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This statement appears in the Nov. 10, 2000 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

The following Editorial Statement was written by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. on Nov, 4, 2000.

Gore Might Elect George Bush

As election-day rolls around, the time has come when I must present my fellow-citizens with what they expect the most from me: my guess on the outcome of this coming Tuesday's general election.

You can't say that I did not warn you. The situation right now is, that, no one, me included, seems to be able to predict which of those two bums is going to win. Right now, the leading question is, will Vice-President Al Gore succeed in his desperate efforts to secure the election of Texas Governor George "Mortimer Snerd" Bush as the next President of the United States. It is becoming harder and harder to tell. No sooner does loser George bumble, than loser Al out-fumbles him. If Al's mouth doesn't trip Al up, his body-language will lose him votes every time; as Senator Moynihan said, in any real national election-campaign, Gore is unelectable, but so is Governor Bush. Which will ultimately out-goof the other, is hard to tell.

Whatever the result turns out to be, one thing remains clear; Al was this season's only prospective Democratic Party nominee who could have successfully thrown a national election to such a pathetically nasty dummy as Governor George Bush. Some conspiracy buffs might suspect that it was Daddy Bush, or his friends, who actually rigged the Democratic primaries to have Al appointed the Democratic nominee. Some mean-spirited fellows might even go so far as to suggest that Daddy Bush put his oldest kid into politics to get the poor bum off welfare. Surely, Bill Bradley would have beaten Bush, with my cooperation, of course, had he gained the nomination. There is no guesswork needed to say that there were also a number of other well-known Democrats who could have qualified for the nomination and won the election.

Whether or not either of these two clowns makes it through the delayed counting of the mail-in ballots, and survives what may turn out to be an electoral-college impasse, there is no certainty yet, as to who will actually be inaugurated as the next President. Even the fellow who seems to have won on

November 7th, might not actually become the next President. Many seemingly strange things not only could happen, but are likely to happen, between election-day and the next inauguration. So far, on this count, absolutely nothing is in the cards.

As the often quoted Chinese saying goes, for the United States, we live in interesting times.

In times like these, if you wish clear and definite answers, you must first ask the right questions. Who is going to win next Tuesday's general election is not the right question. There are two leading subjects on which I can give you some definite answers, and, otherwise, some hints at what you should be worrying about. First, peek at the economic situation, and then the rapidly deteriorating political situation of the United States, at home and also abroad.

First, the entire global financial system is now overripe for the biggest collapse in three centuries, and the collapse of the value of the U.S. dollar on the world market, will be the event which officially pushes the world as a whole into that new great depression. There goes the entire agenda of both the Bush and Gore candidacies, out the window. They each become useless political baggage, to Wall Street and everyone else, the moment that crash hits with full force, soon.

Second, the world's greatest political and strategic crisis at this moment is the fact that both of the major political parties are controlled, top down, by the leading role of pro-racist right-wing fanatics, included generally pro-racist religious loonies of the Robertson and Falwell types, who have taken control of not only the Republican, but also the Democratic parties' machinery, as a continuation of the Nixon "Southern Strategy" launched during the second half of the 1960s. Admittedly, the Wall Street crowd behind the Nixon victory and the Carter take-over of the Democratic Party are not religious nuts in the ordinary sense of the term; they are too busy worshipping their financial asset-values to worship any other sort of god. But, the Wall Street establishment of leading financial houses and law-firms, including the circles of Daddy Bush, brought the Yahoos of the Southern Strategy's recruiting-drive into political power, and, as of now, Wall Street is a virtual prisoner of that racist, right-wing political monster which it created as the controlling force in both major parties.

Everyone in relevant positions of inside knowledge in Washington and in every western European capital knows, that that "Third Way" coalition of nominally Republican and Democratic Yahoos, has taken over the political machinery of the United States Congress and of the government generally. That is why the leading European press, echoing the sentiments of the leading circles in Europe, Asia, and elsewhere, is viewing the November 7th U.S. election as a horror-show. Most nations in the rest of the world wish to stay away as far as possible from any ties to the U.S., for as long as we permit those Yahoos to exert their fascist style of tyranny over our political processes and government.

So, put those sets of facts together. What happens when the inevitable collapse of the U.S. dollar and economy, puts a U.S. which has been cruelly dominating most other nations at the mercy of those nations which now see themselves as victims of the policies which the U.S. has been lately imposing upon the world? Given the complication of the presently immediate threat of the outbreak of a world-wide religious war, erupting out of the Middle East, what do you predict the situation will be when next January rolls around?

My suggestion to you is the following. Consider the November 7th election as a foregone national catastrophe, whatever the polls report. Instead of worrying about who won that election, which our nation as a whole will lose, either way, you should concentrate on how we deal with the world-wide mess which the election of either of those two clowns would represent.

That far, and perhaps only that far, Ralph Nader is right, whether or not he himself is qualified to be elected as President. Whoever you vote for, vote in such a way that you are voting for the only person qualified to become the next President under this circumstance, me. Vote against the Yahoos, whatever you do. How do you do that? Think it out for yourself.

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