer who takes the most crucially relevant facts directly into consideration, as we have done above.

Formerly, the generally accepted use of the term "cult," was to designate almost any variety of religious or kindred beliefs which depended significantly upon an included, arbitrary act of faith. By arbitrary, one means to include also beliefs which might be, or might not be supported by truthful evidence, but which the believer embraces without the aid of reason. This included many varieties of both truthful and absurd choices of professedly Christian beliefs.

The relevant point is made clearer, by emphasizing that the way in which most Americans tend to believe, on blind, irrational faith, much of what they hear and see often repeated on the mass media, or "by my friends," qualifies those citizens as members of a quasi-religious, irrationalist cult of today's prevailing public--or, is it pubic?--opinion. Sometimes, what such Americans believe does coincide with a fair appreciation of the available evidence, but, more often, increasingly over the course of the past thirty-odd years, such so-called public opinion is as false in fact as it is stubbornly believed.

Indeed, earlier, often, certain such religious groups would have proudly adopted the description of their confidence in blind faith as a "cult," as defined in this way. The present-day case of the followers of the Reverend "Diamond Pat" Robertson and other Elmer Gantry types, is a relatively extreme expression of this class of phenomena. The type of fanatically irrationalist right-wing Zionists who clamored for the death of Israel's Prime Minister Rabin, are an extremely pathological form of the same type of mental case as Robertson's more rabid admirers.

The widely accepted, putative definitions of "cult" had begun to acquire a less innocent connotation by the turn of the present century. Harvard University's perverse William James defined virtually any and all forms of religious beliefs, including all varieties of professedly Christian belief, as well as today's increasingly popular--and dangerous--witchcraft and other pro-satanic beliefs, as all, implicitly equally, no more than irrational ("blind faith") cults.[54]

James thus played an important part in undermining the distinction between religious beliefs whose teachings are consistent with reason (e.g., cohering with natural law), and those forms of religious belief which are largely, or even predominantly irrational fantasies. Worse, he placed on an equal footing, beliefs which coincide with conduct beneficial to the general welfare, and those which are destructive of that welfare.

The most widespread prototype of an irrationalist cult-belief dangerous to the general welfare, is the widespread religious devotion to the heathen dogma of the British East India Company's well known cult-figure, Adam Smith. Smith, in his 1759 The Theory of the Moral Sentiments, defined empiricism as a purely irrational sort of heathen cult:

The administration of the great system of the universe . . . the care of universal happiness of all rational and sensible beings, is the business of God and not of man. To man is allotted a much humbler department, but one much more suitable to the weakness of his powers, and the narrowness of his comprehension; the care of his own happiness, of that of his family, his friends, his country. . . . But though we are endowed with a very strong desire of these ends, it has been intrusted to the slow and uncertain determinations of our reason to find the proper means of bringing them about. Nature has directed us to the greater part of these by original and immediate instincts. Hunger, thirst, the passion which unites the two sexes, the love of pleasure, and the dread of pain, prompt us to apply these means for their own sakes, and without any consideration of their tendency to those beneficient ends which the great Director of nature intended to produce by them.

The same irrational cultism of Smith's 1759 Theory of the Moral Sentiments, reappears in the form of Smith's plagiarism of the idea of laissez-faire, renamed "free trade," in his famous anti-American tract of 1776, his Wealth of Nations.

Dr. François Quesnay, a leading figure of the sexual orgy orchestrated around the minority of France's Louis XV, typified both the ideology of France's ultra-reactionary Fronde, and the networks of the Paris-based controller, Venice's Abbot Antonio Conti, of a Europe-wide anti-Leibniz cult called "The Enlightenment." Physiocrat Quesnay's axiomatically irrationalist, mystical doctrine of laissez-faire, was concocted as an argument against any interference by the French government, in the capricious power of France's Frondish land-owning aristocracy over their estates and serfs. This and other features of the French Physiocrats' cult-doctrine, Smith adopted for his Wealth of Nations, during the time of his assignment in France under the sponsorship of London's notorious Lord Shelburne.

Like both France's Seventeenth-Century Fronde and Quesnay, Adam Smith directed his hatred chiefly against the seeming "economic miracles" wrought under the leadership of France's greatest Seventeenth Century ministers, Cardinal Mazarin and Colbert. Otherwise, in plagiarizing Quesnay, Smith's choice of "free trade" for his 1776 war-propaganda against the cause of U.S. Independence, merely transferred the mystical authority which Quesnay had attributed to the French landed aristocrats, to be the capricious authority of the London financier oligarchy gathered around Shelburne's circles of Barings Bank and the British East India Company.

