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This correspondence appears in the April 2, 2004 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Letter to DNC Chair McAuliffe
On Democratic Convention Hoax

Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.
Round Hill, Virginia
March 24, 2004

Terence R. McAuliffe, National Chair
Democratic Party Headquarters
Washington, D.C.

Re: Your Democratic National Committee Hoax

Chairman McAuliffe:

I am informed by persons I respect as credible sources, that, in the matter of your fraudulent allegations against me, you are acting merely as a flunky of known, if unstated controlling agencies. However, an honest man, even of your low rank, would have displayed the sense of personal honor to have resigned from the bureaucratic position you hold, rather than become childishly complicit, as you have done, in the disgusting action in which you have joined against me. You force me to rebuke you publicly.

In a letter issued to Democratic Party state officials, you have spoken with maliciously motivated reckless disregard for truth, and have committed offenses against the intent of our Federal Constitution respecting the selection of candidates for the U.S. Presidency.

That letter, to the extent it is carried into practice, has two relatively distinct, if interacting, leading practical implications for even the continued existence of the Party in its present composition.

1. Specifically, the allegation that my expressed political beliefs are explicitly racist and anti-Semitic, is not only a lie; but it is, rather, you, by your actions, who have condoned and promoted the aims sought by an implicitly racist overturn of the Voting Rights Act. The fact that you might have adopted libels, repeated by you as mere matters of malicious gossip, does not absolve you from the fact that you have adopted such malicious lies in support of what is clearly a maliciously motivated reckless disregard for truth. "I was only doing my job," did not absolve culpable Nazi officials, nor would it absolve you.

The letter you have circulated containing these fraudulent personal allegations against me, reflects, as you must know, a malicious action against me, led on behalf of the 2000 Gore for President campaign, an action which ironically contributed to Gore's loss of a clear Electoral College victory, had he not stolen my elected delegates' position in the Arkansas primary election of that year. It was in behalf of that effort, by Mr. Gore and others, that the Democratic Party secured an attorney of known pedigree and predilections, who relied upon the explicitly racist doctrine of "shareholder value" of Associate U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia and others, to overturn the Voting Rights Act; that, by an action taken in this case. That decision, secured on behalf of the Party, constituted a return to the pro-racist "Party as a private club" doctrine which the Voting Rights Act had overturned.

That rotten fruit, of that pro-racist action against the Voting Rights Act, was carried into a rump session of the ensuing Democratic National Convention, where the offending doctrine of "Delegate Selection Rules of the 2004 National Convention" was slipped through without securing due consideration of such a proposed, implicitly racist resolution. Such a resolution, so conducted through the proceedings, has the moral authority of soiled toilet paper, and deserves a corresponding disposition.

This resolution is itself an implicitly racist offense to our Federal Constitution by all who do not treat such a resolution with the contempt it deserves. The qualifications of a candidate for President are left to the judgment of the citizens, except as the U.S. Federal Constitution, crafted chiefly by persons who were capital felons under British law, provides certain explicit restrictions. Your instruction, that votes cast for my candidacy in primaries should not be recognized, attests to the perverse taint, and predilection for corruption in your currently practiced notions of democracy, and of the practical intent of our Constitution.

Hence, your widely circulated letter has the quality of the work of a crooked sophist, not an honest man.

2. On the second implication, action in service of your letter could be the likely cause for a crushing defeat of not only the Democratic Party in the coming November election, but the future existence of the current Democratic Party organization as such.

The long-oncoming general collapse of the present world monetary-financial system, whose onset was already manifest during Spring and Summer of 2000, was the setting for the attempted capture of the U.S. Presidency by wealthy forces in the same manner associated with the 1922-1945 wave of fascist insurrections and governments in continental Europe, then under the similar conditions of a decay and breakdown of the Versailles monetary system. Since the current administration's use of the events of September 11, 2001 as occasion for steps toward fascist-tending police-state rule, we have come to a time where no prudent and well-informed thinker would consider a plausibly honest November 2004 election as reasonably assured without some energetic precautionary action beforehand.

The refusal of all Democratic National Committee approved Presidential pre-candidates, so far, to address either the actual nature of the presently onrushing general world monetary-financial crash, or the need to prepare to react to this perilous development in a manner echoing the measures proposed and launched by Franklin Roosevelt during his 1932 campaign and his Presidency, creates a situation in which fascist-like emergency measures by the current Administration, and the most obscene elements infesting the body of the U.S. Congress, could introduce measures akin in spirit to those which the Nazi government of Adolf Hitler introduced on the occasion of Hermann Göring's setting fire to the Reichstag. The recent terror in Spain, launched by the continued existence of the Nazi international, should be noted as forewarning, that as long as creatures such as Tom DeLay, Dick Cheney, and John Ashcroft are running loose inside government, the presumption that a successful November election outcome is guaranteed, even when running against a rival as mentally and morally challenged as the incumbent President, borders upon a delusion. That election is assured only if we now act to ensure at least a semblance of a fair election; even any election at all.

While I admire the presumptive Democratic nominee as a candidate for normal circumstances, the inevitable aspects of the presently onrushing general international monetary-financial collapse, are beyond his present comprehension, and those of his presently apparent set of advisors. In that state of current and pending affairs, the systemic exclusion of my candidacy from the Party's processes of deliberation, going into July, is tantamount, in probable effect, to attempted mass political suicide by the Democratic Party as a whole. Therefore these present differences in approach, by Kerry and me respectively, must be thrashed out seriously, in public and otherwise, during the period up to the actual nomination.

In this situation, the next Presidency must be won in the streets, not the campaign-financier's boardrooms. It is only the lower eighty percentiles of our citizens' income brackets, not the wealthy, who could be relied upon in such circumstances as these. Their votes, not boardroom money, is the only reliable asset of this nation, or this party. I would turn that vote out; on performance thus far, you, and your recent choice of candidates, would not.

The present selection of "issues" by the party and its approved candidates does not touch the core of the really terrifying issues whose fearful aspect pervades the increasing anxiety of the lower eighty percentiles of the income-brackets of our republic. The relative decline of the popular participation in primaries since New Hampshire, is a forewarning of this source of danger. When the Party bosses overestimate their own importance, relative to the citizens generally, they are setting the Party up to be outflanked by that which they seek to disregard. It is time for the Democratic Party to become, once again, democratic in its internal deliberations, and in those with the public at large.

If you doubt any of this, you, Brother McAuliffe, are "nuts."

Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

cc: Democratic National Committee;
Democratic State Committees;
Senator John Kerry's Presidential campaign

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