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This statement appears in the December 15, 2000 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

In Remembrance of Henry B. Gonzalez

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

December 4, 2000

I met Congressman Henry B. Gonzalez personally, at some length, but once, in a meeting he arranged on Capitol Hill premises. However, I dealt with him in his official capacity numerous times before and after that meeting, until he retired from office. My respect for him was a deeply personal one, in addition to and beyond my admiration for his role as an elected official. To say that he will be missed, would beggar the powers of understatement; we shall not find one like him easily. Perhaps the simplest way I could express my sense of his distinction is: He was real, and remains so even now. We keep on losing those precious ones, and it is so hard to find their like.

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