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This article appears in the May 18, 2001 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

President Bush's Rearmament Scam:
Goebbels in Bush's Bunker

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On May 2, 2001, LaRouche in 2004, the political campaign committee for Lyndon LaRouche's candidacy for the Democratic nomination for President in 2004, released this statement. It was written by candidate LaRouche in immediate response to President George W. Bush's May 1 rearmament speech, which included announcement of White House intent to scrap the 1972 ABM treaty and build a national missile defense.

Today's survey of reactions to President Bush's announcement of his re-armament drive, taken together with the "Hitler in the Bunker" mentality which has dominated the new administration, increasingly, from the start, leads me to the following crucial points of strategic assessment of yesterday's May 1, "wonder weapons" proclamation.

As I had warned of this likely Bush policy earlier, the only significant military feature of the package announced yesterday, is the elements which bear on missions typified by boost-phase interception of vehicles carrying EMP-effect warheads, from such locations as near to U.S. or NATO nations' shores. Otherwise, to adduce the essential, overall military-technological characteristics of President Bush's package, we must examine Bush's "miracle weapons" rearmament package on two leading points.

First, it is, primarily, an economics hoax, the desperation-drive effort to attempt to cover over a general physical, as well as financial collapse of the U.S. economy for even the very short-term period of a few weeks or months immediately ahead.

Second, apart from the boost-phase intercept feature, the entire package, considered as a military conception, is a pathetic imitation of the Josef Goebbels "miracle weapons" side-show of the "Hitler-in-the-bunker" period.

From a military-strategic standpoint, the package is, overall, a farce, a feature of the policies of the greatly "undermisestimated" President Bush which should no longer surprise us. In this light, it serves as a carnival side-show faker's sort of diversion, distracting the credulous members of the public from the really dangerous globally strategic military conflict immediately before us. That is the danger of a general war, featuring Israeli "weapons of mass destruction," even perhaps nuclear detonations, in the area of the Middle East in general.

In respect to the central feature of the weapons-systems packages preferred by Bush's proclamation, the most efficient approach, is to compare a recent, extremely significant Aviation Week warning, concerning Boeing aircraft's technological performance with the cupidity and incompetence of the Heritage Foundation's "High Frontier" boondoggle of the early through middle 1980s.

In making that comparison, review the highlights of my fight, back then, against the lies, cupidity, and scientific incompetence of the Mont Pelerin Society's (read: Heritage Foundation's) Lt.-Gen. (ret.) Daniel Graham. The point to be stressed, is that the same crew of thieving Mont Pelerin Society-directed magpies, which were behind the deployment of Graham and his "High Frontier" kookery then, are in control of the institutions behind the present Bush rearmament drive.

First, look at the Bush proclamation as an economic shell-game packaged in rearmament wrappings. Then, examine the systemic technological incompetence of any package which could be put together by the current Bush administration's teams.

Bush in the Bunker

To understand U.S. policy today, you have to ask yourself why that pack of Wall Street-centered financial houses and their law firms, which control the major U.S. news and entertainment media, the Boston-Wall Street-Houston-Washington cabal known affectionately as "the establishment," imposed George W. Bush and Al Gore as the only Presidential candidates allowed to be actually presented as serious choices, to the general electorate.

To understand that question, you must take into account, that virtually none of the top circles of that establishment believed, that the oncoming world financial collapse could be postponed much beyond the November 7, 2000 election-date. Forget the "excessively exuberant," mindless loonies trading shares in the financial pits; why would the upper strata of the establishment wish to put as obvious and notorious a dummy as George "Mortimer Snerd" Bush in the White House, under the worldwide conditions of the oncoming worst, world-wide financial collapse in history?

Obviously, George Bush and Al Gore were the establishmnent's preferred choices, for some reason. Why not one of any number of far more capable candidates, candidates capable of showing the intelligence the presently onrushing crisis requires of our incumbent head of state? Why did neither of those candidates address, even once, an onrushing, world-wide financial collapse which had become obvious to all leading financial centers and others since the crises of 1997-1998? What was that reason?

For anyone whose brain is not drugged with an overdose of "popular opinion," otherwise to be known as "vox pox," the answer should be obvious from the given facts.

