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This article appears in the November 2, 2007 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.


What Must Be Understood

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

From the beginning of the systematic European colonization of North America, during the early Seventeenth Century, the patriotic currents which generated U.S. independence organized what became, in the course of time, the leading national intelligence organization of the U.S.A.; such was the Society of the Cincinnati, as a private organization. That tradition, however wounded and seemingly frail, persists, still, inside the U.S.A. today.

There are comparable experiences in other nations. Contrary to some widespread doctrines, the successful making of history is not limited to the conduct of presently adopted official policies; the future of any nation depends upon the creation and adoption of fundamental scientific and other necessarily revolutionary discoveries, on which the continued vitality of any culture depends. The case of the Society of the Cincinnati is, like the tradition of the rigorous Classical composition of J.S. Bach through Beethoven and Schubert, among the best illustrations of that point. Those abroad who have not yet understood this fact about the foundations and development of the U.S.A. could not comprehend the nature of the existential challenge which confronts global civilization at this moment.

The role of such private associations, whether formally constituted, or informally organized in some efficient way, has been made indispensable by the fact that even notable Presidents or Vice-Presidents of the U.S.A. have been traitors in fact, such as the British Foreign Office's agent Aaron Burr, or Presidents Andrew Jackson, Martin van Buren, Polk, Buchanan, Theodore Roosevelt, and Woodrow Wilson, or wretched agents of foreign-directed factions, such as President Richard Nixon. Circles of men and women of suitable skills and well-crafted conscience devote themselves privately to nourishing the intention of our republic.

The situation inside the U.S.A. on that account is far worse than during the immediate two decades following the death of President Franklin Roosevelt, especially since the replacement of well-informed patriots of my own generation by a presently dominant generation born between 1945 and 1958; as the government of Russia's President Putin's search for cooperation with the U.S.A. illustrates the point, the dying out of the generation of relevant patriots from among the veterans of the 1939-1945 war has left the U.S.A. with governing strata which are far more poorly equipped, culturally and intellectually, to cope with the most crucial challenges of our planet now, than the relevant veterans of the last great war.

Nonetheless, despite those relevant difficulties of diplomacy now, the only hope of avoiding an early and disastrous outcome of the presently onrushing, global economic breakdown-crisis, is the kind of informed cooperation between Russia and the U.S.A. which could come, from the U.S. side, only from the deep forces of a tradition traced back to the Society of the Cincinnati. Russia and the U.S.A. could not decide the outcome of the present global crisis; but, without their appropriate cooperation, no solution for the world at large exists. The Bering Strait transport tunnel-project is an excellent illustration of the practical point.

I think it most useful, at this time, to share some relevant thoughts with sensitive citizens of our prospective partner, Russia. Into what kind of cooperation shall we engage, in cooperation with relevant other nations, to rescue a menaced world from its present deadly mess?

For an example of this, consider the following features of the present world crisis-situation.

The best pedagogical precedent for what is happening to the world-wide economy right now, is what happened to Weimar Germany within the hyper-inflationary breakdown-crisis of 1923. The Anglo-Dutch Liberal allies which had prepared and created the great war of 1914-1917, had imposed what became a monetary hyperinflation upon the Reichsmark of post-war Weimar Germany. That inflation put the productive potential of Germany fully at the disposal of the Anglo-Dutch Liberals who had orchestrated the two, general, geopolitical wars of 1895-1945. Through the takeover of Germany's financial system through the 1931 founding of the Basel, Switzerland Bank for International Settlements (BIS), the Anglo-Dutch Liberal backers of Adolf Hitler's rise to dictatorship would have permanently crushed continental Eurasia, but from the unforeseen rise of Franklin Delano Roosevelt to occupy the U.S. Presidency.

