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This article appears in the June 25, 2004 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

How `The Sexual Congress of
Cultural Fascism' Ruined the U.S.A.
and Gave Us `Beast-Man' Cheney

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

[May 27, 2004]

During the 1964-81 interval, from the launching of the U.S. official war in Indo-China, through the inauguration of Paul Volcker as chairman of the Federal Reserve System, the United States of America was transformed from the world's leading producer society, into what became that presently, terminally bankrupt "post-industrial" wreckage, which has been bestowed upon the currently crumbling Administration of Vice President Dick Cheney's puppet, George W. Bush, Jr. So far, as the worsening horrors now reported from U.S. operations in Iraq attest, what the world has seen there, is a growing image of that U.S. display of a quality of sheer, literally Hitler-like "beastliness" toward mankind, of which only depraved man were capable of becoming, at home, and, therefore, also abroad.

The available remedy for these perilous conditions, would be a return to the successful precedents of the Franklin D. Roosevelt Administration.

President Franklin Roosevelt's strength was expressed in both his leading the U.S. recovery from the 1929-33 world depression, and the U.S.A.'s decisive role, under his leadership, in preventing the fascists of Europe, led by Adolf Hitler, from establishing their intended world-empire in that time. Roosevelt's resources for these purposes, were derived from what are, presently, certain poorly understood, often neglected, special features of the U.S. Constitution's Presidential system. His Administration expressed a Constitutional tradition of resistance to that Venetian-style practice of usury which had been the source of the 1922-1945 emergence of fascist power in Europe. The advantage drawn upon by Roosevelt, was a U.S. Constitutional tradition which was rooted in the best parts of U.S. culture: that culture's shared commitment to the same Platonic, Classical forms of artistic and scientific culture which have been the root of all of the net achievements of European civilization since the great anti-usury, 15th-Century Renaissance.

The great afflictions which our republic has suffered since that President's most untimely death, have been chiefly the work of a faction, in both leading parties, which had sought to prevent that President's election in 1932. That was a faction whose faulty moral and intellectual character was subsequently expressed to a most notable degree, in the role of a source of moral and other corruption associated with a subversive phenomenon known as the Congress for Cultural Freedom (CCF). That project, CCF, reflects as much the result, as it did the cause, of the kind of decadence which has led to the increasing ruin of our nation, step by step, over the course of the recent four decades.

The characteristic feature of that deep moral corruption which the Roosevelt tradition's typical enemies of the Congress for Cultural Freedom came to represent, was its subversive commitment to fostering what became known as the "counterculture" launched during the middle to late 1960s. This development expressed CCF's commitment to uprooting all of those factors of U.S. culture which had been the determining factors of Roosevelt's leading the U.S. to economic recovery, and its leading role in the defeat of fascism.

There have now been 40 years of acceleration of that specific form of cultural decadence, since the mid-1960s rise of that rock-drug-sex youth-counterculture for which the work of the founders of CCF had done much to set the stage. It is that, and related developments of the mid-1960s and beyond, which have brought the U.S. to the point of both the presently onrushing monetary-financial-economic collapse, and the lunatic resurrection, as by Vice President Cheney, of the role of Bertrand Russell's doctrine of "world government through preventive nuclear warfare." This legacy of Russell et al., was that global strategy of perpetual nuclear-armed warfare, which the Cheney faction has revived, since 1991-93, from the aftermath of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

In two earlier mass-circulated reports of this Presidential campaign, my collaborators and I have already identified the specific characteristics of Cheney's policies. In those reports, I emphasized that it were impossible to understand the mechanisms shaping the policies and practice of Cheney's crew of so-called "neo-conservatives," unless we recognized that crew as of the same specific cultural quality of a collective "Beast-Man," which should be recognized from the character of the Adolf Hitler regime. We emphasized there, that the present U.S. Administration under Vice President Cheney's domination, is a modern echo of the consummately evil Count Joseph de Maistre's favorite Satanic figure, the inhuman Grand Inquisitor Tomás de Torquemada: the same Mephistophelean Grand Inquisitor implicitly, aptly, insightfully depicted by Fyodor Dostoyevsky's characterization.[1]

As coming developments will show more clearly, Mrs. Lynne Cheney's adopted rogue, her husband, the brutishly bungling Vice President Dick, is no self-made man, and certainly no genius. That snarling creature on that lady's leash, is a consummately greedy and culpable creature, but not a notably intelligent one. When one speaks of that Vice President, think of something more along the lines of Mrs. Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley's lurching Frankenstein Monster.[2] In short: Dick Cheney did not create the beast he has become today. He is only a very bad actor, playing a part created by such cleverer men as Nazi "crown jurist" Carl Schmitt's one-time protégé, the Hutchins-appointed University of Chicago Professor Leo Strauss.

