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This article appears in the August 11, 2006 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

The President's Obsession!

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

August 3, 2006

Leading circles within the U.S. today are gravely concerned with an apparent, serious disturbance of President George W. Bush, Jr.'s current state of mental health. His obsession with the prospect that a reluctant Israeli government's launching of the current war against Lebanon might provide the Republican Party ticket a much-desired "October Surprise" for the coming November general election, has gone glassy-eyed.

Sane leading figures of both Democratic and Republican party pedigrees, are more or less equally concerned by the danger to civilization generally, and also the U.S. in particular, in the glassy stare they see in the President's eyes.

As I emphasized in a report published this past January, the favored option for Republican Party victory in the coming November mid-term elections depended upon the U.S. ability to induce Israel to plant WMD then in the possession of Israel (probably in Negev desert locations) at the Iraq border, preferably in Syrian territory. So far, the current Israeli invasion of Lebanon has all the relevant hallmarks of an operation intended to accomplish precisely that result.

All the schemes now on the table, for neutralizing the spread of the mounting asymmetric warfare in Lebanese territory, are assured strategic failures at the outset. The only way out is an enforced Israeli withdrawal from all Lebanese territory, and an enforced movement to a general Middle East peace based on drawing in all of the relevant prospective partners from the region, in a commitment to implementation of an equitable general two-state solution for the respective sovereign states of Israel and Palestine. No other solution exists; even that solution is not available, unless the U.S. government commits itself unequivocably to that policy.

It is not necessary to demand agreement to all details of a settlement in advance. Nonetheless, an agreement to begin immediate implementation of an enforced peaceful solution is required, and to do this in no way which impairs the human rights of any of the persons of the respective parties.

The President of the U.S. must accept this option. We are lurching at the edge of not only the worst global monetary-financial-economic crisis in modern history, but the enflamed preconditions for the spread of what must tend to become a global asymmetric, also nuclear-armed form of World War III. We must not fail this time, as the world failed at Munich 1938. The President must give up his glassy-eyed obsession.

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