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This article appears in the November 10, 2000 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

The Bestiality of the Fundies

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Tuesday, October 31, 2000--To understand the continuing causes for the presently rising threat of a Middle East war at this time, one must first consider a leading set of very paradoxical facts about the internal political history of the U.S. since President Lyndon Johnson acted rightly, forcefully, and successfully, to ensure the passage of that Voting Rights Act which was recently overturned on the racist initiative of the Democratic Party backers of Vice-President Al Gore.

Read a list of relevant "begats."

Fact: Senate candidate Hillary Clinton's recent turn in the matter of Middle East peace has been disgusting, but others, not Hillary, are the true, behind-the-curtains cause of her husband's grave error in turning the Camp David discussions into the occasion for launching religious warfare in the Middle East at this time.

It is all too convenient for some childish gossips, to attempt to heap the blame entirely on Hillary. There are crucial facts about the situation, which show that entirely different factors were the actual causes for a policy-shift in President Clinton's behavior, perhaps one with which Hillary's change in posture merely happened to coincide. As I shall expose the truth of the matter here, most of the change involved known influences with which, as causal factors, Hillary herself had nothing to do. It is time that that bit of truth be exposed, especially to those who care about the survival of our nation, and the Middle East besides.

Fact: That the possibility of the launching of Middle East religious war, possibly even a nuclear war, at this time, has depended upon such typical U.S. political cannon-fodder of former Erich Honecker backer Edgar Bronfman, as the axiomatically anti-Semitic zealots for "Greater Israel," the Bible-thumping "millenarian fundamentalists." Without this stratum, the present eruption of religious war in the Middle East would not have come into being.

Fact: Not accidentally, the hard core of these so-called "Fundies," is to be found in that former Confederacy, upon which the hard core of what is known as "the Bible Belt" is traditionally centered. These so-called "fundies," the glassy-eyed so-called "millenarians," not American Jews, provide the decisive margin of driving force behind the impetus for religious war in the Middle East.

Fact: Although the origin of such directions in Middle East policy goes back to early Nineteenth-Century British Foreign Office figures as sometime Karl Marx controller David Urquhart, some leading British circles themselves are in panic over the way in which the currently rampaging U.S. millenarian fundies have brought the world to the verge of a widespread, Middle East-centered religious war. One might be reminded of the old Jewish story of the Rabbi of Prague, the Rabbi's foolish wife, and the Golem, which Goethe recast as his "The Sorcerer's Apprentice." In this case, the relevant U.S. fundies surely fit the image of the Golem of those stories.

Fact: The eruption of this post-1967 manifestation of Arab-hating, racist, and organically anti-Semitic, U.S. Fundies for "Greater Israel," occurred as a coincidence of the mid-1960s launching of that Republican "Southern Strategy," an appeal to "fundamentalist" bigots which brought Nixon and Kissinger into the White House, and began the presently ongoing long-wave phase in the process of wrecking the economy and morals of the U.S.A.

Fact: The campaign to place David Rockeller's hand-picked dummy, Jimmy Carter, into the 1976 Democratic nomination for President, and into the White House, not only wrecked the U.S. economy even to a much greater degree than Nixon had done, but also established the grip of a Democratic Party, Hollywood-style "re-make" of the Nixon "Southern Strategy" on the Democratic Party machinery.

Fact: The resulting fusion of these two racist currents, in both the Republican Party and among "Southern Democrats" of the type otherwise streaming, year by year, into the Republican Party, became known as the Project Democracy. This Project Democracy project was launched on the initiative of Trilateral Commission lackey and Zbigniew Brzezinski confederate Samuel P. Huntington, a perspective set forth by Huntington under the Carter-era rubric of a so-called "crisis of democracy." Thus, Project Democracy, better named "Project Lying Demagogy," was installed as the authority over both leading political parties, in 1982.

Fact: Out of the gutters of the Carter Presidency, we had the birth of a consolidated Democratic Party parody of the Nixon "Southern Strategy." The putatively "intellectual" source of this perversion within the former Franklin Roosevelt Democratic Party, has been typified by the neo-Confederate "Nashville Agrarians." The influence of that pro-"Agrarian" perversion, evolved into a formation known as The Democratic Leadership Council. This policy of this passel of Nashville-style, "Southern fried" Carter Democrats, converged upon the pro-racist economic policies of even cruder varieties of the "Southern Democrats," such as Senator Phil Gramm and Newt Gingrich, the former which crossed over into the Republican Party during this post-Carter transition. The fruit of this noxious hybrid became known as "The Third Way," or among the more insightfully clever wiseacres, "The Road to Gore."

Fact: It was out of this sequence of developments within the U.S. political process, that the U.S.-based coup d'etat against Israel's Ben-Gurion-led founders of Israel, was launched openly in 1967, and took over Israel with the "West Bank Land-Scam" swindle launched by collaboration among Ariel Sharon, Henry A. Kissinger et al., during 1982.