Now, in this third report of that series, our attention is focussed on the way in which we, as a nation, were induced to allow this destructive transformation of our nation's institutions to occur. In the following pages, we turn attention now to the role of the rise of the youth counterculture of the middle to late 1960s, in pre-shaping events such as both the presently onrushing global monetary-financial collapse and the ominous, present Iraq quagmire. To that end, we expose the role and character of that Congress for Cultural Freedom which is exemplary of the circles which worked to induce us, at least many among us, to wreak such moral and economic destruction upon our nation, and such relative depravity upon ourselves.

The fact that such a fiendish, intellectually challenged wretch as Cheney, could become the virtual puppet-master controlling the pathetic, current President of the U.S.A., is merely a symptom, not the true source of our present national catastrophe. Every society has produced its nasty personalities; of which some are merely serious nuisances, but some others, national catastrophes. Cheney's access to his present role as one of our national catastrophes, is not the cause, but, rather, an included outcome of changes, including Allen Dulles's deals with certain Nazis, which we have allowed to be imposed upon our republic, and also upon the cultures of Europe, over the course of the more than 59 years, since the untimely death of President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

To cure that, our current catastrophe, we must show how this degeneration of our great republic was brought about over those intervening six decades. To recognize how we were transformed from the world's leading producer economy, into the sick, "post-industrial," economic parasite we have become today, we must focus attention on trends in both U.S.A. and global developments, which have appeared since the aftermath of the assassinations of such as President John F. Kennedy, the attempted assassinations of France's Charles de Gaulle, and the 1968 killings of the Rev. Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy.

I repeat the point. We must ask ourselves: What evil principle, which enemy of everything our Constitutional republic was established to become, has brought about our presently catastrophic role, under Cheney's puppet George W. Bush, Jr. and his ally Tony Blair, the role of a grotesquely failed attempt at creating a global, Anglo-American caricature of the Roman Empire? If we, as a people, wish to escape the terrible consequences we have brought upon ourselves, when you allowed such a caricature of a U.S. Presidency to come into that office, you must ask yourself: How was this evil, utopian dogma, of nuclear imperialism, deployed, especially since the closing moments of World War II, that in such as a way as to bring about this awful transformation of our nation? How shall we, therefore, come to know, and to uproot that evil among us which now threatens us with our republic's self-destruction?

My intention here, is to aid us in identifying, and removing, that factor of principled evil which our present national catastrophe expresses. The case which I state and develop in the following pages, is, in summary, as follows:

For as far back into pre-history as we can trace the development of cultures, prior to the 15th-Century birth of the modern European nation-state, the practiced forms of the organization of society, were principally those forms of evil in which a relatively few men and women had subjected the majority of other men and women, to the condition of either hunted, or herded, human cattle. The 16th-Century launching of the African slave-trade into the Americas, by the Portuguese and Spanish monarchies, combined with the launching of that modern murderous anti-Semitism by Isabella I's Spain which was later copied by the Hitler regime, typifies the persistence of this evil into modern European times. Nonetheless, through the great achievement expressed by the outcome of the 15th-Century Renaissance, until the recent four decades, European civilization, with all its included wrongs and even evils, had nonetheless led, until recently, in raising the standard of living and freedom of the peoples of this planet. Now, during the recent four decades, we have reversed direction, turning back the clock of European history, economy, and culture, toward a now-threatened, new, planetary dark age.

So, in this process of the recent four decades, we have adopted changes in our popular and related culture, which have had the effect of causing the clock of human progress to run backwards. As the history of past slavery, and presently continued racial discrimination in the U.S.A. attests, still today, and as our currently prevalent doctrines of public education also reflect this, we live in a society which seeks to control the mass of its own people by, as we say, "dumbing them down." Like the decadence of doomed ancient Rome, the ostensible rulers of America today, seek to divert the attention of the greater part of even the upper 20% of the population's income-brackets from the ugly reality of these days, with the bread and circuses of sexually and otherwise depraved forms of mass-entertainment.

As I and others shall show in the course of this present report as a whole:

This condition the U.S.A. is presently suffering, as a nation, increasingly, is the effect of the induced cultural transformation of so many of the men and women of the Americas and Europe today, who have been captured by the morally and intellectually corrupting effects of a post-modernist culture. They have become captives of a trend of change in mental life, in the direction of becoming herded human cattle, becoming the willing victims of a society of little bread and much entertainment, increasingly degraded entertainment, as the self-doomed Roman Empire entertained itself before us.

