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This release appears in the September 27, 2002 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Bush Must Say, 'No'
To Israel Nuclear Blackmail

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

This statement was issued on Sept. 18, 2002 for national circulation by the Presidential pre-candidate's political committee, LaRouche in 2004. Subheads have been added.

I am warning President George W. Bush and European leaders: If weapons inspectors return to Iraq, and an otherwise-certain Iraq-centered new Middle East war by the United States is thus averted, the governments of the United States and Western Europe must be prepared to forcefully intervene, to prevent an increasingly more desperate and psychotic Ariel Sharon's nuclear-armed regime in Israel, the world's third-ranking strategic nuclear-weapons power, from blowing up the entire Middle East region, and beyond, with those weapons!

At an international webcast, before a live audience in Washington on Sept. 11, 2002, I identified three hurdles that had to be overcome to avert an Iraq war that would trigger a perpetual "Clash of Civilizations" religious conflict and a New Dark Age. First, the United Nations Security Council had to become the venue for dealing with the Iraq situation, and a reasonable resolution had to be drafted, that would be agreed to by President Bush, overriding the Sharon-influenced "war party" within his own Administration's senior ranks. Second, the resolution had to be accepted by Iraq's Saddam Hussein, as well as by President Bush. With those two conditions met, I warned, the gravest, remaining danger to overcome would be a berserker move by Sharon in Israel to sabotage the peaceful resolution and blow up the region.

It was the threat of an Israeli nuclear attack on Iraq in 1991 that blackmailed the first Bush Administration into launching Operation Desert Storm. Today's Israel, under the insane Sharon regime, is the only nation on Earth that genuinely fits the profile of a "rogue state" armed to the teeth with "weapons of mass destruction." Israel has the third-largest nuclear weapons arsenal on Earth, and a triad of submarine, missile, and bomber delivery systems, capable of obliterating the entire Persian Gulf. Israeli scientists have recently threatened that they now have the capability of launching an intercontinental ballistic missile, meaning that no place on Earth—including the United States—is exempt from an Israeli pre-emptive nuclear attack. I ask you: Do you dare dismiss this threat from Sharon?

Suez Crisis Resolve Needed Again

Have you looked inside the mind of a Jabotinskyite universal fascist like Sharon or Netanyahu? These men are the continuation of the avowedly fascist Vladimir Jabotinsky, a Mussolini crony who not only described himself as a fascist, but offered, unsuccessfully, to make a deal with Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler. These followers of Jabotinsky gained their present power in Israel through the 1995 assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, who had the courage to pursue a "peace of the brave" with the Palestinians.

Since the 1956 attack on Egypt by Britain, France, and Israel, until the 1989-1991 break-up of Soviet power, Israel's access to nuclear weapons had made it the third "tilt" power in the global strategic equation.

Already in 1956, it took an experienced military man, President Dwight Eisenhower, to force Israel to back down from the Suez invasion, after both Britain and France had withdrawn under American pressure. Eisenhower not only threatened to cut off all U.S. military and civilian aid to Israel; he also threatened to remove the tax-exempt status of all American organizations that provided aid to Israel. An even more resolute action will now be required from a far-less qualified President George W. Bush, to stop Sharon from carrying out either a false-flag "Islamist" terrorist attack against an American target, or a nuclear attack on Iraq or Iran. This is deadly serious stuff, and your personal involvement in the effort to stop it is vital.

Are you prepared to have the Sharon regime in Israel once again blackmail an American President into starting a war in the Persian Gulf, out of fear of an Israeli weapons of mass destruction attack on Baghdad? Do you have any idea what the consequences will be for the U.S. and world economy, if a new Persian Gulf War, costing American taxpayers between $2-3 trillion, is launched today, under the current conditions of a collapsing U.S. economy and a thoroughly bankrupt world financial system?

I warned that the toleration for the swamp of Sharon agents inside the Bush Administration, is another grave impediment to the President taking the urgently required action, in concert with our European allies and Russia, to stop Sharon from provoking this perpetual war. In a recent mass-circulation LaRouche in 2004 release, "The Pollard Affair Never Ended," I named the names of the leading Sharonists inside the Bush Pentagon and State Department—Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, Doug Feith, David Wurmser—some of whom literally prepared the foreign policy doctrine of perpetual war for then-Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in July 1996. These Netanyahu-Sharon Likud moles inside the Bush foreign policy and national security establishment are still suspected, now with more and more evidence of involvement with the convicted Israeli spy, the American-born Jonathan Pollard.

The Case of I. Lewis Libby

Since the release and circulation of a million copies of the "Pollard Affair Never Ended" campaign document, new, even more damning evidence has surfaced. Therefore, I must intensify my demand for a thorough national security investigation into key staffers in the Office of Vice President Dick Cheney, beginning with his chief of staff and national security advisor, I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby.

Libby, a protégé of Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz for the past 30 years, has assembled a "shadow national security council" in the Vice President's Office, which has protected the Israeli agents nest inside the Pentagon and State Department—and blocked an urgently needed purge of these Likudniks. Libby has his own longstanding deep ties to the Sharon circles, including to the Pollard spy ring.

While out of government, Libby served between 1985-2000 as the personal attorney for fugitive swindler Marc Rich. Rich was indicted by the U.S. Justice Department in 1983 for tax evasion and for trading with the enemy, and he fled the United States, establishing a luxurious hide-away in Zug, Switzerland.

Today, according to Israeli sources, Rich is under investigation, for illegal contributions to Ariel Sharon's last political campaign. He has been involved in Russian Mafia operations in Africa, and, through his Marc Rich Foundation in Israel, has openly financed international operations of the Israeli Mossad. Libby's law partner and mentor, Leonard Garment, was a pivotal player in the Israeli government's damage control effort, following the Pollard arrest in November 1985, and he served as the attorney for Israeli Air Force Col. Aviem Sella, the man who recruited and deployed Jonathan Pollard.

Now, Ariel Sharon's regime is Hell-bent on provoking a regional war in the Middle East, a war pivoted on an Israeli pre-emptive attack on Iraq. The threat is that, if President Bush does not virtually exterminate Iraq, and neighboring countries, too, Israel will. This means the likely use of nuclear, biological or chemical weapons. All the while, Sharon's Washington moles are operating under the shadows of the Vice President and the Secretary of Defense of the United States. If Sharon is to be stopped from launching World War III in the Middle East, this entire Pollard stay-behind apparatus must be thoroughly investigated, exposed, and removed from government—now! It is time for these Israeli agents and spies to be kicked out of government, and the Israeli government to desist from its nuclear blackmail. I demand it. I can not believe that any sane and patriotic American would not back me up "100%" on this specific issue.

Support me actively on this issue. If you are serious about the security of our nation and its people, I should be able to count on you.

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