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This article appears in the January 11, 2008 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

The One Is the
Origin of Its Parts

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

The present, global storm is to be seen in physical (i.e., Riemannian) terms, as a product of the conjunction of two contrary wholes: a.) The present state of the world's direction as a whole (e.g., "the short-cut to Hell,"), "A"; and, b.) the alternate state, "B," which must be brought into being. Both states of the system as a whole must be seen as respectively dynamic, and that, also, in collision and separately. They must each be viewed, or, in combination, as a dynamic (i.e., Riemannian-Vernadskyian) mode of interaction, rather than as a statistical mode. The interaction must be defined in terms of a transition from state "A" into state "B."

The unit of action is a relative rise, or lowering, of the potential relative population-density of the respective, or combined systems as interacting wholes. The unit of action is essentially "Vernadskyian," which is to say both a cultural and physical increase, or decrease of the potential relative population-density, as per capita and per square kilometer of the relevant national, continental, or global systems as wholes. The relevant mode of action is the quality of the individual human mind which distinguishes the human mind from the beasts, and places mankind categorically as acting, primarily, in terms of the Noƶsphere, rather than merely the Biosphere.

This signifies that the required mode of action is to be primarily anti-entropic, that within the scope of those terms of reference.

The issues now before humanity, so located, must be defined as follows.

Planetary Action

In terms of fair approximations, we must locate all nations and continents of our planet (and, now, somewhat beyond that) as integrally dynamic systems, rather than as a conventional, or quasi-conventional, statistical array of interacting parts.

To accomplish the needed change in the dynamic of the planetary society as a whole, from the present, radically entropic, collapse-crisis mode, to a viable planetary system, the economy of the U.S.A. must be removed, radically, from its presently doomed mode as an extension of a globalized Anglo-Dutch Liberal imperium, to become an integral part of a dynamically defined global system, one based upon an "American System" orientation among a group of sovereign nation-state powers assembled around a core group composed of that U.S.A., Russia, China, and India.

Unless that change is effected, the disintegration of the present planetary society is inevitable for the currently short- to medium-term.

Without the initiating role of such a group of sovereign nation-state powers, we would lack the quality of impetus needed to overcome the otherwise inevitable present doom of planetary society as a whole.

The needed planetary action, so identified, has certain required characteristics, all of which must be defined as, individually and combined, expressing an anti-entropic characteristic of a supra-planetary Noƶsphere and its subsumed Biosphere.

This means a general, continuing increase of the "energy-flux density" of the sources and applications of power, per capita and per square kilometer. This means, presently, massive emphasis on both nuclear-fission power-sources, and on modalities of higher energy-flux density than that.

This means a massive increase in emphasis upon capital-intensive modes of investment in basic economic infrastructure broadly developed over the entire territory of nations.

This means an uprooting of educational programs and related ideologies which tend, as empiricism does, to suppress the development of those creative mental powers associated with the Cusa-Kepler-Leibniz modality in science and the related, implicitly anti-entropic modalities of Classical artistic culture.

This means the uprooting of the habits of individual mental and social life and practice associated with both ancient and medieval, and reductionist modalities.

The Transition

The pending adoption of the Federal Homeowners and Bank Protection Act, points up the road of transitions, away from the presently accelerating rate of disintegration of the world's physical political-economies, toward the highly anti-entropic global orientation which must be established now as the only possible alternative to the presently oncoming plunge into a planetary new dark age. Such a dark age would mean a collapse of the planet's potential relative population-density to the order of less than one billions persons (chiefly dwelling in virtually unbelievable misery and depravity) from about six and a half billions now.

Such a needed change could not be accomplished by any less drastic means than the use of the principle of national sovereignties, as a mode of political protection employed by perfectly sovereign nation-states, to pass safely from the presently doomed systems, into a sustainable system of recovery and progress.

We require leaders among nations who will accept the loving regard for humanity's sense of security and freedom of individual development which that implies.

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