This pathological mysticism of the wildly irrationalist Adam Smith cult, is the most widespread of the pathological cult-forms in the U.S.A. today. The so-called American pragmatism associated with the followers of William James and John Dewey, for example, reflects the blend of empiricism and Cartesianism, which was then widespread among the families of the New England opium-traders and Wall Street Anglophiles, the same irrational ideology upon which Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations is based.

The empiricist mind-set exemplified by that Adam Smith cult, is provably the root-context in which cult-beliefs such as those of the reported Littleton killers have been developed. However, the connections between Adam Smith's doctrine and the Littleton massacre, while axiomatically present, are not simply direct ones. The process of successive steps of moral degeneracy in the putative meaning of "cult," leading from Adam Smith and pragmatists such as James and Dewey, involves several rather distinct, successive steps downward, intellectually and morally.

The spread of witchcraft cults is one of those important steps downward.

Admittedly, witchcraft cults as such do reflect, and include the same quality of state of mind as that reported in the case of the Littleton killers. We shall show that connection in the appropriate location below. William James, however, does not have the last word in bringing about the modern abuse of the term "cult." Beginning the 1920s, a literally satanic view of the matter was popularized through the spread of the influence of the so-called "Frankfurt School" of Theodor Adorno and Anti-Defamation League-promoted ideologue Hannah Arendt.

Notable for its influence in the U.S.A., is Arendt's anti-rationalist doctrine of "the authoritarian personality." Radical existentialist Arendt's personal moral perversion is symptomized by her role as a one-time Jewish collaborator of Nazi philosopher Martin Heidegger. She, echoing Adorno, formulated her cultish dogma, her doctrine of "the authoritarian personality," as a call for a neo-Kantian witch-hunt against any person who seeks the truth, a policy which Arendt sets explicitly against reason itself.[55]

The kinds of cult-formations inspired by the phenomenologist and existentialist teachings of Heidegger, Jaspers, Adorno, and Arendt, et al., go far beyond the original putative usage of cult, even qualitatively beyond the moral degeneracy intrinsic to American pragmatism, and other common forms of radical empiricism generally.

Notably, it was through the sponsorship of Irwin's AFF, that the recent, Goebbels-style use of Arendt's notion of "cult" was introduced to the U.S. Department of Justice. The propagation of Arendt's lunatic doctrine of "the authoritarian personality," has been employed in that connection.

A still more dangerous turn in the matter of real and merely alleged cults erupted during the middle of the 1960s. This new step was based on the argument used by Arendt, but went a giant step further, beyond sanity. Two actions by the London Tavistock Institute and its associated London Tavistock Clinic, the latter the inventor and promoter of the LSD cults, define the qualitative changes leading into problems such as the Littleton massacre.[56]

The proximate origins for these two Tavistock actions go back to an overtly satanic turn in the Nineteenth-Century Romantic movement. Notably, the exemplary connection of Britain's H.G. Wells, Bertrand Russell, and Theosophist leader Aleister Crowley, to the role of Aldous Huxley in the promotion of what were originally known as psychotomimetic ("psychosis-imitating"), or psychedelic drugs. This connection exposes the satanic quality of the work of Aldous Huxley et al. in the preparation of what emerged as the "rock-drug-sex counterculture" of the 1960s.[57] The rock-drug-sex countercultural cult-spectacle, Hair, with its theme of "The Dawning of the Coming Age of Aquarius," is I.D. format satanism of the Nietzsche-Crowley species.

Against that pro-satanist background, the London Tavistock Institute's Rappoport report, typifies the efforts to begin to shut down the Kennedy space program, as early as 1966. The argument against the space program was that the way in which the space program had captured the imagination of many young and other Americans, was fostering a pro-rational outlook which the opponents of the program viewed as undesirable. It was argued that the space program be curtailed; this argument succeeded, in a large degree, during the following fiscal year.

It was the London Tavistock Clinic of Brigadier Dr. John Rawlings Rees and Eric Trist, the leading arm of British psychological warfare, which gave the world the celebrity of pro-psychosis psychologist R.D. Laing.

LSD, anti-science, and pro-psychosis psychological dogma, are at the center of those cultural changes of the 1964-1972 youth-movement interval which have led into the kinds of mass-psychosis exhibited in the cult-style Littleton massacre and kindred, inherently deadly, "Nintendo"-oriented game-cults.

