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This article appears in the February 15, 2008 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Kanjorski Caves In

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

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U.S. Pennsylvania Representative Paul Kanjorski (D) publicly attacked the LaRouche-crafted 2007 HBPA (Homeowners and Bank Protection Act) at a Stroudsburg, Pennsylvannia press conference Feb. 4. The crucial feature of this attack was the Congressman's fraudulent charge against the HBPA, in which Kanjorski alleged, fraudulently (he knows better), that the intention of the HBPA is to launch a U.S. government takeover of the banks, which Kanjorski characterized as: "We fought communism to stop ideas like that."

Representative Kanjorski has to regain his courage, and tell the truth. The danger is not from "communism," but from a shamelessly fascist program modeled, by figures such as Felix Rohatyn, on the "infrastructure" policies of Italy's fascist Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler's and Hjalmar Schacht's Nazi regime. The actual key financier circles behind that so-called "infrastructure" scam, are centered around the circles of the same George Shultz and Felix Rohatyn who were key figures involved in the neo-Nazi regime of Chile's mass-murderous Pinochet. Rohatyn, a key political controller of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, is the leading spokesman for the explicitly fascist "infrastructure" scam pushed by the controllers of Schwarzenegger and the so-called Bloomberg option.

Kanjorski, like many other elected officials who have either endorsed, or were considering endorsing HBPA earlier, have come under massive pressure to lie about the HBPA, pressure from financier circles and captive politicians who capitulated to massive pressure from financier circles associated with the Presidential campaign conducted by New York Mayor Bloomberg's organization, on behalf of the explicitly fascist program on "infrastructure" policy recently announced, in a Los Angeles press conference held by Governors Arnold Schwarzenegger (Calif.), Ed Rendell (Pa.), New York's Bloomberg himself, and a representative of the flagrantly frank enemy of the nation-state, the Rockefeller Foundation.

The common delusion of victims of such pressures, such as Representative Kanjorski, is their swallowing of what they did, or must have known were nothing but the wild lies from certain financier and related circles, that the present financial crisis is a limited problem which the Federal Reserve System and related institutions can manage. In fact, what is in progress, as the relevant world-wide pattern of evidence shows conclusively, is a two-fold trend:

  1. First, what is in progress, is not merely a mortgage crisis. It is a general breakdown crisis of the entire present world monetary-financial system, a rapidly escalating global financial crash, which must be compared with the "New Dark Age" which wiped out an estimated one-third of the population of Europe during the middle of Europe's Fourteenth Century. The present U.S.A. financial crisis is a world crisis for which there is no bottom under the world system's present organization. In such matters, setting an exact date for the catastrophe is not possible; but, the fact remains that, without appropriate forms of sweeping emergency action by cooperating leading nations, the planet as a whole is moving near to the edge of the greatest and deepest financial and economic collapse in modern history.

  2. Second, there are readily available, workable solutions. Since real economies are not monetary-financial economies, but are physical economies of production and consumption, there is always a potential action by governments which could reorganize the sick monetary-financial system, and thus prevent a deep and prolonged physical collapse of national economies. President Franklin Roosevelt demonstrated that principle. Just as replacing the methods of Coolidge and Hoover saved the U.S.A. then, so, eliminating the policies which were introduced under Presidents Nixon, Ford, and, especially, the Trilateral Commission's control over President Carter, George H.W. Bush, and George W. Bush, Jr., is an indispensable means for rescuing the U.S.A., and other nations, today.

  3. It was President Franklin Roosevelt whose actions saved and revived the U.S.A., and made possible the defeat of a fascist takeover over the entire world. Today, it is the still very active campaign behind Mayor Bloomberg and his "infrastructure" frauds, like the infrastructure frauds of Mussolini and Hitler which Bloomberg and Rohatyn copied exactly in respect to essentials, which are the principal threat to the great majority of the people of the U.S.A., and other nations, today.

The problem to which elected officials such as Kanjorski must stand up is the issue of whether they choose to represent fascists such as Shultz, Rohatyn, and their stooges Schwarzenegger and Bloomberg, or represent the increasingly desperate interests of that great majority of the citizens who elect them? We need political leaders who have the guts not to cave in as Kanjorski did at Stroudsburg. Let us hope that our expression of "tough love" will bring Kanjorski back to his senses.

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