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This article appears in the January 11, 2008 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

The Hand Behind the Tragedy

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

During past times, I had been concerned directly, and in a relatively significant way, with justice for members of Benazir Bhutto's family: her father, and her two brothers. Now, all four of them are gone, as if the attempt had been made to wipe their existence from the memories of the surface of our planet.

That Bhutto family is among the heritages which was thus bestowed upon me in the aftermath of the 1976 Non-Aligned Nations conference held in Colombo, Sri Lanka, a cause with which I continue to be associated from the time of the preparations for that conference until the present moment. Prime Minister Indira Gandhi became a person to whose cause I was most closely attached on this same account, as was my late friend and collaborator Foreign Minister Fred Wills who was the sole official voice to speak on behalf of the resolution which had been adopted by the Colombo conference.

Although I was not close to Minister Benazir Bhutto herself personally, or politically, a cry for justice binds together all who have been, or will become victims in the passions of a common cause, especially an historic cause. I am specially concerned, for the sake of all of us, that the evil-doer not triumph through the foolishness of those foolish, perennial blame-fixers who search for a scapegoat.

As ancient Homer's Iliad and Odyssey were understood by sane and intelligent representatives of ancient Greece, the principle of evil, otherwise identified in real life as typified by the Delphic cult of Apollo-Dionysos, is represented in the personified forms of Zeus's Olympus of Aeschylus' Prometheus Bound. A seemingly invisible hand, beyond the reach of mortal men and women, appears to be a mysterious force compelling those mortals, such as many among our own U.S. citizens, to torment and even destroy themselves, and even destroy their society, by actions which are contrary to all sane judgment of thoughtful, mortal human beings. Read the Iliad; it is all there! Or, read the fables of Harry Potter; the same evil is also reigning there.

So, a mystical hand, like the hand of Zeus's own party among the Olympian gods of the Iliad, seems to grip the prevailing will of reigning popular opinion in the U.S.A., in western and central Europe, and other places, today. The spread of economic ruin by currently reigning popular opinion in those places, has impelled the reigning popular opinion of these past decades to destroy the civilization on which the very existence of those nations depends.

In short, the common names for Satan in Greek include, chiefly, Zeus, Apollo, and Dionysus.

All that drama which is validly termed Classical tragedy on the stage, as by Aeschylus, Shakespeare, and Schiller, reflects recognition of this same principle.

What I have just summarized in this way, is, unfortunately, rarely understood by even most influential and highly educated people today. I say, "rarely"! There are those, some good, some very bad, who will, more or less readily, understand and agree with the point I have just introduced in these preceding paragraphs. Those who understand that point, and only persons such as that, persons who are the very rare cases of individuals who are exceptionally well-informed in the principles of goodness, or, a relatively more numerous type, but who are essentially evil, will be met as presently capable of understanding the nature of the international agency, the body of the "geopolitical playwrights," centered in London, which is responsible for the pre-calculated and arranged murder of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto.

With that said, I explain the points to be considered.

The Good Prometheus

The essential distinction of the human individual from the beasts, is that the human mind has a defining quality which does not exist as known among any species of beast. In the practice of physical science, this is the quality which distinguishes the Noƶsphere (mankind) from the Biosphere (lower forms of life). This quality is expressed typically by the centrally underlying principle of physical scientific knowledge, a principle defined for modern science by Nicholas of Cusa's recognition of that scientifically fatal error of Archimedes' mistaken argument in proposing that the principle of the circle could be located in the method of Euclidean quadrature. It was from that point of reference, by Cusa, that followers of Cusa such as Leonardo da Vinci, Johannes Kepler, Fermat, Gottfried Leibniz, and Bernhard Riemann identified the underlying principle of all competent notions of physical science.

The same human faculty is expressed in a developed form only in those methods of Classical poetry, music, and drama which modern European culture associates with the work of such as Shakespeare, Bach, Schiller, Mozart, Beethoven, Keats, and Shelley. I have identified and explained these crucial elements of civilized human behavior in sundry published locations.

It is sufficient, in this location, to point an accusing forefinger at the evil of the character of the Olympian Zeus from Aeschylus' Prometheus Bound. The same principle of evil was represented by the modern Malthusians, and the dupes and other followers of the viciously perverted, lying former Vice-President Al Gore today.

This elementary distinction of man from both beasts and bestialized people, is the key to understanding the root of the difference between good and evil. For example, the love for human beings, which Cardinal Mazarin summoned on behalf of the great principle of the 1648 Peace of Westphalia, is rooted in the passion appropriately evoked from recognizing that the person living next door contains that "spark" of humanity which is uniquely specific to the appropriate fostering of the development of the human individual, a potential lacking in the beasts. This is the "spark" which is recognized as the expression of that human soul which distinguishes man from beast; it is the "spark" which generates progress in physical science as physical economy, and produces what is to be recognized as beauty in Classical forms of artistic expression.

It is this quality which distinguishes decent people from such degenerates as Malthusians and the current dupes of former U.S. Vice-President Al Gore. It is the suppression of what we should recognize as both scientific and technological progress in physical economy, and beauty in Classical modalities for art, which is the expression of evil.