If we take into account, together, the present physical state, and direction of the world, and also the deteriorating mental and moral condition of populations throughout most of the planet, as in the U.S.A. itself, we have already reached the threshold of the worst disaster known to the recorded history of the human species. Unless we reverse the policy-trends of the recent several decades, especially those cultural trends inside the U.S.A., there is little possibility of the survival of civilization in the Americas, western Europe, or Africa much beyond the beginning of the coming century.

For most among you, that means that you must change, must free yourself from, especially, those habits of thinking you have built up during the recent quarter-century or longer. In a sense, you must be prepared to go back to the way we used to think when John F. Kennedy was President. Admittedly, there were lots of bad habits loose back then; but, that is still a good point of reference at which to begin the process of cleaning away the mass of cultural rubble which, unless cleared away, will ensure that our nation does not survive.

Look at the Littleton horror as an omen, as the hands of the clock of history, pointing to the time in which we are living at this moment.

You must change this nation, and perhaps yourself, too, before this nation, soon otherwise dies. Take Littleton as that kind of warning. It is past time that you acted to change the set of definitions, axioms, and postulates which have been controlling your opinions and other behavior during recent decades.

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Twenty-one years ago, EIR and the European Labor Party, associates of LaRouche in Italy, wrote that Moro's prison was probably located in the Palazzo Caetani, but focussed on another person: Prince Johannes Schwartzenberg, who lived in the same building. Scwhartzenberg and his wife died in a car accident a few weeks after Moro.

The recent reports indicate connections to high-ranking members of Anglo-American-directed Italian resistance organizations dating from the war-time and immediate post-war period. Note, that Moro's kidnapping and death occurred in the wake of U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger's threatening of Moro.

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Note, that all of the recent political destabilizations of Italy have occurred as the continuing of an anti-Italy operation launched from the private yacht of Her Britannic Majesty, at a time that yacht was parked off the coast of Italy, hosting Italian figures who played key roles in that plot during the period immediately following the meeting. See William Engdahl, "The Anglo-American Strategy behind Italy's Privatization," and Claudio Celani, "Italy: `Corruption Scandals' Steered from Abroad," EIR, Feb. 12, 1993.

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[24] I first encountered this at the beginning of the 1960s; although I knew the related argument earlier.

[25] Consider the fraudulent hate-campaign against this writer, based on concocted lies, and also the FBI's plotting the Communist Party's "elimination" of LaRouche, launched jointly by the New York Times and the FBI, during 1973-1974, and again, in concert with the notorious McCarthyite Roy M. Cohn, by the same Times, once more, in 1979. The same was done by the Washington Post, which, already, in the mid-1970s, openly declared such a policy of malicious lying, on its editorial pages, in a commentary by Stephen Rosenfeld on Sept. 24, 1976. The most massive use of lying for a hate-campaign, perhaps the most extensive in recent history, was that conducted against Lyndon LaRouche and his associates, with complicity of the U.S. Department of Justice, by all leading news media, beginning January-February 1983, through December 1988. Consider the continuing, related victimization of a Mike Billington, an innocent persecuted and convicted as revenge for his exposure of the corruption of Vice-President George Bush's lackey Oliver North. Consider the continuing victimization of Paul Gallagher and his wife, because of Gallagher's prominent public, mass-media role, in the launching of the campaign in support of that Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI), so violently opposed by the Bush faction within the Reagan White House.

[26] Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, On Killing: The Psychological Cost of Learning to Kill in War and Society (Boston: Little, Brown and Company, 1996). See review below, p. 29.

[27] Dick Morris, Behind the Oval Office: Getting Reelected Against All Odds (Los Angeles: Renaissance Books, 1999). Morris boasts of his collaboration with Vice President Al Gore, in convincing President Clinton, against his own better impulses, and against the advice of Labor Secretary Robert Reich, White House Chief of Staff Harold Ickes, and Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin, among others, to sign the welfare-to-work bill, that was a cornerstone of Newt Gingrich's Contract on America. The results of the President's capitulation: The Democratic Party lost a golden opportunity to take back control of the House of Representatives in the 1996 elections, resulting in the partisan GOP impeachment of the President; and millions of Americans were thrown into poverty, as the result of the shutdown of the Federal safety net, in place since the time of FDR.

