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LaRouche Announces New
Presidential Campaign
"LaRouche in 2004"

Dec. 27, 2000 (EIRNS)--Lyndon LaRouche, world-renowned economist and former candidate for the Democratic Party Presidential nomination, announced that he will run for the Democratic party nomination for President in 2004, and released the following statement today:

"I herewith set my guidon at the top of the hill; those supporters of the Democratic Party, and others, who recognize the need to return to that quality of leadership out of a great financial crisis which President Franklin Roosevelt represents, must have a rallying-point around which to transform the efforts into an effective, mission-oriented mobilization, a mobilization to save this republic from what appears, presently, to be our assured ruin.

"Although the outgoing President Bill Clinton will be, still, the leading institutional figure around which the Democratic Party will continue to be rallied as a party, that is not sufficient. The world is gripped by a great moral crisis, which is also a great economic crisis. The great need, is to return this nation, from the past thirty-five years direction in policy-making, by which the nation has ruled and ruined itself, to those successful principles of policy-shaping by means of which the nation survived the great crises of 1933-1945. The fate of this nation depends upon our ability to choose, now, a kind of leadership qualified to lead our republic out of the great catastrophe which thirty-five years of national folly have dumped upon us now.

"Look at the spectacle of confusion raging throughout the Democratic Party today. I am reminded of a once-famous play by a Sicilian author, 'Six Characters In Search of An Author,' an hysterical search for a consensus, which is reminiscent of panicked cockroaches in a New York City apartment's kitchen, or of hungry prostitutes after a nuclear holocaust, each and all competing for the last surviving prospective customer. Typical is the virtual application for Republican Party membership, as might have been expected, as submitted on a recent CNN television broadcast by the Rev. Jesse Jackson. In short, the images of the Party's reaction to the Supreme Court decision, are each only more disgusting than the next.

"The immediate, urgent practical importance of presenting my candidacy now, is not the November 2004 vote; the issue is whether this nation reaches November 2004 intact. Someone, a person actually qualified for this role, must place the guidon on the top of the hill, to rally the forces into order of battle, around urgent, fundamental changes in economic policy, for the days and months immediately ahead. At the moment, I am the only living person both situated and qualified to supply that quality of leadership.

"The follies of the Gore candidacy, including the follies of those who relied upon that candidacy, are not clarified by the results obtained. The Democratic Party's campaign for the year 2000 election-campaign, was a terrible mistake, a terrible error of substituting unprincipled political opportunism, in place of judgments based upon honest principle. To resume its proper role, the Party need not resort to public mea culpas; it will be sufficient to signal the turn, by doing the right thing, for a change.

"This means a return to the principles set forth in the 1776 Declaration of Independence and the Preamble to the 1789 Federal Constitution. This means, once again, a repudiation of the legacy of Theodore Roosevelt, of Ku Klux Klan enthusiast Woodrow Wilson, of Coolidge, and of Nixon and Carter, too. It means to do what is equivalent, for today, to what Franklin Roosevelt did in his campaign of 1932. Our nation's survival, and also that of your family, depends upon making that kind of change, now.

"I take my stand. We shall sort out the succession in the leadership as the fight develops over the weeks and months to come."

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