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This article appears in the December 1, 2006 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

The Little Lords of the Unzipped Flies

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

November 19, 2006

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Sometimes, the sewer lines of history back up. As I recall from a wartime outbreak of amoebic dysentery in Myitkinya, Myanmar,[1] the stink produced on warm sub-tropical days, by the relevant clinical evidence taken from hundreds of U.S. military service personnel, was as astonishing as it was repulsive. The same might be said of the phenomena I now present here, on the subject of insight into a crucial aspect of the clinical history of "Boomerism."

The Twentieth Century's Julian and Aldous Huxley, the more famous grandsons of the evil Nineteenth-Century "monkey man" Thomas H. Huxley, were, "apprenticed," so to speak, for a time, to the leading Satanist and promoter of witchcraft of the Twentieth Century, Aleister Crowley. This Crowley was, among other malfeasances, the leader of that century's Lucifer cult, and a sometime close associate of the circles of evil Bertrand Russell and the equally evil Huxley family asset, Herbert George ("H.G.") Wells. The two referenced Huxley grandsons, together with the later author of H.G. Wells-style cult-novels Animal Farm and 1984, George Orwell, were introduced to what were classified as "pyschotomimetic" natural drugs, under Crowley. To exactly where Aldous and Orwell went in the later course of time, after passing from the scene, was doubtlessly unpleasant, but also uncertain; but, whatever, it was decidedly not good.

Aldous became celebrated for his association with the promotion of synthetic psychosis. The natural form of that drug taken by the Huxley boys and Orwell under Crowley's patronage, was later superseded by the synthetic ergotamine, promoted by British Brigadier John Rawlings Rees's "factory," the London Tavistock Clinic, where it was uttered under the acronym of "LSD." The later career of Aldous' brother, Julian, later Sir Julian, does not carry the degree of notoriety famously attached to the more frankly cultish Aldous and Orwell, but it is a record of evil as significant as theirs in its own way; he was a true representative of the family tradition of "monkey man" Thomas Huxley.

Despite apparent differences between the two brothers, in the end, as I shall show in the course of this report, the set of goals defined, respectively, by the two referenced Huxley brothers, has shown itself to converge on the same result, in practice. It is often said, that "breeding will tell."

With That Said, Our Story Begins

All that much said in summary of relevant background, Sir Julian is notable for projects which he spun out in the course of the work he promoted in the course of his association with the United Nations' UNESCO organization. My attention here is focussed on one of those themes, a conception termed "neoteny."

That subject was the evidence that, speaking descriptively, sometimes, a branch of a certain characteristically metagenetic lower species has spun off a variety which does not develop into the normal adult phase, but halts the process of metagenesis in what had been the species' standard pre-sexual phase, and then becomes a variety of the source-species which reproduces itself sexually in that childhood phase of what had been the parent species' standard metagenesis.

Some might to wish to think of an image of twins copulating and reproducing within the womb.

Copulation among co-inhabitants of the particular womb, is not exactly what happened to the post-World War II "Baby Boomer" generation, but, in a certain sense, the idea is a provocatively relevant near miss. This is key for understanding what is recognizable as "The Baby Boomer" syndrome in both North America and western and central Europe today.

The relevant study of this matter of "neoteny" by Sir Julian and others, has interesting, and also very fruitful implications for a much-needed conceptualizing of certain extremely important types of late Twentieth-Century human cultural development, types of which the artful design of the immediate post-war decade's Baby Boomer generation, is an example of prime importance for sociology today. It is what happened to the so-called "Baby Boomer" generation, a thing which, as I shall emphasize here, when unzipped, correlates with the famous The Lord of the Flies story and with the cultural pace-setting effects of the pre-1957, 1950s spread of the social cultural diseases which were subjects of books such as White Collar and The Organization Man from that time. It is also a subject referenced, implicitly, by Federal Reserve Chairman William McChesney Martin in speaking during the late 1950s, on the subject of the effects of the decadence in U.S. management practices at that time.

The importance of what I have to present in these present pages, is not merely a much-needed insight into the roots of the social disorders among today's leadership among nations. To make clear the identity of the indicated social processes, the problem which corresponds to my use of Sir Julian's term neoteny, is the problem which must not only be recognized, but solved, in treating the typical disorders of today's Baby Boomer generation, especially those of that age-interval typified by, but not limited to the upper twenty-percentile of family-income and political-social status today. The influence of the Baby Boomer stratum in government and other leading places of influence today, defines the Boomer disorder as a problem whose effects must be reversed, and that immediately, for the sake of generations, perhaps many generations yet to come.

