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This editorial appears in the November 24, 2000 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

The Economy:
The Rope in the House of the Hanged

Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. issued the following statement on Nov. 14, 2000.

The New York Post's resident economics correspondent, grouchy John Crudele, has been among the rare cases of an intelligent U.S. mass media reporter on the subject of the economy; but, never forget that Rupert Murdoch is his boss. If you wish to know exactly what I mean, take, as an example, the following quote from a Crudele column in Monday's edition.

"If you want a stock market crash, America, keep doing what you're doing in Florida.... Wall Street has enough problems without the constitutional crisis being caused by the recent Presidential election. But dragging out the conclusion of the election for another week or more--or even for a couple more days--is going to start costing investors lots of money. My prediction: The stock market bubble, which got past an impeachment, won't survive this fiasco."

In effect, Crudele's argument was: Certify Governor Bush's election right now, or the market is surely going to crash very soon. In reality, if Bush were certified, the market would crash, and if Gore were certified, the market would also crash. Which would be the bigger crash? In reality, it doesn't make any difference. The market is doomed to crash anyway. Unless there is a way to dump both of those leading candidates, the worst aftermath of that already inevitable crash must also be expected, soon.

The problem is, that both of those candidates, Bush and Gore, are by-products of Richard Nixon's launching of his 1966-1968 "Southern Strategy" alliance with types such as the Ku Klux Klan, back during 1966-1968: Bush, through his daddy, George "Read my hips" Bush, who was Nixon's Republican National Chairman when the "Watergate scandal" exploded; and Gore, through the "Southern Strategy" version run, since the mid-1970s, on the Democratic Party's side. That is bad for the nation, but it may prove even worse for the U.S. economy. The question facing the nation right now, is, how might the Electoral College, or perhaps the Congress, discover a proper, constitutional way to send both of those jokers quickly into the rewards of a private family life?

Those who have studied the way in which President Franklin D. Roosevelt, led the nation up and out of the Depression caused by the policies of Coolidge and Andrew Mellon, should recognize that only by a return to the kind of recovery policies adopted by FDR, could this nation of ours cope successfully with the now already inevitable and global financial collapse. The Nixon "Southern Strategy," apart from being a virtual pact with the Ku Klux Klan, expressed a long-standing, brutal hatred of the memory of FDR among the descendants of the same Wall Street financial houses and law firms which hated FDR bitterly while he was alive. As for the Alan Greenspan on whom both leading candidates have promised to rely, even Andrew Mellon, were he alive today, would rightly see Greenspan as "strictly from Oz," as "the cowardly lion of Wall Street." Everything candidates Bush and Gore have said and done in politics for more than a decade, shows that both are peddling very bad medicine when it comes to the U.S. economy. Having to swallow that medicine would kill a lot of Americans, fast.

In reality, although Crudele might despise Gore, for Crudele's own reasons, and probably knows that a President Bush would also be a national economic catastrophe, Crudele works for the New York Post, and probably knows the lyrics of that old Central European folk-song: "One never mentions the rope in the house of the hanged."

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