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This article appeared in the June 25, 1999 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

LaRouche to Clinton:
Tell the truth about
China Embassy bombing

Democratic Presidential pre-candidate Lyndon LaRouche issued the following statement on June 14. On the same day, Deputy Secretary of State Thomas Pickering left for Beijing; his mission, as Secretary of State Madeleine Albright described it, was to ease the strain, and explain the "tragic accident," and urge that the U.S. and China "get beyond" this incident, because of the importance of relations between the two nations.

The proposal that the U.S. President do no more than "apologize" for the willful bombing of China's Belgrade Embassy, is the worst possible course of action the President could tolerate from his subordinates, such as Secretary Albright. The evidence is clear, that that bombing could not have occurred in any way but the [Global Positioning System] GPS targetting of a site which NATO knew to be the codes for the China Belgrade Embassy.

The world, including the U.S.A. government, knows that that bombing was intentional; to offer an apology which is based upon the lying assertion of "only a tragic accident," is the worst possible action at this time, almost a politically suicidal action, for the U.S. President's credibility among any of the world's nations.

Granted, the British monarchy's agents and stooges, which actually perpetrated that targetting, might try to assassinate President Clinton, and also me, if the President were to tell the truth publicly. The fact remains, that if the President goes along with Albright's proposed diplomatic lie, that would only make it easier for the British monarchy's instruments to repeat its assassinations of several Presidents, including Presidents Lincoln and McKinley, in the past.

For a change, the U.S.A. should try telling the truth, rather than telling non-offensive diplomatic lies for the pleasure of its traitors and other enemies.

[See also LaRouche's May 10 statement, "Targetting of Chinese Embassy was Intentional."]

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