Never again should civilized humanity tolerate that aborting of personal moral and intellectual development, which the conditioning of the generation of children reared between 1945 and 1956, has done to prompt our nation, and others, to destroy civilization in the fashion we have experienced such growing decadence of the relevant, emerging adult generation over the course of the recent four decades, since the middle of the 1960s.

1. 'Baby Talk!'

My first appreciation of the political significance of the social phenomenon in people which corresponds clinically to Sir Julian's portrait of "neoteny" in the animal domain, came during the riotous events of 1968. By June of that ominous year, my heavy dose of experience in dealing with the generation of that year's ferment among the "68ers," had shown me that an important spectrum of an apparently pro-violence trend within the Columbia University and related processes of that time, was, sociologically and in cultural "genetics," a kind of reincarnation of the elements of the Germany Jugendbewegung of the early 1930s, which were crossing, back and forth, over into the Nazi and Communist ranks around hot-spots such as the Berlin trolley-car strike.[2] The "Weathermen," although in significant degree what counterintelligence specialists would promptly recognize as an artificial phenomenon produced by some known elements within the trade, typified the leaning toward fascism within the sociologically radical, existentialist quality of the youth ferment of that time.

The unifying quality of the culturally diseased aspect within the general campus ferment observed at Columbia in 1968, and comparable cases elsewhere, was a curious accent among the relevant students, an accent which I recognized as a legacy of "Baby Talk." In other words, I was looking at the sociological equivalent of what Sir Julian identified as neoteny in the animal domain.

What I was viewing, thus, was a case of arrested, or, worse than arrested emotional/intellectual development among a university-student layer attending leading relevant elite types of universities, a social phenomenon which paralleled the phenomenon of neoteny in the animal kingdom. Once that connection is made, there remains little mystery, as to matters of principle, in accounting for the specific cultural infirmities which, in fact, proliferate among the peer-group strata, chiefly from the upper twenty percentile of the Baby Boomer generation, in the U.S.A., as in western and central Europe today.

Think, then, of the story of The Lord of the Flies and the studies whose fruits were expressed by the insights displayed in that drama. Think of the circumstances and manner of the production of a deformed personality of the relevant special type, in the following way.

Instead of fostering what should be considered, by the modern European civilized standards of promotion of the normal intellectual and emotional development of the social relations and sense of personal identity over the span from infancy to young adulthood, the influences which produced the indicated "Baby Boomer" phenomena, acted in ways designed to reenforce the infantile residue within what would be, otherwise, the targetted adult subject's "normal" social development.

Consider such relevant images as that of a four-year-old operating at an emotional-intellectual level otherwise relatively normal for the twos of "the terrible twos" age-level; and, then treat the children and adolescents generally in a similar fashion. Think, of some persons and institutions which sought to induce that kind of effect, on a mass scale, for political purposes. Think, for example, of the product of the London Tavistock Clinic's Melanie Klein. Foster accelerated, early-onset sexual behavioral orientations—not necessarily sexual activity, but sexual foreplay orientations, with a tendency for emphasis on homosexual and other relevant forms of childish sexual play, among pre-puberty and early-onset-puberty children and early adolescents. Think of the typical kindergarten and similar programs introduced to morning television during the 1950s. Associate a conditioning process with such intentions around the steering of the adopted "romper-room-style" rules of children's and adolescent's games.

In crafting the needed image of the synthesized personality of the victim of such games, look back to the influence of relevant French and Swiss sociologists of the last century, but pay special attention to competitive sports, especially forms of sports associated with what are considered highly competitive bodily contact sports. Emphasize a predatory orientation to the competitive feature of such games. Create mental images of pro- and anti-bodily-contact "sports" personality types (e.g., "nerds") as two commonplace varieties of the same synthetic pseudo-species.

Steer the development of a child, or adolescent, in a way to produce a behavioral characteristic, and sense of identity of half his, or her biological age-level. You, then, have something akin to an induced personality-disorder of the Baby Boomer type seen commonly in the "68er" types to which I referred. Think of this kind of problem with special emphasis on attention to the sexual behavior of the Baby Boomer fitting the type of the "Weathermen" association which emerged during 1969, that out of the wilder types of campus "68ers" of the Summer and Autumn months of 1968. There, as in the story of The Lord of the Flies, you meet a human social phenomenon fitting the application of Sir Julian's image of the phenomenon of "neoteny" in animal species.