Fact: the so-called "Monica Lewinsky Affair," was a clearly predesigned project orchestrated by President Clinton's personal, Republican-centered, high-level enemies inside U.S. government institutions, who, beginning no later than 1997, subsequently unleashed the attempted impeachment process, by making the impeachment of the President a common cry of that breed of hysterical and glassy-eyed, hypocritical bigots called "millenarian fundies." In the course of that, President Clinton's efforts to save his personal rear-end, by placating a significant margin of those aroused "fundies," as by his Prayer Breakfast tactics, put him into the kind of defensive position in which the influence of political-environmental pressures from the "millenarian fundamentalists" over the White House was greatly strengthened.

Enter, the Paradox

Those foregoing items are simply typical of the leading facts to be considered. Nonetheless the more closely we examine these and other facts of a similar nature, the more tangled with paradoxes the total picture becomes. Neither the facts in themselves, however true, explain anything important about the issue, nor does any attempt to piece those facts together, jigsaw-puzzle style, help us much on this account.

Therefore, we must accept the evidence that these kinds of particular facts, considered in and of themselves, are only the footprints left by a U.S. nation whose direction appears to be a march into an Armageddon created not by God, but by the hubristic choice of poor fools such as glassy-eyed millenarian bigots. The footprints are clear, but footprints do not show us exactly how and why the men who made them chose to walk in that direction.

The present religious warfare was unleashed within what had been otherwise, a highly successful, step-by-step approach to a successful Camp David summit. Then, suddenly, the religious issue was imposed upon the negotiations by President Bill Clinton's own reckless, wrongful attack on Chairman Arafat. Wherein lies the motive for that choice of direction? What the President did in wrecking his own Camp David process in that way, was contrary to all of advice he would have received from all of those Presidential advisors whose knowledge he would have ordinarily considered indispensable in such a situation. The footprints are clear, but those footprints themselves do not tell us how that happened. However, if we look at the same matter in its larger context, the solution to all of the most relevant paradoxes is clear beyond doubt.

Those of you who rely upon your soap-opera psychology, and all your typical, wiseacre's conspiracy-theories, will never find the true answer to such questions by pointing at either Hillary, or Bill, or both. To find the truth about all this, we have to take a hard look at the foolishness you must recognize in your all-too-typical next-door neighbor, even, perhaps in yourself. I shall now show you the truth of the matter, here.

Two crucial kinds of clinical facts must be examined here, if you are to find the keys to the reasons for that pattern of footprints left in the wake of about thirty-five years of such trends, trends of specific type of increasing moral degeneracy in U.S. national behavior.

The key to the answer lies in a question: What makes a nitwit such as our typical millenarian fundie tick? How do such fundies, in effect, control a majority among those American Jews, who, on other issues, would be generally too civilized, too rational, to fall for the kinds of games those fundies are playing upon them in Middle East affairs?

That Jew is, typically, except for the most intellectually and morally developed among them, controlled by fear of those fundies, or their like. The relevant key phrase is "Jewish Survival," or, in other words, "Where could a Jew go to survive?" To see that as the Jew sees it, you must peek into what that Jew sees in the lunatic mind of the typical millenarian fundie, or, in the alternative, in the mouth of that Catholic who the Jew suspects is thinking "Christ-killer." What frightens that Jew, is not Hitler. Hitler is dead, perhaps a bit late, but dead nonetheless. It is, above all, the "fundie" whom the insightful Jew recognizes as the most likely to turn around, today or tomorrow, to burn the Jew and his family at the witch-trial's stake.

Do not deny that fact; after all, what is the collective experience of the Jew within European civilization since Roman times, and Babylon earlier? Any Jew who is honest with you, will tell you words to exactly that effect.

It is the Jew's not-unjustified fear of types like the fundie, which tends to make the American Jew a propitiator of that fundie, or of types who inspire the same kind of fears for the same kinds of causes. In that circumstance, only the Jew of the quality of development typified by Moses Mendelssohn's leading role in bringing about Jewish emancipation within Western and Central Europe, has the intellectual strength, as David Ben-Gurion did, to stand up against a sea of adversaries with confidence in the will to fight for the right, rather than give way to opportunistic ventures. Jewish fears tend to make the Jew easier prey to the fear that his survival depends, apparently at least, upon propitiating the ruling establishment among the non-Jews. That is the nature of the power of that establishment and its fundie-like hoodlum mobs, which strikes fear and submission into the typical Jew.

That said, look deeply into the nightmare which is the deranged mind of the typical millenarian fundie, and the key to understanding President Clinton's predicament can be identified.

The Apocalypse

The Apostle John wrote a letter known as The Apocalypse, addressing the issue of the nature of the forces faced by Christians under the conditions of the pagan Roman Empire during the closing decades of the First Century A.D.

At a later time, some wicked prankster renamed that letter The Book Of Revelation. The reading of that latter version, so titled, among certain non-Catholics, was whipped up into the core of a lunatic belief which became the contemporary, pseudo-Christian millenarian cults. Bits of "prophecy" from what became known as the "Old Testament" since early in the Sixteenth Century, were blended in, and the entire stew so stirred was served in the heathen's clay pots of what became known as millenarianism, the view that God has preset the history of man and the universe according to precalculations of events predetermined to occur inevitably according to a calendar set in more or less exactly thousand-year intervals. That is, in that form, purely pagan numerology, better suited to the dogmas and myths of the Babylonian priesthood than the domain of sane men and women.

