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This article appears in the December 21, 2007 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

The Power of Natural Law

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

December 12, 2007

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Over-educated, pettifogging fools delude themselves to believe that the highest law of nations, even what is mistakenly named to be "natural law," or even "constitutional law," is crafted in the modalities of a negotiated contract, as the notion of a business or related sort of contract might have been adopted, signed, voted up. That law is the peculiar advantage of the Creator of this universe, and no judge, lawyer, or legislator can prevail against that Creator for long.

With the currently onrushing, global crisis of a presently self-doomed world monetary-financial system, the essential silliness of customarily taught bodies of law confronts us. Natural law, as typified by Johannes Kepler's uniquely original discovery of universal gravitation, is known as mankind's discovery of the law inherent in the order of universal creation. Such is natural law, to which all other forms of adopted law are morally and otherwise inferior.

Mankind does not make such law; mankind must discover what has been implicitly created on this account.

Therefore, nations, or concerts among nations, which seek to assert a different notion of true natural law, in times of a general existential crisis, as of a particular sovereign, or a group of such powers, will find themselves crushed, even their existence extinguished, by their defiance of that which the true natural law demands.

The times during which the finality of conflicts expressing that issue may come immediately to the fore, may be rarely recognized by a particular government, or a set of governments, or a people generally. Nonetheless, that higher power of laws is there still, and will manifest itself and its power to crush its adversaries, as in the current moment in present world history.

To wit:

Certain financial powers in today's world have taken over the systems of some among the world's leading governments, and have sought to enforce their own predatory financial and related interest at the expense of the natural and constitutional rights of what had been once considered sovereign nation-states' governments. These asserted rights of such usurping, essentially predatory, financier powers, have been employed as the pretext for an implicitly murderous looting of the greater number of the population, and the plundering of the natural rights of people which had been duly established under relevant actions by and among governments.

When such usurping powers as those go too far, they must be crushed by sovereign governments, or, should sovereign governments fail, tragically, to act to crush those usurping powers, the fabled, terrible spirits of legendary ancient Greece will take a hand in teaching the negligent authorities the true law and its penalties.

Such were the efficient hand of the fabled "unwritten law." As the current global developments should have forewarned you, it had been better that that law had been written, that its terrible powers might have been foreseen with awe, and the price of the terrible, self-inflicted folly, threatening to consume arrogant, presently erring, authorities, thus avoided.

That gentle hand of reason which inspired the Preamble of our U.S. Federal Constitution, can become an apparent reflection of the terrible hand of the Creator for those who continue to be accomplices of financier predators in the looting of our own, and other nations and their people. Those who abuse law to steal the welfare of nations and their peoples, will be punished all the more severely because they have used a terrible corruption of the idea of law to perpetrate such crimes against humanity as our "hedge funds" and kindred predators continue to do even still today.

There are powers inherent in this Created universe which will assert themselves in the due course of events. The world at large now sits on the crumbling brink of an occasion in which the Creator's just hand will intervene to demonstrate afresh exactly who actually writes the law of this universe.

There is no power in this universe which can override the rights inherent in that innate nature of the creative intellectual powers of the individual person, which sets mankind above all other particular forms of existence in this universe.

Let the corrupt judges, legislators, and others, and their accomplices, tremble at that thought. You wish to claim that you know the law? That, and just that, is the law.

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