Some childhood and adolescent victims of that "Baby Boomer"-syndrome revolt against its grip, and some among these have tended to free themselves from it; unfortunately, the disease of Baby Boomerism is not a disease of individuals as such, but of peer-group associations, according to the notion of "going along, to get along."

My Own Studies of This Disease

My own attention to this type of sociopathological phenomenon, led to personal and related studies which I conducted over the interval from the late 1950s into the early 1960s, studies made chiefly in connection with my consulting practice of that time. Among these performance studies which I conducted in my relevant executive function for a consulting firm, and similar auspices, during that time, was a study of the cases of persons highly qualified by education and related experience to function as management consultants, but who were, relatively speaking, consistent failures in the field of practice. This inquiry included some tests which I designed for this purpose.

I designed and conducted some tests of relevant groups of personnel. Part of my inquiry into this problem, led me to psychiatrist Dr. Lawrence S. Kubie's work on the subject of "the neurotic distortion of the creative process."[3] My subjects were chiefly of the age of World War II veterans, of my own age of that time, the forties, or a decade older. These were, thus, members of the age-interval of the parents of the Baby Boomer generation, and were usually representative, ideologically, of persons who leaned, by selection, to the typical executive-suite and related professional level of the subjects of the White Collar and Organization Man studies of that time.

Although these cases were, in that sense, of my own generation, they were, therefore, also the generation of the parents of the Baby Boomers; more to the point, they were part of the social-cultural transmission-belt which was complicit in the conditioning of the children of Baby Boomer age. The popularity of the then highly touted Dr. Spock among parents who were of my own generation, merely illustrates the point.

My own orientation in conducting these studies, was as I have reported extensively on this in published locations, my quarrel with the radically reductionist schemes of such figures as Professor Norbert Wiener, John von Neumann, and the crew of the Bertrand Russell tradition assembled around MIT's Research Laboratory of Electronics (RLE) of the late 1940s and early 1950s. From the vantage-point of the history of modern physical science, these typified the worst of the type of cases which Kubie's 1962 Daedalus report implied.

Actual human productivity is to be recognized in the act of going outside the domain of presently extant, reductionist methods of thinking, to discover a principle of nature or of the human mind. The exemplification of this for modern European science, is Johannes Kepler's going outside the fallacious presumptions which commonly bounded the failed astronomical systems of Claudius Ptolemy, Copernicus, and Tycho Brahe, as teams of the LaRouche Youth Movement (LYM) have re-experienced Johannes Kepler's unique founding of valid currents of modern physical science, and are making corresponding breakthroughs of crucial relevance for creative scientific thinking, in the performance role of the Pythagorean comma in the J.S. Bach system of well-tempered counterpoint.

The nominally qualified scientific, or comparable professional is often incapable of breaking free of the prison-like, stultifying bounds of prior formal conditioning in a prevalent, stultifying obedience training in the reductionist view of mathematics associated with the Cartesian and more extremely radical-positivist forms of conditioning.

Kubie's 1962 Daedalus report focussed on the type of case represented by a once fruitful young scientist who had virtually lost his, or her, earlier show of capacity for fruitful original discoveries, a phenomenon which corresponds to my own experience with cases of professionals and others who have gone virtually brain-dead, relative to their earlier show of intellectual fertility, about the time, often a time plus or minus the age of twenty-five, they face their oral and written hurdles for a post-Bachelor degree in their intended profession. On reading this issue of Daedalus I felt like shouting, "Déjà vu!" It pointed directly to phenomena which I recognized as my leading issue of conflict with my associates of own generation.

What I recognized, from the work of the relevant Josiah Macy, Jr. Foundation, and my recognition of the fraud permeating the doctrines of "information theory" and "artificial intelligence," was that the characteristic of that pair of Bertrand Russell acolytes Wiener and John von Neumann, was their hysterical antipathy to ideas, both ideas representing experimentally validated discoveries of universal physical principles, and any representation of mankind which would be offensive to a hardened idiot-savant of the autistic type.[4]

It was clearly Bertrand Russell's intention to go beyond even the positivist ideologue Ernst Mach in the effort to take actual ideas of principle out of the canons of science, by substituting mere mathematical formulations for notions of physical principle. However, Mach himself represented a far more radical case of empiricism than that of the Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century empiricist followers of Paolo Sarpi, Galileo Galilei, Sir Francis Bacon, Thomas Hobbes, et al. The reasons for the expulsion of both Wiener and von Neumann from Göttingen by David Hilbert (after his examining the content of the packages each of that pair represented) are relevant to the point under discussion here.