[28] Moses Mendelssohn, Phaedon: The Death of Socrates, J. Cooper, trans. (New York: Arno Press, 1973, reprint of 1789 translation). See also a selection published in translation, "Phaedon, or On the Immortality of the Soul," Fidelio, Spring 1994.

[29] See, Helga Zepp-LaRouche, "What It Takes To Be a World-Historical Leader Today," keynote presentation of Presidents' Day Schiller Institute Conference, Feb. 14, 1999, Fidelio, Summer 1999. See also, Steven Meyer, "Moses Mendelssohn and The Bach Tradition," ibid., and David Shavin, "Philosophical Vignettes from The Political Life of Moses Mendelssohn," ibid. See supplementary remarks delivered at that conference on the subject of Helga Zepp-LaRouche's address, by Kenneth Kronberg and Paul Kreingold. In her address, Mrs. LaRouche presented the example of Moses Mendelssohn, the German Jewish intellectual who overcame crushing prejudice to become an integral part of German Classical culture. Note, that it was Moses Mendelssohn's proposals to Schaumburg-Lippe which led to the founding of the military school at which G. Scharnhorst was educated; hence, Mendelssohn was a key figure in shaping what became the German military conceptions of both the General Staff function and Auftragstaktik.

[30] Newt Gingrich and Al Gore, Jr. began their collaboration in the late 1970s, in the Congressional Clearinghouse for the Future, and, later, in the Military Reform Caucus. These "New Age" Congressional caucuses brought in Tavistock-linked "Third Wave" futurists, including Alvin and Heidi Toffler, to formulate various insane and genocidal policies. In the case of the military, the Gore-Gingrich-Toffler team became die-hard advocates of such kooky military doctrines as "Air-Land Battle 2000," a missile-age update of the World War II genocidal strategic bombing policies.

[31] Al Gore, Jr., Earth in the Balance: Ecology and the Human Spirit (New York: Houghton Mifflin, 1992).

[32] Vice-President Gore has been the leading promoter of the Duke of Edinburgh's "Transparency International" program, a program which describes as "corruption" all which every decent American used to regard as elementary morality. Similarly, Gore's pro-genocidal views on human population, are those of the same Prince Philip, and of a sometime Gore sponsor, the curiously twisted Maurice Strong.

[33] See Friedrich Schiller on the subject of Spieltriebe in animals, in Über die ästhetische Erziehung des Menschen in einer Reihe von Briefen, in Friedrich Schiller Sämtliche Werke: Fünfter Band, Gerhard Fricke and Herbert Goepfert, eds. (München: Carl Hauser Verlag, 1993), pp. 614-622. This is to be recognized as the characteristic feature of those artistic compositions which qualify as in the Classical Greek tradition (e.g., the tragedies of Shakespeare and Schiller, or the music of Wolfgang Mozart). The same quality of "play," as provoked by metaphor of the Classical type, is the indispensable foundation of validatable original discoveries of universal physical principles, or the replication of such discoveries by students.

[34] Cf. Dr. Lawrence S. Kubie, The Neurotic Distortion of the Creative Process (New York: The Noonday Press, 1961; reprint of 1958 University of Kansas Press edition), and "The Fostering of Scientific Creativity," Daedalus, Spring 1962.

[35] E.g., Wilhelm Furtwängler's "performing between the notes," as typified by contrasting his famous recorded conducting of Schubert's Ninth Symphony, to the sterile interpretation of the notes, during the same general period, by the otherwise technically adept Bruno Walter.

[36] Many people lie, but Immanuel Kant, like the existentialists, was far worse. Kant denied that truth can be known.

[37] Actually, computers never lie; but, that is because they are incapable, by design, of telling the truth.

[38] When Kurt Gödel demonstrated the fallacy permeating Bertrand Russell's contribution to the Russell-Whitehead Principia Mathematica, Russell disciple John von Neumann smiled a lying, Mona Lisa smile. Gödel had, in effect, destroyed von Neumann's life's work in pure mathematics. Later von Neumann confessed the wild rage masked behind the Mona Lisa smile.

[39] In Riemann's experimental method, we start with a set of multiply-connected "dimensions," axioms each corresponding to an experimentally validated universal physical principle. This is then a definite hypergeometry, in other words a multiply-connected manifold of number n. Faced with a true physical paradox, we must discover a provable additional universal physical principle (such as the proof of the Ampère-Weber "angular force" of electrodynamics). The relevant experiment must prove that the curvature of physical space-time corresponds in characteristic physical-space-time curvature, to manifold n+1, rather than n. An experiment successfully designed to deal with that needed quality of testing, is termed "a unique experiment," as distinct from the relatively more slovenly notion of "a crucial experiment."

