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This article appears in the August 11, 2006 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Who Is Behind World War III?

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

August 2, 2006

The renowned psychoanalyst Bruno Bettelheim once explained, there are some slaves who, then as now, regarded their chains and rags as ornaments to be worn with pretense of pride. Today, the slavish mind says, "Since the system will never change, we can only influence our slave-master (the predators controlling the Democratic Leadership Council or others), by trying to influence that beast from beneath, and take his donations of faith-based-initiatives money when we can." Therefore, now is the time for currently leading political figures of much of the world to stop repeating the silly sophistries of the idiots whispering at their elbows, and, instead, to face the reality of the current global situation.

Consider the following puzzle:

The policies of the current U.S. government are being dictated by those who intend to have an immediate further outbreak of war, with the objective of eliminating all national sovereignties, including that of the U.S.A., by methods of so-called "globalization." This is being directed by the international financier circles which, typified by that same past Synarchist International's Felix Rohatyn of today, are already working to destroy the U.S. from within.

What then should we say of the idiots, including leading circles in Europe, who are reporting that the present impulse toward a form of World War III characterized by nuclear-weapons-enhanced global asymmetric warfare, is an expression of "U.S. Imperialism"? Could any sane person, under these conditions, actually believe that the U.S. government, which is about to be taken over by a foreign occupying power represented by Goldman Sachs's modern copy of Hjalmar Schacht, U.S. Treasury Secretary Paulson, is the imperial power behind the intent to destroy itself?

It is time to provide the relevant protective camisoles for the representatives of that brainwashed Baby-Boomer booboisie (Fr.: Bo-Bo's) who betray their foolishness by babbling the tell-tale mantra of "I don't believe in conspiracy theories."

As everyone who is not either locked away, or mentally short-handed, knows, the current drift in world policy has been toward what is called "globalization," a scheme otherwise known as "The World Trade Organization." The stated purpose, and effect of these schemes is to drive down the per-capita income of virtually every part of the world, except the personally-worthless-but-super-rich backers of the intellectually challenged President George W. Bush, Jr. and their likenesses. This goal is supposed to be brought about, by destroying investments in capital-intensive modes of scientific and technological progress in agriculture and industry, and shifting production to virtual slave-labor regions. This, already, is exactly what has been done to ruin the U.S.A. and the lower eighty percentile of its family households, since the radical changes made during 1971-1981, by the combination of a floating-exchange-rate system and the savage deregulation launched under the Trilateral Commission.

Although the relevant evidence has been published extensively in numerous locations, it is necessary to present the essential strategic features of the case, summarily here, as follows:

The Strategic Issue Today

Go back a few decades, to the time when the concerted personal attacks on me by the circles of the Congress for Cultural Freedom began. These were the same circles associated with the American Family Foundation, the Henry "Scoop" Jackson version of what is presently George P. Shultz's Committee on the Present Danger, and the Mont Pelerin Society.

The scene was Queens College, New York. The occasion was a late 1971, widely publicized debate between challenger Lyndon H. LaRouche and the putative dean of Keynesian liberal professors in the U.S.A., the specially appointed extraordinary professor at that institution, Abba Lerner. Abba Lerner was otherwise notable at that time as a key associate of Professor Sidney Hook.

The general subject of the debate was my September 1971 challenge to the putative leading economists of that time, in which I had publicly challenged all of them to defend themselves against my charge that the events of August 1971 had exposed the lot of them as virtually "Quackademics." The premise of my charge against that ration of the academic community, was that they had either denied, or evaded the event which I had forecast, a collapse, probably to occur approximately the close of the 1960s, like that caused by President Nixon's mid-August actions, in collapsing the Bretton Woods monetary system.

Professor Lerner was chosen by the relevant academic circles to take me on.

In response to Professor Lerner's counter-challenge, my rebuttal was that Professor Lerner's own policies, as typified by his advice to Brazil, was an echo of the policies of the Hjalmar Schacht who authored the economic policies of the Adolf Hitler regime.

The debate concluded at the point that Lerner almost whimpered his final attempt at rebuttal of my charge of the occasion: "But, if the German Social-Democracy had accepted Schacht's policy, Hitler would not have been necessary"! It was as if to say, that if the Democratic Party would embrace the policies of Felix Rohatyn, a presently threatened fascist tyranny in the U.S.A. would not be necessary.

