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This article appears in the February 15, 2008 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

The Flirt

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

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New York's most notorious bachelor, spends much of his time with his mother, when not being the kind of public political "flirt" which is otherwise called, privately, a "c—teaser" by the kind of psychoanalyst who prefers to come directly to the point at issue.

"No, I do not plan to run," implying, thus, "I'm really a virgin at heart" (saying nothing of other bodily parts), says the flirtatious Mayor Bloomberg.

And then he suggests, with a street-walker's wink, sotto voce, "but, you can keep trying, if you like." The offer actually stands; but, the price has just gone up.

So, the fact of that matter to be emphasized by thinking people today, is, that with obvious concerns about John McCain's health, and with the organized-crime-linked scandal around Obama being promoted by some leading international press circles, Obama's candidacy is being maintained, only temporarily, for only one reason: to use him in a continuing effort to eliminate Senator Hillary Clinton's candidacy, so that the fascist option of Mayor Bloomberg's candidacy could be brought into play.

The fact is that New York Mayor Bloomberg would not have a chance with a capable pre-Presidential nominee in the race. Politically, Hillary, for example, could eat him up for lunch! Meanwhile, coquettish billionaire Bloomberg continues to fuel his Presidential campaign, while, at the same time, waits for the moment of opportunity at which he believes that the strains on Senator McCain and the wear-and-tear of the Obama-Clinton contention clears the way for Bloomberg's unveiling himself as the fascist choice of such London-steered king-makers as George Shultz and Felix Rohatyn, the backers of the former fascist regime of Chile's Pinochet, and of the Nazi-like mass murder conducted under Pinochet's umbrella in the Southern Cone of the early 1970s.

There is not an iota of essential difference between such London-steered backers of the Bloomberg option as George Shultz and Felix Rohatyn, now, and the circles, then, around the Bank of England's Montagu Norman, and also around Brown Brothers Harriman, who jointly backed Hitler's candidacy throughout the late 1920s, and in the 1930s up to the point of the abdication of Britain's King Edward VIII. These were the backers of the Benito Mussolini of the 1920s, who supported a policy of "corporativism," a policy which has been virtually carbon-copied by the backers of the Bloomberg option, such as Rohatyn.

The facts are obvious and massive, but even leading political figures are saying, foolishly, "Please! Please! Please! Tell me it isn't so!"

The Art of Raising, and Lowering Cain

Some will bring up the the discussion about a McCain-Lieberman "Bull Moose" ticket, some years back. On the record, McCain, Lieberman, William F. Buckley, Jr., and Mayor Bloomberg, are all of one common political species. However, in the meantime, the Bull Moose of past years has been packed up into the collection of heirlooms stuffed into the political attic; the plot remains about the same, but the lightings and costumes have been redone, and there have been replacements in the cast of characters.

The fact is, that we at EIR and LaRouche PAC do not know, presently, exactly when the promotion of the coquettish Mayor Bloomberg was advanced as a chosen substitute for the speculation about a "Bull Moose" option for the post-Bush era. However, we can date the surfacing of the option expressed in the form of the Bloomberg caper of today, to no later than the coincidence of the Wall Street crisis of August-October 1998 with the emerging roles of the impeachment attempt again President Clinton, and the role of Vice-President Gore and William F. Buckley, Jr. asset Joe Lieberman's 1999 pushing for President Clinton's resignation. When we put aside speculation on when the Bloomberg or different options as candidates were set into motion, we can date much of the present crisis to the reported facts of an account given by President George W. Bush, of a series of developments beginning with a certain meeting with the George Shultz who, according to Bush's account, launched him, a loutish drunk, and supposedly rehabilitated item of family scandal, and what-not, on the pathway to the Presidency.

Whatever the other considerations of that sort may be, what is clear is that the operation centered in the same Schwarzenegger-maker Shultz, and the Shultz and Rohatyn who played leading roles in backing neo-Nazi mass-killer Pinochet, the root of the present operation is located in Shultz's international team-players among key financier and related Fabian circles in London. This operation involving Bloomberg, is centered, not in the U.S.A. itself, but in the same British financier circles which have been controlling now-former Fabian Prime Minister Tony Blair.

The other key for understanding this present threat represented by the influence of Shultz and Rohatyn to the U.S.A. and its Constitution is found in the history of the recent three centuries, since 1763, especially in the great, geopolitical crises involving the U.S.A. and Europe since Appomattox. The most relevant of these past experiences for understanding the threat to our republic now, is the process leading from the Treaty of Versailles into London's orchestration of the installation of the Nazi Hitler dictatorship in Germany, or, the precedent for this in London's installation of Benito Mussolini as the dictator of Italy. Shades of Ezra Pound: at this point, the flirtatious Mayor Bloomberg appears to be the leading candidate for becoming London's "corporativist" dictator of the U.S.A.

The key to understanding the connection to the present developments around the U.S. Presidential campaigns, is, stated simply, that there is no "sub-prime crisis;" there is, in fact, a general breakdown-crisis of the world's existing financial monetary system. The cause of the crisis is located in the fact that the great mass of debt built into the system was already many, many times greater than all of the redeemable financial assets of the world as a whole. The "sub-prime" market, was simply tossed out, like babies thrown to the troika's pursuing wolves, or, like the strongest cannibals eating the weakest first, and so on and so forth.

Just as in the case of the Germany which had Adolf Hitler imposed on it by London, a general financial-monetary crisis of the type of the 1920s and early 1930s, is either solved by the methods of U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt, or it leads quickly to fascist-like tyrannies and generalized warfare. When a financial system breaks down, either it is reformed, as Franklin Roosevelt reformed the terribly failed system bequeathed to him by Presidents Coolidge and Hoover, or the choice is a terrible tyranny unleashed by tyrants comparable to London's puppets of that time, the Mussolini and Hitler political forces of the 1920s and 1930s.

These present days of world existential crisis are like the times of the early 1960s, under President John F. Kennedy, when the leading political figures of Europe and the U.S.A. itself, were thrown out by various kinds of Liberals' coups-d'état, as Macmillan and Adenauer were, or targetted for assassination as President Charles de Gaulle was targetted repeatedly from London-directed forces, or as President John F. Kennedy was assassinated for reason of his role as an impediment to what the associates of John J. McCloy intended. Leading senior figures of the world know this pattern, and usually tremble at the thought that they might be placing themselves in the position of targets in a shooting-range. When you are assessing the apparent cowardice of leading political figures, do not overlook the genuine cause for their fears.

The notion that the current U.S. Presidential nomination campaigns are like horse-races, or a league sports-competition, is for silly children to believe, not grown-up serious citizens. The position of President of the U.S.A. is a position of potentially great power on this planet, still, even today. In increasingly desperate times, such as these, the most powerful of the international financier interests of the world would arrange the killing or similar elimination of almost any figure they saw threatening their games, as they saw Lyndon LaRouche back during the 1980s. In times of an onrushing, great, global financial breakdown-crisis, the impulse of the financial predators, such as London-centered organizations of pro-fascist financial types Shultz and Rohatyn, to seize control of that instrument of government becomes an all-consuming passion. These people would slaughter millions just to get their way; in such times, such people consider even leading political figures of the U.S.A. as persons to be destroyed, in one fashion or another, virtually on a whim.

Such are the lessons of real history: don't be fooled by a flirt.

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