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This article appears in the October 13, 2006 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

We'uns Is Just Plain Folks

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

October 5, 2006

... I tell you that, if these should hold their tongues, the very stones would speak!
—Gospel of Luke 19:40

Often in moments of great upheavals in the affairs of nations, even what might have been seen earlier, as the most unlikely instruments, may cry out, as in protest against a great injustice. This is what has arisen during the events within the U.S. House of Representatives this week, in the matter of the widespread revulsion expressed by what had been seen as Karl "Elmer Gantry" Rove's prize constituency, against those Republican institutions whom they saw as covering-up for former U.S. Representative Mark Foley (R-Fla.).

This development around the U.S. House of Representatives' Speaker Dennis Hastert, threatens—if only teeters, rather than totters—the entire edifice of the efforts of that current Bush Presidency, with its public rug-chewing fits on camera, to make the virtual coup d'état, by which it currently seeks to become a fascist tyranny, is suddenly threatened with its toppling.

What has just happened could not be competently assessed, without taking into account the following deeper elements on background.

During the early 1980s, as the medical reports on the spread of what is now called "AIDS" came tumbling out, I proposed, very widely, and very energetically, an emergency U.S. Federal $40 billions program for measures of health-care research and treatment for an infectious disease which represented a previously unknown, potentially pandemic threat to all mankind, a human retrovirus epidemic called "AIDS." At that same time, I warned, that the spread of this epidemic would produce a mass-reaction against the rock-drug-sex counterculture which had been led by the hyperactive anti-science element of that counterculture drawn largely from that portion of the "68ers" drawn from the sex-crazed student populations associated with the leading universities of the 1960s and 1970s.

Despite the hysterical reaction against my warnings and proposals, the relevant, if entirely inadequate measures were adopted as the U.S. (and others') measures of treatment and control of the rate of spread of this new epidemic in both America and Europe, although the spread of the epidemic in sub-Saharan Africa was largely encouraged, virtually wiping out a large portion of that African middle-class on which the independence and development of relevant nations depended.

Thus, my warnings, that the failure to deal effectively with the AIDS epidemic, would prompt an AIDS-fear-driven reaction against the rock-drug-sex-counterculture of the "68ers" generation, were not ignored by everyone. The warnings were not ignored by circles which came to be typified by the role of Karl "Elmer Gantry" Rove in reshaping the nation's political profiles. Rove typifies those who understood the implications of my warning, who used recognition of that fact that I had been right, to build a right-wing political movement of religious fanatics which was called into being from among, most notably, the terrified, "Tweener" generation.

Over the course of the recent two decades, that new form of "fundamentalist" right-wing, which includes the symptomatically relevant President and bellwether, George W. Bush, Jr. today, became a crucial sort of marginal factor in the electoral life of what had been our pre-George W. Bush, Jr. Constitutional Republic.

However, amid the bellows of triumphalism from the circles of the new generation of Bush fanatics, another reality was also at work. The hard-core of the right-wing constituency on which Karl Rove's recent fame had been largely built, ain't exactly the richest folk in the current crop. Focus attention especially on the Tweener stratum of these folk, the hard core of Rove's heralded special constituency. Look at every relevant parameter of the economic and related social life in every community of the nation in which Rove's, and, also notably, Anne Coulter's special constituency is situated.

Look, typically, at places such as recent Representative Mark Foley's hurricane-hit Florida and the relics of President George W. Bush, Jr.'s utterly immoral reactions to his government's knowledge of Katrina, before, during, and since its happening. Karl "Elmer Gantry" Rove's right-wing-populist constituency among Tweeners, may hate what are seen as snooty and snotty Liberals, and may support the current President Bush's sadistic lunacies on that account; but, they are also filled with hatred on account of the Bush Administration's string of lies and broken promises on the matter of health-care, in the matter of their class's plunging economic conditions of life, and their sense of horror about the smell of doom wafting in from both the war-wracked, so-called Middle East and the national economic horizon generally.

For these populists, not only Representative Mark Foley, but also House Speaker Dennis Hastert, typify the fact that the people who had served as Karl Rove's solid core of support for the Bush Presidency find their noses filled with the smell of the fact that they have been greatly used, and profoundly betrayed. The case of Speaker Dennis Hastert's transparent attempted cover-ups for the matter of former Representative Mark Foley was the one added straw Karl Rove's electoral camel could not bear.

For the Bush Republicans, it suddenly seems that time itself had suddenly been reversed, and their political world turned upside-down on the eve of a general mid-term election. (They don't even dare think the term "erection.") Karl Rove's and George W. Bush's careers in Washington, D.C., had been built on a cornerstone of sexual issues; and the Republican cause is now being collapsed by the crumbling of that cornerstone.

Theology and Politics

Any competent historian would have reacted to these developments, by saying something like "No surprise." What Karl Rove did, is typical of the misuse of religion by the "Elmer Gantrys" and their like, in history past. The preacher was caught, so to speak, yet once again, behind the revivalist's tent, playing rooster with the hens. All was fine, until the deacon found his own wife behind that tent, as until Speaker Dennis Hastert was caught in his own little version of preaching, and lying, behind the revivalist tent.

In the whole sweep of that European history since the pro-satanic, Pythian cult of the Delphic Apollo, the common prank of tyrants has been what the Russian novelist Fyodor Dostoevsky described as the Grand Inquisitor's—i.e., Tomás de Torquemada's—satanic betrayal of Jesus Christ. Centuries before Dostoevsky, this was the trick described by the great dramatist Aeschylus, in his Prometheus Bound, as the prohibition, by the Olympian Zeus, against sharing knowledge of universal physical principles with ordinary men and women. Zeus's was the same wicked practice of the Aristotelean followers of the Delphic cult, denounced by Philo of Alexandria. The sophistry used by those accused by Philo, was the same hoax taught as the foundation of Euclidean geometry: the syllogism, the hoax that, since God was perfect in all his actions, what he had created, the universe was so perfect that God himself could do nothing to change it.

