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April 21, 2001—Lyndon LaRouche released the following memorandum today to his Democratic Presidential campaign committee, LaRouche in 2004.

The Bentham Syndrome

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

April 21, 2001

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The charge of insanity to be made against both President George W. Bush and Israel's "Mega" minister Ariel Sharon, is that, considered either separately, or in their present combination, they are, functionally, clinically insane. The sudden spate of hysterical attacks on President Bush's Secretary of State Colin Powell, from the London Telegraph and KKKatharine Graham's Washington Post's concert of orchestration of press inside the U.S.A., only echoes the murderous, "bi-polar" quality of hysteria, which both madmen have bestirred among Bush's and Sharon's versions of a "Goebbels" press following.

That is to emphasize, that each, and both combined as one, is a clinical model, like Adolf Hitler's Nazi regime, of the Nietzschean existentialist principle of "the triumph of the (arbitrary) will." Having adopted a course of action, they, together with that collection of wild-eyed gnostic cults which form the hard core of the Bush Presidency's social base, will pursue that as what they, like a secret meeting of mafia bosses, or the Washington Post crowd, may call a "done deal." It will be a "deal" done in a way which is in willful disregard for the consequences of their actions, either for the welfare of the U.S. economy and our citizens, or the peace of the world.

The loonier their decision is, the more likely it will be made, and the more hysterically they will push it through against any and all reason, unless you act to prevent this. Under President Bush, things will never become better, until they first become much worse.

The financial and economic policies of both that self-discredited desperado, Federal Reserve Chairman Alan "Ayn Rand" Greenspan, and of the inner circles of President Bush, typify a common, again Nietzschean, quality of disregard for what should be the obvious short-term economic, social, and political consequences of their desperately enforced, lunatic decisions. The lunatic degree of idiocy shown by panic-stricken Greenspan's latest drop in the interest-rate, is an example of what the financial speculators' sheer terror will cause them, like the legendary lemmings, to do.

However, neither of that particular pair of Nietzschean "conservative revolutionaries," the infinitely greedy President George W. Bush, nor Sharon, are, in any sense of the term, self-made men, financially or otherwise. They are merely the carriers of a disease, like mad-cow disease, which they did not invent, the spread of that mass-murderous quality of insanity which their current behavior expresses.

If we wish to halt the deadly pandemic they are spreading, we must locate the exact source of the mass-murderous insanity presented by the relevant symptoms, for their case, as for the cases of Thatcher Britain's launching of policies leading into the spread of BSE. To give that sickness an historically, precisely accurate name, recognize it as "The Jeremy Bentham Syndrome," as the "Open Conspiracy" madmen, the Benthamite pair of H.G. Wells and Bertrand Russell, typify the very worst of the numerous evils which the past century has bequeathed to the present one.

That connection, "The Bentham Syndrome," is not only an accurate description, is not only the most precise historical vantage-point for understanding the Bush-Sharon phenomenon; it is indispensable for a clear conception of the roots of the problem threatening humanity as a whole at this moment.

Bentham, Wells, and Russell

The general, pathological phenomenon of which the current Bush Presidency is, historically, but one recent expression, is the determination of what had been, since the days of the medieval alliance of the imperial maritime power of Venice with the landed Plantagenet pestilence, a Venice-centered opposition to the struggle to bring forth modern sovereign nation-state, as the alternative to both the model of the Roman empire and ultramontane forms of feudal order in western Europe.

The relevance, and the practical efficiency of this historical connection, is usually beyond the comprehension of those relatively historically illiterate persons who are typified by the majority among recent generations' graduates from our universities. Nonetheless, diseases unseen to the illiterate's eye may nonetheless kill the unwitting, diseases whose existence they may hysterically deny. So, today, what people stubbornly refuse to know, is, most often, that which will hurt them the most.

No political figure, or thoughtful citizen of the U.S. today, would be so foolishly reckless as to proceed politically without improving his or her education on precisely the following leading points respecting the realities of modern European history in general.

The issue is, in purely factual terms, really quite simple, as the fellow says, "Once you get the hang of it," you may understand how to act more effectively.