In the known aspects of the history and pre-history of societies, forms of evil comparable to the dogma of the Olympian Zeus of Aeschylus, and to the Apollo-Dionysus modalities of Nietzscheans and other existentialists (such as Brecht, Theodor Adorno, Hannah Arendt, et al.), are expressed chiefly as the degradation of large portions of a society's population as virtually the "human cattle" to which the Olympian Zeus assigns people, as do the Malthusians and followers of Al Gore today.

It is this view of society, which is often referenced in history as "the oligarchical model" of "master versus slave," or the like, which is the common social expression of the principle of evil in practice.

"When Adam delved, and Eve span,
then, was nobleman?"

If you submit to the doctrines of Malthus, or the Prince of Wales' crony Al Gore, you are either a slave-master, or a slave.

The Force of Tragedy

The conflict between good and evil, which I have just illustrated summarily, is the basis for recognizing the the principle of tragedy.

Human nature requires a form of society in which the fostering of the specifically human quality of the individual is the constitutional motive of that society. This is, for example, Gottfried Leibniz's use of the term "the pursuit of happiness" as that denunciation of the essential inhumanity of John Locke's English philosophical Liberalism which Benjamin Franklin et al. supplied as the central principle of natural law in the U.S. Declaration of Independence, the same principle expressed by the fundamental principle of constitutional law of the U.S. Federal Constitution, as the Preamble of that Constitution.

The difficulty is that society as far back as we know it, was dominated by the same oligarchical principle as the ancient Asian empires and their European expression, as typified by the Roman, Byzantine, medieval Venetian-Norman, and modern Anglo-Dutch Liberal system and that Liberal (e.g. Lockean) system's use of a system of chattel slavery, or earlier European serfdom.

President Franklin Roosevelt's intention to shut down the British empire's system once Hitler were gone, as compared to President Harry Truman's support for Britain on this issue, typifies the principle of tragedy.

Had Roosevelt lived out his fourth term, that change would have occurred. So, according to my friend's eyewitness account, as OSS head General William Donovan left the office of the visibly dying President Franklin Roosevelt, he exclaimed to my friend: "It's over!" Without President Franklin Roosevelt, there was no one capable of filling his Presidential shoes, even among the President's loyal associates.

Since that moment, even some months earlier, once the Normandy breakthrough had occurred, the same British and other circles which had originally put both Mussolini and Hitler into power, and had backed off only because of U.S. pressure by Franklin Roosevelt, were determined, as frankly fascist Felix Rohatyn has expressed this view, that another FDR shall not exist! Already, as Churchill's hack, Field Marshal Montgomery, wasted the Allied First Army in a venture of incompetence beyond belief, Churchill & company were determined that "Hitler should not be defeated too soon." From the Summer and Autumn of 1944 onwards, the relevant elements of the British empire and its U.S. accomplices have been dedicated to eradicating the sovereign nation-state institution, that for motives coinciding to all practical ends, with the doctrine of the Olympian Zeus.

It is the crafting, under the direction of Anglo-Dutch Liberal financier forces, that the trends in the molding of international culture shall be toward a destruction of science-driven economic progress, and an accompanying, radically-neo-malthusian, Al Gore-like reduction of the world's population shall occur, through induced famines and disease of the type Gore is fostering. The aim is world population-levels reduced from over six billions persons, to less than one, as quickly as manageable.

This is the force of tragedy, a form worse than Hitler's, and globally.

You see it in the instances of the poor fools who are shameless, or simply stupid enough to avow themselves co-thinkers of the genocidal policies of Al Gore et al.

The War Risk

Nonetheless, the victory of such fellow-travelers of Al Gore's policies as Felix Rohatyn is not assured. The cultural impetus for a desired economic recovery through technological progress is strong in the world's population. The enemies of mankind must therefore fear that a reaction like that which President Franklin Roosevelt's election produced would spoil the Anglo-Dutch Liberal fanatics' plans today as during the middle to late 1930s.

At this moment, and as early as sometime after January 3, 2008, the fact of the presently ongoing world monetary-financial breakdown crisis, that the present Anglo-Dutch Liberal policies are insane, will sweep through the world's population.

The plan for a London-steered, Dick Cheney bombing of Iran is in trouble. A certain part of the Liberal financial-political elite is desperate. What has just occurred during recent weeks, in Pakistan and nearby, reflects the actions of a faction within the Anglo-Dutch Liberal apparatus which is now lurching into forms of desperate action not seen up to the present time.

The obvious character of this desperate action is an impulsion to shatter existing nation-state institutions throughout crucial areas of the world at large. The most recent actions against Pakistan, actions obviously run by some distinct factional element within the Anglo-Dutch Liberal establishment is the only circumstance under which what happened to Benazir Bhutto would have been risked in the specific location (Rawalpindi) where that operation occurred. The only relevant capability for that is British assets deployed throughout the Southwest Asia/South Asia theaters of operations.

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