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Nuclear War Now?!

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April 20, 2001 (EIRNS)—In an intelligence memo regarding developments in the Middle East and Sudan, EIR Contributing Editor, Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr., summarized two urgent and interrelated topics as follows:

  1. The first is the scenario pointing to the possibility, and consequences of Israel's now not-improbable use of nuclear weapons against targetted Middle East nations.

  2. The second, is the strong likelihood that President George Bush, acting in concert with the British monarchy, will use U.S. forces to support a large-scale outright invasion of Sudan, an invasion used as the occasion for unleashing a prepared coup d'etat inside Khartoum, where a waiting consortium is prepared to replace the elected President when military actions launched from outside might create the circumstances for that.

The added factor in the second case, the Bush administration's presently escalated strategic targetting of Sudan, is the number of fools herded into support of the British monarchy's pro-genocide-in-Africa lobby, inside the U.S. and London, Christian Solidarity International (CSI), et al., which is typical of the coordinated targetting of both Sudan and Iraq, among other nations at this time. (CSI) is among the leading London-Washington lobbies for genocide, not only inside Sudan and the Great Lakes region, but throughout Sub-Saharan Africa in general today.

In the first case, the scenario for possible early use of nuclear weapons by Ariel Sharon's government, consider the following facts.

  1. No Arab government is situated or disposed to take on Israel's aggression, by more than diplomatic and related methods at this time.

  2. President George Bush has given Sharon backing for launching Middle East warfare, even general warfare. Bush wishes that war and supports it.

  3. Under escalated atrocities of the type which Sharon is determined to unleash, including provocations against the Dome of the Rock, no presently sitting Arab government, excepting that of Iraq, would remain in power. The Middle East would become an ulcer of irregular warfare, akin in implications, to the Spanish resistance against the occupation by Napoleon's troops. Israel's regular military capabilities could not withstand that sort of irregular warfare situation.

  4. Thus, the threshold for acts of maximum desperation arises in the generality of the foreseeable future.

  5. In that case, Israeli "weapons of mass destruction" are put on the table, even Israel's military arsenal. Admittedly, nuclear attacks are not relevant to warfare, but they are nonetheless weapons of choice for desperate lunatics with doomsday in their eyes.

Since the existential shock-effects of the 1962 Cuba missiles-crisis, the world has assumed implicitly, that the agreements reached among the Soviet Union, the British monarchy, and the U.S. government then, ensured that acceptance of a gradual slide into post-industrial world government "under rule of law" would ensure that, through the aid of such a crisis-management arrangement, the "unthinkable" would never actually happen.

If one takes into account, the impact of that 1962 missile-crisis, in reshaping, misshaping, and so on, the mind-set of, especially, the adolescent population of that time, and its later progeny, we should recognize what the actual use of nuclear weapon by Israel would do to the psyche of the entire world. Do you wish to speak of "Opening Pandora's Box"? I encourage you to do so, while you still might be able react rationally to the thought.

Agreed, under usual circumstances such an event, even by a U.S. "Mega"-backed Sharon or Netanyahu government in Israel, would not be possible. The notable fact is, therefore, that "usual circumstances" have just gone entirely out of business with the combination of the inauguration of a looney but malicious President George W. "Friedrich Nietzsche" Bush, and with the onrush of the greatest financial collapse in human existence.

In such times as these, given the indelicately unbalanced state of mind of the majority of the government and population of Israel at this time, the unthinkable is the only thing which is likely. Look into the mind of the Sharon governent, and the lack of sanity exhibited by Bush and the gnostic religious loonies who are his most important popular base.

In short, it is time for all sane members of the U.S. Congress, to dump the customary, and immoral practice of "go along, to get along." Without a forceful and construction intervention by the government of the U.S.A. for good, there are no limits to the extremities into which the current Middle East situation might lead the world. The only way a "Battle of Armageddon" could happen now, is if people in the state of mind of the backers of Sharon Bush might be seized by an irresistable urge to "go all the way," in a Hitler-style exhibition of the Nietzschean will, and thus bring it about.

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