The known history and pre-history of mankind, whether in so-called "primitive" or civilized societies, up to modern times, was dominated almost totally, throughout our planet, by the rule of a relatively small portion of the population over a many, the latter which were reduced to the virtual status of kept, herded, used, and culled human cattle. This was the case of the ancient cultures of Mesopotamia, of ancient Rome and Byzantium, and the forms of feudal order which prevailed in Europe, from the collapse of Rome in the west, until the first emergence of the modern sovereign form of nation-state, in Fifteenth-Century France and England.

Since that latter time, all of the crucial conflicts within today's now globally extended modern European civilization, have been the result of the bloody-handed determination, by ruling oligarchies, to prevent or suppress any form of government which is premised upon the supreme principle of universal law known to the Preamble of our Federal Constitution as the promotion of the general welfare, of the nation, all of its people, and their posterity.

Since the American Revolution of 1776, the principal adversaries of the existence of nations committed to the principle of the general welfare, have been the globally extended British monarchy and the pro-feudalist "conservatives," typified by the infamous Prince Metternich, the conservatives sprung from the Habsburg-centered Holy Alliance's ultra-reactionary, traditionally Venice-controlled, feudal princely system of continental Europe.

Thus, inside the U.S. today, the reflection of that continuing conflict between the republican good of Benjamin Franklin's leadership, and the oligarchical evil of those treasonous circles typified historically by Manhattan's Aaron Burr, has been the issue of the struggle between those patriotic Presidents, such as John Quincy Adams, Abraham Lincoln, and Franklin Roosevelt, who defended the principle of the general welfare, and those who, like the right-wing Republican faction today, are determined to eradicate the Constitution's principle of the "general welfare," in favor of an implicitly fascistic, oligarchical dogma called "shareholder value."

The Bush faction's private war, under the banner of Enron, against the human race, is an example of the fascistic tendency of practice inhering in that pro-oligarchical notion of purely animalistic greed, known as "shareholder value."

The proximate origins of the conduct of the obviously unwitting President George Bush, are located in the British monarchy's 1763-1789 campaign to crush the independence of the North American English colonies and their United States. The central figure of that anti-American British reaction, was the sometime Prime Minister of Britain, Lord Shelburne, he the chief political agent of the Barings bank controlling the British East India Company, and paymaster for not only most of the members of the British parliament, but, according to plausible reports, King George III, as well.

Among the lackeys employed and controlled by Shelburne, were the famous, morally deranged plagiarist of the French Physiocrats, Adam Smith, the historian Gibbon, and the head of the equivalent of modern MI6, the "secret committee" of the British Foreign Office, Jeremy Bentham. It was Shelburne protege Bentham, who conducted, from 1782-83 onward, the evolution of the foreign-policy practice of the British monarchy. Lord Palmerston, the controller of the revolutionary organizations known as Palmerston agent Giuseppe Mazzini's "Young Europe" and "Young America," laid the principal foundations for all of the horrors which the British monarchy, its Habsburg-linked accomplices, and its minions have bestowed upon the Americas and continental Europe since Prime Minister Shelburne's 1782-1783 negotiations of provisional treaties of peace with the U.S. and France.

The pivotal figure, who bridges the connection from Bentham to the "Open Conspiracy" of Wells and Russell, to the genesis of the lunacies of practice of Bush and Sharon, is Bertrand Russell's racist grandfather, Lord Palmerston's ally in support of the Confederacy, Lord John Russell. The chief modern expression of that Bentham "secret committee" which organized and directed the 1789-1794 Jacobin Terror in France, is the Fabian Society out of which plebeian lackey H.G. Wells and aristocrat Bertrand Russell developed what became known publicly by them, in 1928, as Wells' published draft of his proposal for an Open Conspiracy.

Bush and Sharon, are to be recognized as merely tools of that Open Conspiracy, as Adolf Hitler and his Nazi bonzes were merely tools of the neo-feudalist "conservative revolutionary" cult of Romantic neo-feudalism which selected, trained, and created Adolf Hitler himself. Read Wells' own "Mein Kampf," and either act to defeat it, or weep at your own foolish cowardice for failing to do so.