Indeed, if we look at the role of the direct predecessors of Felix Rohatyn in the world of finance today, we see the echo today of the run-up to the backing of Hitler by circles including the French Synarchist financier circles of Lazard Frères and Banque Worms then.

Professor Sidney Hook, the close associate of Lerner in the leadership of the Congress for Cultural Freedom, said of the debate. "Your man has shown himself to be an effective advocate; therefore, he will never be allowed to intervene" in relevant forms of public policy debate "again." That threat, and more, was carried out by the circles most readily recognized as Hook's own Congress for Cultural Freedom, the American Family Foundation, and the Committee on the Present Danger, from that time to the present day. This means that the U.S. Department of Justice was also a collaborator in implementing the threat delivered by "Captain" Hook.

The record shows that it has been the same category of "wealthy families" of the U.S.A., Britain, and France, which had backed Mussolini and Hitler's Schacht, whose heirs have used their corrupt influence inside the Department of Justice and the courts' system, in addition to the mass media controlled by those same families' influences, who have been the higher authority behind every attack on me and my associates, here and abroad, since the time, in 1973, that the Washington headquarters of the FBI, on the official record, choreographed what they intended to be my personal elimination through violent actions conducted under the auspices of FBI assets inside the National Committee of the Gus Hall Communist Party. They will tell you that I am "a bad guy," but they will never actually tell you why!

No other individual target of prosecutorial, judicial, and related fraud has been targetted with the persistency, international scope, and resort to sheer corrupt practices by official agencies of government and related assets, as I have been targetted during the thirty-five years since Hook delivered the threat during the close of 1971. The same opinion was given, some years past, in a public hearing, by former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark. There is one principal reason that other individual public personalities have never, during my lifetime, been targetted politically in that way over so long a period of time; the actual reason for this was given as an implied threat by Hook back in 1971. The other critics of current oligarchical policies were, rightly, not considered a serious long-term threat to the cabal of wealthy families which were represented, typically, by the Congress for Cultural Freedom, the American Family Foundation, and the Committee on the Present Danger.

The typical futile "opposition" is never treated seriously, because it prides itself in doing nothing of much significance. Besides, as I have been in a position to know this very well, they can usually be purchased, very cheaply: with a rattle of fear, and a jingle of a small amount of money.

There is no reason to consider those connections as mysterious. What actually nationally leading figure of the Democratic Party today, has shown the combination of knowledge and courage to identify the principal internal enemy of the U.S., today, the circles associated with Felix Rohatyn? If leading Democrats would have troubled themselves to be less attracted by the money associated with Rohatyn's circles, and more concerned with the evidence that Rohatyn is key to the ongoing internal destruction of the U.S. republic, they, too, would soon be on the hit-list of Rohatyn and his circles today, as I am. The tip-off to the corruption within the leading national circles of the Democratic Party today, is the avowed shift in orientation to right-wing, upper-middle-class social-economic political values, and in virtual disregard of the obligation to defend the general welfare, not with unredeemable sophistries, but with substance.

Know Our Nation's Enemy!

Go back to the time the Reverend Martin Luther King came to Selma, Alabama. It was not the relevant middle class of the community which welcomed Martin; they tended to shun him. It was the children and the "have-nothings" who were the foundation of the social force which gathered so much of the nation around Martin's great, emerging leadership, here and abroad. It is not the upper twenty-percentile of the population which will fight for our nation today, except as their ox has first been gored, as the "middle class" segment of the auto workers' unions have been gored just recently. It is the lower eighty percentile of our family-income brackets, which are the mass constituency—the present situation's "forgotten man"—on which the political honor of our republic depends in this time of an onrushing, global general breakdown-crisis, as in the roughly comparable situation of the 1932 Franklin Roosevelt Presidential campaign,

In this situation, "single issues" are merely so much diversionary political garbage, fit only for the consumption of "Rove-ing" idiots. Either we force the adoption of the needed changes in law, or our republic is doomed in the near future. As we should be reminded by the wicked carnival of the legislative process now, without a government of the people which forces the legislative process and executive to submit again to the kinds of recovery policies which President Franklin Roosevelt's Administration most nearly typifies in recent memory, there will be soon no United States Federal Republic, but, at most, a caricature of what was in times past.

