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This article appears in the February 24, 2006 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Character Tells: Cheney's Doom

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

February 15, 2006

Apparently, most of the Democratic politicians have not yet come out from under the stupor of the sudden capitulation to Alito's nomination. This time, on the issue of cowardly Cheney's shooting his victim, it is the TV's nightly comedians, not the elected politicians, who are closest to the world's current political realities. Which is to say that the famous Democratic donkey, which should have responded immediately to this issue, needs a solid kick in the party's ass.

It could be said to Cheney, as the character in "The Iceman Cometh" said to first hearing of the shocking truth, "Hickey, you took the life out of the booze!" Cheney, you took the life out of the beer served before the shooting started that ominous Saturday afternoon.

What set Cheney up for the political chop in these events, and also the career of that Lady Macbeth to which he is married, was the way he displayed his utter lack of personal moral character, and of just plain guts, in both his shooting of his victim, and in the way he reacted, on reflex, to attempt to cover up the truth about the incident. Cheney's reaction to his folly, was a flood of the most immediately obvious kind of pathetic whimpering, wild evasion, and outright lying which he has shown in any public appearances since his January 2001 inauguration. The TV comedians here, and in other parts of the world, got the smell of the situation in their nostrils as soon as the story broke. The leadership of the Democrats in the Congress apparently did not.

According to every account supplied, Cheney turned and shot the man coming up behind him in the line of march. It was just that simple. Forget the spin. Then, as the circumstantial and other related evidence shows clearly, he attempted an immediate cover-up of the event, taking steps to attempt to prevent press attention, or law enforcement reaction to the event. According to all credible accounts, the White House knew, but kept the public lid on the development until Karl Rove & Company, deigned to inform the White House press spokesman only shortly before what was a credibly astonished McClellan went out to meet the clamor of an energetic press corps.

Whether Cheney knew that there was a companion coming behind him, into the line of fire, is irrelevant. Cheney apparently says no; but no one has any reason to believe Cheney on that count, either. Firing in the direction of someone behind you in the line of march of the hunters, is pretty close to a case of "fragging." Perhaps Cheney did not consciously intend to shoot Whittington personally, but in his lust to kill a bird, Cheney didn't care whether Whittington was in his line of fire, or not. Cheney acted in the grip of his malicious passion of that movement, a passion which prompted him to break, passionately, the most elementary safety rule of that day's hunt.

Cowardly Cheney lost it in the clinches, as he always will. This time the cowardice of the mafia hit-man type showed through the bully's mask.

Cheney's public statement has not helped his case at all. The statement is obviously simply a typical Cheney evasion of the point at issue, with Cheney caught, this time, with his hand in the cookie-jar of political history. The sheer cowardice of the pattern of evasion and lying in Cheney's trail from the exit gates of the Armstrong ranch, reveals the innermost character of the man. The stench of that moral depravity, like the blood on Lady Macbeth's hand, will not go away.

Simply, as perhaps nearly everyone of relevance at the White House knows, the time has come for Cheney to go, and take his "Lady Macbeth" with him. Shakespeare was right, after all. Cheney's career is doomed. His stinking political pelt is there for anyone who might wish to take it as a trophy. Whew!

That much is obvious to any chivalrous TV comedian looking at these events from as far away as Germany's nightly Harald Schmidt.

The issue is no longer really Cheney. The issue is the guts, or lack thereof, of leading, past and present, elected Democrats. This is no time for them to whimper and sniff at the sides of lampposts and fireplugs. The most crucial issue in world politics and strategy today, is the fact that Cheney is ripe for the political trash can. Get rid of him, Democrats, before the stench of continued Cheney presence in his present office, attaches itself to you!

Cheney, with this deed you have disgusted us all. It is time for you to go, and take the dwindling ranks of your admirers with you. This is one time, the President should whisper into Cheney's ear: "You have become a personal embarrasment to me. It is time for you to go."

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