The Program Behind Bush-Sharon

Now, read Wells' fascist manifesto for world government, as it was heartily and publicly endorsed and joined by Bertrand Russell, who continued that conspiracy for the remainder of his wretched life. In Wells' own published words, that conspiracy is as follows:

  1. The complete assertion, practical as well as theoretical, of the provisional nature of existing governments and of our acquiescence in them.

  2. The resolve to minimize by all available means the conflicts of these governments, their militant use of individuals and property, and their interferences with the establishment of a world economic system [deregulation, "globalized free trade," "shareholder value"].

  3. The determination to replace private, local, or national ownership of at least credit, transport, and staple production by a responsible world directorate [World Trade Organization].

  4. The practical recognition of the necessity for world biological controls, for example, of population and disease. [This is the program adopted by Adolf Hitler and by the Club of Rome and World Wildlife Fund. This is also the policy behind the Bush Administration's so-called FEMA experiment with control of hoof-and-mouth disease. The anti-vaccination, mass killing of cows in England, and proposed for the U.S.A. itself, is intended as a model for mass killing of those of our citizens deemed infected with a deadly, allegedly uncontrollable infectious disease, perhaps you and your neighbors, soon.]

  5. The support of a minimum standard of freedom and welfare in the world.

  6. The supreme duty of subordinating the personal life to the creation of a world directorate capable of these tasks and to the general advancement of human knowledge, capacity, and power. [In scholarly literature, this is sometimes described as "universal fascism."]

From that standpoint, it should not be difficult to understand why foolish, mentally deranged tools such as President Bush and Sharon are being deployed to create mass-murderous, perhaps even nuclear holocausts in today's Middle East. Past history gives us relevant examples to study.

During the interval July 14, 1789 until the July 29, 1794 execution of Robespierre and Saint-Just, Bentham's secret committee closely directed the leadership of the continuing Jacobin Terror. This was an operation aimed, by intention, to subvert and destroy not only the forces in France which had been allied with the United States, but to isolate the United States, and thus to crush it. This use of the unleashing of bloody chaos, as a way of bringing about the self-destruction of nations and other forces committed to the cause of the principle of the general welfare (the common good), has been a recurring practice in modern history, as typified by the way in which the imperial maritime power of financier-oligarchical Venice incited and orchestrated the religious of 1511-1648 Europe, for the purpose of destroying the legacy of the Fifteenth-Century Renaissance.

So, the British Foreign Office directed, used, and used up Robespierre, et al. So, the British monarchy sponsored, used, and used up the Adolf Hitler whom London's Montagu Norman et al. brought to power in 1933. This is the way the British monarchy, aided by Christian Solidarity International, is running genocide against the population of Sub-Saharan Africa currently, through orchestrated insurrections and warfare, as against Sudan. This Jacobin-style use of bloody chaos as a strategic instrument of policy, is what is being deployed internationally, against Brazil and other targets, under the leadership of Anglo-French operative Teddy Goldsmith. This is the motive for the British monarchy's use of its asset President George Bush, in unleashing Sharon to unleash a genocidal chaos throughout the Middle East and beyond.

As then Secretary of State Madeleine Albright bragged publicly in a 1999 New York City address, she and her father, Josef Korbel had had their U.S. careers sponsored by the avowed advocates of the policies of H.G. Wells, policies of Wells to which she adhered, in spoken words, and in her practice as Secretary of State, as in the Balkan war of 1999.

The close relationships, and kindred policies of the circles of Korbel and the household of Zbigniew Brzezinski, and the training of Condoleezza Rice, are typical of the influence in shaping U.S. policies of practice today.

Poor Bush himself, however nasty and mass-murderous, is essentially an emotionally, mentally crippled fool. The most interesting question his policies pose, therefore, is: Exactly who is using that poor dummy, and for what purpose?

Think of my words carefully, and you might understand what the world's crises of today are all about.

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