The short answer to that crucial question is, the establishment was determined to prevent any qualified candidate from becoming President at this time. In short, fragmentation grenades are not chosen for their intelligence. Think of President Bush in the White House, as a political, strategic human bomb. His lack of powers of comprehension, is the virtue which recommended him for the probably brief period of the role he is intended to play.

Bush has been playing in a parody of "Hitler in the Bunker" since the moment the Carl Schmitt look-a-likes, Associate Justice Antonin Scalia et al., chose to rip up the U.S. Constitution, to make Bush the President-elect. Now, with yesterday's proclamation, we have the Josef Goebbels-type promise of "miracle weapons" to match the "Hitler in the Bunker" image.

The physical meaning of the term "reality" is not in the vocabulary of President Bush's mental life. His qualifications for the role he plays lie in his proudly exhibited, awesome lack of both knowledge and cognitive capacity, as typified by his tendency to speak proudly in fractured synapses, sometimes like an escaped factory-reject from the robot production-line. Somewhere between his eyes and his teleprompter, one hears his mind scraping its bearings and rattling: "Me like!" "Me not like!!!"

Bush was selected for his present "human bomb"-like role as President, because his lack of intellectual or moral intelligence fitted him for the role of a trustworthy fool, too dumb, too immoral to shirk the role his sponsors had selected for him. He now dwells within a parody of Hitler's bunker; now come the Goebbels-style packages of "miracle weapons." Whether any of those weapons actually perform as proposed, or not, is not the question. The questions are: will this rearmament swindle buy a little time, and create some opportunities for creating crisis-management diversions, before the inevitable general financial collapse occurs? Will it make some Bush appointees and their corporate associates rich in the meantime?

Graham Crackers

The Heritage Foundation's Lt.-Gen. (ret.) Daniel Graham is dead, and in due course will be judged accordingly in the appropriate court, but, the evil he did during the last years before his final sickness gripped him, lives with us still. As I knew him by his actions from the 1977-1984 interval, he was not an honorable man, nor a notably sane one. His role as a double-dipping cat's-paw of the Mont Pelerin Society's Heritage Foundation, in his direct personal attacks on me, and upon Dr. Edward Teller, during 1982-1983, was a crucial factor in wrecking the SDI proposal which President Ronald Reagan delivered publicly to the Soviet government in a famous March 23, 1983 address.

Thus, the specter of the evil done by Graham, haunts Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, and Rumsfeld's rearmament package, today. Combine Aviation Week's well-paced case on the subject of recent changes in Boeing's capabilities, with the ruin done to the U.S. military-science capabilities by the policies of the Heritage Foundation's Graham. This puts the finger exactly on the spot which defines President Bush's proclaimed rearmament policy as a Goebbels "miracle weapons" diversion, repeated as farce.

Like the Wall Street-centered establishment cabal of financial houses and their law firms, where those persons used to have a brain, there resides a hyperventilated slogan, instead, a threnody of "My money! My money! My money!" The worst dupes of John Law's early Eighteenth-Century financial bubble, were paragons of sanity, when compared with the psychotic, homicidal frenzy of "My money!"--"Read my lips! It is spelled m-o-n-e-y, 'money'!"--which reigns around neo-Nietzschean Chairman of the Federal Reserve System, Alan Greenspan, in the exuberant orbit of the Wall Street-centered establishment today.

In fact, the Bush Administration, from the top down, is as all-Nietzschean as a celebration of the "Triumph of the Will" at a Nazi Nuremberg rally. They have no regard for the consequences of what they are doing; they think only of holding on to an increasingly dictatorial quality of power to command for the next few moments, regardless of what might actually come after that.

As the Aviation Week review reflects this, the adaptation of the management of Boeing to the lunatic "my money!" pressures from the Wall Street-centered financier oligarchy, has transformed one of the world's leading performers in that industry into an organization stripped, increasingly, of those programs and highly skilled specialist personnel which had made the firm's achievements possible.

In an earlier time, this was already General Graham's "High Frontier," anti-science psychobabble program. It is the characteristic of the cabal of executives assuming leading responsibility for Donald Rumsfeld's rearmament tasking of today. Graham's babble is fairly summed up as, "Forget the scientists, we need to limit ourselves to the kinetic-energy-weapons potentials sitting presently on the shelves of financially needy weapons manufacturers." That is the essence of President Bush's rearmament proclamation of yesterday.