The enemy of the U.S. today, is the enemy of global civilization. Despite all shortfalls, and backsliding, the U.S. republic represents today the highest level of quality of design of a true republic, a republic largely, if not entirely, freed from those oligarchical traditions of the vastly inferior form of typical European government: a relatively impotent, parliamentary system submitting to supervision by a so-called independent central banking system. In addition, should there be a sudden formal devaluation of the U.S. dollar, as some fools in the U.S.A. and elsewhere propose, the result would be a general, chain-reaction-like collapse of civilization globally, as a hypothetical collapse of the U.S. economy would be an existential catastrophe for China, among others. The chief problem of the world today is, that whereas the world requires an immediate stabilization of the U.S. dollar now—which could be done if the U.S. had a mentally competent President in the Franklin Roosevelt tradition—with the failure to sweep aside the kind of policies which have led the U.S.A. and western and central Europe into their careening state of ruin today, there is no chance of avoiding a prolonged, planetary new dark age for a generation or more to come.

The enemy is not only the fabulous incompetence characteristic of the current U.S. Bush Administration. The enemy is a feral monster, only typified by Felix Rohatyn and his predecessors of the pro-Nazi Lazard Frères and Banque Worms of the relevant past.

This enemy is not prepared to accept a general, rapid chain-reaction collapse of the world's monetary systems. It is their intention, and currently ongoing practice, as in the instance of the monstrous negligence of the U.S. Congress in the Delphi case, to bring about a general breakdown-crisis of the world system; but, their intention is also to foreclose on that ruined system, by means of their present process of gobbling raw materials and production capabilities, to create a new world monetary system with stark resemblances to the medieval alliance between Venice's financier-oligarchy and the crusading Norman chivalry. That threat, is the enemy which civilized nations must unite to defeat, and to crush out of existence.

The present homicidal madness currently spreading throughout Southwest Asia, is an expression of the strategic intention of the supranational financier-oligarchical interests typified in the U.S.A. by the corrupting influence of Felix Rohatyn over the Congress. The enemy is not a nation, not any nation. The enemy is the evil force of principalities and powers, for which the typical expression is the case of the bankers behind Schacht and Hitler, and their descendants, as typified by Rohatyn today.

So many people, in so many nations, large and small, at both high-ranking and lower levels of influence, are so terrifyingly small-minded today.

We are presently moving, like the fabled lemmings, toward what promises to become, soon, World War III, but of a special, spreading, slime-mold-like asymmetric ruin. As of this moment, there is nothing of much political weight inside, or outside the U.S.A., or western and central Europe, which is standing efficiently in the way of preventing the present U.S.-backed Israeli invasion of Lebanon and prospective early invasion of Syria and beyond. That Southwest Asia situation, is the detonation, and the state of the world is the principal explosive charge.

To understand this situation, we must take into account certain types of recurring moral flaws in the behavior of ordinary men and women, as the case of Pericles' Athens illustrates: a plunge to doom, from folly to folly, with nothing effective available to stop the pointless insanity! Such were the Seven Years' War, the Napoleonic wars, and the two World Wars accompanied by orchestrated Balkan wars, then and most recently. Israel, under putative U.S. pressures, has launched itself, like a warhead on an explosive mission in wider Southwest Asia; it can not seem to stop itself from continuing this insane plunge toward self-inflicted doom.

However, this is not a U.S.-directed war. The President of the U.S.A. is a mental case, and the Vice-President is a sociopath, neither notable for much in the direction of human intelligence. They are the puppets of the action, not the willful authors. Like Israel itself, they are destined by their controllers from the same international financier circles directing the DLC, to be "used up" as the customary expendables for warfare are.

The relevant power which we must defeat, is the financier-oligarchy, only typified by Felix Rohatyn, which was behind Hitler earlier, and is the intended winner in a return of this planet to something like that medieval system of Crusades which concluded with the Fourteenth-Century New Dark Age. These forces are to be recognized by their advocacy of "globalization." That is the enemy; that is the author of the onrushing threat of a modern nightmare of asymmetric World War III.

We must stop that enemy now, while it is still possible to do so.

Our task is to arouse and unite the mass of the population, including both the poor and those not-so-poor who are either capable, or redeemable as a force, to bring about the urgently necessary change, and to defeat the great forces of evil typified in the state of mind of those dupes who defend the lunacies of globalization and a world trade organization today.

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