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This testimony appears in the September 28 ,2007 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Two Ways To Do Politics

In testimony to the Italian Senate Labor and Social Security Commission on Sept. 20, 2007, Lyndon LaRouche responded to a question as to whether he were not being "pessimistic" in his forecast of a near-term blowout of the global economy. Here is what he said.

There are two ways to do politics. One way is to do politics from desperation. That doesn't work, or it works the wrong way. You have also the politics which is based on opportunity: When you can mobilize people around positive alternatives, you get a much healthier and more satisfactory response, than if you mobilize them out of desperation. You change the subject from desperation to one of optimism about, we have a chance to rebuild. Reconstruction. And I think that's our only chance globally. Because, what can you say, as a government? What can you say to the people of any nation, such as this, when these conditions are coming down? What's the politics then? Whose throat is going to be cut, or not? Or can you say, wait, there's a solution to this problem. We can do something. We can solve these problems. We can adopt a credible commitment to changing things.

We may not be able to do everything perfectly right away, but we have a commitment. And the little person, out in the village, who still cares about children and grandchildren, cares about what happens to his family in the future; and therefore, they will put up with bad conditions temporarily, if they're confident that there's a commitment by government to ensure that there's a good result coming out.

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