Abner Dean's Cartoon

Even before the post-World War II cultural-paradigm shift led by Russell's followers, the destruction of the creative potentials of promising young adolescents and others, is often associated with parents or other authorities who intimidate their charges with the threats: "When you have learned what your mother and your teachers have taught you, then you can allow yourself to think on your own." I am often reminded, on that account, of an Abner Dean New Yorker cartoon, which portrayed a naked subject in a transparent casket, passing a vast crowd of naked admirers, with the captioned quote from the man in the casket: "I wonder what that was all about?"

Take the case of two "popular" types of business-management failures from my experience of the 1950s and 1960s, cases which have a certain kind of relevance for the state of the economy today. Put to one side cases in which technological incompetence in management thinking is the cause of a threatened business failure. Take the cases in which the corporate policies of ownership's regressive lust for profit-taking, drive an otherwise well-managed operating firm into obsolescence, or a closely held organization in which the virtual tyranny exerted by the compulsions of a neurotic dominant figure forces the ruin of an otherwise viable enterprise.

In most of the cases of actual, or threatened business failures which I studied from the 1950s and 1960s, the threatened failure was not essentially technical. Usually, in any mature enterprise, the needed technology to meet the relevant challenge was already known, or accessible in principle. In the typical case where such a troubled firm required an outside consultant, the problem often lay within a neurotic or kindred disorder in the management, or on an outside factor, such as the wife of a key figure, or other kinds of family influences on relevant personnel. When this cause of failed performance was lodged within the person of the "boss," or some outside influences controlling his behavior, remedies existed only to the degree a relevant kind of outside factor were brought into play.

The case of the U.S. Bush Administration today, is typical of that sort of problem. There are many problems within the U.S. Federal Government today, but it is the fact that two pathological cases, the President and Vice President, have been embedded in the government, and are able to operate under the authority implicit in "9/11," which has rendered correction of the dictatorial ruin of the U.S. economy caused by this mis-administration seemingly impossible, at least apparently impossible to cure, according to the view expressed by typically opportunist leaders with the current standard of political courage usually seen today. The leaders of the political parties have reacted, conspicuously, to the outrageous mismanagement exerted by the Bush-Cheney tyranny in much the same way as the intimidated employees of an enterprise run, top down, by a tyrannical mental case. This susceptibility is, qualitatively, much greater among the Baby Boomer generation, than my own generation.

However, in the case of the U.S., and the world today, there is something other than the U.S.A.'s internal management and related affairs behind the onrushing threatened general collapse of the world economy today. This compels thoughtful persons to look seriously at the problem of social neoteny of the generation born between approximately 1945 and 1956.

2. The Fruit of Sophistry

The origins of the methods used for mass-brainwashing of the post-war generation born during 1945-1956, are to be traced from the Systemic features of the program of Sophistry launched against the culture of Athens by the Delphi temple of Apollo, to effect the self-destruction of Pericles' Athens through what became the Peloponnesian War. The dialogues and letters of Plato are the primary source of systemic insight into that matter for society then, as now.

Between the ancient origins of Sophistry and the launching of an anti-Franklin Roosevelt campaign to similar effect, that under the period of the Truman Administration and the following years, a fundamental change for the better had been introduced to European civilization by developments associated with the great ecumenical Council of Florence. The contributions of Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa, such as his prescription for the system of modern sovereign nation-states (Concordantia Catholica), his launching of modern experimental physical science (De Docta Ignorantia), and his prescription for what became the 1648 Treaty of Westphalia (his De Pace Fidei), are exemplary of the emergence of what became known in Louis XI's France, Henry VII's England, and the American colonies as the commonwealth form of society reflected in the Preamble of the U.S. Federal Constitution.

Despite the efforts of the resurgent Venetian financier oligarchy to regain its power through the fall of Constantinople, and the launching of renewed religious warfare with the 1492 decrees of the Satanic figure of Grand Inquisitor Tomás de Torquemada, the effects of the Fifteenth-Century Renaissance fostered a revolutionary change, called modern European civilization and its science.

