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This memorandum appears in the November 4, 2005 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Japan Faces the Future

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

October 24, 2005

Modern Japan's emergence as a modern nation-state power was brought about largely through its cooperation with the U.S. circles associated with such representatives of U.S. President Abraham Lincoln as the world's leading economist of that time, the same Henry C. Carey who played a crucial role in the great Bismarck reforms in Germany and the development of Russia launched under Czar Alexander III. Unfortunately, Japan changed sides, against the U.S.A., for an alliance with the British monarchy of the Prince of Wales, otherwise known as Edward VII. As a result, the Japan of 1894-1945 made itself the puppet of the agreement reached with the British Empire for the first of Japan's wars, 1894-1905, and the continuing enemy of the U.S.A., especially over the issue of China policy, during the interval 1894-1945.

The current, new Japan administration of Prime Minister Koizumi has lost both its mind and its face, in ignoring that lesson of history. That new administration has also betrayed the vital interests of Japan in participation in the prospective new economic realities of Asia.

It is relevant to the situation which the new Koizumi government has brought upon itself, that the Japan which had allied with the British against the U.S.A. during the 1920s interval of the naval parity negotiations, had continued that alliance with Britain by the planned attack on Pearl Harbor at a time when the United Kingdom was desperately relying on U.S.A. rescue from Hitler's assault. Many Japanese patriots were needlessly sent to their deaths out of patriotic support for a ruling Japan ministry which launched that war with the U.S.A. over the issue of Japan's criminally imperialistic China policy. The Japanese soldiers and sailors fulfilled their assigned mission as honorable men, but the government which led them into that war and defeat was shameless.

The same imperial impulse, the same China issue of that time, permeates the follies of recent trends under the Koizumi ministry to the present time. Honorable forces of Japan should act to correct that faceless folly of that ministry while there is still time to avoid an unspeakable, self-inflicted catastrophe even worse than that of 1941-1945.

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