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This article appears in the November 9, 2007 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

`Smysl' Magazine:
World at Turning Point

The monthly magazine Smysl ("Sense"), issued by the Rosbalt press agency, featured Lyndon LaRouche in a package in its July 2007 issue, devoted to the question of a turning point in history: the "end of capitalism," as they put it, and the breakdown of the globalization system. Among articles by Russian academic and other experts, Smysl highlighted their interview with LaRouche under the headline, "The political thinker Lyndon LaRouche believes we must change the vectors of current policy." Almost the entire text of LaRouche's replies, published here in the original English, appeared.

Smysl: Do you think that mankind is now really at a bifurcation point, facing the choice of which historical pathway to take? If you agree, please say why you think so.

LaRouche: Until the death of U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt, the world at large appeared to have entered the most hopeful moment in all modern history. President Roosevelt's leading intentions were to: a.) Free the world from colonialism, by supporting the self-development of former colonies as sovereign nation-states; b.) Establish a system of cooperation among sovereign nation-states; and, c.) Use the great U.S. productive machine for scientific progress in means of warfare for realization of the common aims of mankind. This hope ended within days, perhaps even mere hours following that great President's death.

The present world crisis forces us to look back to the intentions of President Franklin Roosevelt, even under the deterioration in the viability of the economies of the U.S.A. and of western and central Europe in the aftermath of the U.S. war in Indo-China, and the destruction of that Bretton Woods system crafted under the leadership of Franklin Roosevelt.

Radical changes from recent policy-trends must now be made. The success of such needed changes depends upon an initiative which must include a crucial new form of cooperation among the U.S.A., Russia, China, and India. Such a concert of powers must be used to mobilize the greater number of nations of the world for changes in policy which would realize the aims of President Roosevelt's last days, but under the new conditions, and the added new objectives needed for today.

We have reached an awesome turning-point in world history, for the better, or for what would become, suddenly, much worse.

Smysl: Could you describe the possible alternatives to the world order as it is now?

LaRouche: The concept of the Riemannian Noƶsphere, as specified by Academician Vladimir I. Vernadsky, demands a qualitative up-shift in the concept of modern society, to great emphasis on the leading roles of the new versions of nuclear-fission operations, and future role of thermonuclear fusion for the world of the coming two generations. Very high-speed mass transportation of people and goods by land-based modes of magnetic-levitation, must bring the land territory of the great continents of the Americas, Eurasia, and Africa into a new, higher state of economic development, per capita, and per square kilometer of territory.

This direction of development on Earth, as complemented by exploration and development of the humanization of the Solar System and beyond, must redefine mankind's conception of itself: as man in the universe.

Smysl: How would you characterize the existing world order? What are the overt and covert (hidden) ways that this system is run? How stable is this system?

LaRouche: The qualitative degeneration of systems of government, especially that of the recent thirty-five-odd years, has produced the present hegemony of an increasingly "globalized" world system. This is an emerging, neo-Venetian world-empire of tyranny by lunatic financier power, a form of emerging world-system, a system echoing the medieval imperialism under the hegemony of Venetian financier oligarchy and Norman chivalry. That form of imperialist system is presently, rapidly disintegrating. Either nations cooperate to eliminate that system now, or the self-induced collapse of that present financier-oligarchical system would carry the world at large into a prolonged, planetary, new dark age.

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