On this latter account, the old Venetian financier-imperial model of the medieval times, could not work. Scientific and technological progress could not be suppressed any longer, not by old methods. In this circumstance, a new Venetian imperial model emerged, that associated with Venice's Paolo Sarpi, his lackey Galileo Galilei, Sir Francis Bacon, Thomas Hobbes, et al. This Sarpi model proposed to tolerate innovation, but only within limits. The policy was to adopt and use the technologies which might be chosen by the financier oligarchy for this purpose, but to choke off the sources of human creativity at the throat. This fruit of Sarpi's influence became the empiricist ideology of Hobbes, Locke, Descartes, at al., the forerunner of the more extremely depraved, contemporary European form of Machian and post-Machian positivism.

The principled feature of both empiricism and radical positivism is essentially the same as that of the Sophistry cults of the ancient Delphi Apollo cult, but the form in which the new form of Sophistry is expressed, being adapted to current realities, is different in mode of expression.

Through the follies of France, and London-steered wars on the continent, such as the Seven Years' War, by the time of the February 1763 Peace of Paris, the neo-Venetian empiricists' new design for imperial power, and London's orchestration of the French Revolution and the Napoleonic wars, had defeated every attempt of the efforts of the continent of Eurasia to wrest its freedom from the tyranny of the Anglo-Dutch Liberal form of imperial maritime power centered in the City of London, until the victory of U.S. President Abraham Lincoln over Lord Palmerston's puppets, the Confederacy, and the Hitler-like Emperor Maximilian imposed upon Mexico.

By the 1876 Philadelphia Exposition and the subsequent adoptions of the American model as a system of reference under Bismarck in Germany, in Mendeleyev's Russia, in Meiji Restoration Japan, and elsewhere, an insurgency of modern economic development among key nations of continental Eurasia, drove the Anglo-Dutch Liberals of Prince Edward Albert's London into a homicidal fit which became known as "geopolitics." This fit produced two so-called "World Wars" of the Twentieth Century. When the world had been rescued from the Hitler threat by the margin supplied by President Franklin Roosevelt's U.S.A., the threat that the American model, as associated with the policies of that Roosevelt, would reform the post-war world, drove the Anglo-Dutch Liberals and British puppets, such as President Harry Truman, into new fits. Although neither Truman nor his masters could uproot Franklin Roosevelt's economic achievements all at once, by the aftermath of the assassination of pro-Roosevelt President John F. Kennedy, the Anglo-Dutch Liberals' "Trojan Horse" within the U.S.A. under President Richard M. Nixon, was on the road toward indicating a self-inflicted destruction of the U.S.A. from within.

However, the work of undermining and destroying the U.S. itself from within was already fully under way within days after the death of Franklin Roosevelt. The effort to turn back the clock of history to the days of unquestioned geopolitical reign of the Anglo-Dutch Liberal tyranny, did not surface until late in the course of the U.S. folly in Indo-China, but by 1981, with the wrecking of the Bretton Woods system and the uprooting of the foundations of U.S. economic prosperity in the FDR protectionist, "fair trade"-policies mode, the U.S.A. was already in the grip of an accelerating process of self-destruction, up to the present day.

The induced "Baby Boomer" phenomenon, whose launching is centered in the 1945-1956 interval, is a crucial novelty which presently defines the present U.S. and global situation of today.

It should be apparent today, that were the U.S.A. to collapse, as certain leading political circles in both the Republican and Democratic parties appear presently committed to accomplishing this, there is no other force on this planet presently, which is capable of launching the general economic recovery needed to reverse the onrushing plunge toward an early general economic breakdown crisis of the planet as a whole.

The core of this development of the 1945-2006 interval to date, has been the destruction of the currently leading social-political stratum of the so-called "Baby Boomer" generation. By eliminating the characteristics of the U.S. population and political system which had been responsible for rescuing the planet from a threatened Hitler victory, the way has been almost cleared for a form of global imperialism called "globalization," a system of reign by the aggregated slime-mold-like blobs of predatory financier interests.

The irony of this is, that were those blobs to succeed in realizing this goal, the world over which they seek to reign, would be destroyed, and they, too, besides, by the effects of a lack of remedy for the general breakdown-crisis which menaces us today. If we lose in our efforts to defeat these blobs, civilization vanishes from this planet for some time to come, and the human population-level would probably fall to levels so low as to please even the evil specter of "Bertie" Russell. Clearly, the section of the U.S. population chiefly responsible for this mess, is the Baby Boomer stratum of relatively greatest economic and political influence. Their ideology, less by intention, than by its inherent mechanisms of preference-selection, is thus in deadly conflict with the survival of the U.S. as a nation.

The other way of identifying this irony is, the entire world would be plunged into a dark age unless the present trends in U.S. policy were not quickly reversed, as I have insisted.