[40] Nicholas of Cusa, De docta ignorantia (A.D. 1441), English translation issued as Nicholas of Cusa on Learned Ignorance, trans. by Jasper Hopkins (Minneapolis: Arthur M. Banning Press, 1985). See Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr., "On The Subject of Metaphor," Fidelio, Fall 1992.

[41] As I have elaborated the proof in earlier locations, the relevant, fatal fault of all deductive logic, Aristotle's notably, is that centered in the abuse of the copula in the neutral form of the use of the verb "to be." The assumption that relations among sensory perceptions of events is deductive, assumes that the relationship underlying the connection of two or more such sense-apparent events, is of the form of straight-line connections in an imaginary, fantastic universe with the a priori characteristics of time, space, and physical relations associated with the arbitrary fantasies of a Descartes, or such Kepler haters and hoaxsters as Galileo Galilei or the Seventeenth-Century Rosicrucean aberrant Robert Fludd (1622). As I, together with Jonathan Tennenbaum, Bruce Director, and others have demonstrated from the Kepler-Leibniz standpoint of Carl F. Gauss, the most ancient among the reasonably accurate, known, long-cycle solar-astronomical calendars, some dating to much earlier than 6000 B.C., are based on the empirically-based certainty which Nicholas of Cusa reintroduced, in his Docta ignorantia, as the foundation of modern experimental physical science, the universality of regular curvature, not straight-line forms, as the elementary form of physical action in the universe. The modern notion of the curvature of physical space-time, is a product of the continuation of Cusa's approach, through the development of modern notions of hypergeometry by Gauss and Riemann. Once the notion of experimentally demonstrated, non-linear physical action as such, is recognized as the actually transforming connections underlying sense-perceived events, the entirety of Aristotelean, and related, systems, collapses.

[42] Bernhard Riemann, Über die Hypothesen, welche der Geometrie zu Grunde liegen, Bernard Riemanns Gesammelte Mathematische Werke, H. Weber, ed. (New York: Dover Publications reprint edition, 1953).

[43] See Hartmut Thieme, "Lower Paleolithic Hunting Spears from Germany," Nature, Feb. 27, 1997, pp. 807-810; Robin Dennell, "The World's Oldest Spears," Feb. 27, 1997, pp. 767-768. Higher apes, and other animals, can learn, but they can not conceptualize a universal principle.

[44] There are some interesting, unexplored, biophysical questions in this area, questions not addressed effectively by biophysicists such as the late Nicholas Rashevsky, for example. Answers will wait until much further work is done in the direction defined by the late V.I. Vernadsky and his collaborators. No satisfactory biophysical definition of life, let alone cognition, has yet been submitted.

[45] Dino de Paoli, "Was Darwin an Evolutionist or, Just a Social Reformer?," 21st Century Science & Technology, Fall 1997.

[46] The standpoint of the character Socrates in Plato's Republic, is the standpoint of natural law, in contrast to the misguided notions espoused by the characters Thrasymachus and Glaucon.

[47] Professor of Constitutional Law Friedrich-August von der Heydte, " `LaRouche Is Innocent, as Captain Dreyfus Was,' " EIR, Feb. 24, 1989.

[48] The National Liberation Army (ELN) is one of Colombia's two major narco-terrorist groups--the other is the Colombian Revolutionary Armed Forces (FARC)--which are deployed to establish independent coca republics in different areas of the country, starting with five municipalities in the southeast, now under control of the FARC. The FARC/ELN are properly described as Colombia's "Third Cartel," given their total involvement in the international drug trade.

On April 12, 1999, the ELN hijacked a domestic flight of Avianca airlines, and kidnapped its 46 passengers. Then on May 30, the ELN took over 100 churchgoers in Cali as hostages--in the middle of Sunday mass. Most of the hostages from both terrorist episodes are still being held by the ELN, as they demand one concession after another: that they be handed a "demilitarized" zone, like the FARC has received; that they be granted political status and participate in "peace negotiations" with the government; that ransom be paid for hostages; etc. At every turn of government concession, the ELN has added new demands--exactly the approach employed by the FARC to such good effect.