Technology & Strategy

To make a fair comparison of Goebbels' "miracle weapon" program to that of President Bush's rearmament proclamation, take the case of Peenemünde, for example.

At the time the civilian-created German space program was launched, during the late 1920s, the ever-omniscient pro-Confederate belles of the New York Times had proclaimed it to be scientifically absurd of Harvard's Professor Goddard to say that his rockets could ever reach beyond the Earth's atmosphere. Usually, the New York Times has been shown to have been wrong on science every time, since it denounced the invention of the electric light bulb and denounced the Wright brothers as crazy for believing their planes could fly.

Considering the decisive role the initial German development has played in world history since that time, the development of space-exploration technology is one of the science-drivers for scientific progress in every field. Its importance, back during the 1930s, in Germany, could not be overestimated. Yet, Hitler et al., essentially put the program on ice until the time for brandishing threats of "miracle weapons" came around.

Like Hitler of the pre-bunker phase, General Graham of 1976-1984 was the kind of "practical," money-minded man who, out of repeated statements from his own mouth, placed science itself in the category of a hated thing, somewhere proximate to the John Birch Society's worries about Communism.

It is conjecturable, on the record of his 1976-1984 performance, that the General Graham of that period would have supported the Times on each and all of those anti-science boo-boos, every time. (One wonders what his attitude might have been, at relevant times, on the proposal for breech-loaded cannon, or perhaps even the invention of the wheel?)

In a sense, knowing Donald Rumsfeld from decades ago in Chicago, I am startled by the suggestion that he might have forgotten those ABCs of industrial technology he seemed to know so well as a younger executive. I can see how he might consider it important to get some funding into research and development among the firms which might become capable of producing more advanced technologies; otherwise, I find it difficult to believe that he actually thinks the program he is assigned to carry out would actually work as proposed.

There is a common psychological, or should we say psychopathological root of the 1980s sabotage of the SDI proposal by Heritage's Daniel Graham, and the root of the intrinsic technological incompetence of the Bush rearmament swindle today. To make it simple, the fools rallied around Bush's rearmament boondoggle, like fools such as General Graham earlier, substitute their superstitious belief in the magic of money for the reality of physical science.

The increase of mankind's power in and over nature, is always a direct reflection of progress in those fundamental scientific discoveries from which experimental methods spill out improved technologies. Thus, it is the experimental physicists, and the engineers and highly skilled machine-tool workers and related technicians who work with them, who, as they used to do at Boeing, produce the miracles of progress in both design and performance of products, and in productivity. A relatively high ratio of employment of these categories in universities, government, and industries, is the most important factor of employment and training policy in upgrading the productive power of labor, and effectiveness of products, including weapons-systems.

This Policy Must Fail

This also requires a significant increase in the percentile of the total labor-force employed in industries reflecting those science-driven high-technology programs. This also requires a cultural standard in the households and communities of persons employed in those industries, which means a reversal of the pattern of increasing the number of employments required to maintain a household income, and an increase in the effective content of the wage-packet of the household from which the technologically progressive labor-force is drawn.

Any policy which does not incorporate those leading features, must fail.

Notable in the defense and related industries today, is the substitution of the lunacy of so-called computerized benchmarking for traditional forms of design engineering and related testing programs. The trend for increase in technological performance failures, often causing fatalities to users of products relying on benchmarking design, typifies the increasing performance failures of not only products of military production, but also of the teams of military personnel employed in using those products.

A closer look at the problems faced by the German aerospace-program of the 1930s and early 1940s, shows us that the problems which Hitler's notorious anti-science bias imposed upon Germany's science and related programs, are echoed in what should be seen in the U.S. today, as the nation's most embarrassing reasons for increasing rates of failures in the military procurement and related programs of our nation today.

True, the U.S. today does require high-powered, highly concentrated science-driver programs, to resuscitate our ruined physical economy and general standard of living today. However, on precisely that account, not only is President Bush's rearmament campaign a tragic farce from the outset, in scientific and technical terms it compares poorly in relative technological performance, with Nazi propaganda minister Josef Goebbels' last-ditch "miracle weapons" program of the concluding war years.

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