This trend of nearly two generations in our own culture, reflects a principle of evil which is merely typified by such precedents as the introduction of both peonage and the African slave-trade into the Americas, by the 16th-Century monarchies of Portugal and Spain. The principle of evil expressed by this reversal of the clock of human progress, continues the doctrine of perpetual conflict of Galileo Galilei's student Thomas Hobbes, a doctrine expressed in such forms as the practice of the systems of fascist government which were spread across Continental Europe from 1922 until the close of war in 1945.

This same principle of evil was given a concentrated expression in the widespread, influential practice of what has come to be regarded, unfortunately, as a highly respected U.S. organization, an organization known under such titles as the Congress for Cultural Freedom.

This corruption was set fully into motion, by influentials such as Allen Dulles, as soon as President Franklin Roosevelt was dead. Dulles, who conducted the secret agreements to bring elements of the Nazi SS within the postwar Anglo-American establishment, typified those who then worked to bring the ostensibly sanitized elements of Nazi existentialist doctrine back even into the Anglo-American/French government of occupied postwar Germany, as the roles of Theodor Adorno and Margaret Mead are examples of the spread of this specific form of corruption there. This was typified by the spread of that same corruption in the U.S. itself by Adorno, Bertrand Russell's Mead, and Adorno's truth-hating, existentialist crony Hannah Arendt.[3] As the evidence is documented, summarily, in the pages of this report, the CCF's radiated, bestializing influence to that explicitly intended effect, has dominated trans-Atlantic and other parts of our planet's civilization, increasingly, from the 1945 close of that war, until the present day.

The motive for the broader, systemic corruption of mind and morals which that Commentary magazine-associated CCF only exemplifies, has been to poison, and even eradicate the intellectual and cultural roots of the modern sovereign form of nation-state republic. The intent of that corruption has been, to do this in a way which clears the pathway for the subversion and replacement of existing sovereign states by a new name for imperialism, called "globalization."

One principal outcome of that mass-brainwashing by CCF-related influences, was the eruption of the mid-1960s "rock-drug-sex youth-counterculture." Since President Abraham Lincoln led the U.S. into its role as a continental power, through the defeat of Lord Palmerston's asset, the Confederacy, it has been the case, since President Lincoln's victory, that to conquer that powerful nation of the American people, one must first corrupt their minds, as the work of the CCF is thus more appropriately named the "Sexual Congress for Cultural Fascism." Our enemies, those from without and from within, must first induce us to corrupt and destroy ourselves, intellectually and morally. When that post-Kennedy youth-countercultural ferment fostered by CCF, is compared with its equally evil twin, today's right-wing "fundamentalist" insurgency of Pat Robertson, Tom DeLay, et al., we have in those combined, intertwined cases, a leading example of that which typifies the CCF-centered process of cultural corruption of the minds of Americans and Europeans alike.

The change of the character of the U.S.A., since the mid-1960s, from the world's leading producer nation, to its presently looted condition as a lurching "post-industrial" wreckage, is an expression of the degree to which the intention of the CCF has been carried out in the U.S.A. and the United Kingdom, as also in Australia and New Zealand, as also in Continental Europe. For reasons which will become clear during the following pages of this special report by my campaign, I have preferred to designate that U.S.-based organization by a title more consistent with its typical role in crafting the characteristically inhuman, madly rutting, "rock-drug-sex youth-counterculture" of the middle through late 1960s: "The Sexual Congress for Cultural Fascism" (SCCF).

Now, you should ask yourselves: Who were the clever ones, who had begun to do this to us, even long before Lynne Cheney's presently lurching monster had been born? Who has, thus, put the legendary "mark of the beast" upon our nation? How shall we remove that ugly, menacing stain?

That crucial information which your family's protection demands so urgently, is the subject of the following pages of this present report.

[1] See Helga Zepp LaRouche's speech to the Feb. 15, 2004 session of the Schiller Institute/ICLC conference, with reference to Fyodor Dostoyevsky's The Brothers Karamazov (speech published in March 26, 2004 issue of EIR).

[2] Lynne and Dick Cheney are closely associated with the Prime Minister Tony Blair-linked Baroness Liz Symons and their U.S. and other confederates, who have played a leading part, on behalf of the Cheneys' special influence, in their concerted efforts in spreading a wild-eyed, lying libel against me personally, throughout corrupted sections of the British and other press in Europe. Symons' activities are closely allied with the notorious fellow-travellers of the CCF, such as John Irwin III's American Family Foundation (AFF), in the U.S.A. (cf. Appendix).

[3] Adorno, Theodor W., The Authoritarian Personality, John Wiley & Sons, New York, 1964. See Lyndon LaRouche, The Essential Fraud of Leo Strauss, EIR magazine, March 21, 2003; The Roles of Church and State, EIR magazine, May 16, 2003; When Even Scientists Were Brainwashed, EIR magazine, April 30, 2004.

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