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This article appears in the October 20, 2006 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

From Train to Trash, Top Down & Dirty

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

The following is the introduction to a pamphlet by the LaRouche Political Action Committee, titled "Is Joseph Goebbels on Your Campus? John Train and the Bankers' Secret Government." Information on the full pamphlet can be found at

October 9, 2006

My own French ancestors enjoyed the privilege of being shipped to Quebec by the great Jean-Baptiste Colbert. About the same time, my English ancestors were transported to what was known as "New England," seeking to create a haven for nourishing the best of European civilization at a considerable distance from the top-down oligarchical corruption which has continued to reign in "Old Europe." My Scottish and Irish ancestors, including a Scottish dragoon who came to free the slaves, and his brother, a well-known sea captain, arrived on this continent approximately two centuries after that, and, largely, married into the families of the earlier French and English settlers.

There were folk like us, mostly simple, but proud and industrious folk, proud of the best of the modern European civilization's heritage, and, then, there were other arrivals, whom I have come to view as the virtual Children of Satan, as typified by the British East India Company's often treasonous circles, such as the notorious Hartford Convention crowd among our wealthier families of that time. Therefore, there are certain connections among the families who established the North American settlements from Europe, as I am a distant relative of the current U.S. President, but that does not mean that we all serve the same cause.

A certain would-be modern Mephistopheles, John Train, who, since no later than April 1983, has considered himself a leading personal enemy of me and all that I represent, is typical of the very, very dirty cases from among the original settlers of what became this nation. He is, as the documentation within the following pages accounts, very, very dirty. Some would say, as I do, treasonous. He is also a top-ranking, wealthy spook of a certain kind, with a long and nasty record behind him. He typifies those, in the tradition of the Essex Junto, the Bank of Manhattan's treasonous Aaron Burr, and the notorious Hartford Convention, who have always wished, since then, to dissolve the U.S. constitutional republic into a backwoods of an Anglo-Dutch imperial Liberals' globalized empire.

From virtually the moment President Franklin Roosevelt died, "white shoe" Yankee Liberals of Train's type, have worked under the cover of an extensive, global intelligence network tied to the infamous James Jesus Angleton and the circles of Professor Sidney Hook, in the attempt to subvert and destroy our republic. They have, as Allen Dulles' Angleton did, deep and continuing connections and alliances with the relevant core of the international Nazi apparatus familiar to us from such connections of fascist Franco's Spain, as the extended family of William F. Buckley, Jr., and, therefore to the fascist regime of the Pinochet put into power in Chile by such presently living contemporaries as George P. Shultz, Henry A. Kissinger, and Felix Rohatyn.

Currently, Train's activities are entwined massively with the direction and funding of the evil work being done under the direction of the Vice-President's spouse, the notorious Lynne Cheney, who is a much more significant figure in her own spookish, London-connected ways, than her obviously brutish wreck of a husband.

Against that historical background, young adults of university age are, rightly, an important marginal force within U.S. Presidential and some other elections. Former President Bill Clinton, for example, could, on any clear day, mobilize a probably decisive margin of political support from voter-age university students for any worthy candidate for important office. Vice-President Cheney's wife, working in cahoots with such a patently evil old Mephistopheles as the former Paris Review spook John Train, is determined to brainwash today's voting-age university youth from participating in the November 2006 mid-term election. The Cheney-Train operation is already brainwashing many pitiably suggestible young university students for that, and perhaps even darker missions.

In the following pages, learn the true facts about Lynne Cheney's John Train; your nation's existence could depend upon your knowing that.

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