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This statement appears in the April 13, 2001 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

LaRouche Statement on Hanssen Case Issued

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Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr., an officially registered pre-candidate for the Year 2004 U.S. Presidential election, issued the following statement April 5, 2001, on certain implications of the case of accused FBI agent Robert Philip Hanssen.

There are implications of the circumstances under which charges have been placed against FBI agent Robert Hanssen, on which I must not be silent. However, since the allegations against him are matters before the courts, I limit my remarks to the circumstances of the charges, rather than purporting to speak to the merit of the specific charges themselves. Even if some of those circumstances, as credibly reported, may not prove to be true, there are unignorable implications of those reports which have a certain persisting significance for the United States, even if some among them prove not to have been valid in particular features.

That said, the points to which I must speak, are the following.

Senior FBI Special Agent Hanssen is alleged to have become a youthful convert to Catholicism, recently a member of the St. Catharine's of Siena parish, in Great Falls, Virginia. There, he is associated with elements of a faction within an institution known as Christendom College, which are known to me to be not strictly Christian: but, rather, a circle associated with the figure Paul Weyrich, associated with wildly gnostic views overlapping the traditions of the notorious, neo-Manichean bogomil cult, spread from Bulgaria into northern Italy and southern France, where they were known, variously, as Cathars, or, in English popular slang, "the buggers." Their efforts to syncretize nominally Catholic affiliations with bogomil pagan theological traditions, are typified by advocacy of a theory of society consistent with the "globalizing" aims of the British Mont Pelerin Society cult and its assets, such as the Heritage Foundation and American Enterprise Institute.

On this account, pseudo-Christian sects of that nominally Catholic pedigree represent a parallel to certain wildly gnostic, low-church varieties of Protestant persuasions, such as those so-called "Temple Mount" fanatics, working to bring on the "Battle of Armageddon" in the Middle East today. They share a fanatical devotion to a global agenda beyond accountability to any government, and are thus inclined to abuse their positions within high and other government office in intended service of their gnostic varieties of global agendas.

Against Sovereign Nations

Several things of this type are to be considered as of relevance to the Hanssen case as presented by the U.S. Department of Justice.

First, the notion that Hanssen was running anything other than a penetration operation into Soviet and later Russian intelligence services, does not wash among circles of those with decades of experience in intelligence and counterintelligence matters, as I have. However, the association with Weyrich's circles does point to an important investigative lead into this matter.

Second, we must recognize the evidence that this quasi-bogomil currrent operating under the cover of Christendom College, has been conducting penetration operations against leading honest circles of Opus Dei, in both Europe and the Americas. Its operations in these nations are consistent with the Thatcherite Mont Pelerin Society and related efforts to undermine the sovereignty of each of the nation-states in which this penetration is known to have occurred.

Thirdly, we must take into account a certain inherent corruption built into entire sections of the U.S. official intelligence organizations, including the FBI and Criminal Division of the Department of Justice, since the virtual coup d'etat conducted by President Theodore Roosevelt and his Attorney-General Charles Bonaparte. These contaminated sections of the U.S. intelligence community function today as agencies, planted within government, of the combination of certain financial houses and law firms of Wall Street vintage, usually leaning today toward a pro-Southern Strategy ideological outlook.

This creates a situation in which networks of highly-placed "American Tory" interests are able to misuse the capabilities of the U.S. intelligence community to set up powerful global intelligence-type special operations, operations marching to a "different drummer" of the type of gnosticism associated with the indicated nest within the Christendom College circles.

The fact that Christendom College was taken over in a virtual coup by circles associated with Weyrich, shows a character-trait in the latter circles consistent with the indicated pattern. When we include the way in which the same sections of the U.S. intelligence community have been conducting penetration operations against Opus Dei in various nations, we have a pattern of behavior which requires a corresponding U.S. counterintelligence investigation of these connections and operations.

We should not believe anything on the Hanssen case itself, until these investigative leads are competently explored.

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