To recognize why that millenarianism must be recognized as a form of lunacy, it is convenient to focus on a comparable issue, pivotted upon the interpretation of the Third Letter of Fatima, lately discussed within the ranks of the Catholic Church. There, in opposition to the views set forth by Pope John Paul II, some avowed Catholic millenarian-like types insist, that that Letter reflects God's predestination of a virtual apocalypse in the period immediately ahead.

In both these, and similar cases, there are certain crucial facts which prove that the issues posed are not matters of debatable religious differences, but are purely and simply a form of clinical insanity, a form of mass insanity which history already demonstrates to be extremely dangerous to civilization as a whole.

Focus again on the Third Letter of Fatima. The Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith points out what any sane Christian should recognize immediately, that the threat to which that Letter refers, is not the threat of a predestined event, but, rather, a forecast which warns of the consequences of the Church's failure to make certain corrections in its recent and continuing history. It is not necessary to examine the details of that matter here; the point is, to focus upon the difference between that view of the Letter and what some millenarian-like readers of the Letter project upon it.

The essence of man, as Christianity teaches, is the unique quality of individual human free will. Most typical of that free will, is the sovereign power of the cognitive powers of the individual to make original, validatable discoveries of universal physical principle, or similar discoveries of other verifiably universal principles. This power in the individual points to the innate goodness of the human individual from conception and birth, a goodness within ourselves which we must nurture and realize through our self-development, through the development of our society, our children, and so on. Thus, the crucial issue of morality, is the willingness and ability of the individual and society to make those necessary free-will choices when the evidence shows that our present conduct is in error, as that is shown to us to be an error of commission or omission in our present habits of behavior.

Only superstitious heathen, such as the millenarian fundamentalists, reject that principle of free will. The heathen believes in pre-destination, and blames God or some other supernatural agency, such as perhaps the Invisible Hand, or "human nature," for any flaws in his own conduct. For the Christian, and, indeed, for all sane human beings, nothing is ever "in the cards."

Clinton as a Tragic Figure

The problem as I have posed it here up to this point, has all of the essential qualifications of a true Classical tragedy. That is to say, a drama which is true to the actual issues of a specific space-time location in real-life history, and in which all of the issues presented pertain not to individual inter-personal relations, or communities in the small, but in which the subject of the drama is nothing other than a true-life presentation of the universal principle at issue in a specific aspect of real history. It is not President Clinton whose role as President is being destroyed by the tragic error expressed by his cited blunder in the Camp David process; it raises the prospect of a general religious war erupting in the Middle East and what that war would mean for not only the Middle East, but possibly the future existence of the U.S. and European civilization more broadly.

The issue is to make President Clinton an un-tragic figure, while there is still time to do so. The outcome of this present situation is not predestined; only the choices before us are predefined. Tragedy relives the essence of the closed book of history from the past; we must learn from tragedy, not to accept doom as predestined, but as a challenge to our powers of free will, to change the course of history from what cowardly fools view it as inevitably predestined to be.

The evil embedded in the fundies' millenarian psychosis must be assessed in no less terms of reference than just that. When we situate it so, the truth which is brought to the surface is not only universal for the specific period of history in which we are living, but for the history of humanity as a whole.

The essence of the millenarian fundies' characteristic psychosis, is that he or she does not consider himself human, not as a creature with the power and moral obligation to act according to free will for the good of mankind. The root of this mental and moral derangement of those poor fools, is their acceptance of what they view implicitly as their status as human cattle, rather than as human beings of free will. There is a marked similarity of this moral degeneracy within them to the characteristic of the plebeians of ancient pagan Rome: vox populi. They view themselves as the hapless victims of a Bogomil's predestination, of Roman custom, of the Romantic conception of history and culture expressed by Kant's Critiques and by the notion of Zeitgeist, Weltgeist, and Custom associated with Nineteenth-Century reactionary Romantics such as Hegel and Savigny, or by the notion of "rule of law" put forth by the absurd and corrupt Representative Henry Hyde in the impeachment proceedings against President Clinton. The notion of laissez-faire by the Feudal reactionary Quesnay, the mystical notion of an "Invisible Hand" by such empiricist amoralists as Mandeville, Adam Smith, and Jeremy Bentham, express this pagan faith in predestination and in personal moral irresponsibility for the outcome of history, which constitutes the kernel of the bestiality and psychosis occupying the personality of the millenarian fundie.

A terrified Clinton, hounded to near-destruction, reacted in part like a terrified Jew, in begging for survival, propitiating that lynch-mob of millenarian fundies which has joined the pyschotics of the "globalization" cult, in declaring itself the predestined power to make or destroy governments, and anyone else their caprices select for ruin.

If you allow these psychotic swine from Orwell's Amimal Farm to destroy your accountability to your own power of free will, you will surely be destroyed, not by predestination, but by the foolishness of your own free will. In the end, that would be sort of like going to Hell for your sins, wouldn't it?

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