'Hey Bub,' and I Mean 'Beelzeblob'

Toward the close of the 1970s and beginning of the 1980s, I authorized and outlined a series of researches and publications. Although the work was actually done by teams of dozens of persons, authors' credit was given to but one or more of the members of the team. Typical was the case of a book, The New Dark Ages Conspiracy, which I pre-outlined in concept and general contents, which was actually produced by a team of researchers following my design. The pivotal figure treated in this publication was that of Bertrand Russell, a figure whom some British sources quite justly identified as "the most evil man of the Twentieth Century," a virtual "Beelzebub," Russell. The resulting book cited Russell and his associate H.G. Wells, as Liberally as they might have desired, and that chiefly in their own words.[5]

In Russell's 1953 The Impact of Science on Society,[6] he wrote the following confession of his evil intentions toward the U.S.A. in particular. I quote from the passages of documentation presented in The New Dark Ages Conspiracy:[7]

"But bad times you may say, are exceptional, and can be dealt with by exceptional methods. This has been more or less true during the honeymoon period of industrialization, but it will not remain true unless the increase of population can be enormously diminished. At present the population of the world is increasing at about 58,000 per diem. War, so far, has had no very great effect on this increase, which continued through each of two world wars.... War ... has hitherto been disappointing in this respect ... but perhaps bacteriological war may prove more effective. If a Black Death could spread throughout the world once in every generation, survivors could procreate freely with making the world too full.... The state of affairs might be somewhat unpleasant, but what of it? Really high-minded people are indifferent to happiness, especially other peoples.'...

"The present urban and industrial centers will have become derelict, and their inhabitants, if still alive, will have reverted to the peasant hardships of their medieval ancestors...."

And, finally, Russell's frankly Liberal anti-Americanism, echoing the views of the dirtiest of the inner core of anti-U.S.A. Anglo-Dutch Liberalism within "The Club of the Isles," still today:

"As for public life, when I first became politically conscious Gladstone and Disraeli still confronted each other amid Victorian solidities, the British Empire seemed eternal, a threat to British naval supremacy was unthinkable, the country was rich, aristocratic, and growing richer.... For an old man, with such a background, it is difficult to feel at home in a world of ... American supremacy."

Such is the ideology which my esteemed predecessor Percy Shelley exposes in his "Ozymandias." That is the essence of Anglo-Dutch Liberal imperialism of Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, Bernard Mandeville, David Hume, Adam Smith, and Jeremy Bentham. That is the Liberalism of a Britain of William Wilberforce, which used its client, the Nineteenth-Century Spanish monarchy, to run the traffic in African slaves into the Caribbean and the southern states of the United States, until President Abraham Lincoln defeated the schemes of Britain's Lord Palmerston.

Why should they think otherwise than as Russell speaks in those excerpted passages? The British Empire was an outgrowth of the new Venetian financier-oligarchical system developed as the Seventeenth and Eighteenth centuries' Phoenix-like rebirth of the Venetian financier oligarchy's ultramontane form of imperial system. It was the modern outgrowth of the same oligarchical model, of the Roman Empire, Byzantium, and Crusader system, which treated the mass of human subjects of their imperial system, not as human beings, but as human cattle, as do the financier forces behind the "hedge funds" of today.

President George W. Bush, Jr., is essentially a pathetic creature. He is not really as much the President of the U.S.A., as he is a disease planted within the institution of the Presidency, placed there by George P. Shultz, et al., for the intended purpose of bringing about the destruction of the U.S.A., chiefly by its own hand. His has performed that service to our republic's adversaries, very well, especially considering his wretched intellectual powers. The Bush-Cheney Administration is the poison-pill which the U.S. has swallowed, for the pleasure of our European oligarchical adversaries. Pathetic Bush has done great service for our republic's deadliest adversaries in the conduct of his office during the recent six years; no existing external enemy could have destroyed us as much as his incumbency has done during the recent six years.

The relevant enemy of the continued existence of our U.S.A., is not the institutions of the British monarchy in the ordinary sense of those institutions. The British empire, as it actually exists today, is the Anglo-Dutch Liberal outgrowth of Paolo Sarpi's Venetian financier-oligarchy. It is essentially a vast slime-mold-like formation, composed of individualized blobs of private, predatory financier interest, as merely typified by the case in hand of Felix Rohatyn, preying upon the planet as a whole.

