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Statement on U.S. Elections
by Democrat Lyndon LaRouche

November 8, 2000

Election-day has come and gone. Whoever wins the result of the recount, those of you who were thinking will remember, that the only significant net result of the election is what I had warned you it would be. It had already become, a foregone conclusion; that, whoever it might turn out were elected, the United States and its people would have just lost a Presidential election, as they did yesterday.

The next big shoe to drop upstairs, will be the onrushing, global financial crash, when all the slogans and issues which have lately occupied the attention of the leading popular news media, will be swept into the rubbish.

The crash will sweep as much as half of those in the upper twenty percent of the nation's family-income brackets, especially the debt-ridden so-called suburban vote, into virtual destitution. The plight of the lowest stratum of family-income brackets will become desperate. Where then, is the new President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, at a time when he and his recovery policies, or their like, are needed the most?

What have you just done to yourself, little man? This Presidential election has been a bummer. How do we rescue you, the typical citizen, from the mess you brought upon yourself in this way?

Despite all that, and more, you still have good reason to hope. I can assure you of that. Perhaps, now, at last, you will begin to understand what I have just said.

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