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This comment appears in the February 24, 2006 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

They Didn't Smell Cheney's Breath!

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

February 16, 2006

Did it occur to you, that almost everything which Vice-President Cheney said about the events of the past weekend, was almost a complete lie? What is Cheney really trying to hide with that utterly unbelievable mea culpa told to Brit Hume?

To begin with, VP Dick Cheney is, clinically, as his "virtù," a pathological liar. On this, consider as probable evidence the following tidbit from a report written by John Hoefle:

"Media Matters for America reported that Katharine Armstrong told the 2/14 Washington Post that she, her mother Anne Armstrong, and her sister, Sara Storey Armstrong Hixon, decided on Sunday morning after breakfast to report the shooting incident to the media."

Which should be believed: Cheney or Katharine Armstrong? Take the rest of his belated statement to Brit Hume, et al. There is no part of Cheney's tale (or, should we say, "tail") which has standing when the source of his utterance is taken into consideration.

It is not merely that he lies; lies fall from his lips like a species of feces from the flipping tail of a hippopotamus. This behavioral pattern of his is, specifically, clinically psychopathic. Without rhyme or reason, he just lies and lies and lies and lies. It is as if feces were his species!

But, after that is said: What really happened that Saturday? Why did Cheney's party go to such extraordinary lengths to prevent the sheriff's men from smelling his breath on his way on from the ranch that day? Was the day spent only as a shooting party?

The point is, that in any case of a potentially fatal shooting under the publicly stated conditions of the day, one thing law enforcement must do as soon as possible, is to check for possible intoxication. Were Cheney inebriated during that day, he had to bluff his way past any contact with law enforcement until such time as the effects of alcoholic intake had been washed out of his system. According to the initial report issued, the Sheriff's department was not allowed to approach Cheney.

Take all the statement from Cheney's own side into account. Present that to a body of experts. Is that statement believable to any body of experts in relevant forms of gunnery practice? Look at the significance of the Katherine Armstrong statement as reported by Media Matters for America. What might be the significance of the gap between the time, on Saturday, Cheney is reported to have left the premises of the ranch and the time, on Sunday, when Katherine Armstrong decided to call the "media"? Why did Karl Rove et al. hold back the press release available to be issued on Saturday evening?

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