In order that that slime-mold-like collation might defeat that slime-mold's deadliest adversary, a U.S.A. in the immediate tradition of President Franklin Roosevelt, they have transformed a mass of our own children into what we call "Baby Boomers," creatures like President George W. Bush, Jr., planted, like dragon's teeth, to destroy our republic from within. As President, Baby Boomer Bush may not be very much as a man, but as a disease, he has had a flourishing success.

3. Social Neoteny at Work

The most insidious form of pertinent kinds of pseudo-Christian delusions, for example, is the notion that God and Satan are locked in eternal conflict. The faults which we may justly call evil, are not a failure of the Creator, nor of the design of His universe, but of the inadequate self-development, or regression among human individuals, and of society at large. The problem of social neoteny, merely typifies the lack of development (in this case, a forced reversal of cultural development), as I have identified Baby Boomer neoteny as an instance of regression rather than merely underdevelopment. As I have emphasized, here, thus far, this forced corruption of the relevant stratum of children born during the 1945-1956 interval, must be seen as the fresh way in which this matter of good and evil must be viewed from the interior of the contemporary internal experience of globally extended European civilization. It is man, not the Creator, which has failed mankind. It is the toleration of oligarchical systems, such as the Anglo-Dutch Liberal system, or the Venetian financier oligarchy before it, which is the exemplary incarnation of evil.

In approaching what will be, a space ahead, the concluding argument of this report, consider the following line of preparatory argument.

Science should have prompted us to recognize that the universe is very well designed in principle; there is no evil in its creation. The issue of evil, or simply failure, is a matter of the implicitly assigned role of man and woman, as assigned so by the Creator, the man or woman who is intended to join with the Creator in the endless process of continuing to perfect (i.e., develop) universal creation. When man fails to develop the capacity and will to act with understanding of that, his or her assigned destiny, then mankind, not God, fails.

On this account, it is probably certain, that the human species is eternal, at least in its immortal, creative-intellectual form of individual personal existence. On this account, it is already clear to those among us who know something of the history of our planet over the recent six- to ten-thousand years, and more, that the aspect of the human mind which belongs to the higher universal phase-space termed the Noösphere by V.I. Vernadsky, that man is good in principle, from birth, for as long as he, or she, adheres to the assigned, principled form of mankind's specific, higher mission of existence within the universe.

On this account, mankind is designed to serve as the hands of the Creator's mind, by aid of the flesh, in service of the creative powers of the mind mobilized according to this essential intention.

Unfortunately, those men and women who are of little minds, "Who, me?" minds, are like the Biblical Jonah, and make themselves like pitiable creatures, who permit effects which we may regard as evil. So, they flee, like the Biblical Jonah within a big fish, sometimes called the "popular opinion" of little minds, such as "Baby Boomerism," fleeing from the mission to which each is implicitly called upon to serve by the Creator. (As I recall the Biblical account, even the big fish grew disgusted with Jonah, and threw him up: a fit tale to be told to our all too typical political officials and aspiring candidates of today.)

Mankind's grandeur within the universe lies with the individual's commitment to a higher purpose, one which promotes the Creator's intention of further development of this universe, and of the other people within it.

The Nature of Evil

The standard form of expression of evil, is the impulse among some peoples, to subjugate other persons to the virtual status of hunted or herded human cattle, as by such means as "regime change." The authentic image of Satan, the essential personality of evil, is the image of what errant mankind created as the Olympian Zeus of Aeschylus' Prometheus Bound, who, in that drama, prohibits a creature made in the image of the Creator, man and woman, from expressing the creative powers for change in the universe which distinguish mankind from the mere beasts. The image of Satan is the image of oligarchism, the image of imperial Rome, of imperial Byzantium, of the ultramontane system under the Venetian-Norman tyranny, and of the imperialist program of "globalization" by Anglo-Dutch Liberalism today.

In this standard form of expressed evil, which all forms of empire and their approximation typify, the oligarch degrades himself to virtual trash in the eyes of the Creator by his abuse of those, whom his whims degrade to the condition of mere human cattle. The most pitiable of all, are those, like our Baby Boomers, who need not be degraded, because they have already degraded themselves. Harsh? Not at all: necessary!

As many parents will recall: tyranny is a world in which burly, over-sized two-year-olds rule! Aged parents, abused by their own children or grandchildren, like the night nurses with the pillows of euthanasia, typify such expressions of evil. That, most simply illustrated, is the same quality of evil which occupies the essence of social neoteny.

