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This article appears in the April 6, 2007 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Why We Keep Losing Wars

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

March 28, 2007

In the U.S.A.'s foolish plunge into an 1964-1972 Indo-China war, the U.S. forces won the battles, but lost the war for no more relevant reason than choosing that war. The War in Iraq which Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher foisted upon a credulous President George H.W. Bush, was much less a disaster, only because George H.W. Bush was wisely advised not to go deeper into Iraq. But, after the end of that war, Europe and the U.S.A. (both) promptly entered and lost the Balkan Wars which never should have been started. The new, spreading war in Southwest Asia, into which the British Blair government has lured such among its silly dupes as President Bush and its stooge Vice-President Cheney, has already been the worst folly of all, but is about to become much worse unless Cheney is quickly expelled from office.

This fact is underlined by reading of the meticulous March 26, 2007 After-Action Report by General Barry R. McCaffrey USA (ret). To sum up the essence of his report, the U.S. military forces are winning the battles, but our nation is being successfully destroyed by the criminality of London's Blair, a Blair Fabian government which has been leading Vice-President Cheney, and sundry other accomplices by their silly noses, leading our republic for "just one more step into the global strategic quicksand," into its imminently threatened self-destruction in the same fashion that London lured Napoleon Bonaparte into the guerrilla warfare trap in Spain.

Some of us are reminded of a grim joke, the Marine Colonel who led his regiment in the successful frontal attack on an opposing machine-gun nest, but lost the troops of his regiment in the attempt. The question asked of that colonel afterward, was: "Why didn't you flank them?" That colonel was a genius, compared with the Bush Administration's strategic planners of today.

The question the foolish U.S. Senators, and others, should be asking themselves, is: "Who is it who has virtually drugged our Congress, again and again, into battles which our forces win abroad, but lose at home?"

Who were the confounded idiots in the U.S. Senate, and elsewhere, who cheered for shutting down the U.S. economy permanently, at the behest of British agent Al Gore, all for the sake of abandoning our republic's sovereignty, to make us all slaves of a new world-empire, the new Tower of Babel called "globalization"?

Who are the idiots who are prepared to run for President of the U.S.A. under an alliance with those carrying that banner of treason which the Prince of Wales' patsy, and long-standing bearer of a deeply embedded family racist tradition; that of the Prince of Wales' intimate crony, the half-witted, but vicious, and babbling Malthusian Al Gore, whose lying "Global Warming" swindle is pushing all available, campus and other idiots among us, into bringing about the national suicide of the U.S. republic? That is the suicide which is being pushed by that Middlebury Monster and former associate of Chile's Pinochet and George Shultz, Felix Rohatyn.

The great lesson from the history of strategy since Greece was destroyed by its victory in the Peloponnesian War, is that the dangerously evil people in world history are those, like the British Empire, which has learned to win wars by getting other people to destroy themselves in fighting the kinds of wars designed to effect the mutual ruin of the combatants, such as our foolish plunge into the Indo-China war, the Balkan wars, and the Southwest Asia warfare unleashed by Britain's favorite, Henry A. Kssinger, in Lebanon, in April 1975, a war still raging today.

We do not need new enemies in Southwest Asia, when he have more than enough high-ranking scoundrels and fools successfully misleading us, in high-ranking circles here at home.

The great strategic issue facing the U.S.A., as the world as a whole today, is the conflict between the patriots, and those who defiled the U.S. Constitution on which our sovreignty is based, for foreign alliances and wars in complicitly with those who wish to rid us of our sovereignty in favor of a global "Tower of Babel," and degrade us from a science-driven economy of progress, into a kind of people who self-respecting cave-men, and perhaps even monkeys, would justly regard with disgust.

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