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This statement appears in the April 27, 2007 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

`Ask the Man Who Owns One'

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

This release was issued on April 20 by the Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee.

Put the roster of declared 2008 Republican U.S. Presidential pre-candidates to one side for the moment. What about the presently leading Democratic Party contenders? Put the whimpers of the perennial bitch-goddess, popularity, to one side; public opinion has often been wrong, sometimes as badly mistaken as it has been, habitually, since the almost suicidal public selection of 2000. This time, none, among all of the presently leading candidates, is presently actually qualified, by both motive and wisdom, as Franklin D. Roosevelt was, to serve during the 2009-2013 terms. We must select and develop a suitable pre-candidate, who must undergo the necessary development and guidance.

Who owns the candidate to be chosen? What is inside the package, waiting to pop out, were that candidate to enter the White House?

What is the possibility that, under present conditions, the electorate could put aside its customary small-mindedness and related prejudices, and, thus, become competent to make the right choice, hopefully a choice of a candidate with the spirit of Presidents Abraham Lincoln and Franklin D. Roosevelt, all that in the patriotic tradition of 1776-1789?

*   *   *

The first question a wise citizen would ask about any present pre-candidate, is an echo of the advertising slogan of the Packard motor car company of the 1930s: "Ask the man who owns one."

Let us put the roster of declared and otherwise likely Republican pre-candidates to one side for a suitable later occasion. Let us concentrate, for the moment, on the exemplary cases of the two ostensibly, currently leading Democratic pre-candidates: Senators Clinton and Obama.

Frankly, at the present moment, none of the listed Democratic pre-candidates would actually be competent to serve as President under those historically critical conditions with which the next U.S. President will be confronted. I can say with certainty, that none of them, so far, has given the public the slightest inkling of the onrushing actual situation which the next President of the U.S.A. will face.

I am the best qualified potential candidate on these counts, whether you like that idea, or not; but, given my present age, eighty-four, the likelihood of my living out the full skein of the years 2009-2017 in the prime condition we should require in that office, is a wee bit uncertain. Clearly, the national interest demands that we develop someone who is no ordinary Presidential nominee, but an unusual candidate, like me, who is qualified to become a fair approximation of a President Franklin Roosevelt; otherwise, our republic has a very poor chance of surviving in a manner which conforms to its present Constitution.

Therefore, to start with, we must start our probe of any pre-candidate's potential qualifications with the famous slogan of the 1930s advertising slogan of the Packard motor car company: "Ask the man who owns one." Ask the financial backer of each candidate: "Who really owns him?" "What is the interest which has built him up, groomed him, and brought him to market?"

On this account, already, we can be reasonably confident that we know who, apart form her obvious personal ambition, "owns" Senator Clinton. We have seen some of the packaging of Senator Obama's campaign; but, I have not seen enough of what might actually be inside the package to calm my fears for our nation; certain uncertainties arising from his Chicago packaging worry me very much, as it should you. Are these certain financier interests, such as those centered in Chicago, which are more likely to care for the same hedge-fund-connected financier interests which are ruining the increasingly looted lives of the majority of our population today? I hear nothing so far to ease my worries on that account. Do not just look into the candidate's eyes; look under the hood.

It is already April 2007: Within about nine months, some crucial steps toward choices of Party candidates for the general election will be made. Unless the selected candidates present an image of their intentions which goes far beyond anything the press or public has seen from the candidates so far, nothing less than the very future existence of our nation is in jeopardy, if the visible candidates are actually nothing more than the shallow display of cosmetics which is what they present themselves to be, as of now.

Sometimes, the important fact about a candidate is what he is; at other times, the most important question is what he is not.

I have some recent experience with this problem now immediately threatening virtually all of our people, and the very existence of our constitutional republic, as well. From late November 2004, until the close of 2005, I was an integral part of the Democratic Party's effort to defend the U.S. Social Security system from wild-eyed looting by our goofy, incumbent, Cheney-controlled U.S. President of that time.

However, those same Democrats who fought to save Social Security then, stubbornly refused to take any of the urgently needed measures required to save the productive potential and employment of our already gravely endangered auto industry. We now see the result of that negligence by the U.S. Congress, especially in the states of Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana, today.

The reason for this terrible negligence by members of the Congress, was, typically, the influence of certain predatory international financier circles, as typified by the so-called "Middlebury Monster," Felix Rohatyn, who had played a key role in the efforts of George Shultz and Henry A. Kissinger, not only, to bring an old-Nazi-linked Pinochet into power in a mass-murderous fascist dictatorship in Chile, but to continue that with a Nazi-like wave of mass murders and kindred enterprises throughout the "Southern Cone" of South America.

Today, a similar threat is represented by the influence of a man who is in fact a British agent, former Vice-President Al Gore, to push through a swindle called "Global Warming," which is a copy of the same policy, then named "eugenics," of certain leading U.S.A. and British financial interests, the policy which was used, by them, to create the Nazi Party and the regime of Adolf Hitler, in the late 1920s and early 1930s.

Among the open backers of Adolf Hitler back then, was Prescott Bush, the grandfather of the current President of the U.S.A., who wrote the order, on behalf of Averell Harriman, for transfer of funds needed to save Hitler's Nazi Party from bankruptcy, that just in time for the appointment of Hitler as Germany's Chancellor. The green "environmentalist" policy on which the Nazi Party of the 1920s and early 1930s was based then, represents, today, exactly the same eugenics policy today, the post-1945 policy of Julian Huxley et al., pushed by the Nazis and the relevant Anglo-Dutch and Wall Street financier interests then.

If anything, the "green" policy of Gore et al. today, is far more radical, more extremely genocidal, than anything the Anglo-American and other financier backers of Hitler had proposed back during the 1920s and 1930s.

As recently as the 1970s and 1980s, it would have been impossible to elect any U.S. Presidential candidate who ran on what is represented as the "Global Warming" hoax of British agent Al Gore today. Admittedly, the "Green" disease was already rampant among the "anti-blue collar" "68ers" during the 1970s; but, then, the representatives of my generation were in top-most positions of political power. Those who remembered what "eugenicist" Adolf Hitler really was, would, therefore, never have tolerated the "green" Baby-Boomer policies which have sucked in so many from among Al Gore's generation today. The Green policies of Hitler's movement and its Anglo-Dutch Liberal and U.S. backers of the past, had to wait until most of the veterans of World War II had died out to push the policies which Al Gore and his backers typify today.

The current policy of the Anglo-American and related interests associated with British agent Gore's global swindle today, is the elimination of the sovereignty of all nations of the planet, that, under a doctrine calling for a new, global, "Tower of Babel," called "globalization." Under the impulse of the same policy, that by the present Bush-Cheney Administration, the world is presently teetering at the brink of not only a potential Iran war, but the near-term further danger of a new form of major, thermonuclear world war already being built up for action against Russia, China, and India.

All of these and other problems, are situated within the context of a presently onrushing general economic breakdown-crisis of the planet as a whole. The driver behind all of these approximately immediate dangers to life on our planet as a whole, is the continuation of the financial-economic policies associated presently with the predatory role of a global "hedge-fund" swindle centered, chiefly, in the British monarchy's Cayman Islands. Therefore, which financier interests actually control which Presidential and other candidates, is the most fundamental, existential question facing any intelligent U.S. voter today.

That is why I have a certain set of questions to present to candidate and Senator Obama.

That is the opening portion of a longer report which I shall be issuing during the coming weeks. I have much more to say as I add to what is already presented here, during the coming days and beyond.

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