So, the essence of childishness in the adult, is a young adult, or even an adolescent, who is a two-year-old in an adult's body, exerting adult authority. This can be the result of growing up in a jungle-like ghetto; it can be, simply, the fruit of what is sometimes called "permissive" child-rearing. The correlative of "growing up," is the efficient assumption of an efficient sense of responsibility which, in its progress, approaches that of, and reaches the requirements of an adult functioning according to the requirements of a modern, and progressing society. This means, a scientifically and technologically progressing society.

The image of the human swine, is the adolescent child of an oligarchical family given adult degrees of authority over an actual adult population, especially if that adolescent has many of the behavioral characteristics of a two-year-old. The image of President George W. Bush, Jr., fits in there somewhere.

Such are the conclusions readily proffered by those with experience of life in our society generally. The issue on which our attention must be focussed here, goes to a specific kind of set of circumstances, typified by the rearing of the typical Baby Boomer in influential positions today. What happens, as has been done to the populations of the U.S.A. and western and central Europe today, if the imposition of this kind of social neoteny is the policy for guiding the rearing of an entire generation of the upper twenty-percentile of a generation? What results if the standard of behavior for the members of such a generation is pushed down to such effects that we have young adults with personality characteristics of an adolescent, a pre-adolescent, a child, an infant?

Take the generation of the 68ers associated with the university student population of the late 1960s in the Americas and western and central Europe. What are we hearing when we hear the echoed flavors of "baby-talk" in the speech of young adults of university-student populations?

"You are trying to make a slave of me by stuffing me with luxuries? (Just give me money instead)."

"I do not like people who do factory work, or who associate with farmers using high-technology methods."

"Progress must be stopped! We must go back to a natural way of living!"—like beasts!

"I need pot, LSD, and other tools of the trade of escape to obscene fantasy, to fix my head, and still my mind!" "I do not work with (nor, perhaps, wash) my hands." Where is the modern Hogarth to sketch such a crew in full bloom? Such was the escape from reason all too typical of the "68er" generation in its fullest bloom.

And, so on.

The Children of Satan

Weaned puppies and kittens are known as adults of their species. Some human specimens never actually reach that higher state of development; their potential as an adult human being is suppressed along the way from birth, but they tend to become sexually mature, although fixed by conditioning into the personal cultural qualities of relative human neoteny. We witness an example of this as a typical specimen of pure, neotenous evil, in the armed gangs of locust-like, Kalashnikov-armed pre-puberty children, as killers run amok from within, and against the people of sub-Saharan Africa. We see the same principle expressed in the pathologies typical of the "68er" of today.

The transformation of a conceived human foetus, from the personality already manifest in the development at about six-month's maturity in the womb, to the adult personality which is normally manifest in the weaning-process from adolescence to youthful maturity, is a lawful process when it occurs in a healthy mode. To suppress, or reverse any among the normal phases of sovereign development of the human personality's social behavioral orientation, implicitly produces in a surviving adult specimen, an individual with the physical attributes of an adult, but the arrested emotional development (as it is often called) of a child, adolescent, or even a virtual infant.

Such arrested development of the maturing individual's cultural development as a social individual, does something much worse than halting the progress of the individual to true adult maturity of the personality; it produces a diseased form of personality, as merely typified by the notable case of the childish schoolyard bully, or homicidal and related traits met among children's and adolescents' gangs.

The notable distinction between such phenomena in and of themselves, and the problem associated with the political role of the Baby Boomer generation today, is that the knowledge of such social phenomena was used, wittingly, by agencies such as circles associated with the Josiah Macy, Jr. Foundation, and the Congress for Cultural Freedom, to destroy the legacy of the U.S. Franklin Roosevelt Administration, by turning the relevant strata of what were, socially, presumably upward mobile families' children into a generation of monsters, both in Europe and the Americas, most emphatically. This echo of the Sophistry with which the Satanic Apollo cult of Delphi induced Pericles' Athens to destroy itself, with criminal intent, and with criminal energy, into what became the destruction of Classical Greece through the Peloponnesian War, is exemplary of the meaning of Satanism: the transformation of the most promising new generation of the young into the instruments of bestiality by which their culture is self-destroyed.

Poor George Bush has done many evil things; but, he was not the true author of evil; he has been merely the corrupted instrument of the evil by which the U.S. today, and much more, is in the process of imminent global self-destruction.

We could survive this threat; the price of survival of our civilization now, is the degree of willingness to be found among even Baby Boomers, to change themselves while the opportunity to do so still exists.

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