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This comment appears in the November 17, 2006 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Duggan Hoax Rewarmed Again

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

November 8, 2006

London sources tied intimately to both U.S. Vice-President Dick Cheney and his wife, Mrs. Lynne Cheney, have once again launched a press campaign on behalf of a repeatedly discredited hoax concerning the causes and circumstances of the suicide by a young, emotionally troubled British national, Jeremy Duggan, who, as the official forensic evidence showed beyond doubt, threw himself repeatedly against moving automobiles on a highway near Wiesbaden, Germany.

The reason for both the original, and the now repeated circulation of that press hoax, has been personal hatred of Cheney and his wife against a person, me, whom they continue to fear as a troublesome political adversary associated with a leading, high-ranking faction within the U.S. Democratic Party scene. The significant electoral success the Democratic Party has just achieved will inevitably increase the rage expressed by both Cheneys, and will probably accelerate the circulation of the fraud into corruptible elements of the European press.

Investigation of the press-hoax which was conduited into continental Europe from certain British press-circles, showed a long-standing association of both Vice-President Cheney and his wife, with sometime Blair Cabinet-associated Baroness Liz Symons. Symons has figured significantly in the earlier production and international circulation of the press hoax about the Duggan case.

Persons familiar with the bitter warfare between me, on the one side, and Vice-President Cheney and his wife, on the other, should have no difficulty in understanding why and how this hoax is being spread into various parts of the European continental press at this time. The fact that the Bush-Cheney Administration has just received a jolting setback from the Democratic campaign in which I have figured, should assist Europeans in understanding the motive for the rewarming of the Duggan press-hoax at this time.

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