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This article appears in the January 14, 2000 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Hyde-Bound Racism and the Constitution

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

January 6, 2000

Whether or not the evidence claiming Rep. Henry Hyde's (R-Ill.) long record of alleged adultery, proves true, or not, that same Henry Hyde is to be fairly described as "an immoral bastard" in much larger matters, including the matter of law as such.

Our nation has come into an immoral, concupiscent time, when the Nero-like editorial policy of Playboy's Hugh Hefner and the debate over the morality, or immorality, of degenerates such as Newt Gingrich, Henry Hyde, and Al Gore, does not reach beyond the province of the bedroom. In wider areas, beyond those domains of relatively petty, proven or merely alleged bedroom offenses, all sorts of major offenses, by even the same self-righteous perpetrators, against both man and God, were tolerated by Hyde, and that with a great show of cheerful indifference. The same spirit has been shown, even among putative leaders of the Democratic National Committee, by racist creatures of sundry patronages. One would suspect, from popular toleration for Representative Hyde's antics against President William J. Clinton, that a wild-eyed lynch-mob of rabid pornographers had taken over the nation.

All of the relevant developments were paraded before the nation's mass-media in the matter of the attempted impeachment of a U.S. President, all in the name of events and allegedly democratic decisions occurring within the tiniest microcosms of personal discretion. Notably, the sordid conduct of Representative Hyde and his factitious accomplices in this affair, was premised upon their passionately avowed wish to effect a British parliamentary coup d'├ętat, not only against a sitting U.S. President, but against the Constitution of our beloved United States.

Take in evidence the implicit racism of Henry Hyde. Hyde, addressing the Senate, in the case of H.R.H. Prince Philip, and Philip's conspiratorial and subversive organization Transparency International, vs. President Clinton, made much ado about "the rule of law." Hyde's expressed opinion on that occasion, was, and remains closely related, axiomatically, to the racist philosophy of the misbegotten Confederate States of America. In this matter, Hyde laid great emphasis upon the precedent of the so-called Magna Carta. That emphasis is a rope fit to effect the political hanging of Henry Hyde, on the grounds of grievous offenses against the most elementary principles of Christian morality considered in the large.

On this account, please recognize that the argument of the Democratic Party's current National Committee bureaucracy, and of both attorney John Keeney and Federal Judge Sentelle, that the National Democratic Committee is "a private club," is not only proven to have been a pre-1965 tradition of the rabidly racist, Woodrow Wilson current within the Texas, and certain other parts of the national Democratic Party. Indeed, the Voting Rights Act of 1965, was established as enforceable law, with the clearly expressed intent of President Lyndon Johnson and the U.S. Congress, to repudiate the odiousness of that racist tradition of treating state and national political parties as private clubs for the purpose of conduct of voters' selection of candidates for office.

The "private club" doctrine, is, beyond reasonable dispute, an integral part of the tradition of racism in America. It is also, as Representative Hyde insisted before the U.S. Senate, an expression, then and now, of the purely heathen racism inhering in the tradition of the English Magna Carta, the tradition invoked by alleged adulterer Henry Hyde for the failed attempt at impeachment, on Hyde's allegations of adultery, foisted upon the Congress of the U.S.A., against President Clinton. Put to one side the morbid Romanticism of mythologist Sir Walter Scott; look at the Magna Carta for the bestialist offense against man and God which it represented, in the time of England's King John, and now.

In A.D. 1066, the Norman predators, bearing the tradition of imperial Roman law, invaded, conquered, and ravished the Christian population of Anglo-Saxon-Celtic England. These Normans, whose occupation savaged France, up till the Fifteenth-Century accession of France's King Louis XI, brought many evils upon Europe as a whole, including the conquest and looting of Sicily, the so-called Hundred Years War, and the so-called Wars of the Roses in England itself. From the time of the great reformers, the Waibling (Hohenstaufen) Emperors of Europe, from the time of the Norman predator class's imposition of the evil Magna Carta on England, the Romantic tyranny of the Norman barons and their like, was the greatest curse internal to European civilization as a whole. Indeed, the Wars of the Roses, were the inevitable outcome of the imposition and perpetuation of the system of baronial jungle law imposed upon the British Isles and Norman-dominated France combined.

That brutish, irrationalist, Norman tradition, is what Representative Hyde, praised, with his bare face hanging out, before the Senate's impeachment trial against President Clinton.

Today, the tradition of the Norman predatory barons is faithfully served still, by those forces within the U.S. political parties, the Congress, and the Federal Court, who have massacred the U.S. Constitution in their avowed devotion to that legacy of baronial outlawry termed "shareholder value." This was also the reading of John Locke, on which London's puppet, the Confederate States of America, premised its alleged constitution. This perverted notion of law, under which all sorts of crimes are licensed, in and out of the bedroom, is not only the mother of racism in the U.S.A.; it is the whore which breeds all varieties of evil genetically kindred to racism.

Such matters of law, should be seen clearly, so that we may be rid of evils of the like of Henry Hyde's out-of-bedroom immoralities.

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