On the contrary, in the Judaism, Christianity, and Islam of Genesis 1:26-31, men and women are made in the likeness of the Creator, and obliged to transform the universe as instruments of the Creator's own practice of changing His Own Creation, as He has caused the once solitary Sun to create the planets of the Solar system. The increase of the power of self-development of the universe, is the expression of its perfection, as the celebrated Heracleitus was echoed by Plato on this account.

The limits put, fraudulently, upon the Creator by those in the likeness of the Delphic Olympian Zeus, have been intended to replace God the Creator by a pro-Satanic oligarchy, as Dostoevsky identified the role of the Grand Inquisitor. The intention of this Delphic and like hoaxes in the name of theology, has been to make a ruling class the proprietor with powers of life or death over the common folk. For example, this Delphic hoax inevitably rejects the notion that the Preamble of the U.S. Federal Constitution were the fundamental principle of law of our Constitutional Republic. This Delphic hoax typifies what has been the system of oligarchical rule of a privileged minority, which, in all manifestations of that kind, places the ownership of private property above the obligation of the nation to the general welfare of the people.

From the standpoint of theology, the Olympian Zeus's Delphic ban on ordering society to develop in the way of man's willful obligation to foster scientific and technological progress for the benefit of man, and glory of the Creator, as a whole, is the denial of the existence of a Creator. It implies the replacement of that Creator, in the mind of the dupes, by a virtual Satan, the reigning oligarchy, such as by the arbitrary reign of a thieving financial corporation, as was lately done to the U.S. automotive industry, under Bush Administration law, itself.

Thus, the Christian Apostle John's dream of the Roman Empire of his time as "The Whore of Babylon," has been fraudulently portrayed by the myth promoted under the title of "Revelation" as a promise made by an impotent Creator, to deliver on a certain predetermined, inflexible promise, at some future time. "Who, then, shall compel such an impotent Creator to deliver in such a promise?" As a wise and celebrated rabbi said correctly, "God will send a Messiah when He, God, chooses to do so!"

When foolish people believe in a foolish faith in what they are taught to be an impotent God, who, or what, then, are they serving, instead of God the Creator? Dostoevsky said that the false god is the Grand Inquisitor, the epitome of what Vice-President Cheney pretends to be, when his notorious wife pretends to agree.

Thus, even among those who have been induced to submit to the absurd theologies of the not-necessarily-sincere Karl "Elmer Gantry" Rove, there remains a potent spark of humanity, as Genesis 1:26-31 defines humanity. Thus, the true nature of man and woman, as that passage describes it with a scientifically verifiable validity, may erupt even among those so disoriented as Rove's recent dupes have been. Suddenly, finding themselves betrayed by Hastert and his crew, they will soon no longer believe in Rove, or George W. Bush.

Tweeners and Young Adults

At the same time that a nationwide gut-reaction against the Bush-League Elmer Gantrys is threatening to begin the avalanche which topples the current Bush machine, the Bush League is seeking to counter its failing support from Karl Rove's Tweener base, by attacks on two fronts: buying-up the large purchasable portion from among the leadership of the African-American vote (keeping up family finances by sending sister into prostitution), as we see this operation in support of Allen in Virginia now. It also seeks, at the same time, to herd the university-age young adults away from the November election, as we see the latter case in the John Train operations' use of critters such as Babbling-David Horrorwitch's crew of campus-based virtually psychotic babblers, and buying out, and turning upside-down former independent news publications, such as the New York Village Voice publication.

The John Train who has been heavily documented from financial records as exemplifying what was really behind pure right-wing-funded scum such as Dennis King and "Buffalo Chip" Berlet, behind what was formerly known as the American Family Foundation, is at the financial hub of funding a network of what are virtually local "Josef Goebbels" propagandists, as typified by their backing of the throwaway local campus and other press, and instruments, mustered on leading university campuses and other locations around the nation, with the assigned purpose of keeping adult campus youth from turning out for the coming mid-term elections. Right in the middle of this Train of whatever is the real-life Lady Macbeth of the Bush-Cheney Administration, none other than the Lynne Cheney who is rumored to keep her Vice-President hubby chained up, like a dog at night, outside the living quarters at the Naval Observatory.

Once the populist masses got the smell of Representative Mark Foley's case in their nostrils, and saw who had been covering up that mess, from the Speaker of the House all the way down, down, down, they reacted as folk who had suddenly discovered, that they had been betrayed and used all along. So, in turn, it is their passions which have been aroused. The roots of this affair go deep, to the early 1980s, when I first warned, widely, of this phenomenon, up to the present time, from a quarter-century ago and earlier.

Such, as history should remind us, is the stuff of which revolutions, and the like, are made. Watch out for we-uns; they are known to react, sooner or later, against those who attempt to mislead and use them.

Our best weapon in the effort to rescue our republic, and even our planet as a whole from the immediately threatened, lemming-like plunge into virtual Hell, is to recognize the fact that the universe is organized as Kepler, Leibniz, and Riemann understood, rather than the mechanistic fantasy-world of Descartes and black-magic specialist Isaac Newton. Therefore, they, our foes, make the inevitable mistakes, like the merely legendary lemmings, which their own beliefs compel them to do. We would fail only if we lacked the confidence to act resolutely on our available knowledge on this point.

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