The situation in the world today, represents a resumption of the essential features of the same Anglo-Dutch Liberal imperialist ("neomalthusian," "geopolitical") policy. From the very instant President Franklin Roosevelt died, the accommodation of President Harry S Truman to the anti-Franklin Roosevelt policies of Winston Churchill et al., was the intention to orchestrate the functional equivalent of "geopolitical World War III" again, as today.

The present world monetary-financial crisis, is not a U.S. dollar-crisis; it is a breakdown-crisis of the world's present monetary-financial system, a breakdown comparable in essentials to the 1923 collapse of the Weimar Reichsmark, but on a world scale. This present crisis was actually triggered by a recent, lunatic series of actions (concerning both China's currency and Taiwan) conducted against China (despite my repeated warnings to the Senators). That provocation against China was crucial in prompting a very significant July dumping of the U.S. dollar by China and Japan; however, if it had not happened that way, the situation was already rotten-ripe for another event with similar consequences. The world monetary-financial system is, presently, hopelessly doomed. There will never be a recovery—under the present world monetary system—from the on-rolling global financial-breakdown-crisis.

Only the launching of a new world monetary-credit system could halt the breakdown-crisis, and permit the development of a new monetary-credit system which could halt the presently mounting global panic.

Therefore, the crucial point to be made here, is that unless the U.S.A. overturns its present policies, the world-wide monetary-financial collapse entering its concluding phase now, will tend to create a hopeless situation for humanity, globally, for generations still to come. Without the activation of patriotic forces within the U.S.A., to take joint remedial action with some other leading powers of the world, there is no reasonable hope for humanity, globally, for generations still to come.

Thus, for Russia, as for other nations, the crucial question is, what forces within the U.S.A. are likely to attempt to change current U.S. policy-trends into a sane direction, away from the trends of, most emphatically, the recently nearly seven years? The memory of the Society of the Cincinnati comes, thus, to the fore.

That memory is also prompted by the tremendous collapse of the credibility of the U.S. Congress under Democratic leaders Senator Harry Reid and Representative Nancy Pelosi over the interval since the November 2006 mid-term election. (The credibility of Republicans, with the Bush-Cheney albatross hanging around their necks, is even worse.) The popularity of the Congress with the citizenry has dropped from a more or less clear popular majority then, to about 10.7% calculated presently. The onrushing mass-foreclosure of mortgages of the citizenry and menacing collapse of leading banks, creates fears of who might be hanging from the 2007 Christmas tree, if there actually were a Christmas tree available. The situation through western and central Europe is actually no better, either politically, or economically.

The world situation today, is, therefore, either a hopelessly disgusting situation, or, speaking literally, a revolting one. The issue is: what sort of a revolt against the present state of gross misleadership were possible?

The first step which must be taken very quickly, is the adoption of the draft legislation freezing all foreclosures on housing and protecting all Federal and state chartered banking institutions for their socially essential normal functioning within the relevant community. Only a socially dangerous incompetent in our government would object to that emergency legislation.

However, such measures are no more than absolutely indispensable stop-gaps—to stop the bleeding, so to speak. The objective is to prepare the way for:

  1. The launching of a general economic-recovery program, based largely on Federal constitutional credit used to launch essential building of basic economic infrastructure;
  2. The use of such infrastructure programs as creating the markets for the recovery of the private sector.

Those recovery measures must be matched with a return to a global, fixed-exchange-rate, protectionist model of monetary system. Without that, there would never be an economic recovery for generations to come.

To establish such a global system, quickly enough to be effective, and in a coordinated way, U.S. partnership in this project with major nations such as Russia, China, and India, is indispensable. Four major nations can provide the pivot around which to bring the world's smaller nations into a new, equitable, fixed-exchange-rate system. Without such action, there is presently no hope for humanity at large from generations yet to come.

Thus, in New York, Lady Macbeth steps to the front of the stage, crying "Out, damned spot!" and then throws Mrs. Lynne Cheney into the pit, to the accompanying cheers of a vast, and vastly grateful audience!

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