For detailed reports on the ongoing balkanization of Colombia, see: "EIR Holds Third Andean Seminar, to Stop Creation of `Coca Republic,' " EIR, Aug. 7, 1998; "The FARC Narco-Terrorists Are About to Be Handed Half of Colombia," EIR, Oct. 9, 1998; "Colombia Revolt Marks Spread of `Kosovo Effect' in Americas," EIR, June 4, 1999.

[49] Peter Weiss, The Persecution and Assassination of Jean-Paul Marat, As Performed by the Inmates of the Asylum of Charenton Under the Direction of the Marquis De Sade (Boston: Atheneum, 1966).

[50] Helga Zepp-LaRouche, "Alternatives to War and Depression: The LaRouche Doctrine," EIR, May 21, 1999, speech to an EIR seminar in Washington, D.C. on May 5.

[51] William F. Wertz, Jr., "Is the War Against Iraq Just? The Sermon on the Mount and the Concept of the Just War," The New Federalist, Jan. 14, 1991, pp. 6-7.

[52] Abraham Lincoln's last public address was on April 11, 1865. See The Collected Works Of Abraham Lincoln, Roy P. Basler, editor (New Brunswick, N.J.: Rutgers University Press, 1953), Vol. VIII, pp. 399-405. See also Anton Chaitkin, "How We Know the British Killed Lincoln," The New Federalist, Feb. 6, 1995.

[53] Wall Street financier John Irwin III, currently president of the Bodman and Achelis Foundations of New York City, used those foundations to finance and found the American Family Foundation in 1979. The AFF used intelligence-connected "mind control" experts such as LSD researcher Dr. Jolyon West to orchestrate "cult"-"anti-cult" hysteria. The Cult Awareness Network was a sub-unit used to maximize tensions around cult groups, such as the orchestration with the FBI of the 1993 shootout with the Davidians in Waco, Texas.

Bodman and Achelis have been run out of the elite Wall Street law firm, Morris and McVeigh. In the mid-1970s, this firm was doing legal work with the London-created self-styled Satanic group, the Process Church of the Final Judgment. At that time, the man who would later become the Federal prosecutor in the 1987 case against LaRouche, John Markham, was a member/lawyer for the group. The AFF coordinated international operations against LaRouche, particularly in France and Germany, under pretext of the "cult" label.

John Irwin III's father, Irwin II, was a State Department assistant to Henry Kissinger and Nixon-era ambassador to France. Bodman and Achelis Foundations trustee Walter J.P. Curely, Jr. was President George Bush's ambassador to France. An AFF-allied French psychiatrist and LSD researcher, Dr. Jean-Michel Oughurlian, became the lead witness in the criminal prosecution of LaRouche's leading associate in France, Jacques Cheminade.

[54] William James, Varieties of Religious Experience, A Study in Human Nature (1901-1902) (New York: Modern Library, 1936).

[55] Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr., "When Economics Becomes Science," EIR, Dec. 18, 1998.

[56] See article by Michael Minnicino, in the Documentation section following this article, p. 37. See also: The Aquarian Conspiracy (LaRouche Campaign, 1980); L. Wolfe, "Tavistock's Imperial Brainwashing Project," EIR, May 24, 1996; "How Tavistock Helped the ADL Make the Jews `Victims,' " EIR, April 26, 1996; Tavistock's Language Project: the Origin of `Newspeak,' " EIR, Jan. 17, 1997.

"How the Media Brainwash You," EIR, Oct. 30, 1998.

[57] As repeatedly reported by the present writer, Crowley and Capri resident Aksel Muenthe were the leading figures of the Satan/anti-Christ cult of Theosophy during the beginning of this century. The publication of the pro-satanic periodical, Lucifer, in Vienna, with participation of Crowley, is exemplary. The role of Maxim Gorky in the Grotto of Capri, was part of the pre-World War I activity of these pro-satanic circles. The composer Richard Wagner and the existentialist Friedrich Nietzsche, were key figures of this anti-Christ movement. For Muenthe et al., the original anti-Christ was the Emperor Tiberius whose son-in-law, Pontius Pilate, executed Jesus Christ. This was the circle into which Aldous and Julian Huxley were introduced, by H.G. Wells and Bertrand Russell, during the late 1920s and early 1930s. Notably, the Josiah Macy, Jr. Foundation of the 1940s and 1950s served as one of the principal covens where the architects of the 1960s rock-drug-sex youth-counterculture often met (see article below, p. 37). The connections to related activities of the U.S. Air Force and the university centers established under Dr. Kurt Lewin, are notable.

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