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This statement appears in the August 4, 2006 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Know Your Actual Enemy

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

July 23, 2006

Some foolish people believe that Israel is behind the war against Lebanon. Some other people think that the U.S.A. is behind Israel's role in the war. Some point to the British government's plotting behind the war. Meanwhile, actually well-informed people know that it is the international financier circles of which Felix Rohatyn is a part, which are the actual forces steering the current plunge toward what is fairly described as "World War III."

Felix Rohatyn, who is currently a key agent of those foreign powers determined to destroy the U.S.A., has spoken plainly of his own role in this affair. He has stated, at a certain meeting last year, that he considers LaRouche a menace like President Franklin D. Roosevelt, a kind of menace which comes to the surface at times that the U.S. has a President who is a mental case as crudely incompetent as President George W. Bush, Jr. Rohatyn stated that he considers LaRouche the danger to be eliminated under these crisis-conditions.

What Rohatyn stated on that occasion, was that there are now financier conglomerations more powerful financially than any government. He insisted that these financier powers must run the world, and that governments must be reduced to the status of mere errand-boys for financial syndicates of that type. Rohatyn insisted that the world must be changed, such that those kinds of financier power actually run the world as a whole, permanently.

That was not only Rohatyn's stated opinion; that is his practice and that of his apparent rival, George Soros. The international financial circles which Rohatyn typifies, are currently destroying both the institutions of the sovereign nation-state itself, and also the large industrial and agricultural interests of national governments which are the greatest potential threat to the takeover of the entire world by a kind of world government created and run by gigantic blobs of Venetian-style financier-oligarchical usury.

In this situation, only a poor slobbering fool would actually believe that it is this or that nation-state which is behind the current drive toward global warfare of the type now spreading world-wide out of the strategic cockpit of Southwest Asia. It is the concert of financier-oligarchical power of which Rohatyn is merely a part, which is the actual entity behind the present spread of warfare throughout Southwest Asia and beyond. It is a concert of power which esteems itself, in its current practice, as in its opinion, as the permanent imperial government of a globalized world. It is this concert of power, which is centered, not inside the U.S.A., but in the global octopus of imperial financier power centered on the interlocking interests of French Synarchism and Anglo-Dutch financier cartelization. It is this concert of power, brought together around the British East India Company at the February 1763 Treaty of Paris, which has been the dominant imperial power in the world ever since the defeat of the Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte brought Napoleon's Banque de France into the status of an auxiliary of Anglo-Dutch Liberal financier-imperialism—as the case of the British auxiliary policeman Napoleon III merely illustrates the fact, and as the "Napoleon IV," and Margaret Thatcher flunky otherwise known as France's President François Mitterrand, typifies such traditions.

This is our enemy; this is the identity of our enemy's agents operating inside the U.S.A. and its institutions of government. This is the enemy which employs Rohatyn among its notable agents; this is the enemy who makes war for our destruction, here and abroad, today.

This is the enemy who is currently orchestrating the welling spread of nuclear-armed asymmetric warfare in Southwest Asia, the same enemy, operating from relevant centers in France, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands, who has launched Israel on its current, virtual national suicide-mission into Lebanon and its neighbors.

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