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This editorial appears in the August 11, 2006 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

That Far-Away Look in His Eyes!

Since the beginning of Israel's attacks on Lebanon, it has become increasingly apparent to many relevant leading figures of the U.S.A. and abroad, that President George W. Bush, Jr. has gone over the edge. There is some debate over whether the President's expressed state of mind reflects his vision of Armageddon, or, in the alternative, the more earthly obsession with his administration's preparations for a pre-November-election "October Surprise." Whatever the "vision thing" in the President's rabid stare, there is no doubt among relevant, increasingly numerous, leading circles around Washington, D.C., that within the withering ranks of the Bush-Cheney inner circle, there is something about the President himself which echoes the last days of ancient Rome's Emperor Nero.

There should be no doubt that the President has been no better than a puppet since, according to George W. Bush's own account, he was picked to play the role of a virtual Nero, from the moments George P. Shultz and Billy Graham launched the poor, feckless dry drunk into the Oval Office. Although that President seems, at times, to be a virtual "Mortimer Snerd," as sly as a fox in a henhouse, he is better seen as a mental cripple like Nero. He has shown himself to be essentially a virtually "programmed" mere tool, a kind of political "Frankenstein's Monster," wholly unfit to occupy the high office into which he was planted, notably, by same Shultz, the "economic hit-man," who, together with Felix Rohatyn, played a key part in shoving Augusto Pinochet into mass-murderous dictatorial power in 1970s Chile.

At the same time that the President's mental state is clear, we must never forget that he is essentially a puppet who is steered by elements of the the same financial network which launched Hitler upon Germany, and then the world. The world's financial system, and the government of the U.S.A. are presently under the control of the descendants, today, of the same financier circles which put Hitler into power. The current developments, the threatened spread of global asymmetric war with nuclear arms included, out of the Southwest Asia cockpits, reflect an element of desperation among the financier circles behind the drive toward eliminating the institution of the sovereign nation-state world-wide, the new "Roman Empire" called "globalization."

For those financier circles, time is now running out. Unless they can establish their dictatorial power over the world's political systems now, the onrushing general financial collapse of the present world system as a whole, either dooms civilization, or creates the circumstances under which the crisis suddenly shifts popular and other opinion into the direction of a return to the policies of President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

It is not President Bush who is in control of Israel's currently national-suicidal mission in Southwest Asia. Bush and his Presidency are merely a puppet in the hands of the desperadoes behind the presently exploding system of so-called "hedge funds."

The world as a whole is composed of nations which, on the one hand, as in western and central Europe, are hopelessly bankrupt, or, like India and China, seemingly prospering economies which would be plunged into a financial abyss by the collapse of the Transatlantic system. Under the heat which these conditions are generating, it is not only the weak-brained President Bush who has gone "glassy-eyed" under the pressures generated chiefly by the present world financial breakdown-crisis. The Democratic Party, for example, which has abandoned the general welfare of our population, has departed Washington, D.C. to be received by that same lower eighty percentile of the U.S. population which it has just so flagrantly betrayed for the sake of a love-affair with the Synarchist relic known as Felix "The Enforcer" Rohatyn.

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.
August 5, 2006

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